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Fitting Room Chronicles 01

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The picture was just black and white and there was no sound, but Martin’s pulse quickened as he watched a dark haired woman enter the fitting room. The woman hung four or five garments on the wall rack and started to undress. She quickly undid each button of her coat before taking it off and dropping it on the bench behind her. Beneath her coat she wore a t-shirt with a band logo Martin could not quite make out. As she pulled the shirt up and over her head and dropped it on top of the coat, Martin felt his pants tightening. He twisted a knob on his control board and the image zoomed in on the dark haired woman’s torso. The black and white image made it hard to tell what color her bra was, but it did not matter, since it did not remain on her very long. She reached behind her back and unclasped the bra. She turned around before removing it and dropping it onto the pile of clothes already on the bench.

The woman turned around to grab one of the bras she had hung on the wall. That was when Martin got the full view of her moderately sized breasts. The areoles were perfect and round on the tip of her perky tits. The fitting room must have been a little chili, because, when he zoomed in more, he could see her hardened nipples.

She slipped on a two toned bra and clasped it behind her back. The woman then unbuttoned and unzipped her pants before slipping off her blue jeans and panties. She had Manavgat Escort bent over with her ass to the camera as she shed her clothing. Her round butt fit her curvy body well. When she stood up, she grabbed the matching pair of panties off the hanger. She slipped them on and admired the way they looked on her in the mirror. The woman’s gorgeous figure was perfectly cupped by the bra and panties. The smile on her face set off her beauty even more.

Martin could not stand it any longer. He reached down into his lap and undid his pants. He pulled out his somewhat below average penis and grasped it in his fist. He stroked up and down the shaft as he watched her undress once more. This time she was facing the camera as slipped the panties off. He zoomed in on her crotch as she stood up straight. She was clean shaven and had a pair of symmetrical stars just below her hip bones. The sight of her fully naked form was all he needed to push him over the top. When she unclasped the bra and stood naked before him, he blew his load into his hand and onto his belly.

The dark haired woman grabbed another bra and panty set off the wall and slipped them on. Her smile indicated that she liked that set just as much as the last one. The woman poked her head out of the dressing room for a number of seconds.

Martin cleaned himself up while the woman spoke with whomever was on Escort Manavgat the other side of the door. When she fully came back into view another woman stepped in as well.

The second woman had blonde or light brown hair; she was possibly a red head. They both admired the dark haired girl in the second bra and panties. Then the second woman, standing behind the first, reached around and cupped the dark haired woman’s breasts and kissed her on the neck. She whispered something into the first woman’s ear and kissed her neck again. The first woman closed her eyes and tilted her head back as the second continued to kiss her neck and massage her chest.

Martin could feel his limp shaft begin to stiffen again as he watched the two women. The first turned around and ran her hands through the second woman’s light hair as they passionately kissed. The second woman caressed the first woman’s body as the two continued to kiss one another. Her thumbs caught the elastic band on either side of the dark haired woman’s hips and pulled them down to the floor. While kneeling, she lifted her lover’s foot up to the bench and began sensually toying with the dark haired woman’s pussy. Martin could see the woman’s face as she leaned her head against the wall of the fitting room. Her expression was one of sheer ecstasy as the second woman fingered her little button and massaged the lips I Manavgat Escort bayan her wet hole. Martin took hold of his shaft and stroked softly up and down. He watched as the dark haired woman quivered with pleasure. Then, the light haired woman pushed her face into her partner’s mound. The first woman ran her hands through the light hair on her lovers head until she reached the crown of her head then pulled her hard against her pussy.

The woman looked as though she was moaning rather loudly. Her body was beginning to quake more vigorously as she was about to climax. The light haired woman reached up an grabbed both of her partner’s breasts and fondled them playfully. The first woman collapsed onto the bench as her legs gave out from her orgasm. Martin blew his load again as he watched her cum.

The woman on the floor quickly turned her head toward the door then clamped her hand over her mouth suppressing what looked like laughter. The dark haired woman spoke trying not to laugh herself. An employee must have come to check on her. The light haired woman sat quietly as the other spoke. After a few moments both women let out their laughter as the second woman got off the floor.

She leaned in and kissed her partner softly on the lips before checking to see if the coast was clear. It must have been, because she turned and said something before leaving the dressing room. The dark haired woman got dressed and grabbed all the garments she had brought in with her before stepping out of the fitting room.

Martin was still aroused from the scene he had just watched. He saved the file to his computer. “I’m going to save that one for later,” he thought to himself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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