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Entering the Army

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I joined the Air Force back in 75 after things calmed down with the war. One of my follow-on schools was taught by the Army at Ft. Gordon, GA. At that time I enjoyed horseback riding and hiking during my spare time. Since this was not my primary technical training and it was an Army base, I didn’t have any extra duties even though I was only an Airman First Class (E3) at the time. School was only 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Ft Gordon was also a primary technical school at the time so there were a lot of Army students in our classes as well as on base. The base also had plenty of recreational activities.

One day while out hiking, it started to rain. I was prepared for the weather and put on my rain gear and continued my hike. I was pretty deep in the woods when I came upon a young lady shivering under a pine tree. She was also out for a hike but wasn’t as prepared. She was wet and chilled. Being a gentleman, I quickly offered to make a shelter and start a small fire to warm her up. She agreed. Her name was Maureen and she was about 5 feet 7 inches tall and maybe 110 lbs.

Brown hair, brown eyes. She was dressed in blue jeans and a button down blouse. It was pretty wet and you could easily see the white bra she had on. She was shaking pretty good. With the bra and shirt on you could still see her nipples poking through.

The rain was coming down pretty good and even this deep into the woods, the ground was wet and the rain was pudding and small streams could be seen as the water ran down hill. Maureen was under a big pine tree, turning blue from being so wet and cold. My raingear was actually a poncho which was easy to rig as a lean-to. I was able to build a small fire from the pine needles and dead branches. It smoked for a little bit but soon we were both getting warmer.

As we sat under the tree with the fire burning I introduced myself and we got to know each other a little bit. Maureen was from Redding, OR. She was in the Army attending school. She didn’t start out going for a hike but was just wondering around enjoying nature. Even with the fire she was still shivering so I opened my jacket and put my arm around her and pulled her into my so that my jacket helped keep the wind and chill off of her. Within a few minutes she rested her head on me and we kind of just sat there.

After a while the rain storm stopped. We put out the fire and headed up the trail towards the main base. As we got close to the bus stop that would take us back to the barracks, Maureen stopped and took my hand. She looked at me than said:

“Thank you for being such a gentleman. I was so cold and really started to get concerned that something bad was going to happen when you came by. I appreciate it a lot.”

With that Maureen put her arms around my neck and gave me a very hot kiss. A shot a good whiskey could not have warmed me any better.

When we started walking up the path, we were walking side by side and she was holding my hand around her back.

We sat in the back of the bus and she gave me another kiss and rested her head on my shoulder. Her hand was between my legs rubbing from my knees to about mid-thigh. I got so hard, it was a good thing we were out in public. I may not have stayed a gentleman.

At that time the female barracks was off limits to men after 6 PM. It was almost 7 before we got back. So we said our good byes and agreed to take a hike on Saturday. Two days away.

Saturday morning, Maureen was waiting for me in our recreation room. She was prepared for Georgia weather this time. She had a small backpack along with some water and snacks. As I walked over to her, she put the backpack down and gave me a hug and kiss. Off we went to the recreational lake area.

Maureen is about 5 ft 8 inches tall, maybe 130 lbs. Brown hair, brown eyes. I can’t say beautiful, but not bad looking either. I am not good with measurements but her breast are just the right size for her body. She also has a nice butt. Today she is dressed in a pair of hiking shorts, boots, halter top and a wind breaker.

She says she has a sweater and rain poncho just in case. She also packed us a lunch and some drinks.

It is about a 40 minute bus Dikmen Escort ride from the base to the recreational area. We sit in the back and Maureen immediately give me a kiss when I sit down. She has some kind of strawberry gel on her lips and the after taste is really nice.

The bus is about half full. The last couple of rows are empty as the ride it pretty bumpy behind the rear tires so Maureen and I are about as alone as you can be on a public bus. It is also pretty warm without any air conditioning. Maureen takes off her windbreaker and catches me looking at her chest.

“I’m glad you like them” she says as she settles back down on the seat.

“Can I ask you something?” She asks.

“Sure” I reply, wondering if I am in trouble for looking at her body.

“We have kissed three times. Each time I have taken the lead. Why haven’t you tried to kiss me?”

“Wow that is some question. I don’t know. I guess I am kind of insecure. I usually take things pretty slow. Afraid of scaring the girls away. Sorry.”

With that, I take her head in my hands, look into her eyes and then bend in for as good of a kiss as I can give. Her mouth opens and soon we are playing dueling tongues. I break the kiss and tell Maureen it is time to get off the bus.

Maureen is quite for a few minutes. Kind of distant. I begin to worry that I might have done something wrong.

“I’m sorry Maureen. I thought with your statement that you wanted me to kiss you.” I say, kind of timidly.

