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Fresh Single Mom

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Asa Akira

I noticed a classic yummy mummy watching her young child play on the equipment at the fast food restaurant, at the same time as I was sitting outside stealing their free internet.

She’d kept her young figure post-birth, with 34DD breasts setting off a thing frame and slender legs with muscular calves. She looked like the joke about single moms being pole dancers; this one could get a job as one anywhere.

She was obviously taken with me, given her body language – pointing her feet at me for example. At the same time she was gently chewing her bottom lip. Eventually she found her opening, pulling a cigarette out of the packet and asking me for a light. I don’t smoke but I keep a box of matches handy in my pocket. I lit her up and she stayed at my table.

We made small talk, she asked what I was doing on my computer so I showed her – looking up financial stuff for my day job.

She turned out to be, other than a world class smoking hot 22 year old blonde with an infant, a typical single mom. Lived with her mother, had no job and no real prospect of getting one, father of the child had long since skipped town.

Her breasts were almost hypnotic, the one thing she did do was exercise and lots of it. Her soft firm breast flesh was constrained inside her top but the rest of her was on show from her relatively form fitting but still comfortable clothes.

After a little more conversation I swapped details with her and asked her out on a date that evening. She said she liked sushi from the fast food dumps in the mall, so I asked her out to a Japanese restaurant. With her wide eyed looks at me and more delicate nibbling of her own bottom lip it was pretty clear I was going to get to fuck her on the first date. Which was always my preference anyway.

That evening at the appointed time I drove my black Saab into their unit development and stopped outside her townhouse. She came to the front door, brat in one hand ready to be handed over to mother. Then I got out, opened the passenger door for her and helped her in. We drove off to the city to my favourite Japanese restaurant for dates.

She was dressed in a sheer green dress and from what little anadolu yakası escort I could see had matching lime green bra and G string on underneath. She wore green fake crocodile skin shoes and had stockings that had me half hard just looking at them. Her full breasts were showed off to advantage without even displaying any cleavage. She was so young and ripe it was crazy. She’d piled her hair on to the top of her head in a kind of retro beehive, no doubt with her mother’s help. She looked amazing, and amazingly happy.

The meal was great, they never let me down. Since I was pretty confident where the night was heading I didn’t linger over dinner, we didn’t rush but I didn’t let it drag either.

Then when she was checking the time and her messages I surprised her by suggesting we take a stroll along the nearby shopping street, where several of the boutiques and a bookshop keep weird late hours. She loved it. I bought her some shoes and a new handbag. Some girls would probably have thought they were being treated like a whore, but I doubt the thought even occurred to her. She was more likely making medium and long term plans already and took it for granted that some presents were all part of the fairy tale package of the evening.

When I suggested that we go to my apartment for drinks she agreed happily, and quickly.

We got to the apartment, went through the courtyard cottage garden and continued upstairs. Inside, we sat on my couch. I made her the Southern Comfort and Lemonade she asked for and sipped a Whisky of my own.

I got up and put on a DVD of a fireplace – as well as turning the heater on full. Then I sat back down next to her.

We turned to each other and she parted her lips.

I took this as a cue and moved in to kiss her gently. She responded ferociously: for a young girl like her it must have been an eternity since her last lovemaking and she was eager. Our kiss turned into passionate frenching, with just the tips of our tongues wriggling electrically together. Her hand slid around my waist at the same time I put both of my hands on her hips, inching her dress upwards.

We kept ataşehir escort kissing as she pulled off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. Then she moved down to kiss and lick my chest, pausing at my nipples. I sat back slightly to take a good look at her, her golden hair gradually becoming dishevelled, her full dark pink lips parted in lust, blue eyes shining with emotion.

Then she stood up.

“I need to take my dress off,” she explained. Slinkily, she moved over to the breakfast bar and slid her dress off, carefully putting it over one of the high backed breakfast chairs with the studiousness of someone too poor to afford another such item of clothing.

Then she slowly walked back to me, heels, stockings, green G string, green bra… She couldn’t have made that short walk unappealing if she’d tried. She was born for sex.

I stood up and intercepted her, then lowered her to the thick grey rug next to the couch. I pulled her G string off to expose her neat blonde bush and coral pink labia. Moving my face towards it I started licking at her clit, but she stopped me and pulled me up her body.

“Fill me,” she moaned. “Just fill me. Fuck me now!”

I pulled down my trousers and underwear and freed my cock. It was hard and twitching, desperate to be inside her, precum already oozing out.

I felt her little hand grab the shaft, and she guided me to her pussy. As soon as my cock head was at her entrance, I slid my member inside her, listening to her moan and grunt as inch after inch went into her womb. I watched her face, her eyes closed and her mouth open, as I continued filling her. Finally, I put my arms under her, holding her shoulders from underneath. Her breasts had started spilling out of her bra.

Bracing her with my hands on her shoulders, and with my thick long cock buried to the balls in her tight little pussy, I pushed in further still, squashing her cunt lips and pressing my flesh against hers. Doing that found me an extra couple of inches of length to force into her.

“Oh! Ah baby where did that come from? Ah, yeah!”

She wriggled her hips to accommodate the full length of cock inside her.

I ümraniye escort still hadn’t started an in-out motion, content for a few seconds to just feel her hot pussy tighten around my girth. Then I pulled out, her legs wrapping around me. I felt her high heels painfully dig into my lower back like a rider spurring a horse. With that as encouragement I started a half-out full-in fucking movement, never bringing the tip of my cock too far towards exiting, and trying my best to plunge deeper into her tight pussy each time. I was rewarded with an almost immediate spurting orgasm from her, and her legs relaxed on my back. Moving my arms from under her, I lifted her legs high and wide, opening her out. Then I started a full fucking in-out ploughing, listening to her juices slop as the big cock she was feeling went deep into her each time.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, come for me, come, come, come,” she crooned, almost to herself. She opened her eyes wide as another smaller orgasm rippled through her. Scrabbling behind her she unhooked her bra, freeing her tits at long last.

Her nipples were huge, no doubt due to suckling the infant. I bent down and licked them, I knew they’d be too sore for anything more. Besides, even the act of licking them as I fucked her hard was enough to set her off into a longer orgasm. This time as she was flowing with juice I felt myself go over the edge.

“Fill me up, oh fill me with your cum baby. Fill me!” She cried out as I came. I braced myself and tried to keep my cock buried in her as each twitching pulse of semen went into her. She was swooning under me, her juice soaking into the rug, as my cock finally stopped erupting. She held me tight and squashed those great tits on to my chest as we lay together.

“Baby,” I asked her, “will you clean my cock now?”

In answer she kneeled at my groin as I rolled on to my back. Then she bent her head down over my cum-slimed cock and took into that beautiful mouth of her. I felt her tongue lap at my cock head like a cat drinking milk before she started a powerful suction. Soon she was swirling saliva around my penis, carwashing it until it was clean. Then she moved up to lie next to me, the incongruous DVD loop of a roaring fire casting orange-red light over us.

I moved a hand down to stroke and rub her ass, in itself a work of art due to the amount of exercise she did.

After an hour of small talk I moved her under me again, my stiffening cock gently grazing her pussy lips…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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