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Flight of Fancy

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Double Penetration

My RedHeaded Muse asked me for a story, and how could I deny her this… or anything?

Why do hotel suites all look the same? It doesn’t matter whether it’s Marriott’s, Sheraton, or whatever. They all make you forget where you are, which city, which time zone. But I knew exactly which time zone, it was Eastern Standard Time, this wasn’t the Australian version, but the American. The city… let’s say it’s just somewhere on the East Coast… with good points and bad… with some very boring people and some exciting folks. And I? I was spending time with someone very exciting, someone who had grabbed a piece of my heart and held it hostage since we met.. a long time ago. Someone who had, for so long, been a scribble on a page and now I was learning to love in real life.

The day had been like a number before, a discovery of time, of space, and of heart. But even more than others, it had a certain tension, the sort that one feels before dawn breaks, or before a thunderstorm strikes. The kind of tension that presages a release of pent up energies… almost elemental in its nature. We held each other tight as the elevator made its way to our eyrie high above the traffic noise. Your perfume as intoxicating as the first time I felt it. Your curves melting into me like heaven’s own pillow. I didn’t know what the evening might hold but I knew it would be good. Your eyes are shut, and your sensual mouth is smiling as if to itself, the kind of smile of a cat that knows it will eat the canary…

Walking into the suite felt almost domestic. You drop your shoes lying by the front door… make your way to the couch and turn the TV on. I can’t even remember what we talked about. I remember going to the kitchen counter, picking up the bottle of Glenfiddich and pouring out a couple of glasses worth. It was one of my many small and pleasant surprises that you also liked scotch whisky. The TV was blaring out a message of violence and nihilism, Schwartznegger I think. I brought you your glass and then sat on the floor between your legs, relaxing in the embrace of your thighs and calves. Your hands caressed my hair and I pushed back against them, enjoying the feeling. Your fingers felt warm as they traced a path down the back and then sides of my neck. It reminded me that my neck was sore, and I purred with pleasure at your touch. ‘Why don’t you take your shirt off and I’ll massage your shoulders?’ you said innocently.

My response became a muffled noise as I took the hem of my polo shirt and pulled it off over my head. The room felt somewhat chilly as I nestled once again within the embrace of your legs. Your fingers took on renewed strength as they sought to dissolve the knots buried in my muscles. ‘Hmmm… gawd you’re good at this!’ I luxuriated in your effort as your hands worked magic on my shoulders, and neck. The pleasure of your touch was working its magic, and I became increasingly horny. I turned within your legs, kneeled, and reached forward to rest my head on your breast. Your arms reached around me, cradling me and pulling me towards you.

My head rested on the think film of silk of your blouse. For once you were dressed in silk and skirt, rather than tee-shirt and jeans. Your skirt was black and short, but not outrageously so. It suited you so well that I wondered why you didn’t wear it more often. I reached up and kissed you, bringing my soul to touch your lips. It was a wonderful kiss, slow, warm, our tongues teasing each other in nature’s own dance. I said anadolu yakası escort ‘There’s something I want you to do, and I don’t want you to ask questions… but it will be fun’. You looked at me expectantly, not knowing what could be in my mind. ‘I want you to go to the bathroom and take your bra and panties off… that’s all. Take your time and then come back out’.

With a puzzled look, you said ‘OK’ and got up… walking slowly to the bathroom. I watched you go, entranced by your figure…. When you closed the door, I went to the stereo and put on some slow blues music, then reached for the dimmer and turned them down to a slight glow. There was candelabra on the table, and I light the three candles, adding their light to the room, which now appeared to be bathed in a warm half light. The door of the bathroom opened and for a second your figure was outlined in the bathroom’s sharp light, your breasts heavy and now covered only by the sheerest of silk. You turned the light off and walked towards me. Your nipples already hard and pushing little bumps on your blouse.

