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Forbidden Fruit

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Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to rozezwild for her editing to make this a better story.


My wife’s family was a rather close-knit one, even if they were large. They got together at the drop of a hat to talk and eat. Every holiday and birthday was a time of celebration. And until we moved a thousand miles away, the whole family lived within a hundred mile radius.

The wife’s brother, the oldest of the clan, had three children himself. The oldest sister had two boys and four girls, the next sister had one boy and three girls, the middle sister had one boy and one girl, and the second youngest sister had two girls who were just older then our own. The brothers three and three of the oldest sister’s group and two of the next one were the same age or older than my wife so it created quite an arrangement at the family gatherings. Those nephews and nieces were almost like brothers and sisters to her.

By that time we’d been married going on 14 years and had a daughter and two sons, the oldest approaching her eleventh birthday and the youngest just 3 months old – can you say “unplanned”? That is not the same as saying unwanted, though.

For the next fifteen years, we spent every vacation making the trek back to the homeland visiting relatives. There really wasn’t much of a vacation to it but it gave us an opportunity to get caught up on doings in the family and let the kids get to know each other.

I had always had a stormy internal relationship with my youngest sister-in-law’s family in particular. Because she – Danni – and my wife were so close in age, they had always been the best of friends as they were growing up. She married one of the nicest, most down-to-earth guys I’d ever met – Hank – and we all got along well. For a while after Dorothy and I (Edgar) got married, we lived in a house next door to Danni and Hank.

The stormy part wasn’t being close to Danni and Hank – I always got along with them and they were the most generous people I knew. The problem was their daughters, Lee and Susan. Although they were as different as night and day, they were two cute – pretty – beautiful young women. Even as teenagers, they were sexy and outgoing and fun. And I had to find creative ways to occupy my mind about something other than them or I would have a constant hard-on in their presence. It any of the four of them had ever indicated that they knew about my inner thoughts, I would have died of mortification.

To say nothing of having lost my wife and all chance of having sex with her ever again! Not that I was getting all that much. Even in the best of times, Dorothy had me on a fairly light schedule, at least to my way of thinking. I talked to her about it frequently and she always agreed with me and promised to try to do better but it never changed … for the better; sometimes it did get longer.

So I tried to talk with the girls about their school work or their ambitions or their sports interests … anything to stay away from thinking about stripping their clothes off and attacking them. Man, it was hard … and so was I! Every year it got harder. Because the family was close, they had this annoying habit of hugging everyone in the family every time the group came together … well, at least all of the females went around hugging everyone; the men just shook hands, thank goodness.

Here the girls were, every year growing up and filling out, and every time we saw them again, they had to hug me and rub their bodies against me. Oh, I don’t think they were trying to do anything sexual; it was just natural for them to hug closely and if that meant that I got a feel of every curve of their body, that’s just the way it was. There was nothing wrong with that! Except I couldn’t keep from thinking of it sexually.

I don’t know when it was that I first noticed that Lee’s hugs seemed to get a little longer and a little longer each time we met. They were both out of high school, Lee had a job and Susan was in college. That year Susan gave me the usual hug and moved on to hug her dad. Lee, on the other hand, gave me a hug – and hung on, telling me that she had missed us and it was good to see us again. She patted my back and kissed my cheek and I felt her nice sized breasts rubbing against my chest. Could I possibly escape before she felt my erection?

Maybe I did that day, but the week’s stay was filled with gatherings and every one was worth a new hug apparently. When Lee walked into her mom and dad’s house, she hugged everybody there as a welcome. Was it purely my imagination that she was spending more time with her arms around me than with others? Maybe that was it – just my imagination working overtime. But even that thought couldn’t keep my cock from growing stiff while she was hugging and rubbing against me.

Lee had filled out so nicely. She was on the short side but she had curves where a sexy woman always had curves. What a beautiful big round bottom! Bycasino And heavy handfuls on her chest. She was still just as cute, just as pretty as she’d always been, even though she was now in her early forties. She had been married for over 20 years and her only child was in college while her husband was a frequently traveller for work.

