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Fagboy Finds His Alpha Straight Man

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The first time I saw Donnie, he was on line at the school cafeteria, and he was talking. It turns out, he likes the sound of his own voice; likes to be the center of attention. I was a few students behind him on line.

“That bitch was hot.” I heard him say, and I ventured a quick glance at him. I saw a slim, wiry young man, his auburn hair parted in the middle and just grazing his shoulder.

“She started riding me. Man, I just lay back and enjoyed the show.” he said as a worker loaded enchiladas onto his plate.

“Little more salsa, baby. There you go.” he said, then slid his tray down the line.

He seemed very cocksure, and that was something that I (secretly) admired in a man. The kind that liked to ‘pound pussy’, as they say, then crow about it to their male friends.

I sat at a table near his where I could watch him from the corner of my eye. He wore a black jeans jacket over a tee shirt, tight-fitting black pants, and rust-colored high top Converse sneakers. In my mind, I imagined him fucking a sweet blonde co-ed. I imagined myself there in the bedroom with them, watching, admiring their sexual energy and prowess.

Donnie was packing away big forksful of enchilada and laughing and kidding with his friends. I sat there and dreamed.

I said that I secretly admired cocky, swaggering type guys, and I do. I guess it’s because they are everything that I will never be. I’m nineteen and I’ve had two girlfriends. Both relationships ended disappointingly. Leticia, my first, complained to me that I was distant, that our intimate times were awkward for her. She left me. And Rachel seemed to barely tolerate me as a boyfriend. I often saw her chatting with other boys in suggestive ways. When I finally confronted her on that she told me to ‘fuck off’.

It was after that experience that I began to see that what I really wanted was to have a nice warm cock in my mouth. I wanted cock in my mouth, balls cupped in my fingers, and a pubic bush staring me in the face. I realized I was a faggot.

Once that became clear to me, I pretty much kept to myself socially. I watched lots of pornography in my free time. I didn’t like the gay sites at all. I liked watching straight men stretching pussy and shooting big loads onto women’s faces. A favorite fantasy was to be there as an assistant and cheerleader for the horny couple. I would see myself kneeling beside the bed and telling them how cool they were, how beautifully they were fucking, all the while reminding myself that I was a lowlife fag.

On campus, I did my best to track when Donnie would be somewhere so that I could be there, too. I was obsessed.

Donnie, it turns out, was no fool. He had antennae for any kind of sexual conquest and, at one point, he started noticing me. One time, in the bookstore, he caught me glancing at him. He walked over to me.

“What’s up with you?” he said. “you some kind of a queer or something?”

His bluntness unsettled me and I began to stutter a response.

“I’m sorry! I… I… I didn’t mean…”

Then, I just up and said it.

“Yes. Yes, I am a queer.”

Donnie laughed.

“Figured as much. You been following me?”

“I have. I’m sorry. I…”

“Say you’re sorry one more time and I’m going to take you outside and slap the shit out of you. Got that?” he said evenly. He meant business.

“Yes, sir.” I said, then, wisely, shut up.

Donnie reached for a magazine on the shelf, tore a corner of a page off, and scrawled a number onto it.

“Call me tonight, fagboy.” he said, then walked off.

I stared Casibom at the piece of paper, at the number written across the smiling face on a toothpaste ad. My heart was beating as fast as a hummingbird’s., and my fingers trembled.

I called after eight. He answered after a few rings.

“Hi”. I said. “It’s me, Conrad.”

“Conrad? Oh, right. The fag from the bookstore. So, are you busy?”

“No, no!” I said. “Nothing planned.”

“Don’t have any dicks lined up to suck?”

“No, sir. No plans at all.”

“Good. Come on over, then. Maybe I’ll take you for a test drive. Sound good?”

“Absolutely.” I said. “Yes, I can come right away.”

“Thought so. Okay, then. 414 Regis Street. Get your ass over here.”

He hung up.

I didn’t have a car, and the bus service at night was unpredictable, so I called a cab.

I rang the bell and waited. I could hear voices, so I knew he wasn’t alone. This worried me a bit. I definitely didn’t want word getting out that I was a cocksucker.

A young woman with a pierced eyebrow opened the door. She smelled of marijuana.

Is Donnie at home?” I said.

She turned her head and called up the staircase behind her.

