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Having finished her stretches, Vanessa grabbed her hair-tie and pulled her long black hair back into a ponytail, and put on her sunglasses. Looking into the mirror, she was happy with the effects of all the running she had been doing lately. Her slim but defined calves drew a nice line from her heels to the bottoms of her pink shorts. They were running shorts so they showed off much of her smooth tan thighs. Her eyes trailed up the full length mirror and now examined her exposed abdomen. She liked what she saw, as just a hint of definition was beginning to peek out from her belly. It wasn’t a full six pack, but that was just how she liked it, not too hard, and not too soft. She ran her hands over the skin of her belly and could feel the slight ridges as they were developing. She reminded herself to cut back on her crunches so as keep the feminine look she was going for.

Right above, she looked at her 36C breasts smushed against her chest by the blue and silver sports bra. She had always been happy with the size of her breasts, but she liked them even more as the running had caused them to sag slightly less, making them seem suspended by some invisible bra. From there, she could see her new favorite part of her body, her arms. The skin hugged tightly against her shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Again, they were the perfect size for her, not too big as to make her shoulders seems broader, but clearly defined. Since she started running she had bought numerous tank tops to show off what her girlfriends liked to call “her new guns”.

She crossed her arms and rubbed her triceps, warming them up, and enjoying the feel of the skin and musculature. It was smooth and soft, but had a little definition to it. Vanessa had always had a nice body, but running had pushed her body over the top where she now had the kind of body that turned heads. Even her face showed it as the extra weight loss had pulled her face skin taut and highlighted her high cheekbones and her fantastic smile. Giving herself another once over in the mirror, she winked at herself with a self satisfied smile.

As she put in the earbuds to her Ipod, she smiled as she thought about how addictive her new running habit had become. Before she moved to the neighborhood, Vanessa worked out at a gym, doing the elliptical machines or the stairmaster. She rarely ventured onto the treadmill as the thought of any kind of running always reminded when she had thrown up in front of the whole high school PE class after having run two miles. But here she was 16 years later, running a three miles four times a week. As she began her trot onto the sidewalk, she laughed to herself as she remembered how her running addiction began.


About a year ago, Vanessa moved into the new development on the outskirts of town. All of the houses were brand new and after her promotion at work, she decided that she had had enough of the city and was able to put a down payment on what she hoped would be the house she would retire in. At 33, she was proud that she had been able to buy a house without the assistance of a husband, but she hoped that she would someday be able to share all this space with someone. But for right now, she was happy the way things were and she was especially happy to have so much more room than her cramped apartment.

Most of the people who lived in the development were older, usually married and with children. The neighborhood was quiet, had a great views of the mountains, and she wouldn’t have to worry about any noisy neighbors. It was pretty much everything she wanted in a home. The only problem was that it was fairly remote from the civilized world. For work it wasn’t a problem since she had worked out a telecommuting schedule with her company and would only need to come in three days of the week. Even still, the newness of the development meant that many of the businesses that she was used to having within walking distance were now a twenty five minute drive, including the gym that she belonged to. This was normally not a problem as she would normally go to the gym on days that she did drive into the office plus once more on the weekend to get her 4 workouts a week in.

But one evening, after a particularly trying day at the office, she decided to skip the gym and just headed home. However, when she got home, she began to feel guilty about not working out. She was trying to lose a little weight at the time and she had promised herself to be strict about keeping up with her workout regime. But the thought of having to drive through the traffic again made her wince.

For a few minutes she debated in her head if there was any way she could justify not working out that night. She was just about to let the “Fuck it, I’m going to have a beer and a frozen pizza tonight” side win out over the “Get in the car and drive back to the gym”, when she looked up at her television to see news coverage of the upcoming San Diego Marathon. The reporter was interviewing a 64 year old lady parallels izle who had run 23 marathons in her lifetime and was getting ready to run her 24th. Even though she had the television on mute, she could hear the old lady chiding her, “Come on Vanessa, I’m 64 years old and I work out every day.”

