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Fairgame Ch. 02

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As I lay in the bath I realised that today had been a sort of turning point for me. I’d had boyfriends before but I had never wanted to sleep with any of them. I’d been content with a few clumsy fumbles and kisses but today I had seen someone, well two people actually, whom I wanted to sleep with. The only trouble was which one would it be first, Ian or Neil or both at the same time. Now that could be interesting, I thought.

Downstairs I heard the front door slam shut and footsteps on the stairs. Bracing myself I waited and sure enough the door flung open and Paul came in.

“Don’t you believe in knocking on doors?”

“Nope, not when I need a piss.” Paul said as he stood doing just that.

“I’m trying to have a bath here. Do you mind?”

“Not really I’ve seen it all before. Although it wasn’t as good as it is now sis. Have you been working out?”

“Not as much as normal. I much prefer my books these days.” I laughed.

“No pain no gain you know that.”

“Yeah Yeah but I’m not one of your squaddies.”

“Dam right, none of my squaddies have a figure as sexy as yours. Shit if they did none of us instructors would function we’d be too busy wanking. Fuck if the squaddies got an eye full of you they’d all have permanent hard ons.”

Fastening himself up he turned to sit on the toilet seat.

“Do me a favour; pass us that towel behind you.” I said reaching for it.

I was never going to get the quiet soak in the tub I wanted so I might as well get out now. Standing up I let the water drip from my body conscious of Paul watching me his eyes travelling over my body as I stood towelling myself dry. He frowned as he looked me up and down and I knew he was thinking about something. I hoped he wasn’t going to give me his lecture about being a good girl. God knows I’d heard it all before and in every way possible.

“I’m free tomorrow so we can go the gym then. So be prepared to work out oh and I think first thing you can join me on my run. That figure of yours is fine but i think I can make it finer.”

“Are you trying to kill me or what?”

“Well you don’t have to but I think you need it.”

“Cheeky sod,” I said laughing. “Okay I will but only because I love you.”

Wrapping the towel around my body I strode out of the bathroom and downstairs to the kitchen. Getting a cold beer from the fridge I opened it and took a long slow mouthful. Hearing voices coming from the front room I went to see if mum and dad were back yet. On the settee lounged two of Paul’s mate’s, I knew neither of them but what I did know was that they were both good looking. They were also obviously squaddies’, but hey, being that fit they must have stamina for more, as you would say, recreational sports. Deciding to have some fun with them I ignored the fact I was wearing a towel that barely covered the cheeks of my ass.

“Hi guys,” I said. “Paul will be down soon.”

Acting the innocent I sat opposite them on the arm of the chair.

“So what you planning on doing tonight?” I asked.

Smirking at me one of them answered.

“Well i know what I’d like to do but I don’t think your brother would be impressed, so I think a trip to the pub is on the cards.”

“Why what would you like to do?” I asked pretending not to notice where he was trying to look. Fidgeting in my seat I could feel myself getting wet. Parting my legs slightly I was hoping they could see up my towel.

“Sit here and admire the view.”

His eyes moved slowly over my body and I could feel myself getting hot. With doe eyes I moved my raised leg from side to side and replied.

“What view?”

“Oh i don’t know, maybe the one between your legs.” As he spoke his eyes focused on the place between the towel opening and i felt another drop of moisture drip out.

“But you can’t see what is between my legs.”

Suddenly he stood up and walked across to me. My heart almost stopped and I felt my nipples go suddenly hard. Reaching out he trailed his finger over my bare shoulder his large frame towering above me. I never realised just how big he was while he was sitting down but now I could see he was big. Swallowing hard i looked up at him and wondered what the hell I was supposed to do now.

“You do know that tempting the devil means at some point you will get burnt little girl.” He whispered to me dark lust in his eyes.

Gulping I stared up at him my eyes wide.

“I think you forget squaddies eat girls for you for breakfast. So don’t tempt me with that delicious body of yours if you can’t deliver.” As he spoke his hands were travelling up my thighs parting them, stroking them.

“Little girls like you should leave the men alone and go play with the little boys.” I could feel his breath on my ear as he spoke and I wondered if this was really happening to me. My mind was whirling even though my body was stuck to the chair.