“Donnie! Hey, Donnie! Fucking guy never… okay, here he comes.” she said, then walked off.

I watched as Donnie descended the stairs. He stopped a few steps from the bottom.

“Follow me.” he said, and I came behind him.

We entered what I took to be his room.

“You get high, fagboy? You don’t mind me calling you that, do you?” he said, rummaging through a jumble of books, candy wrappers, and TV remotes on a low table by the bed.

“I do like to smoke. Yes, sir. Thank you. And, of course, please call me ‘fagboy’. It’s what I am, after all!” I said, trying to sound nonchalant, but feeling quite nervous now that I was alone with him. I was also feeling aroused. I liked the way he talked down to me as if I were a curiousity, a loser he could amuse himself with for one night.

He found a glass pipe and a bag of weed. He loaded up the bowl.

“Let’s get a good buzz going, faggy, then we’ll see what you’re good for.”

“Okay, sir.”

“Sir. I like that. you call everbody ‘sir’?”

“No, sir. Just… well, just men like yourself, sir.”

“Meaning?” Donnie said, reclining onto the bed and blowing a thick stream of smoke toward the ceiling.

“I guess I mean straight guys who are good with women. Good at having sex with women, I mean.”

I felt like I wasn’t making sense. Donnie nodded and passed me the pipe.

“I get it. I know your type.” he said. He tucked a pillow under his head and spread his legs on the bed. I could guage the ample dimensions of his cock and balls where they pressed against the fabric of his pants. Donnie noticed me watching.

“Feeling hungry, fagboy?” he said as I took a big hit on the pipe.

I blushed when he said this. Blushing was something I still was unable to control. It embarrassed me. The weed was top shelf, and even from the one hit, I was quite high.

“I would love to service you, sir, if that’s what you’d like.” I said.

“That could work.” Donnie said offhandedly. He fired up the pipe again and we each toked on it.

“Have a seat.” he said, pointing to an armchair by the door. I slumped into it feeling good and feeling very horny. I couldn’t wait to taste Donnie’s cock! But, best to be cool. Wait for his lead, I told myself.

Donnie brought a bottle of bourbon from a shelf and poured two paper cups full. He walked over to me and handed Casibom Giriş me one.

“Here’s to a really sweet orgasm for me inside your faggot mouth.” Donnie toasted. Our paper cups touched, and I drained half of the contents.

There was a knock on the door and Donnie cracked the door open. A female voice said something.

“Tell him Ill meet him at Dugan’s at eleven. Okay, thanks.”

He closed the door and began to unbuckle his belt. I watched transfixed. This beautiful, virile man was undoing his pants! My heart beat quicker and quicker as he proceeded.

His pants fell to his ankles, and he stepped out of them.

“That’s some good shit we smoked. You feeling it?” he asked. All I could do was stare at the gorgeous bulge at the front of his underwear. I could see the contours of his cock shifting slowly against the cloth.

Donnie snapped his fingers.

“Hey! Fagboy! Where’d you go? I asked you a question.”

“Oh… yes! Very good, sir. Very good!” I said, not knowing quite what I was saying.

Donnie reached under the waistband of his shorts and rearranged himself.

“fucking thing gets into the weirdest dead ends down there.” he said, removing his hand.

“Come here.” he said, and I immediately went to him. I knelt down and waited. By now, his cock was stretching the fabric of his underwear. I could clearly make out the outline of the head as it pressed forward. It promised to be plump and beautiful!

“Jesus, I’m so fucking horny. You gonna be good to me, faggot?” he said, rubbing the warm cloth against my nose. I could detect his cock scent as he did this. It was exquisite.

“Well, this is just too confining. I gotta set this dude free.” he said.

With that, he pulled the elastic of the waistband out and down, and his magnificent penis bobbed in front of my face. I nearly swooned. It was on its way to being fully erect, but already was very impressive. I watched as it slowly ratcheted up and up, the head swelling as it did (indeed it was plump and a lovely purple!). In seconds, Donnie’s wonderful cock stood proudly erect. He moved to the side to allow me to admire it from a different angle. I was in heaven.

“You like?” Donnie said.

“It’s beautiful, sir.” I said, my voice quavering very noticably. Donnie couldn’t help but hear it. He smiled.

“Looks like I got me a happy faggot.” he said.

“You can start out by giving it a kiss. You know where?”

