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Evil Spirits

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I had fully planned on staying home this Halloween, curling up on the couch with a pint of Haagen~Daaz and watching A Beautiful Mind on DVD. What more could a girl want you ask?

About 2 o’clock in the afternoon, one of my best friends, Toryn called and asked me if I would like to attend this Halloween party I “absolutely HAD to go to” because it was one of the biggest parties in our city for singles. Me, being the slightly involved (read my other stories) girl I am, thought it would be cool to go…but oh, what to wear? I know I wanted to go for sexy. Very sexy. I pulled out a very tight, short, shiny pair of leather shorts I had been given on my 21st birthday as a gag gift. These would be perfect. The shirt? Hmmm…I browsed through my closet until my eyes settled on a red halter top. It tied at the neck, and left my firm stomach exposed. Perfect. But what was the so-called cherry to this outfit? The fishnets. Oh yes, red fishnets. Cliche you might say, but with devil horns in my hair and a quick tease to my long blonde hair, they were perfect.

Now now, I know you’re wondering what I look like right? I’m about 5’9”, and with the knee-high hooker boots Toryn lent me, I was a full 5’11”.

Toryn came by at about 7 and honked her horn loudly outside my flat.

“C’mon you whore, I don’t want to be late!!” She screamed from her shiny BMW parked in the street that her daddy had just bought her.

I slinked out to the Beamer and Toryn’s eyes were on me.

“This is why I hate going out with you Kara, you make me feel ugly.”

“Shut up Toryn…you have the biggest boobs on the face of the Earth, what guy wouldn’t notice you?” And I was right too, the girl wore a DD easily, but she wasn’t fat….she actually had a very nice hourglass shape, just bigger on the top.

We arrived at the very large, ostentatious house of Drew Kelly, who was a very good friend of Toryn’s from university, but I didn’t know him well.

There was a doorman at the door, and after Toryn gave the large black man her name, let us in to the overly-furnished house.

I of course, went straight for the bar that had been set up, asking for a Cosmopolitan, which of course went perfectly with my outfit. Standing at the bar next to me, were the usual rif-raf, the football player, the Thor look alike, and then, across the room, talking to Drew’s parents…was Fr. Anthony, Halkalı escort the priest at my church.

Who the hell invites a priest to a Halloween party? I didn’t know, but as soon as he caught my gaze, he walked over to me, with his long lanky body just making me sweat, wondering why, first of all, this man was a priest, and secondly, why he was coming over to me.

True, I hadn’t seen him in quite some time, well, since I left for university.

“Kara, is that you?” He asked me quite sheepishly.

I coughed. “Yes, Fr. Anthony,” I extended my hand “Nice to see you again.”

“You’ve grown up a lot since I last saw you, by the way, very nice costume there.”

He was standing about a yard away from me, eying up my exposed midriff.

“Yeah, you too.” I said whimsically.

He laughed as it was meant to be a joke, considering he was in his priestly garb, including the roman collar and the all black.

I looked at him, and he had aged nicely. He was about…35 last time I saw him, so he was about 38 or so now, and hadn’t lost any of his handsome features.

All through my secondary schooling at Sts. Peter and Paul Secondary School, he had been my religion teacher. And I had to admit, even back then, I had a crush on him.

He was tall, about 6’2”, and had short, dark brown hair. But the most striking feature about this man were his eyes, a piercing light blue. He had olive colored skin, and a very powerful jaw, heavily muscled on the sides. The man looked like a Greek god, and was muscled like one also.

I couldn’t help but wonder why he was looking at me like he was. I mean, this is a man of the cloth, a holy…celibate…man. He held a beer in his hand, and I put two and two together in my head to figure out he at least was buzzed and the blood flow in his body wasn’t going to his brain.

“How is school going Kara?” His eyes never leaving my breasts.

“It’s good, I made dean’s list.” Knowing damn well he didn’t care.

He took my hand, and began to pull me up the spiral staircase.

“Have you seen the balcony on the back of this house? It’s truly breathtaking.” He said, still pulling me up the steps.

Out on the balcony, his hand roamed on the side of my belly.

“Uh, Father…is something the matter?” I asked him, concerned why he was acting this way.

