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Evening Dinner

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She snuggled deeper into the covers on the bed and sighed. It had been a long day of work for her, and she was exhausted. She had spent the evening here at her boyfriend’s and his parents had come over for dinner with the two of them and stayed kinda late. They were sweet but didn’t catch any clues that she and their son wanted them to leave. She had been yawning all evening.

Turning her head she listened for the bathroom and didn’t hear the water running in the shower anymore. After his parents had left, her boyfriend had jumped in the shower and she had laid down to take a quick nap before she headed home. Living over an hour away was hard so they always made the most of their time together.

“Hey gorgeous. I hope you’re not asleep yet.” Looking up she saw him standing in the doorway watching her with a smile on his lips. She noticed he was just wearing a towel.

“Of course not. But you should come lie down here because I know you must be tired too.”

She pulled the blanket back next to her. He let the towel fall to the floor, and pendik escort she noticed he was already hard. He slipped in next to her pulling her close to himself. He rubbed her thigh and then grabbed her hands and pulled them up to her breasts. She softly kissed the top of his fingers. She was pretty sure she could stay here forever, taking in his scent and feeling his body up against hers.

After a few moments he slowly turned her around to face him and gently kissed her lips. She kissed him back with more passion, and then he tugged her shirt off. She smiled at him while reaching around and unhooking her bra. He pulled it off and tossed it on the floor behind him. He then took one of her breasts in his hand and slowly cupped it and then quickly ran him thumb over her hardened nipple. She let out a gasp and then he repeated with the other. She kissed him and he trailed his lips down to her nipple and he began to suck on it softly. She let out a moan when he bit down on it and then bit the other.

He grabbed her kartal escort panties and tugged them off of her. He buried his face between her legs and started licking her wet pussy. Slowly at first and then faster as he felt her moving her body up toward him. She moaned while he licked her hard and fast. When he put his tongue inside her she let out a muffled scream.

Pushing him back she got on top of him and kissed him. Their tongues met and they swirled around in each others mouths as though they were making love to each other.

She crawled down and got between his legs. Bringing her head down she locked eyes with him as she began to lick his rock hard cock. She licked his balls then sucked on them. Coming back up she licked his cock again. She grabbed it by the base and took it deep into her mouth. She came up slowly and flicked the tip with her tongue then pushed it back in her mouth quickly. She came back up slowly once again and flicked the tip with her tongue a little harder then came down quickly maltepe escort and repeated a few times until she heard him moan and felt his cock throb inside her mouth.

He sat up and pushed her down on her back. Kissing her hungrily she felt his cock right against her pussy and she moaned and pushed up toward him spreading her legs a little wider. He pushed it inside her, and she let out a scream. He kept thrusting at her, faster and harder each time. She locked her arms around his neck and moved with him feeling herself getting closer to an orgasm. They climaxed together, and as he pulled out she felt their juices flow out of her.

He collapsed next to her, panting. She smiled at him and snuggled into him. “You’re pretty much amazing”, she whispered. He didn’t say anything back but just held her tighter. She closed her eyes and took it all in. Never before had she felt so loved and protected by anyone. After a few minutes she whispered his name. When there was no response from him she knew he was asleep.

Slipping slowly from the bed she picked up her clothes and put them on. She watched him for a few moments. He looked so peaceful and content. She leaned down and pulled the covers up to his chin then kissed him softly on the cheek. “I love you”, she whispered. He watched her leave the room and heard her close the front door behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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