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Freshman Year Ch. 02

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“Shower. Two minutes. Don’t clean it off.”

My college roommate Tim had left me alone in the room with those words, my ass still up in the air and my face coated with a thick, sticky layer of his cum. I collapsed on the bed, panting. Had this really happened? I couldn’t be dreaming – it all had to be true.

I had been lusting after my roommate for virtually the entire year, along with every other gay guy on campus. 6’6″, 18 years old, lean, muscular and powerfully built, he was the very textbook definition of a young male stallion – and his 10-inch cock had done things to me, awakened sensations inside my body, that I hadn’t dreamt possible.

I managed to pull myself off the bed, gravity doing its best to pull me right back down. I lazily, almost in a trance, pulled on my bathrobe and did what Tim had ordered me to do. I headed for the shower.

There were a couple of giggling girls in the hallway, and as they caught a glimpse of me, one of them brought her hand to her mouth, her eyes bugging out of her head. “Ohmigod…”

Their eyes followed me as I headed towards the bathroom, my face still plastered with Tim’s load. At this point, I didn’t care – the only thing on my mind was getting to that shower and seeing what else he had in store for me.

I opened the door and heard the water running in one of the stalls. I walked towards it, almost as though some other power was controlling my motions. It was, in a way – after my initial encounter with Tim’s massive cock, I was hooked. I needed more.

I reached the shower stall, and felt my heart pounding as my hand inched closer to the curtain, trembling. God forbid this was someone other than Tim…

The curtain was Bomonti Escort flung open, and there he stood – it was Tim alright, and my jaw dropped. I’d seen him naked plenty of times since he’d started showing off in front of me with his girlfriend, but never like this. I have to admit that I have a little bit of a shower fetish, and seeing that hot water glide down his perfect body, glistening in the light, was almost too much to behold.

“Good, your mouth is already open. You learn fast.”

I untied the bathrobe and let it drop off my shoulders. The moment it hit the floor, Tim grabbed me and roughly pulled me into the shower with him, closing the curtain behind him.

The showers on our campus were most certainly designed for one, meaning whoever had built them was either hopelessly naive or just appreciated the intimacy that a confined space could provide. I felt the water wash away the residue left on my face, as Tim agressively manhandled my ass with both hands.

I felt my cock twitch as Tim’s growling baritone whispered in my ear. “You know this ass belongs to me now, Shawn.”

Panting, feeling every beat of my heart in my throat and in the throbbing of my dick, I nodded. “I know.”

He pushed me roughly against the shower wall, and our lips met. This kiss had a more dangerous edge to it than the one we had shared in our room…it, like everything else, was an act of Tim asserting his dominance over me. His hands held mine pinned to the wall, and as desperately as I wanted to reach down and grab his dick, I couldn’t. I was turned on more than I had ever been in my life, but part of me was also a little frightened of this new side of my gentle, polite Bomonti Escort Bayan teddy bear of a roommate.

He broke the kiss, and pulled slightly back, his beautiful ice blue eyes staring into mine. Our bodies were still pressed together, and the water cascading between us made it so that any time either of us moved slightly, our skin would slide in a way that sent shivers up my spine.

Tim let my hands go, and I rubbed my wrists gingerly – my fingers had started to fall asleep. He placed his hands on my shoulders and spun me quickly around so that I was facing the wall. I was just able to throw up my arms in time to catch myself, and found myself with my hands pressed up against the blue ceramic tile, and my ass unmistakably pressing backward into that beautiful, meaty cock.

Tim began ever so slightly thrusting his hips, his cock moving up and down the crack of my ass, the water lubricating everything. Tim’s lips found their way right next to my ear, and he whispered, “From now on, your sole purpose is providing me pleasure. You will suck my cock. You will worship it. If you are lucky enough, I’ll fuck you with it.”

I felt him pressing at my asshole, and closed my eyes again, my breath coming in ragged, shallow gasps. With one fluid motion, Tim slammed his hips forward and buried himself inside me. I let out a long, deep moan, grinding my ass back onto Tim’s hips. I could feel him twitching inside me, throbbing…I had always loved the feeling of having a man inside of me, but with Tim it was more. Tim was the first one who had made me truly feel filled.

“You’d better hold onto something.”

I silently grabbed hold of the little cut-out Escort Bomonti in the wall provided so we had a place to put our soap and shampoo, and Tim immediately began to fuck me like a man possessed. His swinging, heavy balls slapped against my ass over and over again as he breeded me like an animal in heat.


He gripped my hips with both hands tightly as he pistoned in and out of me. “God damn, I’ve never heard anyone moan like that…you love this cock, don’t you…”


“Good.” SLAP. “Because…” SLAP. “you…” SLAP. “are gonna get…” SLAP. “a LOT of it.”

Tim was done playing now, and he picked up an intense, fast pace. I’d never been fucked this hard, and I was loving every second of it.

“Beg for my cum, slut.”

By some divine miracle I summoned the power to speak. “Fuck yes…breed my ass, Tim…shoot your fuckin cum inside my little slut boy hole…”

He growled and slammed all the way into me, crushing me against the wall, my body completely impaled on his manhood. He let out an animalistic cry as I felt his warm seed spilling deep into me.

We both stood there for a moment panting, frozen in place. The sound of the water running came back and startled me – I had been oblivious to it. He slowly, gently, withdrew himself from me until, with a final pop, the head of his dick came out of my ass.

I turned around to face him, and the expression on his face made my heart soar. He was content, happy…and so was I. I opened my arms and we embraced wordlessly, my head resting on his muscled shoulders. Somehow I felt completely safe in his arms.

“You know, Tim…there is another side to all of this.”

He looked down and winked at me. “I was wondering when we’d get to that part…”

He reached back and shut the water off, grabbing his towel off the rack. “Let’s go back to the room…I have the feeling there’s a lot you can teach me.”

As if this day couldn’t get any better…

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