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Escapades of Eva Ch. 07

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Eva’s afterglow soon ended. Sir Dan picked up a big fat dildo that looked to be about eight inches long. As Eva watched he prepared the dildo with plenty of lubricant. She couldn’t believe she was getting wet again so soon, but she moaned with pleasure as her Sir walked behind her and shoved his fingers in her cunt. He fucked her and fucked her. He worked her up to another orgasm and then he stopped. And then she felt the dildo at her pussy as he started sliding it into her. It was thick and as stiff as a real cock. She was not sure she could take it all since she had never had a cock so big. However, she quickly learned that the lubricant did the job as the huge cock slid right into her cunt. Sir Dan slid it in slow at first and then he pulled it out a little, shoving it back in hard and he began to fuck her again and again. Eva could not believe how good it felt. And then he stopped, leaving the dildo shoved all the way inside her.

She was not sure what he was doing but she saw him take another dildo just as large as the one that was in her cunt. “Oh lord,” she thought, “what is he going to do now?”

Sir Dan walked behind her once again with the dildo and the lubricant in his hand. “Now my little whore I am going to fuck your sweet ass.”

Suddenly Eva was afraid. Her ex husband had done that before but her ass was always dry and he hurt her terribly. Unconsciously, she started to try and escape her bonds. Then she felt Sir Dan’s hand on her butt. He was rubbing her gently and talking to her. “Don’t worry pet. I will take this slow and prepare you properly so that you will enjoy what is about to happen.”

“Yes Sir,” she said hesitantly.

Sir Dan kept rubbing her bottom and would occasionally fuck her cunt slowly with the dildo. porno indir Then she felt his finger slide easily into her asshole. It did not hurt and she actually enjoyed the feeling. As he slid his finger in and out of her she felt him pause and slide another finger in next to the first one. He continued to fuck her as gently as he could, pausing now and then to apply a little more lubricant. He wanted her to relax and enjoy what he had planned. The way the second finger stretched her made her groan with delight.

With two fingers fucking her ass and the other dildo in her cunt she began to hump against him. Occasionally, he would fuck her with the dildo and the fingers in her ass at the same time. He fucked her until her pussy began to stiffen again. Without waiting for her to ask he commanded, “Cum NOW bitch.” With that she came. “Again” he demanded, “Cum again NOW.”

After she came Sir Dan did not stop. He put some fresh lube on the dildo in her cunt and in her ass and continued to fuck her in both holes. Finally, he pulled his fingers out of her ass. The next thing she knew he had the second dildo at her asshole. Her first reaction was to tense. “Relax,” he said. I will take this very slowly. I will only go as fast or as slow as you want. There will be some pain, but when you feel it I want you to relax and push back against the dildo, just as if you were attempting to have a bowel movement.”

“Yes Sir I will try.”

As he had said he placed the tip of the dildo at her ass hole. He had reamed her pretty good with his fingers earlier so it was not too bad when he pushed into her ass. At first it was ok, but when he tried to push into the second tight spot in her anal canal she had the most excruciating rokettube pain that made her cry out. Sir Dan slowed down and just let the dildo stay where it was while she adjusted to it. “Push,” he ordered. As she was told she pushed back onto the dildo even though it hurt. At that point he began to slide the dildo slowly in and out of her ass. Each time he would slide it almost all the way out he would slide it back in a little further. Finally, she felt his hand against her butt and knew that he had inserted the dildo all the way inside of her. He began to fuck her slow and steady. The dildo slid in and out with ease now. Eva loved the feeling as her Sir slid it in and out a little faster. As he did he said, “You love having your ass fucked don’t you bitch?”

“Yes Sir,” she said. Sir Dan was sliding the dildo in and out of her faster now. “Harder please Sir. Please fuck me harder.” He did as she asked and shoved the rubber cock in and out of her cunt harder and harder. He grabbed the other dildo and began to fuck her cunt and her asshole at the same time. He pounded her in and out, in and out. Ramming her holes in and out like the pistons in an engine. She was bucking like a wild woman. The more she bucked the harder he fucked. He was ramming in and out of her as fast and hard as he could. “Oh Sir,” she squealed, ” May I please cum now, please Sir?”

“Yes,” he grunted as he shoved the dildos into her over and over, “Cum NOW”. Eva could not believe how hot fucking her ass had made her even though she had cum several times. Once again she came long and hard.

Without taking a break Sir Dan shoved both dildos all the way into Eva and left them. Then he moved around to the front of the bench and grabbed seks filmi her hair as he shoved his cock immediately into her mouth and began fucking her face hard and deep. With her hands and legs bound and her mouth full of his cock Sir Dan reached under her and grabbed her tits. He squeezed and twisted as he fucked her mouth. He reached over her until he could grasp the dildos in each hand. Stretching his full length across her body he shoved the dildos in and out of her cunt as he fucked her mouth hard with his cock. He shoved his cock all the way into her throat. “I am fucking you in every hole you have whore,” he growled. With that he fucked harder and harder. After a few moments he shoved the dildos all the way in and straightened up enough to grab her face. Squeezing her face he fucked it long and deep over and over. She sucked on his cock as fast and as hard as she could. He grabbed her face and shoved his cock in and out of her lips. Fucking her fast and hard he grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her tight against him as he shoved the hard cock so deep that she gagged a couple of times. He didn’t stop. He continued to fuck her hard. He fucked her over and over banging the back of her throat in short hard thrusts until she felt his cum filling her throat and mouth. He felt her swallowing as hard and as fast as she could as he shot hot cum into her mouth again and again.

Sir Dan lay down for a moment on top of Eva as he caught his breath. He lifted up a bit and as he grabbed her hair and wiped his cock with it he whispered, “You have pleased me. Look at me pet.”

Eva was softly crying. She was smiling through her tears and he knew she was ok, and a little overwhelmed. So, he undid the straps that bound her wrists and legs and gathered her into his arms as they held each other. She looked up at him and he saw the tears shining in her eyes as he wiped them dry. “Next time my pet,” he said gently, “I will fuck your ass until you beg me to stop.”

“Yes Sir,” she said. “But Sir, I don’t want you to ever stop.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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