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I held my ID out to the bouncer, shifting from foot to foot in a nervous anticipation. After a brief glance and a nod I was sliding my licence into my trenchcoat pocket and walking towards the bar.

The club was sparsely populated, but that would change quickly as the hour grew late. I sat on a bar stool, the motion gently nudging the plug buried in my ass, causing me to choke down a moan.

Ordering a drink I sat there for a few moments, surveying the layout of the club and minding the bathrooms, watching to account for how many people were inside as I slowly sipped my drink.

Once I was confident the coast was clear I set down my empty glass and slipped into the men’s room. It was the standard affair of white walls, a tile floor, a sink, several urinals and two stalls. I quickly made my way to the largest stall nestled against the back wall, the clack of my heels echoing in the small empty space.

Leaving the door slightly ajar I pulled a few items from my coat pocket and slid the jacket off my body to lay it on the floor, leaving me standing there in heels and several feet of rope tied around my waist. First I laid out the items from my pocket; a tube of lube, a box of condoms and a sign that listed out the rules:


Only 3 rules:

1. Use a condom for vaginal and anal penetration.

2. Use lube for anal.

3. Enjoy.

I had considered a fourth rule begging to be covered in cum, but I was optimistic that it would be my fate anyways.

My final point of preparation was to untie the rope around my waist and loop it over the support bar across the middle of the stall. Kneeling on my coat I raised my arms above my head as I gently wrapped the rope around my wrists. I was not restrained so I could make a quick and surprise exit if things went south, but I certainly looked tied up and most importantly I felt like I was being forced there to service anyone who walked in, and I really do love being able to get men off.

Then I simply waited. A few minutes later a man walked in and just did his business at the urinal and left. His lack of hand washing left me a little glad I wouldn’t be experiencing his apparently poor hygiene. Several others followed the same routine, driving me mad with anticipation, my thighs getting wet in my excitement.

Finally a man nudged open my stall and started to walk in, stopping quickly when he saw me there. Looking over my naked body he quickly read the rules before glancing up at my face.

“For real?” He asked, as though he really couldn’t believe his luck. I simply smiled and nodded, my whole body tensing as he slowly walked forward.

I watched hungrily denizli escort as he slowly unzipped his pants, gently pulling out his semi-erect cock and pressing the tip of it against my lips. I opened my mouth, wrapping my lips around his penis and gently applied suction as my tongue ran circles along the underside of his growing shaft. The stranger’s guttural moan of pleasure was pure ecstasy to my ears, and the drip of precum I licked from him had me mirroring his deep moan. As his dick quickly hardened I picked up my pace, bobbing up and down on his cock and flicking my tongue over his sensitive flesh with each stroke. He tangled a hand in my hair to increase the speed and change the angle of his thrusting, his hips jerking as he shoved his pelvis into my jaw over and over.

It was only a few minutes until I heard him utter a guttural cry and felt his warm seed filling my mouth and sliding down my throat. Sliding him slowly free I made sure to clean him off thoroughly before smiling up and thanking him. With a bemused nod he offered up a wave as he exited the stall, adjusting his pants.

A few minutes later I heard the door open again and was greeted by the sound of voices.

“Mick swore that there was a chick in here who just gave him the best blow of his life…” I smiled happily hearing that as the door to the stall was opened again and two men stood there staring in disbelief. Apparently they hadn’t quite believed Mick.

That didn’t slow them down for long, however. They both rushed forward, hurrying to release their penises from their pants and into my holes. I don’t know who got there first, but suddenly I was eagerly sucking a cock as hands explored my body. My tits were being squeezed, jiggled and slapped as I continued to lavish the cock in my mouth with my tongue and throat. But, when the hands moved to pinching my nipples I couldn’t help but moan around the dick I was sucking.

“Dude, she’s as good as Mick said. I’m not gonna last long.” I heard the words but was too distracted by the fingers sliding between my legs to notice if it was the same voice or the other guy commenting.

The hand touching me quickly found my clit and began slowly circling the sensitive flesh. I was focused on the blow job, but I couldn’t quell my body’s reactions. Especially when my nipples were alternatively being pinched while my clit was being flicked. I came just as the man pulled his dick out of my mouth and released his thick cum over my face, the viscous liquid slowly giving in to gravity and sliding down my face to drip from my chin onto my large breasts. I love that feeling, and seeing them glistening with the cum dikimevi escort of a well satisfied man only made me wetter.

