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Escape Room for Jocks Pt. 08

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When the freight elevator reached the second floor, the second door of the elevator opened. Cody and Valentine stepped inside the new room, vigilant of the surroundings and watching for traps. The freight elevator closed behind them, locking them inside the new room.

The room was pretty small and one-sided. It was about 5 by 5 meters in size and lit up by TL lights. There was a closed steel door on the other side of the room with a large monitor screen next to it. Cody looked to his left and saw another freight elevator door. Besides two cameras in the corners of the room, it was empty.

Cody and Valentine had no idea what to do here yet. At that moment, the other freight elevator door opened. Jake and Andy stepped inside the room, smiling brightly to see that their friends were alright.

After greeting each other with pats on the shoulders and some hugs, the guys caught up. “Oh yeah, baby! Where in the lead again!” Cody said when he looked at Andy’s blue collar that portrayed the number ‘1256’.

“Please, just dumb luck!” Jake said looking at the red collar of Valentine. The number ‘1259’ was to be seen. “We just have to put our back into it a little and we will be back on top.” Jake said cockily.

“How quickly did you figure out which element belonged with which portrait?” Cody asked.

Jake and Andy looked at each other confused. “Elements? No, we had some different puzzles. We had to take our pictures while we were in sex positions.” Jake said.

“Sounds like you had it easy.” Valentine said. “We had to take another obstacle course. I would like to be in some sex position as well if it earned us some extra points.” Valentine chuckled in defense.

Cody blushed, imagining Valentine and him laying on a soft, comfy bed, doing sex positions in front of a camera. He peeked at his buddy, his body muscled, sweaty, hairy. As much as he hated to admit it, the longer he stayed in this escape room, the more he longed for Valentine, or Jake and Andy for that matter.

“Hey, we had to take an obstacle course too!” Andy said, standing up for their team. “We had to fuck some literal trap holes. Find a path over some weird electrified…Romanian numbered tiles.” Andy said. Jake rolled his eyes but was amused by Andy’s competitive spirit.

Despite that Andy was sometimes so dimwitted, Jake admitted that he wanted to be with no one else to win this game. He looked at his larger friend, his sweaty blonde curls, his hairy muscled chest flexing, Andy’s cute smile, and his confident pose. A wry smile appeared on Jake’s face as well when he looked at his best buddy, having to admit that doing all of this wasn’t even that bad.

After the guys had talked for a little while, a microphone was activated and the distorted voice was to be heard again. “Good job on your last tasks guys, and welcome to the second floor. Here some new challenges will wait for you.”

The four guys walked forward towards the steel door. Figuring that it would open soon and they would see some instructions on the monitor. “The first floor was mainly…the beginning of the match. Right now, on this floor, you have to…work with your football team to advance.” the voice said.

The guys looked at each other confused. Did they need to work as a team this time? Was it some other riddle? “What do you mean by that?” Jake asked, both uncertain and a little worried.

“Yeah, do we have to work together? I thought we were competing?” Valentine asked.

“Look at the following video fragments, it might clear things up for you.” the voice said. With that, the monitor activated.

The 4 guys watched curiously at the monitor. For the first seconds, nothing was happening, the image was black, although there were some sounds in the background.

Jake gasped when he heard his voice on the monitor. It seemed that these guys had a hidden camera again somewhere. “Hey guys, look what came into the mail!” Jake’s voice sounded on the monitor.

“What is it?!” Andy’s voice asked somewhere in the distance.

“A pizza! There is a note, it says it’s from a fan.” Jake said. At that moment, a bright light came into the monitor, and the camera moved backward. Jake and Andy looked at each other almost frightened, realizing that there had been a hidden camera in the pizza box they received.

Though the real shock came when they looked back at the monitor screen. Besides Andy and Jake, they saw more of their team members. They saw Brad Jackson, Owen Thompson, Dylan Adams, Damian Miller, and Juan Chavez. This was in their dormitory.

“Ah, hell yeah, pepperoni, my favorite!” Dylan said, looking hungry to the steaming pizza in the box.

“Who did you say it was from?” Juan asked, sipping from a beer bottle.

“No idea, there was a note with it.” Jake said, “But it just says: To the quarterbacks of The Blue Buffalo’s, may this be some kind of a reward for the last match. Love, a fan.” Jake said, reading the note.

“Well, would be a waste to leave it getting cold.” Dylan said escort izmit while he grabbed a slice.