The guilt overwhelmed her and she changed into her workout clothes and was looking for her car keys when an idea hit her. Why didn’t she just go for a jog? The developer had the foresight to build running trails in the neighborhood with mile markers and everything. She thought briefly of her embarrassing episode in high school, but then she looked at the clock. It was already 6:30. By the time she she drove out to the city, worked out, came home and showered it would probably already be 9PM. She couldn’t stand the thought of losing any more of her precious free time. She looked at the TV screen again and felt the words coming from the elderly lady, “Twenty minutes.” It was settled, she would see if she could last for twenty minutes and that would be good enough for tonight.

The trail was very nice. It wound along the perimeter of the neighborhood, past the elementary school, through the park that contained the manmade lake and then back around to her house. On the other side of the lake there were some empty lots where some construction was still going on. She figured some commercial properties were being built to support the neighborhood. Hopefully there’d be a gym.

But on this night Vanessa would not see those lots. She was surprised to find that ten minutes in, she had only made it as far as the elementary school and she was completely winded. Even though the developers had done their homework and made the trail out of cinders which were easy on the knees and angles, her shins burned with pain. Her chest heaved as she gasped for air. She was completely distraught to look up and see that a mile marker that read “0.5 miles”. Half a stinking mile is all she had been able to run and she was ready to drop dead. She turned around and began to slow up preparing herself to walk home. But she heard the old woman’s voice again, “If you walk, you may as well have just eaten that pizza.” “Fuck that lady,” Vanessa thought to herself. She sucked in one more giant breath and began jogging home. It took her fifteen minutes to reach her house, but when she got there, she saw that it was only 7:15 and she still had plenty of time to make dinner and watch some television before going to bed. Her shins hurt a little bit and she was out of breath, but after a quick shower, she felt fine.

A month passed before Vanessa would hit the running trail again. It was the same situation: long day at work, fighting traffic to get home, but then still wanting to get a work out in. Since her first pleasant experience, Vanessa had been using the treadmills at the gym more often and was actually eager to see if she could at least get to the school without being completely gassed. She was pleasantly surprised when she reached the school in 9 minutes, and she decided to keep going. She found that she was much more relaxed and the pain in her shins was considerably less than the last time.

She was extremely surprised to see that she had made it to the two mile mark in twenty minutes before being she felt fatigued. She stopped to rest and looked up. She had been so fixated on breathing and running that she didn’t realize that she had made it all the way across the lake to the new development. She looked around hoping to see a gym, but instead she only saw a Starbucks, a gas station, and a Rite Aid. It was then that it hit her that she had two miles to cover before she would get home. Satisfied that she had gotten in a good run, she decided that she would just walk back.

As she approached the part of the path near the lake, she also noticed that a new firehouse had gone up since she last drove by. She walked by and she could see a few fireman washing the fire engine in front of the garage. In another part of the parking lot, there was a pickup basketball game going on between six well built men. “Yummy!” she thought to herself. She did not want to be seen loafing by any possible single firefighters, so she picked up her pace and jogged past the fire house. The men seemed to ignore her and the sweat in her eyes made it hard to make out anyone in particular, so she just kept running. A little disappointed that none of the firemen had noticed her, she took one last look back after she passed the building. She noticed a couple of men who had been playing basketball looking at her as she walked by. She smiled to herself and her vanity provided her with a burst of energy that got her home in 20 minutes.

As she lay in bed that night, her mind went over her day. The drive to work and how she almost got in an accident, her meeting with her supervisor to go over the new account that she would be working on, her long commute home and her nice jog. She mused on the fact that even though her body was tired, she felt different than did when she worked out at the gym. She liked paul t goldman izle that she had overcome her aversion to running and thought that maybe it would be fun to run a 5K even. Hell, she had run about four miles today and she didn’t feel like her legs were going to fall off. Then she thought about the firehouse…all those men.

