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From My Sex Memoir

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I came of age during a special period in American history, the era of abandoned sex engendered by the collusion of the philosophy of free love and the easy access to contraception and abortion. The advent of AIDS would bring this period to an abrupt end in the early ’80s, but like many of my generation, I got a lifetime’s worth of sexual adventures into this segment of my life.


When I was twenty-one. I had been living away from home for three years already. I had decided that I needed to experience the real world rather than go to college. It is a decision that I have infrequently regretted.

Honestly what I wanted most from life at this point was to have fun and chase women. I was twenty-one in 1976, a fertile year for such pursuits. At that point in my life I was reasonably good looking and quite charming and could converse on many subjects. Working against me was the fact I was living hand to mouth and effectively owned nothing. Again, in the 1970s being broke was not a deal breaker with a fairly wide spectrum of women and the hippie girls that I was most interested in particular.

In those days my multitude of friends and acquaintances would throw parties for no occasion in particular. They existed to get together, talk, listen and dance to music, drink, smoke weed and pick one another up. The year I was twenty one I did have a girlfriend, but she didn’t live in town. I saw her maybe five times in the previous twelve months. She was a sweet girl, bright and I daresay beautiful, and in my own primitive way I loved her, but a healthy young man of twenty-one would not be satisfied to enjoy the embrace of a woman only five times in a year.

Thus it was that I was on the prowl to spend myself where I could. I lived in the neighborhood of Central Square in Cambridge where many MIT and Harvard students made their homes as well as many rootless vagabonds such as myself.

I was occasionally seeing a young woman with a pretty face and a healthy figure who had an apartment with two other women as roommates. For convenience I will call her Katey. She was lovely, but a bit unusual looking. She had dark hair worn slightly longer than shoulder length, very straight without a hint of wave and very dark brown eyes, but her skin was an almost transparent white. If I looked carefully I could see blue veins beneath her skin almost everywhere although this feature a was most noticeable on her breasts and upper chest. Her lips did not differ in color from the rest of her face and her areolae were unpigmented as well. Were it not for her dark hair and eyes, I might have thought her to be albino. As I said, she had a wonderful figure with broad hips and a prominent round bottom. Her stomach was flat, but not highly muscled. Her breasts were large, more than a handful, firm and perfectly proportioned with her nipples pointing ever so slightly upward. It was these nipples that first got my attention poking against the fabric of a Grateful Dead T-shirt. Her face was unconventional with somewhat larger than average eyes, a somewhat Roman nose and rather full lips. As I said, her lips were not colored at all and like most hippie women of the time, she wore no makeup. Truth be told, I have never really liked makeup much on women, but those lips had she worn very red lipstick would have gotten her a lot of attention. As it was, kissing her kadıköy escort was quite wonderful. A lot of guys I knew thought her face was funny looking and her nose on the beaky side. I found her uniquely beautiful if not exactly “pretty”. We had known one another for several months before we ever got together sexually. I knew that she didn’t have or apparently want a boyfriend and she was well aware of my wandering ways. I think my reputation made me seem safe in a way. At one party we shared a joint and a few shots of bourbon and arrived at an agreement for a ” just for laughs” relationship.

We made out a bit at the party, but didn’t waste too much time there. Back at her place we had a bit more bourbon and I quickly got her naked. I was unprepared for the sight of her skin! She was truly the fairest of them all. Her dark triangle of pubic hair was striking against the whiteness and a clear bulls eye! I made the mistake of saying out loud, “You’re so white!” It turned out that she was a bit self conscious about her lack of coloration and she started to dress. “No!” I exclaimed. “Don’t. I want to see you! You are so beautiful!”

She blushed, he cheeks, forehead, chest and breasts glowed warmly. “My mom is a very pale…Irish, but not quite like me. She has freckles and dark lips. Some of the kids called me ‘ghost’ when I was in school. I didn’t attract many boys until I was nineteen or so, mostly because…” She palmed and lifted her tits.

I smiled and said, “I have to admit they got my attention as well, but you have more going on!” She blushed again, but didn’t release her breasts. She massaged her nipples with her fingers bringing them to springy tautness. It wasn’t that she had no areolae. I could clearly see that there were slightly raised circles around her nipples, it was just that they were the exact same shade of the surrounding skin. I came to her and placed my lips on one of her nipples while caressing the other breast. I had such a hard erection that I could feel my pulse pounding in my cock.

She saw the bulge in my jeans. “Hey senior, why don’t you let him out to play?” she asked with a sexy smirk. She pulled off my boots and undid my belt with a practiced efficiency and he fingers were tightly wrapped around my stiff dick in seconds. There was not a lot of foreplay. That was kind of a disappointment for me. Eating pussy was my best game for paving the way for what was to come. She, as I would learn, had little taste for oral sex, either giving or receiving. She preferred my hands and fingers and was very skilled with hers. On this occasion she was already quite ready and we were soon fucking hard and fast. She did everything to get me to cum fast and I also learned that she never had orgasms during intercourse, to hear her tell it, not with me or anybody. After I had cum, she masturbated until she climaxed. It was a little unsatisfying for me. A lot of my self-image of manhood was that I could make a woman cum. She didn’t like having her pussy eaten and couldn’t cum from fucking. It was a bit frustrating. It wasn’t a deal breaker though.

I saw Katey frequently over the next few months and got to know her roommates Sarah and Kim as well. Kim was a Harvard girl and had a Harvard boyfriend. They were both studying political science and were üsküdar escort boring as hell. Sarah was tall for a girl, almost my same height. She wore her black hair as a mop of short curls. She had piercing blue eyes and finely molded features, a much more conventional beauty than Katey. She was thin, but not boney, with narrow hips and tiny breasts. Her habit was wearing the thinnest of tank tops that clearly showed her dark nipples. She was very intense. She watched people like a bird of prey. She was not really like other people, she had a whole other quality of focus. In the twenty-first century we would have guessed that she fell somewhere on the autism spectrum, but in the nineteen seventies, she was just a weird chick.

