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Friends to Lovers

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Big Dick

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story was inspired by an email I received from a new dear friend, Beverly. Beverly asked that I write about her experience. What is written here is what Beverly conveyed to me via email and I can only hope that I did her experience justice in my own storytelling way. Enjoy!

~ ~ ~

It has been a while since I have had any type of ongoing sexual relationship. I divorced my husband a few years ago. In order to make ends meet, work takes up a big part of my life now, that and concentrating on my son. He is about to start college, so I think I am getting that empty nest syndrome. The one you hear so much about and say, “No, not me. A quiet house will be wonderful.” Well, take it from me, I’d prefer horns honking, phone calls at all hours of the night and loud music to an empty home any day.

But there is one thing that makes my life “empty”and being a very sexual person, it’s a “big” thing. It’s been years since I have actually been fucked by a man. The worst part is, I’m only 39 years old.

Each night, I lay in my bed and pretend that someone, anyone is here fucking me, licking me, touching me. All the sex toys in the world can’t curb my need or suppress my appetite. I need sex. I crave it, long for it. I need something real to touch, to taste. That latex, rubberized item is great for orgasms, but I need to be held and kissed, too. Oh, I had opportunities for a man, but had really not wanted to get into one night stands. And the complications for a long term relationship were beyond my needs at the time. I was not the bar hopping type, nor was I interested in seducing someone at work.

As I look back at my words, it sounds as if I am apologizing for how I long to be fucked, but I’m not. I guess it just amazes me at how everything came together. I realize that when you read my story, you’ll think that I made it up, that it’s just a tale. But as I sit here with a big grin on my face and explain to you in complete details what recently took place in my life, you’ll realize that anything is possible.

You see. I have this friend, Opal. Opal is a wonderful woman, her attitude on life is one which everyone should live by ~ “Live for today and fuck everyone else!” Opal would say, winking as she added, “Literally for that matter!” She would laugh and her eyes would sparkle with a hint of mischievousness. I know Opal and I knew that she did mean it literally. Oh, she isn’t the type to sleep around, but she has an “open” marriage and does not hide the fact that she is bisexual.

I have known Opal for years, being my neighbor for ten years gave us the opportunity to become friends. She is quite the opposite of me. She is very outgoing, confident and friendly to everyone. Which is why I was drawn to her immediately. I never needed to be the center of attraction and Opal fit that part perfectly. I would fade into the background as Opal took a center stage at any function her and I attended. But, ultimately, Opal would put her arm around me, draw me close to her and make sure that I was right there by her side. I think she also enjoyed the fact the people would look at us and wonder if something sexual was going on. She’d blow me kisses, wink at me and at any given moment, touch some part of my body.

At first I was taken back by that. I wasn’t much of a “touchy-feely” person and coming from a large, wealthy family we rarely hugged or showed much affection toward each other growing up. But at some point, I began to enjoy Opal’s touch, the way she would let her eyes wander over my body and then lick her lips as our eyes met. I used to get embarrassed and my cheeks would turn red and Opal would revel in my reaction. I would always glance away, shaking my head as Opal would laugh. But one day my body betrayed me and Opal didn’t laugh.

It had been at a party during the Summer at Opal’s house. I had a bit too much to drink and one of my favorite songs came on the radio, so I began dancing on the patio, my head back, eyes closed letting the music fill my body. I remember running my hands through my hair, slowly swaying my hips to beat, losing myself totally in the melody. When I opened my eyes, Opal was staring at me, her mouth slightly opened, she had a different look in her eyes, not her playful looks, but her eyes filled what I could only describe as lust.

I watched as if in slow motion, as she brought her tongue out to lick her lips as her eyes traveled my body resting on my breasts. I felt tingling there and looked down and saw that my nipples were standing erect, protruding through my thin, cotton T-shirt and could feel a heaviness in my pussy, a heaviness I hadn’t felt there in a long time. My body betrayed me. I wanted Opal from that moment on and I knew she wanted me. If it wasn’t for the fact that tons of people, including my son, were at her party, we would have been in each other arms, moving against each other to the music, touching each other, loving each other. From that moment, I knew something would happen, it was just when and who would initiate it.