“That was the most erotic kiss I have ever had. Where did that come from? No guy as ever kissed me like that!” She replies quietly.

“I don’t know, it kind of just happened.”

“Do it again!”

So, we stop on the path into the woods, I take her face into my hands again, look into her eyes and press my lips to hers. While kissing her this time, I gently rub my thumbs around her ears, tilting her head back and exposing her throat. I break the kiss and gently kiss down her chin to her neck around the side to her shoulder and up to her right ear. With my teeth, I nibble on her ear lobe before moving back to her lips to kiss her again.

After breaking the kiss, her head is still tilted back and her eyes are still closed. She seems to stay like that for several minutes, although it is only a few seconds.

“Come on, we have to get going.” She says when she finally opens her eyes. She takes my hand and leads me down the path.

After about 20 minutes we come to an overhang. Below us is a stream and we are kind of secluded. The path is about 30 yards off to our right and there is a cliff to our left. The rock we are on that makes up the overhang is covered in moss and pretty comfortable.

Maureen sets out unpacking the backpack. Our lunch is a few sandwiches and a couple of beers with some chips. We eat in silence.

“Is something wrong Maureen?” I ask, finishing my beer and sandwich.

Maureen, sits down her beer, turns to me, lays me down on the moss and begins to kiss me. The kisses are different this time. There is a hunger in them. She is using her tongue then her teeth. Almost devouring me. She moves to my right ear and begins to lick and nibble almost at the same time. Her hands begin to roam under my shirt as she sucks on my neck. With that she leans on her elbow. She looks into my eyes and with her free hand begins to undo my belt, then the button to my jeans and finally pulls down the zipper. With one pull she has me naked from the waist down.

I take over from here. First with some more kisses, I have her on her back. My lips keep her mind occupied while my fingers undo the halter top, exposing her breast. She is not wearing a bra. Then my hands undo her shorts and I pull them off. She is also not wearing any underwear. Although she still has her halter top on she is completely naked to me.

One of the things I love to do is eat out a woman. The tastes, sounds and feeling as she reacts to my teeth and tongue get me so excited. Just the thoughts of what we will soon be doing and looking at her body have my 9 inch cock at full mast. Maureen is also primed and ready to go. She Eryaman Escort has a neatly trimmed bush and the fluids have her hair all wet and glistening in the sun light that is filtering through the trees.

I reposition myself between her legs. She has no idea what I am about to do. I can see on her face she wants me to fuck her, but first, a few orgasms are in order. I place my hands under her butt and slowly lift her pussy to my face. Her legs spread wide and being as gentle as I can I spread her lips with my tongue. She breaths in deep and her legs wrap around me. My tongue then begins to fuck her pussy.

I have been told that I have a very long tongue and as I use it to tongue fuck Maureen, my upper teeth begin to slide over her clit. That seems to do the trick as orgasm number one racks her body. Her legs clamp down on my head, her hands pulling me into her body. She stops breathing and her body just shakes from her toes to her head. She is racked over and over again. It seems I can keep her going just by nibbling on her clit. She finally collapses. She begins to breath again. Color returns to her face and she is out of it.

One of the things Maureen unpacked was a blanket. I grab it and lay it out on the moss. It is a pretty big blanket and I am able to pull her onto it and lay next to her and cover us both up with a little to spare.

Maureen is out of it for about 5 minutes or so. When she opens her eyes, I begin to kiss her eyelids, then her lips. My right hand travels down to her pussy and I slowly begin to work my fingers between her legs. Her breathing picks up and she spreads her legs. Slowly one finger, then two work their way into her very wet pussy. Her hips begin to move and her breathing begins to increase and becomes shallow at the same time. She is about to cum a second time. Her feet plant themselves and her hips buck up. She grabs my hand and pushes my fingers deep into her pussy.

This time as she cums, I give her another one of those soul searching kisses. She almost bites my tongue off when the orgasm hits her. Her head is shaking side to side. Her hips are bucking up and down and she gushes out so much that the blanket is soaked under her. I can feel her pussy spasming. She finally relaxes and drifts off to sleep again.

The first words out of her mouth are, “Don’t you ever do that to me again. Now fuck me, fuck me hard and deep. I want to feel you explode inside of me.”

I slide between her legs and slowly slide my cock into her. She will have none of it. She wraps her legs behind me and pulls me in hard into her. Then she flips us over and sits on top of me. She begins to impale herself on my cock. Up and down she goes on my cock. She drops down so hard it almost hurts. Then I see her eyes close, her breathing quickens and she explodes into another orgasm. Her body however has taken over. She wants my cum and she continues to fuck me.