“Hey what are you doing?” Andy asked Dylan. “The note said to the quarterbacks.” he chuckled, giving Dylan a shove.

“Oh relax. It also said that it would be a reward for the last match. And we all played didn’t we.” Dylan? said teasingly.

Clearly, the pizza brightened the mood for the guys in the room. Everybody joked and chuckled while diving their hands into the box like hungry animals.

The video stopped and static was shown. Andy and Jake kept quiet and were thinking hard to recall this moment. Indeed, these five guys had been with them in the dormitory the other night. So weird that they hadn’t thought of this before.

At that moment another video started. The beginning was the same as the first one. Nothing to be seen, but some sounds in the background.

“Hey guys! Surprise!” Valentine’s voice sounded.

“PIZZA!!” a shout sounded. Valentine and Cody recognized the voice of Brandon Wilson.

The box was being opened and with it, the hidden camera moved backward to get a view of the room. Valentine and Cody paid close attention to who was in the room with them because also they started to remember that some of their teammates came over. They had seen and heard Brandon Wilson already. There was also Marcos Hernandez, Simon Harris, Brent Walker, and Seth Tyson. Valentine and Cody also came into view themselves. This was in their dormitory as well.

“Who is it from?” Cody asked Valentine.

Valentine shrugged. “No idea, there was a note with it that said: To the quarterbacks of The Red Tigers, may this be some kind of a reward for the last match. Love, a fan.” he said.

“What girl did you fuck to get this kind of reward Valentine?!” Brent asked while putting down his beer and grabbing a slice of pizza.

Valentine chuckled. “Please, if they are going to express their gratitude in food, we’re gonna need a whole army to eat it all.” he said while he placed himself in a chair. “Hey, throw me a slice!” he said.

The guys were having a good time with the little present that they had received. All of them ate a slice or two, drank some beer, and laughed. Not knowing what they had gotten themselves into already.

The video ended, and nobody said a thing. All 4 the guys let the thought sink in that they had been filmed. “This is getting ridiculous! Who do these guys think they are? FBI!?” Jake asked.

“Damn right! Just videotaping us like that? In our own dormitory’s for fuck sake!” Valentine screamed.

“Ever heard of privacy laws, you perverts!?” Andy screamed to the camera.

The three of them were arguing and trash talking a bit more. Cody kept quiet and was thinking, he seemed to be the only one who knew the meaning of all of this.

“The pizza was drugged.” Cody spoke softly.

The guys kept quiet and looked at him. “Well, thank you, but we kinda knew that already,” Andy said sarcastically.

“No, arrgh! think about it!” Cody said a bit louder. “Our teammates were with us! If they ate from the same drugged pizza as we did…”

The guys fell quiet and looked at each other, the message seemed to sink in.

“You’re…not saying that…” Jake stuttered frightened as he looked at the steel door in front of them. The other guys aimed their gaze at the closed door as well, growing more anxious and curious what would be behind it.

With a loud noise, the steel door unlocked and opened, revealing a dark room. The guys didn’t move a muscle and looked inside the room, careful not to walk into any surprises.

Only when Jake and Andy heard a familiar voice say, “Hey, Who is there!?” they broke.

“OWEN!” Jake screamed and ran inside the room, followed by Andy, Valentine, and Cody.

The door closed behind them, and the lights went on, illuminating the room with a bright TL light. The guys covered their eyes for a second from the bright light. When they were used to the light, they looked around the room.

The first thing that they noticed was two bedsprings, standing upright in the room, facing the entry door. The bedsprings seemed to consist of several metal bars, and stood on metal legs that supported it from behind. One bedspring on the left side and one on the right, they stood about 4 meters apart from each other. 2 guys had been bound to the bedsprings. The guys wore the same wristbands and ankle bands around their arms and legs. They were both bound in a spread-eagle position, and both of them were completely naked.

“JAKE, ANDY! GET ME OUT OF HERE!” The guy on the left screamed. This guy was Owen Thompson. A player from the Blue Buffalo’s and teammate to Andy and Jake. Owen was about 5,7 feet in height, he had short blonde blow-dried hair and green eyes. A firm, chiseled, clean shaved jaw gave him a very stern and tough look.

His body was pretty impressive as well, muscled and tanned. A large bulky chest with rock hard muscles with a bit of hair on his chest. Well-formed izmit escort abs, large upper arms, and rather large hands. His legs were in a more elegant, lean muscled form, but they looked no less powerful. Although, despite his physical strength, he seemed unable to break free from his bondage.

