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Futa MILFs and Their Hot Daughters Chapter 5: Latina MILF’s Futa Delight

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Futa MILFs and Their Hot Daughters

Chapter Five: Latina MILF’s Futa Delight

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

At the same time, Kayleen Harland was finishing up with the next batch of her miracle substance, her daughter, Jolene, was hurriedly dressing in Mrs. Morales’s living room. Jolene pulled her baggy skirt over her big futa-dick, still wet with MILF juices. She left Mrs. Morales swimming in jizz. As she rushed to the front door, she pulled on her top.

Kayleen hummed away as she watched the solution fade from a blue to a hot pink. It was ready. She thrust one of the syringes, purchased from a medical supply store for diabetes injections, and pulled out 25cc of her creation. She capped the syringe and set it to the side, thinking, Anabella will love her girl-cock.

Then she filled the next one.

Jolene ran down the street. She was practically skipping for joy. She loved her new clit-dick. She couldn’t wait to let her mother know all about it. If she was home, of course. Jolene had no idea where her sexy mother went.

Having fun with her futa-dick over at the Holts.

Jolene just hoped there was another vial of the solution to inject into Mrs. Morales’s pussy. Luckily for her, there would be.


Ingrid Morales

Music thudded from upstairs. A clash of gangster rap from my eldest sister Rafaela’s room and narcocorrido music from my other sister Angélica’s room. They were both stewing up there missing out on all the futa fun.

I wasn’t. Nor was our mother.

She rolled onto her back, her pussy swimming with Jolene’s cum. I grinned and bounded to my feet. “Mom, I couldn’t help but noticing that I have jizz in my twat, and you have jizz in yours.”

“What exactly are you thinking about, little puta?” Mom asked in a playful manner. She lay on her back on the living room floor, her big tits rising up and down. “Huh?”

“Well, we could sixty-nine. Won’t that be fun.”

My mother grinned. “Yes, it does. Plant that yummy concha right on my mouth. I’ll lick it clean.”

“Gonna eat me some fish tacos seasoned with delicious cream,” I purred. “You make the best fish tacos, Mom.”

She laughed. “I’m eager to try yours.”

I grinned. Had Mom even eaten pussy before? She was so Catholic that I sometimes thought nuns were afraid of her. But now she had learned the joy of lesbianism and futas and incest thanks to Jolene and her amazing clit-dick. I was so glad the futa had come over.

And it would be so hot when Mom had a big futa-dick.

I sank down on her face, pressing my pussy right on my mom’s hungry mouth. I shuddered as she licked at me. Her tongue flicked through my folds. She lapped at me with hunger. I groaned as she gathered the cum in me. A lot had leaked out, but there was still jizz in me for her to enjoy.

Now she had a fresh load. I leaned over her, my stomach pressing into her big boobs. My pigtails dangled down before me. A shiver ran through my eighteen-year-old flesh. I stared at my mother’s thick bush matted with pearly spunk.

I buried my face into her hairy muff. Silky curls, sticky with cum, rubbed on my face. My lips kissed at her pussy again. Last time, she didn’t have any futa-spunk in her. That salty treat added such an improvement to an already amazing twat.

I groaned and licked at her. My tongue fluttered up and down. I lapped at her. I caressed her with such hunger. I darted my tongue all over her pussy. It was such a yummy treat to lick and lap up. I devoured her with such hunger. I groaned, savoring every moment of it. I licked. Lapped. Devoured.

“Oh, yes, yes,” my mom moaned. Her tongue lapped through my folds. “Oh, my little kitten is such a hungry thing.”

“When I have cum and pussy to lick, you bet, Mom!” I fluttered my tongue up and down her slit. “So yummy!”

Mom’s fingers dug into my rump. She gripped me as I licked and lapped through her folds. My tongue scooped out the jizz from her depths. I savored the flavor of her spunk. Her cream melted across my taste buds. I shuddered, grinding my twat against her mouth.

She groaned, her tongue diving into my folds. She scooped out that wonderful cum. She gathered it with hunger. I groaned, my body trembling. Such delight surged through me. We feasted on each other. Licking, lapping.


