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Exploring New Places

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It was a beautiful warm day. Oh how I loved to lay out nude and have the suns rays shining down on my bare skin. The tall wood fence gave me all the privacy I needed. I rubbed oil over my round firm breasts, lingering and enjoying the feel of its slick coolness as my hands moved over my nipples. Moving down to my flat tight tummy I covered it and watched it glisten in the light of the sun. I slowly added some oil directly to the hairless skin right above my pussy. I took my time as I moved my hands over the area and over my thighs. I could feel my pussy growing wet and beginning to tingle wanting to be touched.

I spread my legs a little and reached down between them. My fingers explored the folds and found my hardening clit. Slowly I moved in a circular motion over it. The excitement of being in the open air excited me and I was quickly feeling my orgasm grow inside me.

I was so caught up in what I was doing I didn’t hear my back door open or realize I was now being watched.

The sound of someone clearing his or her throat behind me caused me to freeze. I turned slowly to see who it was. I was a bit relieved to see my best friend, Jill, standing there. Even though I was still embarrassed, but we had talked intimately about sex and she knew I had done this several times before and seeing my naked body was nothing new to her, after 10 years of friendship she had seen me naked more than anyone else had.

“Sorry to interrupt you,” She laughed.

“Your early” I almost scolded her. We had plans to go out later that afternoon and I wasn’t expecting her until then.

“I thought I would come catch some rays with you.” She explained,” but I can come back if you want.”

“Don’t be silly, I can finish that later.”

I watched her take off her clothes. She had the best body I think I had ever seen. She was toned and tanned, but she also had curves in all the right places. Her ass was firm and round and her hips curved out perfectly from her waist giving her an amazing hourglass shape. She had her breasts enhanced a few years back, her doctor had done an amazing job, they looked almost real. They were large and adorned with large pink nipples. She had 2 tiny gold hoops hanging from them. She thought they helped her career as an exotic dancer. She didn’t need help. Even before her surgery on her breasts she was a headliner pulling in a thousand dollars a night on weekends. Her dream since she was a teenager had been to be a dancer in Vegas. She spent all her free time in dance classes until we graduated from high school. And it was paying off now. We were leaving in a few days for her first audition as a showgirl.

She pulled a chair up beside be but in the opposite direction so we could see each other as we talked. She straddled the chair to sit down and I caught myself staring at her beautiful, plump pussy. It was completely bare except for a strip of dark blonde hair right above it. Her lips spread slightly and I could see her clit poking out almost asking me touch it. I think she knew I was looking at her because she blushed when I looked up.

This wasn’t the first time she had caught me looking at her like that. As a matter of fact every time I saw her naked I found myself staring and wanting to touch her intimately even as teenagers I had this it desire. I wasn’t sure what it meant to feel this way, she was the only woman I felt this way with and I knew I loved a big hard cock inside me so I couldn’t be a lesbian. But still I had this urge to feel her lips on mine and her bare body pressed up against me.

I could feel my pussy beginning to ache hard from a combination of unfinished business and my thoughts of her. I closed my eyes and tried to think of other things. And I almost succeeded until out of the blue she asked me a question that caused me to almost fall out of my chair.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman?”

“No.” I stuttered. “Have you?” I knew a lot of the girls where she worked were lesbian or bisexual and I figured that maybe she could have been with one of them.

“No, but the new girl at work came on to me.”

“What did you say?” I was almost jealous.

“I kinda blew her off, as she wasn’t serious.”

“Oh” I was relieved.

“Have you ever thought about being with another woman?”

“A few times,” I felt my face flush.

“Me too, but I Just don’t know if I could actually do it”

I nodded and closed my eyes.

After a few hours in the sun we went in to take our showers and get ready for our weekly night out. We would go to dinner and then hop the bars on the main street at the beach. There was a guy I was hoping to see tonight, we had been flirting at a distance for a few weeks, but for some reason neither of us had gotten the nerve to approach the other. I had decided tonight was my night. I needed to do it; I had to do something to get my mind off Jill.