It was noticeable that Owen had a hard one as well, standing between his legs like a rock. It was 8 inches long, beautifully tanned, and thick. The only explanation for him having an erection in this condition would be that he had been fed viagra as well.

Cody and Valentine hurried to the other bed spring where another guy was bound to. It was Brent Walker, one of their team members. “Guys! What’s going on?! Please get me off this thing!” Brent yelled.

“Ow shit Brent! Just hold on buddy!” Valentine screamed as he ran towards his teammate followed by Cody.

Brent was not as tall or bulky as your average football player, though he still looked impressive. He was around 5,5 feet in height. He had short, gelled up black hair, brown eyes, and a short, trimmed beard covering his cheeks and jawline.

He was lean muscled, one could definitely see he was doing sports and exercise. His chest was decently built and he had some well-formed, beautiful abs. With a little trail of short black hair running over his chest, onto his abs, ending near his belly button.

Brent’s arms and legs were in good shape and muscled due to the many practices and football matches he had participated in. Like Owen, Brent was also shamelessly naked and erect, although it seemed by drugs. Brent had about 7,5 inches of uncut meat in between his legs, dripping with sweat and precum.

Andy and Jake tried to free Owen the best they could, as did Cody and Valentine with Brent. But it was of no use, the bracelets around their wrists and ankles were magnetic as well. They held the two guys firmly in place against the bedspring. When the guys looked closer, they saw that both Owen and Brent also wore small metal Cockring, like the ones they were wearing.

“AAHH! STOP! You’re ripping my arm off!” Brent screamed as Valentine desperately tried to get his buddy free.

“It’s no use! Those magnetic locks won’t budge!” Jake said to Andy, who gave it all his strength to free Owen.

Jake and Cody took their time to look around the room a bit more. This room was about 6 by 6 meters. There were two metal doors on the other side, both standing 3 meters apart from each other. On Owen’s right and on Brent’s left stood 3 metal boxes against the wall. There was a button on each one, and numbers were written on them. One box had the number ’25’, another ’50’ and the last one ’75’. There were also 2 monitor screens on each side of the room. One on the side of Jake, Andy, and Owen, and the other one on the side of Cody, Valentine, and Brent.

“Guys, what the hell is going on here?!” Owen asked. No answer came for a moment, nobody even knowing where to begin with this.

“You’re not going to believe this but…it’s…it’s an escape room.” Jake said, chuckling at how ridiculous it actually sounded.

“What?! How is this some kind of game!?” Brent screamed, “We woke up here with no idea how we got here, we’re naked and tied up! This isn’t an escape room, this is some perverted kidnapping!”

“Like this didn’t happen to us! We also woke up naked, and with no idea what was going on.” Cody said, as he showed the wristbands around his arms. “We’re being kept hostage here as well!”

Andy showed his collar to Owen and Brent, he made sure that the score was visible for them to see. “They told us it’s a game! We need to compete against each other to get out of here.! he said.

“Who told you?! Why is it a game?! Why are we naked in the first place!? And who is keeping us here anyway!?” Owen asked, becoming more confused than informed.

The 4 guys were keeping quiet, no one really knew how to explain it. They were somewhat relieved that the microphone was being activated again and the distorted voice sounded.

“Well, good to see that you guys are catching up! But we’re afraid that we have to cut this conversation short.” the voice said.

Owen and Brent reacted shocked and surprised by the voice, clearly hearing it for the first time.

“Wow, what the fuck is this!?” Brent gasped.

“You let them go! They have nothing to do with all of this!” Jake screamed to one of the cameras in the corners.

“It’s fine with me if you want to keep the 4 of us as your drugged up guinea pigs. But you can’t force our friends into this!” Valentine yelled.

“Of course we can! And not just with them.” the voice said amused. “And you don’t have to worry about the freedom of your friends. They will be set free…in time.

See, their freedom relies on your progress. If you want to get them out you have to finish the game by our rules.”

“Fuck that! You’ve crossed the line!” Andy screamed, losing his self-control again. “You’re not keeping our buddy’s here!” Andy izmit kendi evi olan escort tried to grab one of the boxes and throw it at the camera, but they were held in place by powerful magnets. When that didn’t work, Andy searched for other things to get his aggression out on. He tried to free Owen from the bedspring again, but to no avail. After that, he ran towards one of the doors on the other side of the room and tried to push them open.