“My cock is hard and it’s all because of you little girl but your brother would have my balls as a trophy if he caught me with my Etlik Escort hands anywhere near your very, very delectable body. I know you know that as much as we do so do us a favour and shut those legs before I do something that will get me shot.”

Before I had time to say anything the doorbell rang and getting up I went to answer it, hitching my towel up as I walked out.

“See you later guys.” I tried to make my voice sound steady but I swear it quivered slightly as I spoke, my legs certainly didn’t feel like they belonged to me as I walked away.

Opening the front door I was shocked to see Neil standing there.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“I could have said that to you earlier but I heard what you were doing. ” Neil’s eyes roved over my body and I remembered I wasn’t exactly dressed for answering the front door. The towel barely covered what it was meant to cover and it had a tendency to gape when I walked. I really must remember to dress when Neil’s around, I thought. He was not good for my already high libido and I could hear the words of the guy in the living room going round in my head.

From upstairs I heard Paul shout.

“Who’s at the door sis?”

“It’s someone for you Paul.” I shouted back.

Turning I let Neil come past me. As he did he stopped to look in my eyes, his gaze went down to my chest and then back to my face. Licking his lips he bent to whisper in my ear.

“Very fuckable….and I will do.”

His breathe warmed my neck as he spoke and I felt goose bumps on my skin. Swaying slightly towards him I reached out to stop myself and grabbed his wrist. His mouth touched my earlobe and I felt a tiny bite. My clit throbbed at the touch and I was instantly horny. Nothing could have prepared me for this and I longed for his touch on my body. I felt his hand caress my skin at the top of my leg, stroking towards my pussy. Parting my legs slightly I longed for him to touch me, to stoke my hairless mound and enter me with his fingers. Looking up at him my eyes half closed I gasped silently.

In seconds he turned and strode down the hallway leaving me standing there quivering and confused. Paul was coming down the stairs two at a time unaware of the tension between me and Neil.

“For god’s sake Emma put some clothes on.”

In a daze I walked up the stairs to do as I was told.

Early the following morning I stood in the hallway wearing trainers, shorts and a short length t-shirt, My hair tied back, devoid of makeup and with sleep still in my eyes I didn’t look my polished self. Don’t get me wrong I love my brother but sometimes I could throttle him. A run at six thirty in the morning wasn’t my idea of fun but if it made him happy I’d do it. The workout after was the bit I was looking forward to, he really did know how to put me through my paces and fighting against him was always a challenge.

Twenty minutes later pounding the streets with Paul I wished I had stayed in bed. He really did know how to set a pace. But then he wasn’t a P.T instructor for nothing. I felt sorry for the guys he made do this every day. Looking up I was surprised to see another runner up a head.

“Bout bloody time he showed his ass.” I heard Paul comment.


“I mentioned the run today and Neil invited himself along. Surprised really he prefers to run solo.”

My stomach flipped as Paul spoke. This was all I needed at seven in the morning. I needed to concentrate and with Neil along I had no chance of that.

“Hey up. You never mentioned you were going to have company.” Neil said winking at me.

Dam the guy, he knew I would be running today and he was doing this on purpose. Keeping my head down I refused to look at him. He was as sexy today as he was yesterday and just looking at him made me catch my breath, which was not a good idea when running. Deciding to keep quiet and let them lead the way I slowed my pace to run behind them. Both of them ran a lot more than me so I struggled to keep up with them. I really must run everyday instead of just once a week. It was pointless trying to hold a conversation while trying to keep up the pace. They on the other hand had no trouble what so ever and I could hear them talking in front of me. My lungs hurt but I was not going to show either of them how much it was hurting.

Five miles later we were back at the gym, my muscles screamed for release as I cooled down. Stretching on the ground I longed just to soak in the bath. Glancing up I noticed that Neil was watching me and I quickly looked away.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us?” he said talking to Paul.

“Neil this is Emma, Emma this is Neil.” Looking up I nodded and noticed the slanted smile on his face. I was glad someone found this amusing. It was way too early for me to have a sense of humour.

“Back off Neil She is out of bounds.” I frowned as Paul started his big brother act.

Neil winked at me a lopsided grin on his face after Paul had Keçiören Escort looked away and I couldn’t help but smile back.