I turned on the shower and climbed in letting the water run over my shoulders. My pussy began to ache again as the trickle Alanya Esmer Escort of water found its way between my thighs. I leaned back against the shower wall and propped one leg up for easier access to my neglected pussy. With one hand I steadied myself and with the other I slipped two fingers deep inside my pussy. I sighed softly from the sensation of filling my pussy with my fingers as I added another one inside me. I moved them in and out quickly, using my thumb against my clit. I could feel the explosion coming when the door flew open and Jill came in.

“Can I jump in with you before you use up all the hot water?” I didn’t even get to answer before she was climbing in with me. Frustrated I grabbed my razor and shaving cream and began to shave my legs. As I bent over to reach I felt my ass press up against hers. I hesitated to move, but she did as she turned to rinse her hair of the shampoo. I thought I felt her eyes on me while I was bent over showing my ass to her but I didn’t confirm if I was right. I didn’t need any more frustration at the moment.

When we finished our shower we raided my closet searching for the right outfit to wear. I slipped on a tiny black thong and matching bra. Jill chose to go both panty and braless tonight. She wore a tight pair of black pants that showed her belly button and flat tight tummy and a short red top that was very low cut and revealed her marvelous cleavage. The shirt was so tight I could see the outline of her nipple rings behind it.

Jill handed me her favorite skirt. It was a midnight blue, very short and tight. With it I added a red silk shirt. It showed a little cleavage but covered my mid-section. I wasn’t as confident as Jill was with flaunting myself.

Jill pulled her long blonde curls up on tops her head. It was sloppy and sexy at the same time. She didn’t put on any make up. She didn’t need it. Me on the other hand I took my time applying my makeup and curling my shoulder length auburn hair. We looked at ourselves in the mirror and admired how good we looked. I knew Jill would probably come home with me drunk from all the drinks bought for her and I would spend most of the night keeping the jerks away from both of us. She was too sweet to turn anyone down for a dance so I was the designated bitch. Hopefully she could fend for herself for a bit tonight. I was going to talk to the guy at the bar tonight if it took every once of confidence I had.

For most of the night it was like every other Friday night. We hit a couple of bars deciding which looked the best and ending up there for the rest of the night. The only disappointment was I hadn’t seen him yet. He was usually there by now and I was starting to feel very upset.

I was watching the dance floor and milking my mixed drink when Jill elbowed me.

“He’s here and looking as hot as ever.” She pointed out to me. I turned to see him standing at the bar. He had a beer in his hand and he smiled when he saw me. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt that clung to his every muscle. And he had a lot of muscle beneath that white cotton t-shirt.

This was it; I mustered all my nerve and walked up to him.

“Hi I’m Kirsten.”

“I know.” He knows my name. I couldn’t believe it. “I’m Mark.”

“Glad to meet you Mark.” I felt my face turns red, I sounded so stupid. But he gave me a huge gorgeous smile and offered to buy me a drink.

“Would you like to sit with us at our table?”


He sat with me and we talked and danced. He was amazing and the more I drank the more I liked him. I found myself letting him kiss me and feel my ass and thigh. A few times I even felt his hand graze my breast. Sober I would have never let him feel me like that but at the moment I was really enjoying it.

I excused myself and stumbled to the restroom. I forgot to lock the door and just as I pulled up my panties the door opened and mark walked in. He didn’t say a word he just leaned into me pressing me against the wall. His lips found mine and he thrust his tongue in my mouth kissing me hard. I returned his kiss and wrapped my arms around his waist. One of my hands finding his ass through his tight jeans and squeezing it.

He lifted me off the ground and wrapped my legs around his waist. I felt his hand reach around me and feel its way between my ass cheeks finding my pussy. He moved my panties to the side and slid his fingers inside. I sighed softly as he moved them around inside me making my pussy grow wet from his touch.

“Your pussy feels so good.” He whispered in my ear.

I felt his cock hardening against my pussy. My clit hardened from the denim over his cock as it rubbed against it. I’m not sure what got into me but I reached down and unbuttoned his jeans and he let them fall to the floor. With one hand he dropped his boxers too while he continued to hold me up with the other. He repositioned me so I was directly above his cock and slid it into my aching cunt. I let out a soft moan as he moved inside me. Alanya Eve Gelen Escort His cock was huge and filled me completely. I looked down and could see me pussy wrapped around him. As he moved in and out I watched my juices cover him more with each thrust. His thrusts grew harder and I could tell he was getting closer to cumming deep inside me. I was right with him. Our breathing was ragged and our moans smothered by our kissing. I felt myself go first. My pussy throbbed and tightened around his cock as I climaxed right there in the women’s restroom. He began to grunt and moan as he shoved his cock deeper inside me. He collapsed against me, pressing him and me against the wall his cock still inside me.

