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Fara and Sharifah’s First Time

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Emilia awoke from her deep sleep, realizing that she was still on the bed in her dorm in NUS. The rest of the girls still hadn’t come back from the coffee shop yet, they had been gone for about an hour already. Emilia stared around her bed and her eyes finally rested on her own topless body. Emilia was a hot Singapore malay girl, all of 18 years old. Her full breasts were still heaving from her heavy masturbation session a while ago. In her left hand, she was still holding her friend’s, Sharifah, pink g-string.

Emilia had full boobs, and was often complimented by guys and girls alike about her cleavage. She had pinkish white skin all over her tender body, not typical of a Singapore malay girl, tanned and tight. Emilia ran her fingers slowly from her crotch up to her nipples, feeling the suppleness of her skin. Her trimmed pussy hair was dripping wet with her juices,

“Mmmm, Sharifahhh.” she moaned again.

Emilia quickly put away Sharifah’s g-string back to her overnight bag, the g-string now more wet as she had wiped her own juices with it. She put her tank top back on and was getting up to head for the showers when her two friends knocked on her dorm room door.

“Hey Emilia, open up! We’re back..” it was Farazeela again and Emilia promptly opened the door to let them in. As Fara and Sharifah came into the room, Sharifah saw her overnight bag had been moved.

“Eh, how come my bag’s over there?” Sharifah asked Emilia.

Emilia nervously replied, “Oooh! I was just moving things around to see if we can clear up more space so we could study! Hmm listen girls, I’m gonna take a quick shower ‘cos I’m so hot right now, I’ll just be a while, ok?” Emilia said, leaving the girls in the room.

Fara headed straight for the bead, taking her biochemistry book with her. She was wearing her denim skirt and had a purple tee on. Lying on her back, her mid riff was showing. A tall and petite Singapore malay girl, Fara body was slender and athletic. Unlike Emilia, she had smaller, albeit firm boobs. Her long legs were tanned and tender, and her straight black hair reached the halfway down her upper torso. As Fara was staring up to read the text in her book, she saw from the corner istanbul escort of her eyes, Sharifah staring at her.

“Hey Sharifah.. don’t be getting any ideas now ok?” Fara said.

“Hhmm.. I was just thinking about our previous time, Fara”, laughed Sharifah.

“That was a year ago, Sharifah. And that was only one time”, Fara replied.

“I know… if I recall, weren’t you the one who started it?” Sharifah remembered.

Fara remembered it like it was yesterday. Fara’s first time with another girl was two years ago. Her aunt from the UK had made her feel special and that was the first time she had let anyone, let alone another woman, taste her lips. Although Fara felt guilty and sad when her aunt finally left Singapore to return to the UK, since then, she had missed the feeling of being with another girl.

Fara and a few other secondary school friends had came over to Sharifah’s house in Woodlands in the afternoon. They were all bumming around, awaiting for their O level results and they were in a period where all of them could hang out with each other every day. Emilia was also there, and they all hung out till late. It was about 10pm and the rest of the gang needed to get home before midnight, leaving just Fara and Sharifah on the couch, watching cable TV. Sharifah’s parents had excused themselves to bed and Fara was in the kitchen, getting some fruit juice.

“Hey Fara, have you ever seen a blue movie?” Sharifah whispered as she came into the kitchen.

“Huh? Mmmm,, uh I guess so, Sharifah. Why are you asking me this all of a sudden?” Fara stammered.

“It’s just that I found a DVD I think it’s my brothers’. I’m pretty sure it a blue movie. I haven’t even seen one, just wondering if you know what I can expect.” Sharifah asked, innocently.

“Wow… it’s been a while since I’ve seen one. Hhmm.. you wanna try watching it together?” Fara was getting excited.

“Really?” Sharifah was a bit unsure, ” Ok I’ll go get it from his room. He’s away at camp so it’ll just take a while.”

Sharifah turned the player on and sat on the couch. Fara was sitting on the armchair, she thought it would be wise as she would be embarrassed if she got aroused. It started esenyurt escort with a few straight scenes, then came a scene with two girls, a blonde and a brunette. Fara started to gaze at Sharifah, Sharifah had a concentrated look upon her face and didn’t move her eyes from the screen. Unexpectedly, Sharifah didn’t have a look of disgust or anything, she looked as if she was trying to remember the moves she was seeing.