“Oh Halkalı Escort Bayan no Kara, quite the contrary, everything is looking quite alright.” He said huskily into my ear.

His hand roamed over my flat stomach, and then around and down to rest on my ass, his hand clinging to the tight leather covering it.

Either the light from the goblin torches, or the jack-o-lantern smiling at me cock-eyed made me lose all self control, and I grabbed his chin between my thumb and index fingers and looked him straight in the eyes.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked. “It would be a shame if you got me all excited and your treats didn’t measure up.” I smiled.

He growled, and raised his eyebrow.

“Are you sure that would be the case, that I wouldn’t measure up, or are you just afraid little girl?”

He was testing me.

I put my arms on his shoulders and began to gently scratch the hair at the nape of his neck, and then I kissed him.

Was it the fact that I knew I wasn’t supposed to be doing this? Or the fact that he was grabbing my ass with both hands was why I was so excited?

Who knows, but his hands changed somehow, from a groping, needing grasp, to a gentle, caressing one. His fingertips trailed up my back, to the top of my spine, coming to the tie on my halter top. He pulled one of the strings, letting the knot come undone, and exposing my breasts and already hard nipples to the cold October air. He picked me up then, and laid me gently down on a patio chair on the balcony. Planting soft kisses from my earlobe down to the crease of my neck, and then on my chest to my nipple, he worked his way down, teasing me all the way. His tongue flicked gingerly over my nipple, making their already hard tips shoot electric jolts down my spine.

Fr. Anthony stood up rather abruptly then, and undid his collar and shirt. When the black shirt fluttered to the floor, he left me with quite a view of his rock hard chest and rippling abs staring at me. He caught my gaze, and smiled a wicked smile at me. I reached around to unzip my shorts in the back, and I lifted my butt off the chair as he pulled them off, along with the fishnets, to leave me with nothing on but a silky maroon colored thong on. His fingertips lingered down my belly again, and when he reached my already wet pussy, his thumb Escort Halkalı rubbed my clit through my panties.

He made me stand up, and he sat down, unzipping his pants. I fished around for what I was looking for, and when I found it, I had quite a surprise in store for me.

His dick was a good 7-8 inches, and thick as a baseball bat. I kissed the very tip of his engorged prick, and was rewarded with a salty bead of pre-cum in the crease of his dick.

I began to suck him off slowly, letting my hand compensate for what I couldn’t fit into my already stretched mouth. I toyed with his balls in my free hand, and a low guttural moan escaped his lips.

“Oh Jesus…” His voice trailed off.

The veins on the sides of his prick were bulging and pulsing, and his dick was shining in the October moonlight with the glisten of my saliva.

I stood up, and after taking off my hooker boots, stood on the patio chair and lowered myself down onto his ramrod straight dick pointing heavenward.

I felt the tip teasing my clit, and he raised his hips, pushing himself into me, and letting out a gasp of surprise.

“You are so tight Kara.” He said.

Okay, I thought, this wasn’t his first time.

About 3 inches were in me, and I lowered myself down slowly, letting myself get accustomed to his large manhood, and when I hit bottom, his nails ground into my ass, eliciting a hiss from my end.

As I raised myself up and down on his dick, I could literally feel the juices dripping out of my pussy and onto his balls. I stabilized myself by grabbing the back of the chair, and took control. I lifted myself rhythmically, his hips coming up to meet me on the way down.

I looked into his eyes, and they were clenched shut in a gesture of absolute lust and pleasure.

I hit bottom yet again, and this time, I stayed there for a moment. His eyes popped open, and that is when I began to grind my hips side-to-side, and forwards and backwards, and then…right as I felt his hot cock surging inside me, I clenched my muscles around his large member, causing him to hiss in ecstasy.

“Oh Kara, I’m gonna cum, ugh, here it comes..”

And with that, he filled me with his cum, some of it oozing out around the shaft of his cock.

He kissed me again…and said that he always knew I was a faithful servant of God.

“Explain what you meant by that” I asked.

“Well, just the fact that tonight is the night of evil spirits, and my evil spirits just got out.”

He smiled at me, and I smiled back, and fell asleep in his arms.

When I awoke, he was gone, but on top of the heap of my clothes…

Was a black rose.

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