I think the whole experience sobered me up a bit, after I realized what I had just done I felt myself turn several shades of red. He looked at me with gentleness in his eyes then kissed me sweetly.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered” I shouldn’t have came in here like that”

I wasn’t sure how to answer. All I could do was smile and tell him it was ok. We heard them announce the club was closing and it was time to leave. We quickly straightened ourselves up and walked directly outside together. Jill wasn’t far behind us and gave me a well knowing smile.

Mark asked for my phone number. I gave it to him thinking he was just being polite and I would never hear from him again. I was so wrong he called me as soon as I walked in the door at home to make sure I was ok with what had happened in the restroom. We ended up talking until the sun came up.

He was going to be in Las Vegas on business the same time we were and he wanted to meet me there to go out one night. I happily excepted after realizing what a great guy he was.

I decided to go visit Jill at work the next night. Everyone there knew me and let me hang out in the dressing room. Sometimes I stood in and waitressed when things got overly busy. I had been thinking about dancing to make a little extra money. Everyone had asked when I was going to start but I just didn’t know if I could show my body like that.

Jill came to me after her first dance and asked me if I wanted to go on with her and try it out. She explained it would mean us rubbing and grinding on each other but the men loved it and if I were with her maybe I wouldn’t feel as insecure.

I thought about it and decided to give it a shot. We had a little while until I would go on with her so we found a costume for me and we went over a few dance moves we could do so we didn’t run into each other or get mixed up with what the other did.

The DJ announced us and we walked onto the floor. I was so nervous I thought I would fall on my face right in front of everyone. Jill smiled and whispered to just remember she was there with me. We moved together perfectly. We pressed our bodies together as we danced. She caressed my breasts, kissing each nipple gently. I threw my head back in exaggerated pleasure. It wasn’t too much exaggeration to it, even though it was just an act I had wanted to feel in her this way for so long. Our final move she lay on the floor and I straddled her head, both out pussies spread toward the audience as I squatted above her. She placed her hands on my inner thighs and lifted her head like she would lick my pussy. I threw my head back and we froze. I was breathless and totally excited all at the same time. It was an amazing feeling to be up there showing my self to all those men and dancing with her, our bodies pressing together.

She came home with me that night. She was so excited about me dancing with her that she couldn’t stop talking about it. She wanted me to start dancing with her every night. I wasn’t sure but I told her I would think about it and see how her audition went next week. I saw her start to fidget a little.

“What’s wrong Jill?” I asked her.

“Nothings wrong. I was just thinking about something.” She explained.

“Tell me.”

“You know when we were dancing together I really enjoyed it.”

“I did to.” I couldn’t tell her how much.

“No I mean I really enjoyed it. I was kinda turned on. Especially when you were above me.” I saw her start to turn red.” I wanted to touch you. Seeing your pussy spread above me like that, I felt mine start to tingle and get wet.”

I started to blush this time, I knew my pussy had been wet while I danced with her and I she must have been able to tell.

” And earlier when I caught you in the back yard. Well, I didn’t want to stop you but I wasn’t sure how you would react to know I watched.” I could tell she was embarrassed by her admission to me. But she continued. ” And you know when I asked you about being with another woman. I guess I wanted to see how you would react. And I got in the shower with you because, because I wanted to see you naked more.”

“Wow.” I wasn’t sure what to say.

“I’m sorry. Maybe I shouldn’t have said all this.”

“I’m glad you did. Honestly I’ve had feelings like Alanya Evi Olan Escort that toward you since I can remember.” I was really embarrassed now.

” Don’t be,” she whispered, ” now we know how each other feels and we can do something about it.”

