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Escaping the Summer Rain

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The author does not condone the lack of social distancing in this story, and believes in the use of facial coverings.


Olivia hooks the plastic basket into the crook of her arm, flinching as the spray of the cold hand sanitizer strikes both palms. She adjusts the unfamiliar face mask, as she wanders through the fruit and vegetable section, dropping a hard avocado next to a couple of apples, absently wondering if she will remember to use it before it becomes too soft to be edible.

It is late at night, the supermarket quiet, with most people at home. She shivers, her cotton sundress which had felt like one layer too many in the New York night heat, now inadequate in the air conditioned store. Her nipples harden, she shrugs her shoulders, trying to relive the pressure, but only succeeding in creating a pleasing friction. Fuck she is so horny. Damn Virus. She continues on, taking her time, browsing the aisles, just glad to be outside the four walls of her apartment.

She makes her way to the baby section, checking to see if anyone is around before ducking down the aisle. Halfway down, past the unending wall of nappies, she spots the item she has come for, the one thing she doesn’t add to her online home delivery order. As she compares the specials, she reaches down to grab a bottle of baby oil off the shelf, and steps back, quickly dropping it into her basket.

“Ooffph” she hears, and she steps back into a hard lump.

Turning around to apologise she is faced with a white t-shirt stretched across a broad chest. She bites down on a moan, and drags her eyes up, into a pair of piercing, sky blue eyes peeking out at her above a surgical mask. She stands, mesmerised, her mind blank, her body reacting with a burst of fire in her belly, and a dampness in her panties.

“Just the essentials?” he asks, his eyes dropping pointedly into her basket.

She moans in embarrassment and realisation, it is her neighbour. Of course, she thinks, in a city of 8 million people, she would have to get sprung on her secret mission by the hot guy from next door.

“They don’t have everything I’m looking for, but in these times, a girl has to make do.” She raises an eyebrow, turns, striding back down the aisle, hurrying to the self check-out, trying to run from the humiliation.

She scans her items, throwing them into her hessian bag. Unbelievable, she thinks, finally getting the courage to speak to her sexy neighbour, and these are the circumstances. Wonderful first impression.

She takes a deep breath, her face mask hampering the simple task, and tries to steady her nerves as she starts the walk home. The air is heavy, the heat hits her like a wave as she steps onto the street. New York is quiet, even for a Tuesday night, the sounds of the city a faint echo of the familiar beat.

She hits the button on the etiler ucuz escort crosswalk, now acutely aware of the germs on everything, and stares up at the red hand in the yellow box, waiting.

Her world glows white for a split second, and she jumps as a bolt of thunder cracks in the empty street, echoing across the city. Her white man appears, at the same time as the rain, bucketing down. She hesitates, looking over her shoulder, a tall office building runs from the pavement to the sky in one solid glass plane.

She makes a run across the street, her feet splashing in puddles already forming on top the black and white crosswalk. She stops under the awning of the first shop, a cute little French pastry place, somewhere she likes to pick up a treat, on the rare weeks between no gluten, no carb, or whatever similar, no fun diet she is on at the time. She huddles against the glass window, the awning is retracted, and she soon realised the one foot of material is no cover from the storm. She moves further down the shop front, into the narrow doorway.

She sighs as she watches the rain fall in the street, realising she even misses the umbrella sellers that used to pop out from nowhere with their overpriced, good for one use only, products.

And then he appears, his white t-shirt stuck to his skin, his black hair hanging loose around his gorgeous face. Filling the doorway with his expansive frame.

“Excuse me” he says ducking past her into the alcove.

She turns to look at him,

“We are meant to be social distancing. I think this is less than 6 feet,” she waves her hand between them.

“Well since you already bumped into me, I think that ship has sailed. So by now, if you have the virus, so will I.”

“If I have the virus? What about if you have the virus?” she asks indignantly.

“I’m pretty sure I’m clear. I get tested for work every morning.”

“Oh.” she says, her voice softening.

His eyes glow in the dim light, and as the sky is lit up once again, she sees them widen as he takes in her shape, her wet dress sticking like a second skin. She turns her back to him, crossing her arms in front of her chest, in an attempt at modesty, she looks down, the rose of her nipples revealed through the powder blue material. She can feel his eyes on her back, she is acutely aware her swing skirt is now plastered to her behind and thighs. She gives her hips a wiggle trying to unstick the material, as she does she hears a low growl from the darkness behind her.

The rain sheets down in front of the door way, trapping his smell in the small space, her breath starts to quicken. The heat that is radiating off him, is beginning to send her into madness. She turns to face him, dropping her arms to her sides.

“You are gorgeous.” He says, drinking her in from etiler üniversiteli escort her feet back to her eyes. He pauses for a beat before continuing,

“I hear you at night. In your bed. I’m locked in that apartment and your moans carry through the wall, sending me insane with desire.” Holding his eye contact, she has no doubt it’s true.