Although over the years our visits had become fewer than before as our children scattered and we spent some of our vacations following them. Still this particular year, we decided we were going to make it home for the annual family reunion. Danni and Hank opened their home to us for the time we would be in town and all of the other family would meet there whenever possible for visiting.

Most of the local family had come by the day we arrived and spent some time with us before Lee arrived after work. As usual she made the rounds, hugging everyone in the house and came to me last. She hugged and kissed and pressed against me – no way could I repress my reaction. I had an erection in seconds and I knew she felt it. In fact it seemed like her stomach pressed against it. I hugged back and rubbed my hand up and down her back. Seconds ticked into minutes before she finally pulled back a little, keeping on arm around my back. From there we talked and caught up on happenings in our lives.

The group decided to make their annual trek out to a cemetery to visit graves of relatives. Because I was having some residual leg problems from the long drive, my wife suggested I stay in and rest. I didn’t argue. The rest of the group headed out to pile in Hank’s vehicle for the trip together. I really thought it was as much another excuse to visit and gab as anything else but I didn’t mind, since I didn’t have to go.

I was a little surprised when, after the group pulled out, Lee came wandering back into the house. She said that she had decided to stay, just in case her husband, Phil, came home from his current assignment. She was pretty sure he wouldn’t be home until Saturday but he might get home by today, Thursday.

Lee disappeared down the hall and I heard the bathroom door close so I eased back in the recliner and relaxed.

Five minutes later, Lee came sauntering back into the family room, her hips swaying deliciously. It also looked like her shirt was hiked up a little shorter than it had been but maybe I was mistaken. She flopped down on the edge of the sofa directly in front of me, muttering something about being tired. She slumped back against the cushion and I watched as her skirt rode up higher.

Every few minutes, she would ask me a question about the long drive down, then giggle after my answer. But what quickly caught my attention was the gradual spreading of her knees. Five minutes passed, then ten and her legs were spreading more and more and finally I could see that she was wearing no panties – yeah, I had no trouble verifying that she was a true blonde, from the curly golden pubes glistening in the artificial light. With a big sigh, she turned her head toward the fireplace and placed a hand on each thigh, pulled the skirt back against her waist.

Easing the recliner into an upright position, I slithered down to the floor and crawled across the intervening eight feet of carpet. Her eyes watched me, her face writhed in a big smile, as I approached.

Starting at her right knee, I licked up her inner thigh, watching her look of approval as I approached her body. Then I shifted to her left thigh and repeated the process. This time as I neared her center, her hands captured my ears and pulled me to her glistening slit. I turned into a greedy pig at a trough of fresh feed, licking and kissing and slurping everything in reach. My tongue passed over her little clit once on the way to piercing her open slick hole. Her soft little voice because a little girl’s voice of approval, urging me on to tongue faster and harder and deeper.

I was amazed at how fast and how big her clit grew. It changed from a tiny nubbin to the size of the end of a fat Sharpie felt tip marker. She seemed to love having me suck on it and flick it with my tongue, then ignore it while my tongue delved inside her pussy, and back. It only took me maybe three minutes to get her to shaking and crying about cumming and then she flooded my face with tasty sticky liquid.

After licking up her juices, I slipped the palm of a hand under each of her buttocks and pulled her closer to me, then dug my tongue back into the depths of her sweet pussy. This time it took several minutes to get her back to the pinnacle of the mountain and dive off again but it was very rewarding. Again I slurped up her precious juices and licked her clean.

Then pushing behind each of her knees, I lifted her legs until they were pressed up beside her face, lifting her ass to my face. I licked her anal valley and heard her giggle. But when I pulled back, she pulled my head back to her ass. I centered on the little puckered opening and started tapping my tongue – tap, tap, tap. Then with a little push, I was inside Bycasino giriş her – probably not more than half or three-quarters of an inch but enough to tickle all the thousands of nerve endings in the tight ring around her opening. In and out, in and out, I moved my tongue. It took maybe 30 seconds for her to go ballistic.

“Oh, my God, Edgar, oh, Edgar, yes, Edgar,” she called, huffing and puffing with exertion. Lee was the only one in the family that called me Edgar; everyone else just called me Ed.

