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Lana checked to make sure everything was in place before boarding began. This was her last trip of the day, and then she would do an overnight in Memphis before heading back home to Minneapolis. She loved her job as a flight attendant. People always thought her job was glamorous, the traveling all the time, seeing different cities. What they didn’t realize is that it was a hard job. She often didn’t know where she would be for days at a time and was away from home a lot. It wasn’t a job everyone could do but she loved it. She’d only been a flight attendant for three years now and knew that she had found the career she wanted.

As the passengers began coming down the jet way, she pasted her smile on and greeted them all. Helping those that needed it to find their seats, helping them stow their bags. This flight was only three hours and then she could go to her hotel for a swim. She loved getting in a late night swim; it always helped her to sleep better. She was glad that her return trip tomorrow was late in the afternoon so she could spend time just relaxing in the morning.

Lana walked up and down the aisle checking to make sure everyone had their seat belts on, the luggage was stowed and if anyone needed anything. She was working first class this trip and was grateful for that. She liked having a smaller group to deal with, not to mention she was working with Jason. Jason could always make her laugh, she loved flying with him.

She brought out the drinks that her passengers had ordered while the crew went through the pre flight. Lana had noticed the tall dark haired man when he came on board. It was hard to miss him; he was well built and very good looking. She noticed even the female passengers looking at him as they made their way to their seats. He didn’t seem to notice the attention he drew. He simply sat there reading his newspaper, he barely looked up when she handed him his drink. Thinking to herself, too bad, she went back to taking orders and then to getting everything ready for take off.

As she made one final pass down the aisle to pick up drinks before takeoff, Lana stopped at his seat and asked if she could take his glass. This time he looked up fully, Lana’s breath seemed to stop as she looked into those rich chocolate eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes she’d ever seen. Then he smiled at her as he handed over his glass. Her heart stopped at that smile. My God, she thought to herself. He’s amazing, his whole face changed with that smile. It made him even more irresistible, something Lana didn’t think was possible. Lana smiled softly as she took the glass and said thank you to him. Walking slowly back to the galley, she put the glass away, grinned at Jason then took her seat.

During takeoff, she couldn’t get that smile out of her mind. Jason nudged her when it was time to get the cart prepared; he looked at her quizzically sensing that something was off with her. She smiled at him then set to work.

“Lana, what’s up?” Jason asked.

“Oh, nothing, just ready to be in the hotel, it’s been a long day.” she said, sighing.

“That it has.” Jason agreed.

They began pushing the cart down the aisle. Jason took the right while Lana took the left side of the plane. She chose that side so she could avoid that smile. It did funny things to her system and she needed to be levelheaded on the flight.

When they reached the row before his seat, Lana crouched down to get water out of the bottom drawer for her passenger. She felt the breath on her ear just before he spoke.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered seductively.

Lana couldn’t keep the shock off her face. She’d been hit on many times as a flight attendant; it seemed to come with the job. None had had the effort those two words had on her body. She felt her istanbul escort insides melt at the very nature of his tone. She just stared at him, then he smiled again and Lana was sure she’d fall over from weakness. Regaining her composure finally, she simply smiled at him as she grabbed the water and stood up. Her hands trembled as she poured the water, and handed it to her passenger. Lana refused to look at him again.

All through the flight, Lana did everything she could to avoid him without being rude. She did however look up who he was on the manifest, she could resist finding out his name. Dan Williams. That was his name; she thought it sounded like some high power attorney. His name rolled around her head; over and over she could hear herself saying it.

Finally it was time to prepare for landing. Lana did one more check to make sure everyone’s seat up upright, luggage was again stowed and trays were up, then she sat of the landing. Every landing for three years had the same effect on Lana, her heart raced and her whole body vibrated. She felt the tires bump down and breathed deeply. Another flight done, she couldn’t wait to get to the hotel. She was looking forward to a night swim and then a comfortable bed.

Jason prepared to leave the plane first; he had another one to catch so he wouldn’t be staying with her to finish this one. She had known about the tight schedule and was okay with doing the work alone. She stood at the front of the plane and said goodbye to the passengers. When Dan approached, she tensed without meaning too. He smiled at her before leaning over to her ear.