There is a wonderful cadence to a woman walking with no bra on. It reminds me of an ocean as the breasts move with their own rhythm and bounce. I bring my finger to my lips in the universal sign for quiet. I take your hand and draw you close as we slowly dance to the music that fills the air. ‘I want you to close your eyes” I tell you, ‘and pretend’. I ask you to imagine that we are at a party, just a few friends drinking, laughing and dancing’. As I spoke I traced the fingers of one hand up from your waist, slowly moving towards your breast. Your eyes were still closed, your imagination filling the scene with the suggested reality. With your arms around my neck, my hand cupped your breast, caressing it lovingly. I whispered in your ear ‘they’re watching’.

I reached for the front of your blouse and undid one more button from the top. I heard your breath catch in your throat. My fingers caressed the smooth skin of your cleavage, my fingers looking for and finding your nipple, and finding it hard and erect. I undid another button, and yet another. I felt your breath come faster and shallower. My hand is pushing the material away from your breast and exposing it to the light…. Any observer would see you brazenly displayed. I tell you ‘more of them are watching… and not just the men’.

I turn slightly and bring my arms down your sides, one hand caressing your ass, the other playing with the front of your thigh. My right hand drops slightly and dives under your skirt, placing my hand against the cheek of your buttock. It feels so hot. I am sure you can feel the unseen observer’s eyes on my hand on your ass. The material is riding up and you are almost completely exposed.

My other hand is similarly busy, also diving under your skirt and caressing the hair on your pussy. Emboldened, my middle finger pushes into your folds, seeking your clit. It feels fiery hot, moist and enflamed. I play with it, gentle circles that send flashes of colour through your skin. I whisper in your ear that most people are watching you, their conversations quieted as they see your growing pleasure. Your cunt seems to draw my fingers in , one, then two, glistening in your moisture as they dive for your prize. I tell you softly that I want to taste you, here, whilst the party is going on. I lead you to a couch as the conversation around us resumes. I sit you ataşehir escort down, with your skirt lifted and your bare backside touching the upholstery. I kneel between your legs, and plant a kiss on your inner thigh. How can we do this without being spotted?

I move your skirt aside and place another kiss, higher on your skin, feeling your pussy hair tickling my cheek. Throwing caution to the winds I crouch lower, move your legs further apart and use my tongue in one sweeping motion raking the length of your cunt, feeling the wonderful taste and musky odour of your arousal. I plunge my tongue deep within you using it as a sort of cock for your pleasure, and then rising, aiming for your clit which deserves and gets special attention. I pause for a moment, and your eyes open wondering at the interruption. I move forward and kiss you, sharing your taste with you before once again seeking the pleasures of your cunt. I can feel your clit erect under my fingers as I lave the full length of your labia with my tongue. My fingers keeping your clit enthralled whilst I explore and learn your depths. I have a wicked half-smile on my face as explore even further…

Lower I go, as the very tip of my tongue touches the skin just behind your cunt. Your perineum is so sensitive, I blow gentle wafts of breath upon your skin there and I feel your whole body catch its breath. I hear you moan gently as if lost in a reverie all of your own. Lower still… The dark rosette of your ass waits there as if in expectation. I contemplate this treasure as I kiss the skin around it gently and lovingly. I touch it with the very tip of my tongue, and your body arches as if struck by electricity.

My tongue continues its work, lubricating the flesh, teasing it with feather touches that are magnified by the location of the touch. I lick one of my fingers and place it on your rosebud, caressing and pushing for entrance as my tongue once again seeks your cunt. Your hips rise to meet my lips as they play with your clit, and as they fall they impale you upon my finger, driving deeper within you. My tongue teases you as it dares you to hump higher for a flick on your clit. I tell you ‘Do you want to cum?… then fuck my finger with your ass!’ You moan and push your cunt to my face even more energetically… ‘Are you going to cum?… in front of all these people?’ I ask you in a whisper.