I kept tongue fucking her ass when she came down and she let me for a few moments, but then she pulled my head away from her legs. I looked up questioningly.

“It’s time to move on. You do want to move on, don’t you?”

“How do you mean?”

“I want to be filled. Will you do that?”

Without a word, I rose onto my knees, unfastened my belt and jeans and pushed then down. My jockeys followed, letting my erection spring clean. I looked in Lee’s eyes and she nodded. I put my cock at her wet entrance, slipped it up and down a couple of time to smear the lubrication and then eased it into her.

I was surprised at how tight she was, although it should have occurred to me that with her husband out of town for the last six weeks, she would be tight from lack of use. It took me several minutes to ease my cock into her wet pussy a little at a time.

When I finally bottomed out, I held our bodies together tightly for a while, letting my cock flex inside her occasionally. I reached for one of her breasts and suddenly she couldn’t get her clothes off fast enough. She ripped the buttons of her dress open, clawed at the clasp of her bra and quickly released her beautiful twins to the open air – and the attention of my hands.

Gently lifting her legs to my shoulders, I began to slowly work my cock out and back into her wonderful love tunnel while my fingers explored and massaged her tits. To my surprise, Lee reached both arms around my hips and turned her hands to hold my buttocks, urging me to go as deeply into her pussy as I could reach. It only took a few minutes to get her to the first orgasm this way and then after ten more minutes she almost flipped her lid when she came again.

I bent over her and sucked her nipples for a few moments while she fought for her breathe. Then she pushed me away and said, “Time to change.” She dropped her knees to the floor, leaned back over the sofa and offered me her pussy from behind. I slipped my cock back inside her and began to pump her pussy, holding her generous hips for leverage. I loved the feeling of driving deeply into her and I pumped her hard and fast. I felt my balls begin to boil and suddenly I was spurting my load into my niece’s hot pussy.

Holding my cock tightly in her pussy, I closed my eyes and savored every last second of my climax. As the fourth spurt shot into her, Lee, shivered and climaxed again, her cunt tightening noticeably around my shaft.

Clumsily flipping over because of the clothes gathered at my knees, I dropped to the carpet in a sitting position, slumping back against the sofa cushion. My eyes closed and I was lost in reverie of the wonder of fucking such a desirable young woman.

Suddenly I felt her leg cross my lap and settle beside my thigh. She sat on me, then leaned forward, resting her body on my chest and her head on my shoulder. I could not believe what had just happened in the last hour or so – I had always wanted it to but never dreamed that it actually would. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close.

Twenty minutes later, Lee was gently rocking her ass on top of my cock, which was beginning to show signs of life again. After a few more minutes, I was hard again and ready to play. She suddenly jumped up and disappeared, probably going to pee. However when she came back, she had a tube of KY Jelly. Vigorously she applied it to my cock and then worked it into her anus before offering me her lubed back door.

Although she was tight, I was amazed at how easily I slipped into her ass hole. When I was too slow, she shoved her bottom back onto my cock, pressing my whole shaft into her bowels. What a magnificent feeling holding my member inside her tight channel!

Looking over her shoulder, she said, “We’d better not take too much more time, Edgar. The group might get home pretty soon. You’d better fuck me now.”

The thought of being caught by the family just made the situation that much hotter. My cock jumped inside her in anticipation and I felt her ring of muscle tighten and relax, tighten and relax. I started to fuck her ass with a steady pumping motion, holding her swaying tits tightly as I crammed my cock back into her bowels with each stroke. Lee began moving backward every time I pushed forward, causing my crotch to slap into her round buns with a smack. As I picked up the pace, so did she, pushing back at me just as hard as I was pushing into her.

She started to gush, “Oh, yes, Edgar, I love it, keep fucking my ass, faster, yeah, that’s it, I love it, I love Bycasino deneme bonusu it, I LOVE IT!”

She climaxed, her ass clamping around my cock with force and holding me inside. When the waves passed after a few seconds, her anus relaxed again while her body sagged noticeably. I resumed my pumping motion and soon she was again thrusting back to meet my inward strokes. In just a few more minutes, my balls contracted and began spitting my seed into her ass. I kept stroking, even after the last trickle had oozed into her, wanting to bring her off one more time. My muscles were screaming from the adrenaline burn and I was just about to give up when a little titillation by two fingers around her clit seemed to do the trick, sending her over the edge once more. We collapsed in a heap on the sofa cushion.