“Perhaps next time we can get to know each other,” he whispered in that rich velvet voice of his.

Lana could only smile, as she felt the blush creep up her neck. Doubtful, she thought, she didn’t normally see passengers more than once. She watched him leave the plane and walk up the jet way until she couldn’t see him anymore. Lana couldn’t help but think of how it would be to hear that voice in bed, whispering to her as his body stretched out over hers, possessing her intimately. Suddenly she was very warm and couldn’t wait for the rest of the passengers to exit the plane.

Finally the plane was empty; Lana grabbed her overnight bag and headed up the jet way with her pilot, co-pilot and the other flight attendants. They were all headed in different directions. As far as she knew, she was the only one out of this group to be doing an overnight layover. The rest were on to other trips.

Lana loved people watching and she did just that as she walked through the airport on her way to the hotel shuttle. It was only nine at night but she was tired and sore from flying all day. Standing at the curb, she watched silently as her shuttle pulled up, she didn’t notice the man behind her who stepped up too. Her mind was only on getting checked in and to the pool for her swim.

She handed her overnight bag to the driver, sat down in the back and closed her eyes as she relaxed for the ride to the hotel. It wasn’t until they stopped there that she opened her eyes again and made contact with rich chocolate eyes. Her heart gave a little jump and her pulse raced as she saw him sitting there staring at her. What is he doing here? she thought.

Lana exited the shuttle without acknowledging Dan, grabbed her bag and headed for the front desk. She didn’t want to think about him, she just wanted to get to her room and then to the pool.

Finally, she had her room key in hand and went to the elevator. Walking into her room, she set her luggage on the rack, and got out her bathing suit. Lana stripped naked then stepped into the shower to rinse off before she dressed in her two piece suit. She grabbed her sarong avcılar escort and headed out the door, making sure to grab her room key. Lana went to the elevator and waited for it to come. When the doors slid open, she came face to face with Dan. He looked her up and down then smiled slowly.

“Going for a swim?” he asked.

“Yes.” Lana said.

She then stepped on the elevator as Dan got off. When the doors closed, she slumped against the wall. Why does he have to be on my floor? She wondered out loud. Sighing at her luck or lack of, she pressed the button for the pool floor and decided not to think about Dan sleeping just a few rooms from where she would be.

When Lana walked into the pool area, she was glad to see no one else was there, she liked swimming alone. She took her sarong off, pulled a towel from the rack and placed them both on a chair near the window. The view here was great, she was so glad the hotel had an indoor pool. She walked to the deep end of the pool and simply dove in. Lana had learned a long time ago to just get the shock factor over with quickly. Breathing deeply as she surfaced, Lana pushed back her long red hair and started to do laps in the pool. This was her favorite exercise. She had always loved the water and now she would swim as often as her schedule let her.

After doing twenty laps, she came up to the side of the pool and simply hung onto the side. Lana caught her breath and turned around in the water wanting to just relax for a bit. When she turned though she noticed the dark figure swimming right for her, she tensed as it got closer and closer. She hadn’t heard anyone else come in the pool but instinctively she knew who it was.

When Dan broke the surface right in front her, she couldn’t stop the gasp from escaping. He was gorgeous dry and even more enticing with water running down his body. He smiled at her, just wading water in front of her. He didn’t say anything as she stared at him.

Finally finding her senses, Lana started to swim away from him. He reached out and grabbed her around the waist. She sucked in air and started to protest when suddenly his lips were on hers. Every coherent thought she had fled in the rush of sensations. His kiss was demanding yet gentle. She knew she could have broken the kiss and gotten away from him since his hands were barely holding onto her at that point. Lana was grateful for those hands at the moment though, because at the first touch of his lips, her whole body had melted. She was sure she would have drowned had he not been holding her. He ran his tongue along her lips, causing her to moan in his mouth. Hearing her moan, his hands tightened on her waist, pulling her closer to him. With their wet suits meshed together, she didn’t have to imagine how he felt naked; she could feel almost every part of him. Dan broke off the kiss, slowly, lingering to tease her lips a little more before looking deep in her eyes.