Yes, Ankara bayan escort I am sure you are thinking, “So, this story is about you and Opal getting it on!” And yeah, it is. But, you see, it was my first time having a sexual relationship with a woman or even wanting a woman in a sexual manner. I never thought that I would be eating pussy, nor did I think that I would enjoy it as much as I did, and do, with Opal.

But, then again, Opal makes it easy. She’s beautiful and that’s an understatement. Her description is quite like mine. Both of us are of average height, dark hair and light eyes. Even our body measurements’ match: 36C-25-37. Sounds nice, right? Oh . . . you have no idea just how nice and tasty she is, we are together. I can actually feel myself getting wet as I think back to that day when friends became lovers . . .

~ ~ ~

It had been about a week since Opal’s party and I had been avoiding her ever since. I felt silly and embarrassed at my raw sexual reaction when I caught her watching me as I danced and wasn’t sure how to approach it. My kitchen window faces the side of Opal’s house making it easy for me to see if she’s home or not and in order to get out of my house this morning without running into her, I had forgotten my lunch. Since work had been slow lately, my boss didn’t mind my taking a few extra minutes so I decided to run home and eat there. As I drove past Opal’s house, I noticed her car was gone and took a deep breath.

I made myself a small salad, sat down on my couch and was just beginning to read a magazine when my phone rang. I was extremely surprised that it was Opal. My heart was pounding in my chest and I could barely breathe. I took a quick glance out the window but didn’t see her car in the driveway.

“I . . didn’t realize you were home.” I said hoping not to sound too surprised. Opal laughed and said that her car was having some mechanical problems so her husband took it to the shop for her. We made idle chit chat, her asking why I was home so early and my explaining I had forgotten my lunch. Then Opal told me something I had been wanting to hear, that she wasn’t able to get me off her mind since her party. She laughed in a low, seductive way and said that she thought of making love to me every night before she sleeps.

“Bev,” Opal said in low, sensual voice, “have you thought of me as well? Have you pictured us together? Our bodies pressed against each other? Did you imagine my hand caressing your cheek?”

I did imagine that, each night in my bed I would lay there, my eyes closed, tracing a hand over my skin where I would picture Opal’s mouth, her tongue would touch me.

Opal’s seductive voice cut through my thoughts, “Can you imagine my hand traveling down your body, over your collar bone, my finger tips tracing the raised, soft skin over this slightly protruding bone? Can you feel my fingers lightly rake over your breast? Can you feel the nipple rise to meet my fingertips?”

“Yes . . . ” I whispered into the phone.

“Do you enjoy soft, light kisses? Close your eyes. Do you feel my tongue caressing your lips, feel the moistness of my mouth? The way our tongues play together?”

I could hardly believe my ears, my heart was pounding so hard, that I thought it might jump out of my chest. But there was more to it . . . I wanted that. I did close my eyes and I did picture it, just like I have ever since that party.

“I want to draw a line of wet kisses from your neck, Bev, to your breasts so I can take your nipple in my mouth, circle the nub with my tongue, lick it, suck it. Do you feel your nipples getting hard, Bev? Touch them for me. Pinch them . . . do you feel that sensation in your pussy when you do that? Do you feel it twinge?”

Opal paused for just a moment and then continued.

“Mmm . . . Do you want me to cup those beautiful breasts of yours, Bev? Lick those nipples, suck on them, slowly blow on them and watch them rise to my lips. Do you want that, Bev? Will you let me play with your breasts and suck your nipples?”

Swallowing hard, I told her in a very hoarse voice, “Yes.” And I was picturing it and I could feel my body responding to the thoughts of soft, wet sensations of her tongue as it traced a path from my lips, down my neck, finding its way to my breasts and then to my nipple.

“Picture it trailing a long, wet path down your stomach, Bev, to that dark patch waiting for me to lick it. Can your body feel a desire for me between your legs? Are you getting wet for me?”

“Yes . . . “

“Can you imagine my soft lips sucking your clit into my mouth, your fingers buried in my hair, pulling my face deeper between your wet lips? I want you to spread those legs for me, show me your pink, engorged clit, I want to touch it with my tongue. Are you going to let me stick my tongue in it? Will you let me suck your clit, taste you?”

I exhaled an “oh.” And heard Opals laugh, but she continued in a whisper, “Are you going to give me your sweet pussy, Bev?”