She remembered the men washing the firetruck in their baggy pants and their tight blue t-shirts. She remembered the athletic bodies on the basketball court and how two of them stopped to check her out. The soreness in her body was now turning into something else as she felt a familiar tingle in her stomach. She let her naughty mind take over and she pictured several men in her house, decked out in full firefighter gear, with the big overcoats, boots, and the helmets. Her hands moved down her body towards her panties. She pictured herself servicing them, one after the other. Pulling open their jackets and pushing down their pants and taking their bulging cocks in her mouth, bringing each of them to orgasm with her lips and her tongue in succession. Her fingers pushed her panties aside and she found that she had moistened considerably. She then pictured them taking turns on her…touching, licking, and penetrating her one after the other. Her fingers slipped inside her hot wet pussy and she began to slide them in and out of herself. The thought of these burly fully uniformed men having their way with her really turned her on and she quickly removed her panties and used both of her hands on herself, one fingering her now dripping wet pussy and the other rubbing her clit, bringing herself to a wonderful orgasm. As she drifted off to sleep, she had a smile on her face, amused at how kinky a fantasy she had let herself have.


Saturday came and the plan had been to drive into town in the early evening and workout and shower at the gym and then join her friends for an evening out. This was her usual routine and the only way she could get that fourth workout in. But when Vanessa woke that morning, she realized that she had done a pretty good job of cleaning the house and that she didn’t have any errands to run that day. She thought about how she could possibly make use of her free time before she left for the gym.

Perhaps she could work on the spreadsheets for work. “Pfft…yeah right,” she thought. Maybe she could lay out and catch some rays to darken her already olive skin. Maybe she could drive over to the rite aid and pick up some new makeup for tonight. The thought of the drug store triggered the memory of the fire station and her jog earlier in the week. Her morning activities planned themselves from there. She’d lace up her sneakers and jog to rite aid and grab what she needed and then jog home. If she was lucky, she’d be able to get another peek at the man candy at the firehouse.

She was disappointed to find that on her way to Rite Aid that the firehouse was quiet. She could see into the garage, where the fire engine was parked, but there was nary a soul to be seen. She shrugged to herself as she jogged past, and hoped that maybe she’d get lucky on her next run. Vanessa wouldn’t have to wait that long as on her way back, just twenty minutes later, the firehouse was abuzz with activity. All of the firefighters were out in the parking lot, lined up in their navy shorts and their blue t shirts emblazoned with a “SDFD” logo on their chest.

They appeared to be running some kind of drill as one of the fireman was yelling instructions at the rest of them. He barked out “break” and the fireman dispersed like ants and began all manner of different activities. A few fireman ran across the parking lot to a small building and began unstacking metal drums and then carrying them over to the main firehouse. Another group of men, ran into the main firehouse. Yet another group of men began doing pushups. The firemen who had been giving orders, watched intently taking notes on a clipboard.

By then a group of kids had gathered to watch the drill. So Vanessa stood close to them as not to appear too creepy. Vanessa was actually more fascinated by the flurry of activity at this point. Each man, moving gracefully yet quickly, doing whatever it is that firemen do during these things. Her eyes darted back and forth across the yard gazing intently at the looks of concentration on each man’s face. Even though this seemed to be a drill everyone seemed to be taking it seriously. Some of the men had reassembled in a line in front of the order giver. Quickly another group of men joined the line, until they were all reassembled. The order giver looked the line up and down for a minute. He then jerked his head around, and screamed, “Nelson! Where the hell are you?” The eyes of the kids moved along with Vanessa to where the order giver was looking. And there he was.

A young man in his early twenties was busy trying to coil a hose around his shoulder. The hose seemed massive, but the man’s arms moved quickly. Vanessa was startled to see that the man was looking directly at her. midnight at the pera palace izle His brown eyes locked on to her gaze and Vanessa felt a chill go up and down her spine. He kept rolling the hose but never gave up his stare. His rugged face had the same look of determination as the other men had but was fixated on her. The other men were generally handsome but varied in age. This one was by far the youngest, and easily the best looking, with a square jaw line and deep set eyes. Vanessa had to look away as she felt a little dizzy. Her momentary disorientation was jolted as the order giver yelled “Nelson, get that hose squared away and get your ass back in line!” Vanessa looked back up to see the man finish rolling up the hose and run in a dead sprint to the other side of the yard, drop the hose into a crate and then run back into line.