His eyes are on fire, he reaches forward and unhooks the mask from her ears.

“Let me see your beautiful face.” He traces her jaw lightly with his fingertips, his other hand pulling down his mask as he steps forward, dragging her into his arms, his lips crash down on hers, sending sparks through her whole body.

She kisses him back, her arms wrapping around his neck, she presses her body into his. She tastes the mint of recently chewed gum on his tongue, fresh and hot at the same time. He breathes heavily into her mouth, their tongues exploring each other, she grinds her centre against his leg, almost climbing him in desperation and need. He pushes her against the door of the darkened store, the cool glass pressed to her back. His hands begin to roam, as they continue to kiss, up her sides, finding her breasts. She moans in pleasure, her voice trapped in the small doorway, echos in her ears. He teases her nipples, and the familiar, if not almost forgotten, feeling of a non self induced climax builds in her lower belly.

He pulls back, teasing her, looking into her eyes. She can see he wants her as bad as she wants him. His hand traces her body, over her stomach, down her dress, to the bare skin on her thighs.

Slowly his hand makes its way up her leg, under her dress this time,

“I want to see what you look like when you cum.” he says, as his fingers walk their way inside her panties one by one. His middle finger traces her seam, up and back,

“My god you are so wet.” he says before softly plunging his finger inside her lips, down her clit, and slowly back up. He is continuing to tease, his two outer fingers holding back her panties, his middle finger drawing circles around her bud. Olivia makes a sound more like a wimpier than a moan, and bucks her hips begging for release. His presses a leg against hers, opening her thighs, and holding it in place against the door. His other hand drops to her thighs, lifting the dress above her hips.

She throws her head back, the feeling of her bare pussy on the city street driving her wild. Her knickers pushed to the side, one hand continuing to circle her bud, his touch growing firmer, his other hand cups her pussy, driving one finger in and out quickly replacing it with a second finger on the next stroke. Her hands resting on his shoulder, she looks between her legs and watches her beautiful long fingers disappear into her body. She pushes back her other thigh, opening herself fatih escort fully to him, she looks into his eyes, and as he curls his finger to her g-spot, she screams, shattering to pieces, he continues to stroke her, watching the pleasure wash over her face. He removes his fingers from her, as she settles into her afterglow, her pussy still throbs with need. She opens her eyes, and he sees her want, he turns her around, her palms and breasts pressed against the glass door, he gently kicks her feet apart. He positions himself behind her, rubbing the head of his cock up and down her wet slit.

As the rain continues to pour down around them, drowning out all sounds but their breathing, he continues to stoke her, her bare ass presented to the street, and he asks her,

“Tell me what you want.”

She hesitates, part of her mind too proper to beg to be fucked in the street. His cock continues to rub her, from clit to entrance and back, she tries to buck to catch him as he nears her hole but he holds her firmly in place, she mewls at each failed attempt.

“I want you.” she finally demurres.

“You want my cock inside you?” he growls into her ear.

“Yes, I want you to fuck me. Please.” She cries, and he buries his cock to the hilt in one thrust, stretching her, filling her. He draws back so the head barely remains inside of her, before plunging his long, hard cock inside of her again, slowly at first he starts to fuck her, faster and harder with each stroke, grunting now at the effort. She tries to hold on, he drops his lips to her ear,

“Cum for me.”

She shakes her head, curling her toes to fight the oncoming wave, he continues his fantastic assault on her pussy,

“You’re a naughty girl.” he growls into her ear, and lands a hard smack on her round ass cheek. She explodes at the hit, the sharp strike more than she can bare. Ripples of pleasure surge through her entire body, the gripping of her pussy around his hard cock only intensifying the sensation for her. The man behind her runs his hands up her body, dragging up her dress, the now cool air on her stomach and then her breasts. Her hands against the glass she sees her reflection in the door, her bare breasts exposed, her cups them and squeezes, her orgasam continues to roll through her, kicks up another notch as he touches her, she screams, and as he releases into her, his scream joins hers.

He drops his head to her shoulder, catching his breath, lightly kissing along the blade, his hands still gently squeeze her breasts, his cock twitching inside her and it empties its last few drops.

He pulls her dress down, dragging his hands down her stomach, still buried inside of her.

“Oh my god, baby, you are amazing.” he sighs in her ear. “I don’t want to pull out, but if I stay inside you much longer, I am going to get hard again. And the rain has stopped now.”

As some of her five senses return she realises he is right, the rain has almost slowed to a stop. He pulls out and turns her to face him.

“How fast do you think we can make it home?” he asks with a grin. He picks up her shopping, grabs her hands, and they run, laughing towards their apartment building.

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