“If you don’t want to do this, that’s fine Andy.” The voice said, clearly amused by Andy’s desperate attempts. “You guys can do nothing to make a statement if you want. You don’t have to follow our rules and instructions, but then you are on your own. We’re sure that you know the way out Andy, hehehe.” the voice chuckled when Andy pushed as hard as he could on the steel doors.

Andy turned around, furious and burning with anger. “FUCK YOU! FUCKING SICK FAGGOTS! YOU CAN’T…” But before Andy got to finish his sentence, his collar electrocuted him again.

Andy fell on the ground, hissed, and spasmed from the shocks that raged through his body. The other 3 looked worried at him. Owen and Brent screamed in fear, witnessing this for the first time. After a short 10 seconds, the electro torture stopped. Andy gasped for air and stood back up, helped by Jake.

“Now that’s the second time today Andy, bad dog!” the voice said, not intimidated by Andy’s threats. “Well, if you really don’t want to play anymore, we can just go and leave you here…” the voice said.

Jake jumped in front of Andy with his face to the camera. “No, don’t do that! He’ll behave! We will follow the rules!” he said. Scared by the realization that these guys could actually leave them here to starve. “We’ll play, won’t we?!” Jake said, looking at Andy with a deeply serious look.

Andy swallowed his pride, realizing that they had indeed no other choice. He nodded, “Yes, we’ll play.” he said softly.

“That’s what we like to hear.” The voice said. “Now, as with your football matches, you need to rely on your team. Owen and Brent rely on you for their freedom. But you rely on them to advance to the next task.” the voice explained.

The task here is fairly simple…you need to make your teammate cum in order for you to advance.” the voice said.

Brent and Owen gasped with these words, but for the 4 other guys, this was no surprise.

“What the..!?” Owen said.

“Fuck no!” Brent yelled.

Valentine shook his head, not agreeing with the situation either, but seeing that there was no other way. “Face it guys, we have no choice here, and neither do you!” he said loudly. Both Owen and Brent kept their mouth shut, not expecting this attitude at all from Valentine.

“Andy and Jake have to make Owen cum, Cody and Valentine have to do the same to Brent. How that happens is up to you.” The voice explained. “Like you, they have also been fed viagra and some…well…homemade orgasm amplifiers, which might make shooting your load way more intense.” The voice said.

The guys were looking at their tied up teammates, thinking and wondering about this task. Cody couldn’t help it, but he kept looking at Brent’s lean muscled body and rock hard cock. These games were affecting him quite a lot, and Brent just looked so good. He felt his mouth going dry, he licked his lips as he imagined sucking Brent off.

“When the timer starts, you have 750 seconds to do this. Both teams have 3 metal boxes on their sides. In these boxes are some…tools that can help you. However, there will be a price to pay if you want to use them. The numbers on the boxes dictate how many points you will pay to use the tool inside, these will be deducted from your remaining time.” The voice explained. The guys looked at the boxes next to the wall, now they knew what the numbers meant. They figured that they needed to push the button to open it.

“Oh and guys, just a courtesy rule. No hindering each other in the game, but I’m pretty sure you knew that already. Good luck guys!” The voice said, ending the message.

With that, the number ‘750’ appeared on both screens and started counting down. The guys were still a little uncertain in the matter, but seeing that they had no other choice, they went straight to work.

Valentine walked to one of the boxes to open them, hoping to find something useful for this. Cody stopped him however, “No, we just lose points by that.” Cody said.

Valentine looked at him questioning, “Then how do you want to solve this?” he asked.

Cody smirked and closed into Brent, who looked at him with wide surprised eyes. “The old fashioned way.” Cody whispered as he dropped on his knees in front of Brent.

Cody took Brent’s pulsing, warm cock in his hand and put it in his mouth in one go. “Wow sh…Cody what are you doing?!” Brent shouted, trying to get Cody off.

Cody popped Brent’s dick out of his mouth, “Just shut up and enjoy!” he hissed. He continued to suck his teammate off like a madman. Valentine looked at Cody from behind, rather surprised by how eager his friend was with all of this. Also Andy, Jake, and Owen were mesmerized by the sight of Cody dropping to his knees in front of the guy. Brent’s moans and panting filled the room, along with Cody’s sucking sounds.

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