Two hours later I thought I had died. Every muscle ached and sweat made my t-shirt cling to me. My hair was plastered to my head and neck and all I wanted was to kill my brother. I know Paul said he was going to work me out but I thought murder was illegal. Paul and Neil stood to one side looking as though they had gone for a walk in the park whereas I looked like I had done a workout and more. Neil’s body glistened with sweat and his t-shirt emphasised every taut muscle. My eyes lingered on his stomach remembering how he looked naked. Swallowing hard I licked my lips.

“Enjoy your workout Emma?” Neil asked.

“I prefer mine with less pain.”

“I know.”

Blushing slightly I looked away but not before he replied.

“Less pain and more mm pleasure is that what you prefer Emma?”

“Listen guys I got to run. “My brother called. “I got to meet Lucy. Keep those dirty paws off her Neil like I said earlier she is out of bounds.”

Lucy was Paul’s latest conquest. I could never keep track of his girlfriends. Maybe this was why he hated guys being interested in me. Waiting for Paul to go Neil stood and watched as he walked out the door. Turning to look at me I stared at him as he smiled. My mouth was suddenly dry as I watched him walk over to me. As he walked he reached down to peel his t-shirt off and sling it onto the floor. Unable to turn away I stood like a rabbit in a car’s headlights. My heart beat faster and I held my breath. His body was perfect. Not an ounce of fat showed but neither was he bulky with muscle. It was toned and sleek and tight.

Standing in front of me he looked down into my eyes. Sparks flew between us but not a word was spoken. Hooking his thumbs into his shorts he pushed them down his leg slightly. Dragging my eyes away from his face I looked down and gasped. He had a fine line of dark hair that went from his navel to his cock and my eyes travelled down it. His cock was everything I imagined and suddenly I felt my shorts get wetter.

Looking back at his face I could see he was waiting for me, waiting for me to do something. His eyes bore into me and a smile hung on the corner of his mouth. Glancing between his face and his cock I was torn between what I wanted to do and what I knew I should do.

Moments passed but they felt like minutes as we stood just looking at one another. His eyes were the darkest brown I had ever seen and I was slowly drowning in them. Tearing myself from his dark gaze I lowered my head to look at what he so obviously wanted me to see. His hand gently stroked his hard on as he watched me and I knew then that I wanted to do this.

His cock stood hard above the band of his shorts; thick and long it looked so inviting. I really wanted to touch it, to play with it, to kiss it. Bending down I kissed the very tip of it. Then kneeling down before him I kissed it again. All over the tip I kissed wanting to savour the sensation of my lips against his skin. Never before had I done this and I wasn’t sure what I should do. Delicately I took him into my mouth letting it stretch my lips wide. Wrapping my tongue around him I tried to take it all in. My mouth was full but I wanted more of his cock in me.

Neil’s hands were on my head and I could feel him stroking my hair. Taking his cock out I looked at it and then at Neil before slowly licking it from base to tip; tiny little licks that barely touched the skin. Never taking my eyes from him I lowered my mouth over the tip taking him deep down my throat. Groaning loudly he tried to thrust it further down my throat but I held back and took my own pace. Sucking it hard I moaned deep in my throat the noise sounding strange and alien to my ears. My pussy throbbed with each suck and I longed to feel it in me, to have Neil above me filling me with his big hard cock. To be rammed against a wall and fucked hard, oh god i was so horny now.

Groaning at these thoughts I sucked harder. In and out I took his cock. His moans encouraged me to take it deeper, the hands on the back of my head urging me on to suck harder. Suddenly Neil thrust against me and I knew he wanted to set the pace. He wanted to fuck my mouth.

My juices were flowing into my panties and I moaned even louder. Pulling his shorts further down I held onto his ass encouraging him to thrust harder, my nails digging into his firm buttocks. Harder and harder he pushed. Deeper and deeper he went, my mouth was so full but I loved it. The taste of his cock was intoxicating. Fingers dug deeper in my hair pushing and pulling at it. Minutes seemed to pass as I sucked and licked him. The silence in the room was broken only by the sound of me slurping when it popped out of my mouth. I wasn’t even sure if what I was doing was right but the sounds coming from Neil spurred me on. His grip on my hair was getting tighter and tighter and his insistence that Kızılay Escort it went deeper was making me hot.

Neil’s moans were getting louder as he fucked my mouth. My tongue swirled and licked his shaft. My jaw ached as I held onto his cock with my mouth, stopping suddenly I heard Neil cry out in anguish and glancing up at him I smiled.