In all my years, I can usually mastrabate for quite a while. I find that when listening to porn if the woman starts to talk dirty I cum a lot quicker. It seems that dirty talk just sets up the mind to imagine all sorts of nasty things. Maureen starts to talk, not to me but to whoever is in her mind. She starts with demands, fuck her, pinch her nipples, and jam it in me. Finally, cum in me and I am going to make you cum hard. The whole time she is sliding up and down on my cock. The cum begins to boil in my balls. I finally can’t take it anymore, I flip her over, pull her legs up over my shoulders and ram my cock deep into her body. In and out as hard and as fast as I can. She begins to cum again.

“Cum in me, please. I want to feel you use my pussy. I am on the pill so use me for your pleasure.”

This pushes me over the edge, I can use her and not feel guilty about it. I pump into her deeper, harder and faster. Maureen begins to cum. Her pussy clamps around my cock and I lose it. I fill her with 6 or 7 shots of cum. As I cum, she goes over the top again. I collapse on top of her. Then slide to her right side. My eyes drift close watching her breast rise and fall as we drift off to sleep.

A little while later I Esat Escort wake up to find Maureen licking on my cock. As my eyes open she takes all of me down her throat. Now that I am awake she gets up and sits on me. Sliding deep into her she starts to ride me, hard. She is using me for her pleasure, which I can’t say I mind. Within just a few minutes she cums hard. I get put away wet, but can’t say I mind.

“We should probably head back. It’s after 3.” She says after recovering a little bit.


We get dressed in silence and pack up what little trash we have and head to the bus stop. On the bus the quite is deafening. I finally ask her what is wrong.

“Maureen, did I do something wrong?” I ask, while looking her in the eyes. She has beautiful brown eyes.

“No, not at all. I just don’t want the day to end.”

“It doesn’t have to, unless you need to get back” I say.

“I don’t. I am on a weekend pass. I don’t have to be back until Monday morning formation.” She replies with a hope in her eyes.

“There are a few hotels outside the main gate. I have plenty of money, we could rent a room for the weekend.” I ask questioningly.

“That would be great! Do you mind?”

“Not at all. Let’s get off at the main gate.”

We get off at the main gate and head over to the nearest hotel. I check in and get us a room while Maureen stands outside.

We get into the room and Maureen jumps me. She kisses me hard and her tongue slides into my mouth. After a few minutes we break the kiss and just look into each other’s eyes. Our arms are wrapped around each other and I have never been happier.

“I getting awful hungry. Maybe we should go get something to eat? “I say

“Yeah, we didn’t have much today and I think we burned off all that we did have. Do I look okay?” Maureen asks.

“You look great to me.”

We head downstairs to the restaurant and grab a table. It’s a Denny’s style place and we order our meals and drinks.

It’s been quite a day. I am reflecting on just how great it was when Maureen asks me what I am thinking.

“I was always raised that I shouldn’t keep secrets from the person I was with. Today has been great. But there are two things you should know.” I begin, taking her hands in mine. “First I am a one woman man. I have had three girlfriends since high school and I tend to out stay my welcome.”

“So, am I your fourth girlfriend?” She asks.

“Before we get to that, the second thing you should know is that until today, I have never…”

“Never, what?”

“Well, been with a girl…”

“I don’t understand. What do you mean been with a girl. You just said you had 3 girlfriends.”

“Maureen, this is hard for me. “

“You mean you were a virgin?” She smiles


“How could you be a virgin and do what you did?”

“I read a lot of Playboy and Penthouse and watch porn. Today, I just did what I read about.”

“Oh honey, today was fantastic. You made me so happy. Now, well, I don’t know what to say.”

“There is something I want to know. It’s okay if you don’t want to answer, but do you want to be my girlfriend?”

She gets up from her side of the table and sits next to me. Puts her arms around me and gives me a kiss. “Yes, for as long as you will have me. I have had many guys in my life. None have ever treated me like you have. You make me feel like there is no one else in the world. You are a gentleman and a great lover. This is a weekend I will never forget.” She kisses me again and our food arrives. Maureen stays by my side as we eat.

Our walk back to the room is quite again. We are walking hand in hand with Maureen close by the side and her other hand is holding my arm. Her head is resting on my shoulder. She eyes are closed and there is a smile on her face. She seems at peace and happy.

As we are crossing the street, a car runs the red light. Maureen is between the car and I. I see the car and pull back. Maureen is a second too late to respond and the car rams into her going 40 mph. She is pulled from my hand and thrown into the air. It seems like everything is in slow motion. I can see her flying, her arms and legs moving and then she hits the ground. Before I know it I am by her side. People are gathering around. Maureen opens her eyes and I get close to her.

She says “I love you.” and passes away. I am left there holding her in my arms. I never got the chance to say I love you. So on this warm fall day, I sit here at her grave. “Maureen, I love you.”

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