“I’ve wanted to do that since I first stepped on the plane,” he said.

Lana was lost in the sensuality of her body. Her mind shouted at her to back away and leave. This wasn’t her, she didn’t have flings. Her body however, inched closer, wanting that contact again. She couldn’t speak; she could only cling to him as her body took over.

Sensing her willingness, Dan kissed her again. A soul searing kiss that shattered any resistance left in her mind. She demanded with her mouth things she didn’t even know she wanted. Lana had never felt more alive than she did at that moment in the water, the coolness contrasting deeply with the heat of their bodies entwined in the water.

Dan pushed her up against the side of the pool, breaking the kiss as his mouth traveled down her wet neck to the edge of her bikini top. His şirinevler escort tongue lavished along the line of her breast, slowly working its way under the fabric. She felt his hands reach around her neck to untie it. Her head fell back as she felt the top fall and his mouth continued ever closer to her nipple. Lana wrapped her legs around his waist as he engulfed her nipple in his hot mouth. Sucking gently, he teased her nipple with his tongue. Grasping at his shoulders, Lana held on as his mouth began to move toward her other nipple which was now standing out rock hard begging for attention.

Dan sucked and teased both of her breasts for what seemed to Lana forever. Her body was vibrating with unfulfilled needs. She began to roam over his body with her hands, tweaking his nipples lightly with her fingernails. Dan gasped loudly when she did that and ground his hips into hers. Lana wanted him more than she’d wanted anything in her life. She wanted to feel him inside her; she wanted to taste him all over.

Dan pulled at her bottoms, sliding them down her legs, and then lifted her out of the water to sit on the pool edge. He spread her legs wide, kissing his way along her thighs. Lana leaned back on her hands to keep from falling over. She could feel his hot breath on her most sensitive place, a whisper of feeling. Her breath was ragged and needy as she waited for him to satisfy the craving she had of his mouth on her. Dan licked his way around her wet lips, so close, teasing her without giving her what she so desperately wanted. He licked and teased her until her hips were arching, searching for his tongue to go where she wanted it. Just when Lana thought she couldn’t take it anymore, he licked her along her slit, causing her to moan out loud. It felt amazing to have him in between her legs, licking her. Dan pulled her clit into his mouth and sucked gently as his tongue flicked at it. He released it and continued licking at her, lapping at how wet she was. His tongue delved deep inside her. Lana’s hips wouldn’t stay still; she was grinding against his face as his tongue went in and out of her most sensitive spot. Lana could feel her orgasm nearing, she felt herself riding that wave of sensation, ready to peak. When it came, her whole body tensed, she threw her head back and moaned loudly as her body let loose a torrent of pleasure.

Breathing heavily, Lana could only sit there limply as her body came down from such a high. Dan gave her one last long lick, and then reached into the water to remove his shorts. He pulled Lana down from the edge and swung her around until his back was against the side. He spread her legs wide over his hips and guided himself into her warm wet spot. Moaning as he inched in deeper, Lana clung to his shoulders as she was penetrated. It was the most wonderful feeling, that being taken in the cool water while her body was on fire. Dan braced his feet against the side of the pool, pushing into her until she rested against his hips. The conflicting sensations on her body were almost too much for Lana to bear.

Slowly, she began to move against him. Lana slid up inch by inch until he was almost out of her then she would sink back onto his hard rod. Dan moaned loudly as she began to ride him, slowly, teasingly. Lana could feel her body reaching for that orgasmic peak again, she began to ride faster and faster. Reaching for the top of the pleasure mountain, she dug her nails into his shoulders. Both of them gasping for air as their bodies explored the sensations together. Clinching her thighs tightly against his hips, Lana leaned in to kiss him passionately as her orgasm raced to the edge. She could feel him getting closer and closer. When their orgasm came, she held on tight to him and delved deep in his mouth with her tongue, falling over that edge into bliss. She could feel him coming inside her as her body clinched in its final submission. Lana broke the kiss softly. Dan held her closely as their bodies came down from that high.

Smiling softly, he whispered in her ear “Want to go upstairs to my room?”

Lana didn’t even think, she simply replied, “Yes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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