My intake of breath had her giggling. Escort bayan Ankara I almost screamed into the phone that she could. She whispered again, “Oh, yes, Bev. You’re going to let me stick my tongue in it, let me suck your clit, taste you. Can you see yourself bent over allowing me to worship your beautiful ass? I want to run my hands over those cheeks, spreading them so I can slowly lick you. Would you like that, too, Bev? Would you like me to spread your beautiful cheeks and lick your gorgeous ass?”

I said, “Yes, yes, YES! No one has ever . . .”

Opal didn’t miss a beat, she continued her teasing, “And fuck it with my tongue while my fingers spread your lips and tease your clit? Touch yourself for me, Bev. Bring your fingers down and into your panties. Slide them over those wet lips for me, Bev. Mmm . . . let me hear the sound your pussy is making for me, Bev.”

I moaned screamed, “Opal, I promise you can do anything to me you want. Anything at all, listen Opal . . .”

I moved the phone down, sliding my panties to the side, wondering if she would be able to hear anything. My pussy lips were wet and I tried to flick my fingers back and forth quickly, making juice noises. I had an incredible urge to rub the receiver up against my clit and have an orgasm right there and then, but I quickly pulled the receiver back and asked Opal, “Can you tell how wet I am?”

I heard Opal’s slight intake of breath, and wasn’t sure if what I did was part of Opal’s plan. I think she intended to make me excited, anticipating what was going to happen, keep me on the edge for all she said before she hung up was, “Well, then I will see you tomorrow.” I was numb when I hung up the phone, thinking whether or not I should go into the bedroom and relieve myself, but taking a quick look at the clock I realized I had no time and headed back to work, horny and unfulfilled.

The remainder of my afternoon was a fog. Several times, I would sit, close my eyes, hear Opal asking each question again. My boss approached me during one of those mental breaks and asked if I had a “liquid lunch?” Laughing, I told him that I had so many things on my mind and just couldn’t wait for the day to be over. Little did he know that I had to squeeze my legs together to absorb the feeling deep in my crotch. I squirmed in my seat several times that day. You know you can pleasure yourself quite innocently and discretely when you have a desk to slide your chair under.

I buried myself into work after that, peeking at the clock every five minutes waiting for those hands to say “five o’clock.” When they did, I sprang out of my chair, said a quick goodbye to everyone. I needed to get home, I needed to get out my trusty dildo, to which I donned the name, “Jack” and fantasize about my earlier phone call. He was in for a busy evening! I was insatiable. And he better be ready to perform!

When I reached home, there was a note taped to the refrigerator from my son telling me that he was going out with his girlfriend and not to wait up. I was relieved. I looked out my kitchen window and saw that Opal’s car was in the driveway. I smiled to myself, my mind jumping quickly to our earlier conversation. My crotch ached. I had to delay such thoughts. I started to go through the mail and listen to the messages on my answering machine. I would take time to get all the small things out of the way so I could take an uninterrupted bubble bath and satisfy my growing needs!

I hit the button on the answering machine as I headed toward my bedroom and stopped in my tracks when I heard Opal’s voice telling me that she was all alone for a while and wanted to invite me over. She said she had been wet since we spoke and couldn’t get me out of her mind. I knew we would have only a couple of hours but wanted to go anyway, so I called Opal.

It had been so very long since I had been fucked by anyone! Other than my own fingers, or “Jack” and although it can be a Godsend, it just isn’t the same. I had showered and prettied up. I had just bought a new pale blue bra and new panties, very brief and sheer, put on some clean jeans, a top and a pair of low heels. I was terribly excited, so turned on that my pussy that my panties were beginning to dampen before I got out the door.

When I arrived, Opal opened the door with a huge grin on her face. She was dressed the same as me and I felt myself begin to calm down. She hugged and kissed me on the cheek and ended with a pat on my butt. I blushed but a thrill coursed throughout my body at her touch. She must have felt my nervousness and she kissed me lightly on my lips and said, “We are going to have so very much fun. You will feel more wonderful than you ever have. You’ll see!”

She took my hand and led me into the living room. Opal’s house was set up much like mine, although where my interior was more light and airy, Opal’s choices were dark, warm hues. Her sofa and chairs were made of dark brown leather and had more of a metropolitan look. There was soft music playing in the background and candles Bayan escort Ankara were lit in various places around the room, giving it a very romantic mood. She asked me if I would like a glass of wine, which I of course accepted. We made a silent toast, clinking our glasses together and watched each other as we took a sip.

