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First Orgasm

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I was 19 years old, I had a few boyfriends at this age and I never experienced anything like what I am going to tell you.

One night I was with my cousin’s best friend he was 32 a lot older then me my first older man that I had. Well, he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride in his plane he had. I was so excited and scared at the same time. I hate being so high above ground. Well, anyway I agreed, so we went to the airport and he opened the storage garage and he helped me in the plane, I was so nervous at that moment but I got in.

He started the plane and next thing I know we were moving. He could sense I was nervous cause he put his hand on my leg and told me that everything will be Ok trust me he said and I looked deep in to his eyes and said Ok. As we went into the air he asked me. “Ok where you want to go” I said hmm you decide and he said Ok. We were in the air when I noticed him looking at me. I never thought he would cause we were just friends.

Well, I kept feeling the turbulence as the plane rocked a little and it made me uneasy as he saw this. He placed his hand on my leg and started to caress me. It felt so good my body started to tingle. As he kept doing this, my eyes were shut. I could feel my pussy getting wet from his touch. His hands were so soft and inviting. I kept my eyes closed for a little longer as I could feel him getting higher.

I had on my skirt and thank god I didn’t wear stockings, as his hands went under my skirt I could feel him touching me. “He put the plane on autopilot for this” as I separated my legs open more, I could feel him rubbing me more. My panties are getting so wet. I let out a soft moan as he continues. He slipped my panties to the side and started to caress my pussy. Rubbing my hard erect clit up and down more and more as I got wet. He then stopped and said, “Look at me” as I looked, he put his fingers in his mouth and said “Mmm” baby you taste so good. I was so amazed. He took autopilot off and said we are going back and I am taking you to my place. I want to make love to u like no one ever had.

I was like “Oh my” but then again I was like “hmm” that is what they all said cause I had sex before it was like wham bam thank you kind of thing, so I thought this will be like it too. Well as he turned the plane around we got back to where we first was and he landed as we reached the garage. He pulled the plane in and turned it off.

He looked at me and came closer for he started kissing me separating my lips with his pendik escort tongue he kissed me hard and deep. “I was in heaven” I kissed him back and started to caress him moving my hands up and down his back. I felt his hands reach my breast’s as he gently touched them. I could feel my body quiver from his touch and then he stopped I was like “Oh No” not again. He said, come on baby lets go and he helped me out of the plane and took me to his car. He opened the door and let me climb inside. He then came over to the other side and got in. Again he grabs me and put his hands on my face. He kissed me hard with his tongue probing in and out of my mouth.

I could feel how soaked my pussy is getting and so needing as we kissed. I could feel how excited he was. My hands were place on his hard cock and I started to caress him even though he had jeans on. He was so hard. More and more it was getting interesting for his hands went under my shirt feeling my breast’s as my nipples were getting hard from his touch. I let out a soft moan and then he stopped again.

I was getting kind of frustrated at this point I wanted to fuck him right then and there but he wanted to go to his place. He drove as his hand caressed my leg. To keep me excited. We finally reached his house. Getting out of the car, we walked to his house. Leading me to the door and letting me in.

I looked around his house. He took his coat off and he grabs me and pulled me closer. He looked deep in my eyes and said “Are u ready for me” as I tried to speak he came down and kissed me hard. Ok I was almost on the floor with his kiss. I was feeling all shaky and so weak at his kiss. I could feel him lifting my shirt off my hands reaching up in the air. He slipped it off. I then began to help him out of his shirt. As he undone my bra. My nipples were fully erect. His hand started to caress them as he kissed me. He then picked me up and led me to the bedroom. He put me down and started to take his jeans off. I slipped out of my skirt. He said, “Wait” I want to take your panties off. I looked at him and said; “Ok” I saw his hard cock come out of his jeans. I started getting excited. I started breath heavier.

His hands started moving along side of my thighs. My panties started to fall down. I step out of them. He told me to sit on the edge of the bed as I did he kneeled down and took his hands and separated my legs. My pussy all wet and open I could feel the light air touching me. He began to lower his face pendik escort down.