Your reply is a half-moaned ‘yes!’. ‘Well… not yet!’ I respond, giving your belly one last kiss, taking my hands away. I lean over and whisper in your ear ‘you’ve been having fun and now is my turn, I want you to take my cock deep in your mouth and make love to it’ but we need a bit of privacy’ I say continuing the fantasy of making love in the midst of a crowd…. I take you by the hand into the small kitchen area, and make you kneel before me. The kitchen counter hides you from the party at large… but only just. ‘Take my pants off!’ I ask you as you immediately reach for the belt. My trousers fall and crowd around my ankles as you slip my briefs over my engorged cock and down my legs. Your hands caressing the skin of my ass as you do it.

I look down and meet your eyes, as you lean forward and touch my glans with your tongue. You want to tease, but I want to fuck. I thrust my hips forward driving my penis into your mouth, your lips barely managing to keep your teeth from the sensitive skin. I feel your lips closing around me, drawing in me in,… I move back slightly ümraniye escort and you again draw me in, deeper this time, and I feel your tongue playing with me, teasing my skin mercilessly. You take it out of your mouth, slurping, and licking it like an ice cream cone, your hand cradles my balls alternatively caressing and teasing with your fingernails…. That sensation is simply indescribable. You take me in once again, so deep I feel your throat upon my glans…. Your nose just about rubbing my abdomen…. I simply didn’t think it could go in so deep…. My eyeballs are just about rolling back into their orbs with pleasure…. But this is not where I want to go today….

I pull back out, and you look up at me puzzled. I tell you ‘ I want to make love to you, right now! Right here!’ I take you by the hand and help you to your feet, push you against the counter, bending you over it and exposing your beautiful behind. I reach over, pull your skirt down and off. I move behind you, between your legs and touch your cunt. It feels hot and wet, and as I do you move against me, wanting me inside you. I feel aflame as I thrust in slowly delving deeper into you, with my hand reaching around you to play with your clit. You match my thrust and we begin to move int that primordial rhythm of love. I notice a bottle of massage oil, left over from a previous evening’s games.

I reach over and pick it up, stopping for a second, with my prick barely within you. I pour a thin stream of oil over the crack of your ass, and watch it trickle down your skin, and onto your pussy. The feeling of the warm oil is sensual, and as I commence to push into you once again I feel the oil permeate our lovemaking. I reach for the thread of oil on your skin, gathering some on the pad of my thumb, and bringing it then to your rosebud, oiling and caressing the sensitive skin. My thumb seems to have a mind of its own as it starts to probe your nether depths in time with our lovemaking, wantonly lubricating your hole. Without slowing down, I lean over close to your ear and whisper ‘You know what I’m going to do now?… I’m going to fuck your ass!’ Your only response is a louder moan, incoherent but very erotic!

I pull out and move my cock to the entrance of your ass, now gleaming with lubrication. My glans pushes into you, stretching the outer skin and the ring of muscle just inside. I urge you to relax your ass, as I watch my cock start disappearing within you. I reach around once again and recommence my work upon your clit. I whisper to you ‘c’mon! if you want to cum then fuck my cock with your ass!’ You suddenly push hard against me and my penis disappears completely within you, stretching your ass to an obscene size. The feeling and the tightness was hallucinogenic… causing starbursts which clouded my eyes. An agonized moan of pleasure escaped my lips, merging with a keening sound coming deep from your throat. I somehow notice that you still have your blouse on, the front held together by two remaining buttons. I grab hold of each side and tear it open, exposing your breasts to the light.

Your eyes are still clenched shut as you play along with the fantasy… imagining a roomful of people watching you being used in such a way. I tell you ‘Someone is asking. What’s going on there?… I want you to answer him…. Tell him what you’re doing!’. You whisper indistinctly… so I smack the cheek of your ass and tell you ‘louder! So they can hear!’. You just about scream out the words ‘He’s fucking my ass!… and… and I’m loving it!’ With that, the orgasm I felt building within you explodes and as it triggers mine, I drive my cock as deep as humanly possible within you I explode, coating your insides with my cum. Both our breaths come ragged to our throats… as I hold you close to me, luxuriating in the afterglow…

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