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Erotic Liaisons with My Neighbour Ch. 02

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The silence in the room was intoxicating, thought Suzan.

Her home was a large one, built when she had a growing family and, oh, yes a husband. All long gone.

Now it was just herself, and her work. A lawyer, her clients were spread all around the country, so she worked at home a lot. Spending so much time with nice people certainly made life stressful, she thought wryly.

She was sitting in her home office, trying to concentrate on her work. The silence, she knew, allowed images and thoughts about Andrew, her neighbour, to enter her mind, and imagination. Which she found annoying, yet irresistible.

Normally so professional and disciplined, the episode with Andrew last week was unnerving yet more than a little tantilising.

She had found Andrew attractive from the moment she met him. He was a builder, worked with his hands and was totally different to the usual men she met. Perhaps it was that opposites attract thing.

But, more importantly, he was nice! Courteous and respectful, not what she expected at all from a guy that drove a truck!

Yet, he had that way about him, like he knew a lot more about the world than he was letting on.

One night – was it just last week? – she was drawing the curtains in her spare room, and there he was, in his own house looking over to her. Not creepily, just looking out the window.

An almost sub-conscious urge took over. She undid her robe, and had exposed herself, knowing he was looking.

Then, of course there was the note in her letterbox quite a few days later.


The note can only have been from Andrew, surely? But she had no way of really knowing.

A knock on the door woke Suzan from her daydreaming.

With a start, she could see through the window that it was Andrew!

Checking porno izle herself quickly in the mirror, she cheekily undid a button on her blouse, to give him a peek at her cleavage.

Suzan walked confidently to the door and opened it.

“Good morning neigbour,” Andrew said. “There was a package by your letter box and I thought I should bring it into you, looks like rain outside.”

With a hint of disappointment, she replied, “Oh that’s just a new outfit I ordered online. But thank you so much.”

Andrew seemed to not notice her cleavage at all, she thought!

The two of them stood uncomfortably for a moment.

“Would you like a coffee, Andrew?”

“Ah no, I’m on my way out Suzan, but thanks.”

Suzan felt a mixture of relief and disappointment. “Oh well, don’t let me keep you.”

“Oh, before I forget,” Andrew said. “Sharee asked me to get your cell phone number, in case of anything urgent, you know. She’s away on business all this week.”

Momentarily dazed, Suzan recovered and said “Of course, here’s my business card. My private cell is on it.”

Andrew left, and Suzan was more confused than ever.

Getting her cell number, and letting on that Sharee, his wife, was away. The classic pickup line? But he had declined her offer of coffee.

She read the note again:


Every word in the note was the opposite of everything she was.

She loathed being told what to do in the workplace. And being told what to wear and what to do? And she didn’t have adventures.

No, she wouldn’t be playing this game.

That evening, she focussed on her work. The proposal for her new client was needed by the end of the week.

Darn! It’s not working amatör porno she thought. She looked at the clock, again. 7pm. The note said 8pm, and wear the pink dress.

Suzan pondered why she couldn’t just ignore the feelings that were building in her.

She guessed it was because she had lived a prim and proper life, always doing the right things. And now, with her children and husband leading their own lives, perhaps these erotic feelings were starting to blossom?

Once, when surfing the net, she had accidently clicked onto a porn site. There was an image of a woman, blindfolded with a bunch of guys looking the woman over, undressing her. The tagline said simply “No sex in this movie”.

Quite tame, probably, but Suzan had to click out of the site, breathless.

It was 755pm.

In a daze, Suzan went to her bedroom and found her pink dress. She put on her favourite white bra and knickers, then quickly slipped the dress on. The dress had buttons all the way up and showed off her full breasts rather nicely she thought.

She slipped into the darkened spare room and walked to the curtains.

Opening them a little, she peaked out and of course could see nothing in the darkness.

She pulled back the curtains fully, and then lay down on the bed. Heart racing, she grabbed the remote and set the lights to the lowest setting.

What do I do now? Suzan reread the note in her own mind. It didn’t say what she was supposed to do! Just wear the pink dress.

Lying in the darkened room, let her mind wander free. The porn site she visited popped into her head; the woman blindfolded, the guys looking her over.

Her hands wandered over her body, feeling her breasts, her legs moving on the bed. She couldn’t help but imagine Andrew standing there, or maybe others watching anal porno her.

There was a sudden tap, tap on the window. OMG…Suzan’s heart frozen. “Our adventure begins,” the note had said.

Suzan couldn’t open her eyes, even if she had wanted to. But her hands somehow knew what to do.

She quickly undid the top two buttons of her dress, and slipped her hand underneath the dress and over her the bare skin of her shoulder.

As her hand slipped down to the softness of her breasts, she thought, am I really doing this? There’s some guy outside watching me play with my tits for fucks sake.

She quickly undid the rest of the buttons on the dress and just lay there enjoying what she could only describe as erotic tension.

Suzan deftly slid the bra strap off her shoulder and ran her fingers down to her soft breasts again. She moved the bra away and fondled her breast and ran her finger over her erect nipple.

Another tap on the window! Meaning that he – Andrew? – was still there, watching, encouraging her?

Almost involuntarily, Suzan spread her legs just a little and the dress fell away from her body.

She ran her fingers over her tummy and rested on her knickers. Suzan could feel the wetness even through her knickers.

A little out of control, Suzan moaned and ran her hand over her knickers and her inside thighs. She desparately wanted to feel her fingers inside her, have her wetness saturating her fingers.

But for some reason she knew her mysterious stranger didn’t want that just yet.

Her phone beeped, signalling a new message. What, now!

An instinct told her to view the message.

“Good night, and thank you.”

You’re kidding right? Oh my gosh, she thought. The stranger had her phone number; this was getting out of hand.

Unless, the stranger was Andrew?

In bed later, Suzan lost all control as thoughts of Andrew being at her window were almost too much. As her fingers found her clitoris, she climaxed almost instantly and uncontrollably.

Breathless, she could only imagine, what’s next?

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