” W

What are we gonna do about it?” I didn’t have to wait for an answer. She leaned over and kissed me. Her lips were soft and gentle on mine. Her tongue parted my lips and was met by my own. We kissed for a few minutes before we pulled apart.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do that?” She giggled.

“As long as I have?” I asked.

” But I want to do more.” She whispered into my ear before she began to kiss my neck and move her hand over my shirt and across my breasts. I sighed softly as she squeezed one. She lifted my shirt and tugged it over my head. For the first time I was a little shy being naked in front of her. It was different now knowing she wanted me in a different way.

She pulled my bra below my breasts and took a nipple in her mouth. Her tongue flicked it gently as she nibbled and sucked it. My pussy was already soaked and aching for her.

Jill moved her hand between my thighs and cupped my pussy in her palm. She pressed against and moved over it, my shorts were the only thing keeping her from feeling how wet I was.

I slid my hands up under her shirt and found her nipples. They were erect and stuck out far. I gently tugged the rings and twisted her nipples between my fingers. Her enjoyment was obvious as she let out a soft cry of pleasure.

“I am so hot right now.” She told me.

“Oh me too.”

“My pussy is so wet and swollen. It’s aching for you.”

I took one of my hands and bravely slid it down the front of her shorts. She wasn’t wearing any panties so I easily found her hard clit and slid my fingers past it and between her lips finding her drenched.

“More please.” She begged me and stood up and dropped her shorts to the floor. Then she unbuttoned my shorts and removed them and my panties. She admired my pussy for a moment.” You are so wet too.”

She crawled on the couch beside me and placed her hand back against my pussy. This time she slid two fingers deep inside me and rubbed my g-spot expertly. I let out soft sighs and moans as she fingered my pussy like no one ever had before.

I joined her by finding her pussy again and sliding a finger inside and letting my thumb move over her clit. I felt myself rising to orgasm quickly and she knew I was.

“Oh yes. Cum for me please.” She didn’t have to ask twice. My pussy began to pulsate around her fingers and I cried out from the pleasure that shot through my body. But I didn’t stop what I was doing to her. Now that I had cum I could get better access to her and I moved between her legs so I was looking directly at her spread pink pussy.

She spread her legs far for me and I slid three fingers inside her. She didn’t hold back and moaned loudly.

“Fuck me with your fingers, harder, harder.” She cried out. “I wanna cum all over you.”

It didn’t take long before she did. Her pussy contracted around my fingers and her body quivered. She let out a gush of her juices all over my fingers and hand. After catching her breath she told me it was my turn again and moved in between my legs. She looked up at me and smiled.

“I want to taste you.” I didn’t know how to answer her. I wanted her to so badly. All I could do was look down into her eyes and nod.

She spread my lips and ran her tongue from each end of my pussy and back. She stuck her tongue as deep into me and tasted my juices, lapping it up with her tongue. I couldn’t keep my moans quiet and let out a series of them. She moved on to my clit, flicking it several times with her tongue. She sucked it gently and then flicked it with her tongue again, alternating back and forth between the two. She slid her fingers inside me, two and then three. I could feel my pussy stretching as she slid another in and moved her hand around, working it deeper into my pussy. I could feel my pussy rising to another climax. I thought everything in my body was going to explode right out my pussy when I came all over her fingers. She didn’t stop, she continued to lap up all my juices.

“Damn you taste so good.” She exclaimed.

“I want to try you now.” I told her, She just looked up at me excitedly.” But first lets go to the bedroom.”

She followed me to my room and climbed up onto my bed. I reached into my side table drawer and pulled out a huge vibrater. She giggled with delight.

I lay between her thighs and turned it on. It hummed softly as I moved it over clit. She squirmed a little as I slid it inside her. I moved it in and out a few times covering it in her wetness. Then I leaned to her and licked her clit. She moaned loudly as I continued to pump the vinrater in and out of her pink folds and move my tongue over her hard clit. I sucked it and kissed her pussy, tasting her sweetness. She lifted her hips to me begging me to make her cum.

“Make me cum. Make me cum all over your tongue.” She cried out to me.

I moved it harder and faster inside her, watching her lips wrapped around its enormous girth. As she grew closer to letting go for me She cried out louder. Then she shivered and her legs quaked as she climaxed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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