“Wherever you like, sir.”

“Well, it does have its own little pair of lips, you know. Kiss it right there, boy.”

I planted a soft kiss as instructed. The cockhead was so warm, and it responded energetically, jerking up strongly at the touch of my lips.

Donnie refilled the pot pipe and we smoked more, me still on the floor before him.

Donnie went to the table to replace the pipe, and I watched as his erection swayed in front of him. I also got to see his very cute butt!

He returned, taking up his position before me. He kicked his pants off to the side, then stood there spread-legged.

“Just look.” he said. I sat back on my heels and watched. He began to stroke his shaft. each time his hand came forward, the head would swell further, and its purple hue would darken a bit. It was incredible to watch. The cock lips I had so gratefully kissed moments before were now producing the beginnings of a sweet droplet of precum. He kept slowly stroking, seeming to derive great pleasure from watching me as I looked on hungrily.

“Get underneath and kiss my balls.” donnie ordered.

Naturally Casibom Yeni Giriş I was there in a microsecond. His scrotum hung over me, each of his testicles hanging lazily in their skin. The one to his right hung lower. I kissed this one first.

“Take it into your mouth, you faggot loser.” Donnie instructed and I did so. I was pleased that he was beginning to talk rougher to me. I liked it. I savored the musky flavor of his ballsack, letting the kinky pubic hairs run across my tongue.

“Good boy.” Donnie encouraged. “That’s it. Nice. Be gentle. That’s it.”

In that position, i wasn’t far from Donnie’s anus, and I could smell it faintly as I attended to him.

“Back up front, fagboy.” he said, and I returned to my former place. To my amazement and joy, there was now a string of precum dangling from Donnie’s cocklips. How wonderful!

I looked on in wonder as it dangled from side to side as Donnie continued stroking.

“See anything you like?” Donnie asked mischievously. He could see how smitten I was by his precum.

“I do,sir.” I said, not venturing to say more.

“Well, get busy with it before it falls on the floor. lick it up, boy.”

I started at the far end of the string, and lapped my way up. I had never been happier! At the head, I licked the diminutive lips clean. The precum was delicious. Its formed a lovely viscous film on my tongue.

“Okay, I got plans for later, so let’s get down to business.” he said, looking at his watch. “Get the head in your mouth.”

Words cannot describe the feeling of that warm, bulbous cockhead moving past my lips and filling my mouth. I made love to it with an ardor I didn’t know I possessed. Donnie began thrusting slowly so that my lips would stretch when admitting the head. Back and forth it passed. As he move in this way, I studied his cock shaft. It was nicely veined. Some veins were small capillaries, while others were more raised and prominent. They ranged from a deep magenta, the more delicate ones, to a light blue. Such beauty in a man! Feeling bold, I began to cup his balls in one of my hands. My fingers explored their contours and pleasured in their weight.

Donnie’s breath was becoming more noticeable and I suspected he might not be far off from his climax. Holding the cockhead gently in my mouth, I looked up to him.

“You’re a good cocksucker, you know that, fagboy?”

I closed my eyes and squeezed a bit on him with my mouth in thanks.

Donnie now took to thrusting further into my mouth. I thought: ‘he is fucking my face’.

He placed his hands on either side of my head and was soon going in as far as I was able to accomodate him. As he moved, I held onto his thighs. At one point I felt the muscles there tense up. At the same time, Donnie’s cock seemed to swell even more so in my mouth. I reached one hand between his legs and grabbed hold of one of his buttocks. With the other hand, I lightly fingered his balls. Donnie was now moaning above me, and his legs began to shake. Then, suddenly, my mouth was filling with his semen. Jesus! There was so much! I swallowed the first spurts, but more followed. He slid slowly forward, then back, in my cum-filled mouth.

Finally, he let all of his cock slowly slip out. I looked at it in wonder. The shaft was somewhat reddened from its exertions, and it jerked spasmodically in its last throes of pleasure. Semen was dripping from the head, and I came forward to do a final clean up. I rested my face against Donnie’s thigh and watched as the cock slowly descended, spasming itermittently. I felt real love for it.

I sat back and watched Donnie dress.

“That was nice, fagboy. You did good.” he said, then drew his phone from his pants. He placed a call, then turned to me.

“You can find your way out, can’t you?”

To be continued

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