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Eye of the Beholder Ch. 07

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The VCR clunked as it reached the beginning of the tape, bringing me out of my bliss for just long enough to hit play. We were both laid back in the afterglow, stroking each other gently. The smoky sax on the stereo mingled with the scent of the lilacs outside the window as a soft breeze ruffled the parachute draping the bed. It struck me how nice it was, after sex, not to have to say anything. It was the culmination of weeks of foreplay for both of us. It was wonderful, and we both knew it.

The large monitor screen came to life as the tape started, and what life it was! It was the shot from the cameras at my end of the bed, the part she couldn’t have seen in our 69, her delicious, shaved labia on the receiving end of my tongue. The smaller monitor to the side had the other end in it, her lips gliding up and down my shaft. We stroked as we watched, languid and directionless, but slowly giving in to the heat of it, the gliding of our hands beginning to take on purpose. Sharon’s hand had slipped down between her legs, the leg she spread to give herself access coming to rest, then rub against my cock, which had sprung to life itself.

I put the cameras at the foot of the bed on the two lower monitors, one a long shot that took in both of us, but focused on her, and the other a close shot of her fingers caressing her clit, her pelvis rising to meet them. She smiled at me then returned her eyes to the monitor, playing to it, now. She teased her clit with the softest strokes, then slid down to dip a finger inside, stroking it back up over her clit and pulling it away slowly, drawing out a silky strand of her cum like a spiderweb. I was entranced, loving the show she was putting on as the soft skin of her leg caressed my now rock hard erection. I knew she was enjoying it as much as I was.

She had drifted away from just playing, and her fingers were coaxing herself higher, a soft moan excaping her lips as her eyes went sex izle back and forth between the monitors. I suddenly realized she was timing her next orgasm to it. The recorded 69 was coming to its climax, and Sharon was, too. She held back, waiting for it, seeing the orgasm start to show in her recorded eyes as she stroked and sucked and finally screamed while great spurts splashed across her face, and the image from my end bobbed around in the monitor, her thighs locked around my head.

Her current climax was a much quieter affair, seen on the screen, as her rhythm on her clit became erratic, stopped, her pelvis rocking away from it, then coming back to slide in another slow glide. But her face…I was glad I had a camera rolling. It was transcendental and unbelievably sexy at the same time, her eyes finally closed, a look that left no doubt at all what was happening, and totally given to it.

As it subsided, she began to settle back, which wasn’t what I wanted at all. In her orgasm, she had spread her leg completely over me, so when I rolled toward her, it rolled her over on her side. My cock was inches from those shaved lips it had wanted to part for so long. I leaned forward until the head just slipped between them slightly, sheer joy, then rolled my leg over her until she was lying on her stomach with me straddling her. She looked over her shoulder at me as if to say “Tease!” then put her forehead on the pillow.

I nibbled on the back of her neck, feeling the hairs stand up as I did, kissed around under her ear. She shivered. I kissed under the other one, then laid a slow line of licks and kisses down her spine, carressing her ass as my tongue slipped down the crack. She spread her legs way out, arching up to expose herself completely to me. I tongued around her rosebud, licked then blew on her perineum, then used my thumbs to spread her pussy open and sucked it for a second, kissed it, then started to work alt yazılı porno my way back up her spine, my cock coming to rest between her cuntlips, begging to thrust in.

She’d had enough. She rocked her hips back, the motion slipping me halfway inside her in one motion. I thrust, deep, but not too deep, then pulled all the way out. I slid in again, a long, slow, deep push. It was delerious, like silk and oil, tight, warm, slick, caressing, engulfing, then pulling out feeling her muscles tighten around me trying to hold me in. She backed to her knees, reached behind her and pulled me back into her, then rolled over, coming to rest with me on my back, and her straddling me facing my feet. She rocked a couple of times, watching in the mirror, then swiveled around to face me. I set the cameras so she could see herself from all four angles in the four 25″ monitors, picked the front right camera for the large monitor, set the control board down for her to use, then just leaned back to enjoy it.

She pulled almost completely off of me, just the glans holding me inside, rocking herself forward so I could reach her breasts with my mouth. Considering for a second what would look best to her on the screen, I stretched out my tongue, beginning a long lick at the very bottom of one of those perfect pears, then up to suck on the nipple lightly.

She impaled herself on my cock, snaking side to side as she quickly engulfed me, down low, her nipples grazing mine. I noticed she had changed the camera to the one behind her so she could watch, smiling. Well, so was I. She wet her lips, running her tongue around them gently as she watched, withdrew, impaled: long, slow strokes that showed my shaft wet with her juices, then swallowed it up again. She rocked back, switching the camera to the front right, running her hands up and down her body, throwing back her head to shake her hair back, then sitting tall, altyazılı sex izle her eyes on the monitor, transfixed, rising to show my cock and watching as she slid down on it again.

I reached over my shoulder and switched it to 3. I was proud of 3. It was the front left, and the midshot caught the mirror behind her as well, reflecting her arched back just to the left of those succulent breasts. She was massaging them, tweaking them, eyes on the monitor, hands slipping down, around her hips, over her delectable derriere, eyes shifting to watch the reflected mirror; all the while riding me, rocking forward and back, rising on the forward rock, glancing to watch me be engulfed again.

Suddenly she leaned forward and kissed me, warm and deep, lifting up to look at me, eyes happy. I think she had just realized how completely she liked this. She kissed me again, rubbing her body against mine as she rocked back on me, then forward, then back to sit, watching as her fingers traced the line of her hip, up and over and down into her curls, trailing through them to her labia. My cock was sliding through the lips, wet and hard, her fingers stroking me when I was out, and herself when I was in. I reached over and tightened the shot, losing the mirror, but what a view! She had leaned back, so she could watch the monitor. I was watching the real thing, her fingers flickering over her clit, dipping down to slide long over my cock as it emerged, then grabbing it at the base, helping to push it into her for a few strokes. It was so erotic she quickly pushed herself to the edge, and me as well. For just a second she pulled back, coasting at the brink, but we were both beyond holding back. She pushed herself back on me as I plunged into her, again and again, until we both erupted into a thunderous climax. I opened my eyes to find her looking deep into mine, hers satisfied but smouldering from the intensity of the experience, her hair around her face damp and tousled, a sparkle of sweat across her brow.

To this day, I have a print of that shot on my wall. It may well be the most erotic image I’ve ever seen. Just her face, but her face down to the depths of her being.

To Be Continued…

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