All of a sudden, Sharifah blinked and turned to Fara, catching Fara looking at her. Fara was caught unawares, and the two made eye contact. It was embarrassing at first, but Fara plucked enough of her courage to ask Sharifah.

Started Fara, “Sharifah, are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

“Uhumm..” was all Sharifah could muster.

Fara got up from her armchair and started sashaying to the couch. Sitting beside Sharifah, Fara put her hand on Sharifah’s shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Sharifah asked, bewildered.

“Do you feel like having that done to you?” Fara motioned to the screen where it showed the brunette getting her cunt licked by the blonde’s wet tongue.

“Huh?” Sharifah was still in disbelief. She had never been asked that by a girl before.

“I can see you’re getting wet there..” Fara noticed.

Sharifah only had her grey tank top and underwear on and it was clear to see her underwear was getting moist. Sharifah covered up embarrassingly but couldn’t mutter anything except, “What are you going to do?”

“Don’t worry, Sharifah. I know what I’m doing.” Fara had never tasted another girl’s juices before but her mind was made up that she will tonight.

Fara put her other hand down to Sharifah’s knees and started towards her already wet grey panties. At the same time, Fara slowly moved her head forward to kiss Sharifah. First on her cheeks, then on her soft lips. Sharifah’s tender lips felt exhilarating to Fara.

“Ooohh.. Faraaa” Sharifah moaned softly as their lips parted.

Fara’s fingers began to trace the outline of Sharifah’s panties and Fara touched it, Sharifah moved back slightly.

“No worries, Sharifah.. you’ll love this, just like I did.” Fara assured her.

Fara etiler escort spread Sharifah’s legs apart and in the same motion, kneeled on the floor, in front of the couch. With both her hand on Sharifah’s knees, Fara brought Sharifah’s legs up so that Sharifah was sitting comfortably on her couch with her knees up in the air. Sharifah had never thought she would be in this position on her parent’s couch, but she was so into the moment that she never thought of the danger of her parents waking up.

Fara started to look at her fingers that were rubbing the outside of Sharifah’s grey panties. She went in closer until she was able to smell the sweet aroma of her friend’s pussy. “

I can’t believe I’m gonna get to taste Sharifah’s juices tonight!” Fara quivered, excited at the thought.

Fara’s fingers pryed the side of Sharifah’s panties open and now they were touching skin on skin. Fara began rubbing Sharifah’s pussy lips with her thumb and after that brought her thumb to her mouth and started sucking on it like a child. The sight of that made Sharifah chuckle slightly, making any feeling of embarrassment or guilt immediately disappear.

Fara started licking her lips with her tongue, making it moist as she moved towards Sharifah’s malay pussy. Sharifah’s pubic hair already slightly dripping with her cunt juices. Fara’s eyes looked upwards to see Sharifah moaning and her eyes half closed. Sharifah was obviously ready for this, waiting in anticipation. As Fara’s lips met Sharifah’s pussy lips, Fara opened her mouth partially, sucking on Sharifah’s supple clit. Sharifah tried to keep her moaning down so she had to take the couch pillow and bite on the corner of it.

Fara began to lick Sharifah’s clit up and down, rhythmically, with her tongue. The taste of Sharifah’s pussy enveloping Fara’s senses. Sharifah began to get into it, putting her right hand behind Fara’s head and pushing it deeper into her cunt, encouraging her.

“Oooh.. Faraaaa.. that feels so goood…” Sharifah moaned.

“Uuughh..Mmmmff..!” was all Fara could respond, her face buried deep in Sharifah’s wet pubic hair and juices.

“My face is getting all wet with your juice, Sharifah honey…” Fara said when she came up for air.

“Mmmmm Fara..don’t stop.. Fara.. go deeper inside my cunt with your tongue..” Sharifah encouraged.

None of them wanted it to stop but after about 15 minutes, they decided to move into the bedroom so they wouldn’t be found out.

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