He started to lick me slowly as his tongue traced the outside of my pussy lips “Mmm” this felt so good, his tongue then began to move on my clit “Mmm” I moaned as he continued. My clit so erect he said, “Baby u are so wet and I can taste your sweet juices,” I didn’t say anything, I wanted him to continue.

I was in heaven for this man knows how to eat pussy very well, as he kept going I could feel his tongue around my love hole for he stuck it in real quick. In and out he moved it, going so slowly. Spreading my legs wider and leaning back with legs up a little he continued. I started moaning louder and saying “yes” baby lick me… “Oh yes”” I started to cum, I moaned louder as I filled his mouth with my pussy juice. He looked up at me with a smile. My legs were all weak and shaky. He then said to me “I am not done yet” I was like “Oh My God”.

He came up to me kissed me and I could taste my juices on his lips and I liked it. I reach down and took his cock. I started stroking it up and down “Mmm” his pre cum was cumin out of his head. I then began to rub it all over his hard shaft. I looked at him he had his eyes closed I went down and took my tongue and traced it around the head of his cock, flickering it with my tongue. I started to suck him “only his head though” Harder and harder I suck him good. Taking my hand, I started to tug at his balls. Then I guided his cock in more. Started to suck him harder and faster. My tongue moving up and down on his shaft. I started to suck him. He started to pull away and said “Ok baby enough” I want to please u more,”.

I look at him amazed. I then said, “Ok” He leaned me over and slid me over to the middle of the bed. I laid on my back as he came over closer. He then started sucking on my nipples. His tongue moving all around my nipples as my body began feeling all hot again.

His hand started to move to my pussy. I was still all wet. He started to rub me again; he then put a finger in me. He started to finger fuck me hard then faster. He moved in and out, his fingers all nice and wet and sticky. It felt so good then another finger went in and another my pussy juice cumin out more and more I could hear it as he finger me. I then let out a loud moan. I began to feel myself started to cum. Now this is twice he made me cum as my body lets go. Cum is all down his fingers. Running down my pussy he continues to please me.

He went pendik escort down and started to lick me taking all my juices with his tongue. He then separated my legs. He opened them as wide as he could get them to go. Holding then there with his hands. He started to eat my pussy again. I could feel his mouth sucking on my clit. I tried to move my legs but couldn’t. He kept going, I could feel his tongue flickering my clit faster and faster. He then started to tongue fuck me in and out. He moved faster and faster I could feel my body start to shake. I felt so different this time. Nothing like before and never experienced this feeling even as he held my legs down harder he said, “Baby don’t fight me”, I started to shake more.

Moaning getting louder. He said, “Oh yes baby! Cum on baby.” Trying to let myself go. He started to lick me faster. Sucking on my clit more and more. Louder I moaned “Oh My God” I was so loud as I started to cum hard. I can hear his tongue lapping my juices up. Louder I screamed and my body started shaking harder and then tears coming down my face. He released my legs with his hands I couldn’t move.

He then came up to me and said, “I have never in my life seen a lady that came so much like u have” He then leaned down toward my lips and kissed me. I looked deep in his eyes. I started to caress him. I got up and laid him down and climbed on top of him guiding his cock in my pussy. I started to ride him slow. My pussy rubbing on his cock slowly cause he was not too hard yet. Moving up and down now. I started to pick up the pace harder his cock grew inside me. His hands caressed my breasts as I started to fuck him harder and faster.

Up and down I move again. He started to sweat as I started to sweat. My wet pussy gliding on his hard cock as my legs moved in closer to his thighs making my pussy tighter for him. Fucking him nice and good. He then pulled me off and said, “Suck me baby” “Make me cum in your mouth” I took his cock in my mouth. I started to suck him hard and fast. Deeper I went in taking his cock “Mmm” he tasted so good and so did my pussy juice on his cock. He started to moan and I can feel him ready to cum. He started to release himself. I could feel his cum going down my throat. Going down nice and smooth. I made sure I got it all. I wanted to make sure I milked him dry. He lifted my face and kissed me hard as his hands went down my breast. He then started again caressing me.

I was so tired and exhausted I didn’t want to go another round but he continued to do so and let’s say. I came again and again and we ended up getting to sleep at 5am and I will never forget. This was the first time I experienced an orgasm and the first time I had a man that pleased me the whole night and not worry about himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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