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Evening Rush

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Kali had just gotten done with work and a long drive ahead of her still. She had a date with a new potential guy that night, they were to go out for a few drinks and he was going to meet her at her place by 10. She was still in her scrubs from work and couldn’t wait to shower the day off.

Suddenly her phone began to ring in her pocket. It was Jon, a devilish grin appeared on her face. “Hello?” she answered.

“It’s me, what are you doing?” Jon said in his deep sexy voice.

“I’m driving home, just got off work.” Kali responded. She could feel the excitement building up deep within her

“I wanna fuck you tonight.” Jon said bluntly. Kali looked at her watch it was almost 9.

“I might be able to make it, but I gotta date later so I cant stay long.” she said.

“Ok jus come over.” Jon replied.

Kali thought it out and figured she could make it work so she headed over to his place first. She pulled into the drive way of Jon’s apartments. She tried adjusting herself to her best efforts and sprayed some perfume.

She felt her heart beat quicken as she approached his door. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. “Come in.” Jon yelled. Kali opened the door and walked in.

“I don’t have bursa eskort a lot of time….” she said, but Jon had already begun working his dark ways with her and interrupted her with a long hard kiss. They kissed not passionately, but lustfully.

Jon kissed her neck biting and sucking on her collar bone, then he pulled off her scrub top and her undershirt revealing her pink lace bra underneath. Kali was excited and felt her panties become damp.

She looked into his deep blue eyes as he picked her up holding her against his bare chest by her ass. Kali knew there would be no talking just fucking. Jon walked her down the hall and into his bedroom. He threw her down onto his bed and pulled her to the edge by her thighs. He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down along with his underwear.

Kali looked at him in the shadows at his curves and angles he was a man in full. His cock was hard and she felt it calling to her. Her body wanted him in her.

Jon Pulled off her bottoms and basically ripped off her pink cotton panties along with her bra. She laid there naked on his bed feeling goose bumps rise on her body from the anticipation of it all. Jon got on his knees and buried his face in her pussy. bursa escort

“OHHHH!” Kali moaned as he licked and flicked his tongue over her clit back and fourth, it felt amazing. Then Jon proceeded to stick two of his fingers deep within her already wet pussy.

“Cum for daddy.” Jon said. Kali loved obeying her daddy and it didn’t take long till her sticky sweet juices ran down his hand and arm. Jon stood up wiping his chin off and stroked his rock hard dick.

He thrust into her when she wasn’t expecting and Kali moaned even louder. It felt so good he filled her with every inch of his member.

She couldn’t help it and she came once more. Kali knew she should not have it was against his rules to cum without asking. Jon grinned and tossed kali onto her stomach He pulled her hair back and slapped her round little ass.

“Did daddy say you could cum again?” Jon said in a rough voice.

“Now ill have to stick it in your ass” Jon began to part her cheeks and he ran his thumb in circular motion around her anus.

“No daddy please I’m not ready!” Kali screamed, But it was too late.

Jon had already spit on Kali’s opening and rammed his cock in. This bursa escort bayan made Kali scream both in extreme pain and pleasure. She had done anal before but not like this. This felt borderline rape but it felt good.

Kali squirmed around at first trying to get used to the intensity of it, all the while moaning louder than ever.

Jon pounded into her tiny ass and with every squirm and scream coming from her he pushed harder. Jon was pushing Kali’s limits more than anyone had done before.

“Take it like daddy’s little slut!” Jon proclaimed at her in a raised voice. Kali closed her eyes and let them roll back she was defeated by him.

“Daddy can I cum?” she said.

“Yes, cum for me.” Jon replied.

Kali squirted all over the bed sheets, this excited Jon so much that he pushed into her ass once more and filled her with his thick runny cum. Jon pulled out of her and wrapped a towel around his waist.

Kali turned over feeling weak but satisfied beyond her imagination. She grabbed the sheet and covered up, while trying to stop her knees from shaking. Jon leaned in and kissed her forehead.

“Guess you better get going for your date.” He said smiling.

“Yeah sure.” Kali said grinning.

Kali went to the bathroom to clean up a bit and get dressed, she still had time to spare. Jon was smoking on his couch while she walked past him. “Bye, I’ll see you next time.” She said before closing the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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