Ten minutes later, Lee stirred enough to lean over to hug and kiss me. She said, “We’d better get cleaned up before the bunch comes home.”

I followed her down the hall to the bathroom and we cleaned up together and then dressed. As we walked back to the den, she said, “I guess we can’t ever do this again, huh?”

“No, I guess not,” I agreed reluctantly.

We were sitting at the kitchen bar sipping iced tea and talking about Lee’s latest hobby when the group came clumping in.

***** The following day, the sisters decided to have a get-together and exclude all husbands. Hank had work to do, while the older guys all had their usual schedules to follow, so my wife suggested I spend the day working on my photography around the city. Late in the morning, I took off, camera in hand, her cell phone in my pocket (in case she needed to check on me or change plans), planning to see how the skyline had changed since we’d been away.

Two blocks away, I passed by Lee and Phil’s house and my plan took a quick detour – Lee’s car was in the driveway. As short distance further, I pulled to the curb and stopped. Pulling out the cell phone, I found Lee’s number coded into memory and pushed Send.

“Hello?” she responded.

“Hi. It’s me. Are you all right?”

“Oh, hi! I’m marvellous. Couldn’t be better. Where are you?”

“Right down the street. I was passing and noticed your car. You’re not working today?”

“No. I have Fridays off. Didn’t you know?”

“No, I didn’t. Have you heard from Phil?”

“Oh … yeah. He’s not going to make it home this weekend. They’ve got several more days work on the line so it will be sometime next week.”

“Oh. Sorry, sweetie.”

“Oh, that’s okay. Happens all the time.”

“So … what are you doing today?”

“Well … I was just … relaxing … goofing off. What are you doing?”

“I was going to make some pictures downtown.”

“Oh, yeah? That sounds like fun. Want some company?”

“I’d love it.”

“Okay. Give me a couple of minutes. I’ll be right out.”


She disconnected so I put my phone away and then backed the short distance to her house. Maybe three minutes later she came dashing out of the house and jumped into her car. The garage door began to open as she started the car and then she pulled inside. The door began to close and she ducked back into the open, heading for my car.

“I’m so glad you called, Edgar,” she said in her unique voice, settling into the seat beside me.

“I didn’t know if you’d want to see me today.” I pulled away from the curb and headed … who knew where?

“Why not?”

“After yesterday?”

“Honey, after yesterday, you are all I can think about.”

“Oh? No regrets?”

“No! Why would I have regrets? Do you?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Well, neither do I. I’ve wanted that for a long, long time. I just wish you hadn’t waited so many years.”

“So do I, but … “

“I know. Family ties. They can be a pain.” She giggled.

“Yeah! I could never be … sure.”

“I know, Edgar. I’m sorry about that. I just couldn’t make up my mind. Now I’m glad we did it. What are we going to do today?”

I glanced at her. “I don’t know. Do you want to try again?”

“Absolutely! We’ll have to get you some pictures but I hope there’s some ‘us’ time too.”

“Sugar, there will be!”

For the next 45 minutes, I concentrated on the drive from the suburbs to the downtown area, a place where I had worked 30 to 40 years before. I couldn’t believe how much the skyline had changed – yeah, I had seen it before but somehow you just don’t see those things. Several times I pulled into a spot where I could snap some shots with my digital camera, then we’d move in closer until we were among the towering skyscrapers. I found that I could easily get a wide variety of pictures right from the driver’s window of my car, just by pulling to the curb for a few seconds out of the rush of traffic. By early afternoon, I had all the pictures I wanted.

Putting my camera away, I turned to Lee and asked, “What would you like to do now?”

“Find a motel and fuck,” was her quick response.

Moving away from downtown and staying on the north side, away from our suburb on the south, I pulled into an inexpensive motel as she directed. After a quick check-in, we went into the room. It wasn’t much but it would be fine for our purposes. Turning up the air conditioner full blast, Lee began stripping off her clothes. I followed suit.

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