“So, Bev,” Opal asked as we sat on the couch, twirling my hair in her fingers, “did you think of me today?” Before I could answer, Opal continued her questioning, moving closer to me until our thighs were almost melting into each other. I swallowed hard as I felt her lips just barely touch my ear. I could smell her perfume and the smell of wine on her breath as she spoke and began to feel slightly lightheaded.

“Did you feel your body aching to be touched by me? Did your pussy get wet with anticipation of how I would lick it?”

Licking my lips to moisten them, I noticed my breathing began to quicken. I could feel my pussy begin to throb and gently squeezed them together. I felt tingling in my nipples and saw them poking out of the silky material of my top. Opal noticed as well, as she entangled her fingers in my hair and pulled my face closer to hers. I could feel her breath on my cheek, her fingers gently caressing my chin, titling it upwards giving her access to my neck. I closed my eyes waiting to feel her lips against it, but Opal just kissed my cheek and stood up.

I opened my eyes surprised, disappointment written all over my face, which Opal noticed immediately. She just smiled, eyes sparkling, biting her lip. She was a lovely vision, as she tilted her head to one side, her silky dark hair cascading over one shoulder. Handing me her wine, she bent forward, her face close to mine.

“So,” she said, tipping my nose with her finger, “Let’s get rid of some of these clothes. What do you say we just wear our bras and panties for a while, ok?”

At first I was shy about doing it, but as I sat there watching her undress and sipping my wine, I began to warm to the idea of us both being “almost” naked. She was proud of her body and had ever right to be. She slowly unbuttoned her sweater, watching me as she undid each button, slowly rubbing the material before undoing the next one. I had envisioned her breasts were gorgeous and glancing at her lacy bra, I could see I was correct. I sat forward a little, watching her, entranced by her slow, sensual movements, my eyes traveling over her body. Could I see her nipples making dark circles through the material? Were her nipples hard?

She let her sweater slid down her arms and to the floor, where it fell into a soft pile. Her hands slowly caressed the sides of her thighs as she turned her back to me. Even in jeans she had a beautiful ass! I watched, mesmerized as she slowly undid her pants and slid them down over her hips, wiggling just a little bit so they could drop to the floor revealing a tiny thong nestled between the luscious cheeks of her ass. She turned slowly to me and I let my eyes wander over her body, following her hands as she moved them from her legs, gently up between her thighs. As I followed her movements, I could easily see the dark, small triangle of her pussy hair through the mesh cloth of her thong.

She motioned for me to stand up and then pulled me up to her, close, but not touching, just enough to feel the heat of her body near mine. She whispered, “dance for me,” as she made her way to the CD player prior to sitting back down on the sofa. Legs crossed, sipping her wine, she watched me. At first I felt paralyzed, not sure what to do and felt a bit foolish, then I heard her music choice. It was the song that was playing that night and a warm feeling began to generate throughout my body. I swayed my body slowly to the music, deciding to tease her, to play with her. I removed my clothing very slowly, holding my shirt close to my body, pulling the material away from my breasts. I felt the coolness of the air. I ran my fingers through my hair, tousling it, letting it fall in my face before brushing it away from my eyes, sliding my hand down my neck and lightly across my breasts. Rolling my hips, I half turned away from her to pull my pants down and off my legs. I am proud of my ass and legs and I wanted her to see my best features. I bent at the waist, increasing the length of my legs, firming my calves, pulling my cheeks taunt. I ran my hands from my calves, along my thighs, watching her reaction. I felt goose bumps form as her gaze was intense on my skin, her pink tongue licked at her lips before she told me how lovely I was and patted the seat next to her.

“Very nice, Bev. You are lovely.” Opal whispered into my ear, letting her tongue graze my earlobe, before settling back onto the couch.

Sipping our wine, we sat side by side on the sofa. Her hands were on me constantly, sliding over my thighs, lightly scratching the skin of my arms, running a finger along the elastic of my panties then up the center of my tummy, teasing her fingers around over my breasts. I was getting incredibly turned on and she told me I could touch her if I wanted. I certainly didn’t hesitate. I mean, this is what I came here for, wasn’t it? Soon, our fingers were sliding over the silky cloth of our lingerie, a finger slipping in and out, teasing the skin underneath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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