The other guy wasted no time in standing up and pushing his friend out of the way as he grabbed my head and pressed his very large member against my already opening lips. I took it without a problem, but it was definitely stretching my jaw a little keeping it open so wide.

This man was clearly ready to go and wasted no time in gripping the sides of my head as he fucked my face mercilessly. There was little for me to do but apply a gentle suction to his massive dick as he moved it in and out of my mouth. It was a little while before he quickly pushed my head away and stroked himself to release his watery cum all over my body. I smiled up at him standing there breathing heavily, his softening cock still in his hand. With a nod of thanks he tucked himself in and the two men departed.

There were several more blow jobs in the next half hour, men eager to use me and leave me covered in their seed, exactly as I had hoped for.

Then two men entered, quickly beelining for my stall as it seems word was getting around about the new bathroom fixture. They gave me a quick once over, reading the rules and offering me a smile, which I returned. These two seemed to work as a team, standing side-by-side in front of me with their cocks in my face. This was a little new, but then I always like trying new things. I opened my mouth and took the head of both dicks into my mouth, running my tongue over both of them, exploring and tasting each one. After a few moments one stepped back and pushed the back of my head to impale my face on the other cock. I took the hint as the other man stood behind me, lifting my hips, pulling them back and shoving them apart so most of my weight was on my hands as I leaned forward, still eagerly sucking dick.

The man behind me pressed a finger against the plug in my ass, gently nudging the metal piece, sending shivers of pleasure up my spine. After a few more taps on the plug he slid a finger or two into my cunt, quickly rubbing over my g-spot and making me moan around the other man’s penis.

I came quickly and both men pulled away to switch positions. Suddenly I had the other cock in my mouth and I heard the sound of a condom being opened to my left. I did my best to focus on licking and sucking the dick of the man who had just made me cum, but the feeling of the other man’s fingers digging into my hips as he slammed his cock into my pussy was driving me wild. I was moaning with each rough stroke, every thrust making my cum-covered tits bounce. After I came again the two dikmen escort switched once more and I could see that a few other men were standing in line at the stall watching the two men using me, some of them already stroking themselves.

Removing the condom from his penis the first man pressed his cock back into my mouth as the other put on a condom and slid right into my eager cunt. I was getting fucked so hard it was difficult to pay attention to the cock in my mouth, but he wrapped his hands in my hair and fucked my face, leaving me to enjoy the sensation of two dicks fucking me, two guys using me for their pleasure. Then both men quickly pulled out and I heard a condom being pulled off as I watched the first man pumping his dick, feeling the warm cum hit my lower back just as my face was ejaculated on. Rubbing my face on my bicep to wipe away the cum I opened my eyes to see the next guy already sliding a condom on beside me.

He was quick to slide into my pussy and take me, though he didn’t last long he was quickly replaced by the next eager guy. Soon my plug was removed and my ass was getting fucked as much as my pussy, over and over with cocks of every size. Most men pulled out to come all over me or down my throat, but several just left their full condoms laying around too and I hadn’t expected to enjoy the sight so much.

An hour or so later there was a break in the action and I closed my eyes, trying to clean my face a little on my arms, my body starting to get a little sore in all the right places. Opening my eyes I realize I have company; one guy is standing in front of me with his dick in his hand and another two are getting condoms on their engorged cocks.

One of the men lays down next to me as another helps me to shift over and straddle the man’s dick. With a smile I lower my hips and slowly take the man into me, leaning forward to suck on the dick in front of me I hear the lube being opened and shiver in anticipation as I feel the head of the third cock slide into my well stretched ass. I take them all eagerly, grinding my hips, swirling my tongue, I put everything into giving these guys a great time. I lost track of how many times I came while being double penetrated. The men switched positions after a few orgasms, giving me the thickest cock in my ass as I moaned around the dick I was doing my best to suck. The man below me was sucking on my nipples and holding my hips as they all thrust forcefully into me.

Then they all quickly pulled out to stand beside me, stroking themselves until I was covered in their warm cum. I took turns cleaning off their dicks before they too left. I was alone once again and I decided I’d gotten all I had hoped for from the experience. I quickly pulled free of the rope, tying it around myself since it wouldn’t fit in the pocket. Then I slid my cum drenched coat on and slipped out of the restroom, heading home to touch myself while replaying the night in my head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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