He was so close to cumming it was written all over his face. Using my hand I stroked his shaft gently my hand barely able to wrap around it. As I watched a drop of precum came out of the tip and leaning forward I stuck my tongue out and took it into my mouth. Rolling it round on my tongue I savoured the flavour before letting it slip down my throat. Again another drop emerged onto the tip of his cock and lapping it up I gently continued to lick it up. Each time my tongue touched him Neil moaned and thrust forward but teasing him I refused to move any quicker. Taking just the very tip into my mouth I sucked it before taking more and more into my mouth. With an exquisite slowness I swirled my tongue around the tip then suddenly thrust it down my throat. Neil’s loud moan sent shivers down my spine and my throbbing clit throbbed even harder at the sudden noise. His hands held my hair tight and I could feel his insistence trying to thrust forward. I knew he wanted to cum but so did I and it took all my will power to stop my hand from travelling to my clit to stroke and play with it.

Opening my mouth wider I took his cock down my throat and felt myself gagging as he thrust forward. Letting Neil take control I relinquished my mouth to his use wanting to feel his cum slip down my throat. His hold was so tight and his hands more urgent in my hair. With each thrust of his hips I got more and more turned on. Fondling his balls I relished the feel of them. Harder and harder Neil fucked my mouth and with each thrust I longed for him to fuck me, to ram his cock deep in me. Suddenly he came, his hot seed pumping down my throat. Gagging slightly at the unexpected mouthful I opened my throat and let it slide down. Taking it all down I sucked gently on the end of his cock before letting go. Kneeling back on my heels I licked my lips and smiled.

Pulling his shorts back up Neil looked down at me and stroked my hair.

“Thanks I needed that.”

Like cold water being thrown in my face his words hit me. Standing up I felt my temper rising. Who the fuck did he think he was, I thought, the arrogant son of a bitch. Remembering the words of the other squaddie I realised what he meant.

Not trusting myself to speak coherently I picked up my bag and turned to walk away.

Grabbing my arm Neil stopped me.

“Where are you going?”

“I suddenly feel the need to take a shower.” I spat at him.


“Why, what’s it to do with you?

“I thought we could carry on this fun in my bedroom.”

My heart sunk. Is that all I was to him, I thought, a bit of fun while he was on leave. All of a sudden I didn’t feel so sexy. In fact I felt the opposite. Now I knew why Paul had warned him off. Neil knew he was good looking and used it to get the girls.

Moving my arm from his grasp I moved away.

“I’ve got things to do today, sorry.”

“Okay but can I give you a lift home?”

“Sure if you don’t mind.”

Walking into the changing room I stripped off my clothes and padded over to the showers. It felt good to stand under the water and I let it flow over me washing away the sweat from my aching body. Standing under the water I let my mind wander to the day before. It had felt so good when I had been with Ian. He had made me feel so sexy, even afterwards I had felt wanted. Today though I just felt used and I really didn’t like that feeling. But Ian was a safe bet whereas Neil was a bad boy. The one thing I did know was that if Paul found out about either of them he would go spare especially since he had warned Neil off.

Standing in the changing room in front of a mirror I stared at the person in the reflection. I had a good figure, maybe my breasts were a little too big for my tiny frame but I could live with that. I thought my looks were average and I wished I was slightly taller. Having Paul as a brother I kept in trim, he wouldn’t have it any other way. His obsession with fitness and nutrition had rubbed off on me and my other brother.

Frowning I turned and walked away out of sorts with myself and everyone around me. If I was any younger I would have stamped my foot in anger and frustration.

Neil stood waiting for me by his car and I wished I didn’t find him so damned attractive.

“Where to?” he asked.

“Home please.”

Raising his eyebrow at me I smiled and got into the car.

“Are you sure that’s what you want to do?”

“Quite sure thanks.”

He went to say something more but then shrugged his shoulders and went round to the driver’s side.

The journey home was quiet and as I glanced over at him I wondered if it was too late to change my mind, was I cutting of my nose to spite my face or had I made the right decision. He had made me feel used and I wasn’t going to be used by any man. If I slept with Neil it was going to be on my terms not his.

Suddenly I knew what the answer was and I chuckled out loud. Neil was going to rue the day he messed with Paul Richardson’s baby sister. Well you know the old saying…

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