I was to learn that she and Katey had a somewhat unusual relationship. Sarah didn’t have a boyfriend that I knew about. She seemed to be someone like me who had avoided college in favor of worldly experience, but she really didn’t talk a whole lot, she just looked at people. She wasn’t off putting exactly, but she was difficult in odd ways. She tended to answer questions with another question.

“Isn’t it a lovely day, Sarah?”

“What makes a day ‘lovely’?”

It could be infuriating, but she was so pretty that I barely noticed how strange she was until the third or fourth time I visited Katey for a sex date. We were making out in her bedroom when there was a soft knock on the door. Katey got up to answer and just opened the door a crack. There was some whispering and Katey finally said “Wait a moment” and closed the door.

“What was that?” I asked.

“It was Sarah. She kind of has a thing she likes to do. You don’t have to say yes if you don’t want to.”

“Say yes to what?”

“She really likes to watch people fuck. She wants to watch us fuck.”

“Does she want to, you know, get in on it?”

“No. She just wants to watch. I let her sometimes because it seems to make her very happy. You can’t touch her though and she is not a participant. Do you want to let her?”

Honestly the novelty of it appealed to me and I also found Sarah attractive. The idea of her wanting to watch me fuck was a turn on. “Ok, why not? Let’s let her in.”

Katey smiled. It obviously pleased her that I said yes. She got fully nude and had me do so too and then let Sarah in. Sarah looked at both of us intently with that falcon stare of hers. She came and sat on the edge of the bed.

Soon Katey and I were kissing and caressing. I only noticed Sarah when I caught her intense eye. She never looked away for a second. On that first occasion, Katey chose to give me a spectacular hand job, slowly working my cock with her fingers for twenty minutes until I exploded with a gusher of jism. Some of it actually landed on Sarah who smiled like the Mona Lisa as I came. By the time my head cleared. Sarah had left the room and Katey was masturbating toward a pretty intense orgasm. Having Sarah watch did seem to make it good for her.

Sarah started joining us fairly regularly, whenever she was home when Katey and I got together which was about two thirds of the time. Things took on a different flavor when I went to visit unannounced simply because I was in the neighborhood and horny. That sort of thing was pretty strictly against the ground rules that Katey had made about me, tuzla escort but I chose to risk it. It turned out that she wasn’t home, but Sarah was. I was ready to just turn around and go home, but Sarah offered me a beer. I wasn’t sure that I was up for awkward conversation with Sarah, but I said yes anyway and came in.

“So you came to see Katey?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry I missed her.”

“You wanted sex?” The hawk eyes pierced me.

“Well, sure. That’s what me and Katey do.”

She came around the table and Kissed me on the lips. ” We can do that.” She said.

As I have said, I did find her attractive. “What if she comes home?”

“Katey isn’t your girlfriend. You just fuck. It’s not breaking any rule. I have seen your cock. Your cock is nice.”

Just hearing her say that made me start to get a hard on. “Well, that’s nice to hear but…”

“I want to suck your cock.” I now had a full erection. “I want to swallow your semen.” The overly clinical language was peculiar, but it didn’t get in the way of my full and enthusiastic agreement.

We went into the living room and kissed for a bit and I pulled off her top so I could play a bit with her cute little tits, but she only allowed that for a short time. She soon had my pants around my ankles and her lips on my dick. I hadn’t had my cock sucked in a while as it wasn’t Katey’s thing at all, and Sarah was clearly well practiced in the art of fellatio. She swallowed my full length without a hint of a gag. My cock isn’t any larger than average, but that still is a notable feat. She also applied her tongue to the tip of my dick and licked all around the edge of the corona. She also took each of my balls gently into her mouth and lightly rimmed me. She wetted her middle finger in her mouth and pushed it slowly into my anus as she took my cock deep massaging my prostate and making me ejaculate what felt like a torrent of jizz! She held my cock in her mouth and swallowed every drop in several loud gulps and then continued sucking more gently. Finally she released me.

I was dazed. I felt like I had been turned inside-out. “My God!” I breathed. “My God, that was amazing!”

“I like sucking your penis.” She said. She smiled up at me. “I like it very much! I want to do it again. Come see me again.”

I did. I did several times. I never fucked Sarah. I never even saw her fully naked. All she wanted from me was to watch me fuck Katey and to suck my cock. She claimed that she had orgasms from blowing me and she always seemed utterly satisfied from it.

I learned years later after Katey had been married to a guy in California for years and Sarah had vanished from both of our lives, that she had known all about Sarah and my cock sucking sessions. “It was all part of her approach to sex. Ya’know it was weird, but I got used to it, how she used to love to watch me have sex with guys and how she loved giving oral. Did you know that she also liked to play with my tits? She would often come and hug me from behind and hold my breasts. Reach under my shirt. Sometimes I would let her suck on my nipples and I think that made her cum. It was strange, kind of on the lesbian side, but I didn’t hate it. It made me feel powerful and sexy. I always knew that she was sucking your cock whenever she had a chance and the fact is, it made me feel good to know. It wasn’t just you. There must have been fifty guys over the two years we were roommates. I didn’t sleep with fifty guys, maybe ten at most, but she somehow found fifty to suck off!”

I said, “It really isn’t hard to find a guy who wants his dick sucked. She was also quite good looking. She could have found fifty guys in a weekend, let alone two years.”

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