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For Services Rendered Ch. 03

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(This is the asked for third installment. The original idea came from Vixenmilf and thanks to Magicalhands for reading it for me. If you haven’t read the first two parts yet, it may help to where we are now.)

As Megan was finishing getting ready for school, she saw the black scrapbook on the bed next to her. The scrapbook contained the semen covered breasts of a number of girls from school that Gerald had taken advantage of. Even though it was only one night since Gerald took her picture and took her ass along with it, Megan was still pondering how to get Gerald again. Megan had a hard time sleeping without remembering the way he dominated her into the precarious position in the first place. She also enjoyed the way she surprised him by taking him inside her before her parents arrived home. She started absent-mindedly rubbing her pussy inside her jeans before she heard her mother.

“Megan, you have a visitor,” she yelled up the stairs. Megan started to wonder who was visiting her before school until she reached the bottom of the stairs. There at the door was Gerald standing there. His short cropped black hair looked like there was gel in it to put it spikier. His black framed glasses almost seemed invisible against his face and the brown eyes stared at her almost like he was seeing the things behind her. He wore a blue polo shirt with khaki pants accentuated by a dark brown leather belt. If anything, Megan surmised that he dressed more preppy since he was coming to see her.

“Ready yet?” he asked as Megan took the hint to play along.

“I’m driving, right?” she responded attempting to gain control. Gerald’s expression changed again.

“Sure,” he answered. Megan smiled before running back upstairs. She knew that Gerald’s car was a small compact that was not as nice to look at as her Volkswagen bug. If anything, the sight of Gerald getting out of a pink bug would diminish his dominance a bit which was what Megan was counting on. As she reached her room, she took the scrapbook she left on the bed and slipped it inside her panty drawer just in case. She then grabbed her backpack and ran downstairs.

“Bye, Mom,” she yelled as the door sarıyer escort closed behind her and she saw Gerald leaning against her car. His look was more serious as he spoke.

“Okay, slut, I know you have my book. Where is it?” He attempted to put up an extremely serious look on his face before Megan spoke up.

“Look, Geek boy, your book is safe. No one will see it as long as you help me with my Trig this afternoon. It’s only two days left until the quiz and you’re going to help me pass. Once I pass my quiz, you’ll get back your precious book. Until then as consolation, you can have me whenever and wherever you want. Think of it, Gerald, you get your own personal cheerleader slut for a few days. Think you can handle it?” She accentuated the last line by getting really close and whispering it into his ear while her chest pressed against his.

Gerald could already feel his self control slipping. He intended to drive over and simply grab the book before school so that he could ensure its secrecy. He already discounted the previous night’s activities as a fluke and an empty promise that Megan had no intention of thinking. As he felt her hot breath along his ear, his cock began to swell in response before Megan’s thigh rubbed against it more. Megan picked up on it.

“For instance, your cheerleader slut could suck your cock dry before you go to school with an embarrassing hard-on if you commanded her to. I’d even ride in your car if it makes you happy, Master,” she whispered as her thigh went up and down his. She was starting to get turned on with the thought of driving the geek crazy and she could even remember how his cum tasted when she sucked him the night before.

“You were s-s-serious?” Gerald stuttered.

“Yes-s-s-s,” Megan whispered seductively. Gerald looked at her and tried to control his thoughts before Megan slid to her knees.

“I can even suck you off right here in my own driveway. I just want to please you.” Megan was pouring on the seduction as Gerald began to squirm. Megan started trying to unzip his pants before Gerald stepped back.

“If you’re going esenyurt escort to do something, we need someplace private,” he stammered. Megan was pleased with herself the way she conned him into dropping his dominant façade. As she climbed up from the driveway, Gerald was thinking about how to calm Megan down and where. As he walked to his car, Megan followed until Gerald unlocked the door on her side of his Corolla. As she slid in, her cell phone began to ring. She looked at the display and saw it was Seth. She pushed the button on her Sidekick and began to talk as Gerald turned the car on.

“Hello?” she asked.

“Hiya, sexy,” he flirted. His voice sounded like someone who got some tail the night before although Megan knew it wasn’t from her. She felt her anger rise a bit before she responded.

“You’re in a good mood,” she insinuated.

“Well…”he began to explain. “Last night was a good night because…”

“Did you get laid?” she asked bluntly. Gerald was shocked at her words. He had never imagined Megan to be the jealous type and the though of her angry was a bit scary to say the least. Megan could hear him stuttering at the other end.

“I-I-I-I thought we had an open…” he said before Megan cut him off.

“An open relationship? So you could fuck anyone you want?” she started to yell as the wooded park came within view. “So who was it last night, asshole? Stacey? Pamela?”

“Does it matter to you who I fuck?” he responded a little defensively.

“Yes, it does. Open means you can do stuff as long as I know and approve. It’s not like I fuck around on you. Are we still together or am I just one of your conquests?” There was a silence on the other end of the phone before he spoke again.

“We’ll talk later. I need to sort this out.” The phone went dead as Megan closed hers. As she saw where Gerald drove her to, she saw woods and an empty parking lot. She turned to Gerald and smiled.

“Sorry you had to hear that,” she said timidly although Gerald knew she was trying to calm down.

“Did you want me to just drive to school or maybe even take you back home to get your car?” avrupa yakası escort Gerald asked before Megan put a finger on his lips. She looked down and saw the evidence of precum on his khakis. She leaned down and licked the spot before she looked up at him.

“No, Master, I want to help you before we get to school. I don’t want everyone seeing how excited you are,” she said as she reached for his zipper yet again and was successful. His zipper was down as she reached inside and felt the fabric of his boxers. As she started to reach for his cock, he unbuckled his belt and slowly moved his pants downward before his dick sprang into view. Megan licked her lips and started to kiss the end of his cock as Gerald looked at the ceiling and moaned loudly.

Megan’s hand took his cock by the base and began to lick it up and down the shaft before she opened her mouth and took a portion of it in. As she slid up and down his member, she started sucking hard before she tasted more precum. She was on her hands and knees sucking him as she pulled her shirt up and over her bra. Gerald watched in surprise as she reached behind her and tried to unbuckle her bra straps.

“I’ll do it,” Gerald whispered before he reached over and undid the hooks himself. As he looked down, she began to take his cock and rub it along one of her nipples before she looked over at him.

“Would you like a tit fuck, Master?” she innocently asked before she clasped her breasts around it and slid it up and down a bit before she took him back into her mouth. She then looked up at him while her hand stroked him.

“Master, can you please cum in my mouth? I want to taste you,” she seductively said before she put her mouth back on him and sucked quickly. It was a few moments before his dick was spurting inside her mouth and she began to swallow. It was a few moments more before she licked his cock up and down to clean him off and she sat back in her seat. As Gerald looked over her, she winked at him before she spoke again.

“So do we have a deal, Master?” Gerald nodded his head before he covered himself and drove to school. As he parked in his usual space, he saw Seth waiting near the flagpole. Megan slowly left Gerald’s car and walked over as Gerald watched. He saw Megan walk up to Seth and kiss him on the lips before her tongue slid into his. Gerald laughed a bit at the fact that Megan just finished swallowing his seed and was then kissing her boyfriend. It was then he realized how wonderful the arrangement would be.

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