“Come on rookie! You’re making us slow!” the order giver barked. Nelson shrugged off the hose and ran as fast as he could back into the lineup. The order giver than walked over in front of him and began unleashing a barrage of obscenities. He was screaming so loud that his neck veins began to bulge and his face turned red. His voice had become so belligerent that his words became unintelligible save for a few choice curse words. All the kids giggled as he dressed down Nelson.

After he was done, Nelson yelled, “Yes Sir!”

The order giver yelled right back at him “Yes Sir What?!?!”

Nelson, a little unnerved by this encounter, looked around to his fellow fireman, only to find stone faces. He looked back straight ahead and meekly said, “Yes sir…Captain Reeves?”

The captain’s face broke and he smiled, and then broke out in laughter, as did the rest of the men. He reached up and rubbed Nelson’s crew cut and said, “Rookie, we’ll make a fireman out of you yet!”

The tension broke and all of the men began mocking Nelson with baby voices…”Yes sir Captain Reeves, can I have a cookie now,” said one man cracking everyone up. Even Vanessa found herself laughing at the rookie hazing.

The laughter was broken the shrill sound of the alarm ringing. The men immediately broke into a sprint towards the firehouse. The alarm had startled Vanessa and it took her a few seconds to realize that it was the fire alarm and that the men were preparing to go out on an emergency call. Within sixty seconds, the fire engine had fired up and began pulling out of the garage. She looked on as the men in full fireman regalia jumped onto the engine. She was mesmerized by the precision and the efficiency with which the men had gone from having a good time with friends to transforming themselves into heroic fire fighters. It was such a rush to see all these men’s bodies moving so quickly, purposely and forcefully, and it filled her with adrenaline. She watched as the remaining fire fighters jumped on board, with Nelson the last to get on. As the engine pulled away, his gaze caught Vanessa once again. The kids scurried out of the way as the engine approached the gate, which Chief Reeves was pulling open. But Vanessa was unable to move. Her body held still by the intense look in Nelson’s eyes.

She was startled once again by the horn of the fire engine. She looked up to see the driver waving her off frantically with a grimaced face. She quickly ran off to the side, and when she got out of the way, she looked back at the fire engine, her eyes immediately locking on to Nelson. His eyes were still fixed on her and they stared at each other with singular intensity. As the fire engine pulled out, his eyes never left hers, turning his head as the engine turned onto the main road. Vanessa could feel her heart pounding as she could feel his eyes undressing her, reading her mind as to what she desired. She kept her eyes fixed on him until the fire engine vanished in the distance. She heard the metal clang of the gate close and she looked up and saw Captain Reeves securing the latch.

Vanessa shook her head. She could feel her whole body become flush with warmth. Her head began to swoon, as she let the mix of endorphins that she had built up from running mix with the adrenaline of watching emergency workers go into action. She turned around and began running. Not a slow jog like she had been doing before, but a quick paced run fueled by her need to get home. As she ran home, she could feel her pussy moisten. She felt no pain in her knees or her shins. Instead, with each stride, she could only feel her running shorts rubbing up against the skin of where her legs met her body and her panties digging into her pussy. Sweat was already flowing from the rest of her body and her pussy was on fire. She ran the rest of the mile and a half in 15 minutes.

As soon as the door clicked shut behind her, Vanessa ripped off her running shorts and her sports bra, not even bothering to take off her running shoes. She did not make it past the foyer of her house and she crumpled onto her hands and knees on the carpet of her living room. Her hands went immediately between her legs and the fingers slid in easily. She rested her weight on her knees and shoulders, her cheek on the carpet as she plunged her fingers furiously in and out of her slick hole. Normally when she masturbated, she was quiet, but something took over her bodily functions. She began moaning and whimpering as she approached her orgasm. Her face contorted as she used her other hand to rub her clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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