“Mommy!” I moaned into her cunt.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, that’s so good!” Mom groaned back. “My little kitten has such a yummy pussy. I had no idea cunt was so delicious.”

“Right?” I thrust my tongue into her depths and scooped out Jolene’s jizz mixed with her sweet cream.

Mom shuddered beneath me. She humped her furry muff into my face, her boobs rubbing against my belly. Her nipples rubbed hard against my body. I loved every moment of it. This wonderful heat swelled in my cunt. A fire that would burn through me.

Mom thrust her tongue deep into my cunt. She swirled it around in me. She fed and fed my impending fires. I would have an inferno when I came. I moaned into her pussy, sealing my lips around her cunt and sucking out the cum.

The jizz flowed into my mouth. The wonderful, salty delight melted across my tongue. I drank it all down. I loved the taste. I reveled in it. This amazing treat melted across my tongue. I groaned, licking, lapping, feasting on her.

The salty flavor of Jolene’s cum dwindled while the taste of Mom’s sweet cream swelled. I lapped it up as she fluttered her tongue up and down my cunt. She lapped at me, teasing me. I groaned, enjoying every minute of our passion.

Then she plunged her tongue into my cunt. she danced it around in me. It felt incredible. I groaned, my pussy clenching down around her probing tongue. I shuddered on her. I was so close. I couldn’t take much more.

So I latched onto her clit and squealed.

Fires blazed out of my pussy.

My cunt convulsed, gushing juices into Mom’s mouth. She moaned into my cunt as she licked up my cream. I squirmed on her, the flames burning through my body and reaching my mind. Ecstasy burned across my thoughts. I groaned around her nub.

“Ingrid!” Mom gasped.

Her sweet cream gushed out of her pussy. She joined me in cumming. It was such a wonderful thing to feel. To experience. I groaned, trembling with her. My nipples rubbed into her. I groaned, squirming atop her.

She drank my juices as I drank hers. I hit that wonderful peak, so glad to have that delight. The fires died down. She panted under me. We both shuddered, reaching the pinnacle of our pleasure and dying down into smoldering bliss.

“That was so amazing!” Mom groaned. “I want to be a futa so badly!”



Anabella Holt

I squealed at the sound of the doorbell ringing. I darted out of my mother’s bedroom, running naked, my pigtails flying behind me.

“Wait!” Mom called. “You’re not clothed!”

“It’s Ms. Harland!” I squealed, taking the steps two at time.

“It might not be!”

I hit the bottom of the stairs and rushed to the door. I ripped it open, not caring about anything with that lavender scent in my nose. To my utter delight, it was Ms. Harland. She smiled at me, this smoldering look in her eyes. She held out her hand.

She had a syringe with a hot-pink solution in it.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped, taking it from her. “You’re so amazing, Ms. Harland. I’m going to fuck you first for being so awesome.”

Her smile grew.

“Oh, my god, is that her?” Christine called. My older sister sounded like she was at the top of the stairs.

“Uh-huh,” I called before I pulled off the plastic cap with my teeth and spat it out onto the floor. “Where do I inject it.”

“The thigh is a good place,” she said. “Or the butt. But it’s easier to inject your thigh.”

“Right,” I said. A moment of trepidation washed through me. My hand shook. I was about to stab myself with a needle, but…

I had to do it.

I buried it into my thigh and depressed the plunger. I gasped as this cool liquid swelled through me. It diffused through my muscles. Then my heart beat faster and faster. I pulled it out and Ms. Harland took it from me.

“Is it supposed to…” I blinked as this heat swelled in my clit. I stared down at my sparse, black bush. “Oh, my.”

“Is it working?” Christine asked, racing down the stairs.

“I think so.” I glanced down as my clit started sprouting from my pussy lips. “Yes, yes, it’s working! I’m becoming a futa!”

I bounced up and down as my clit swelled and swelled. It burned, like a store muscle, but I was just so excited that I didn’t care. I was getting a big, throbbing futa-dick. I would have so much fun with it. I would fuck Mom and Christine and Ms. Harland. The shaft grew thicker. Longer. It was so huge.

Then the burning stopped.

Christine stopped before me. She stared down at my cock in awe. My sister grabbed it. “For once, pipsqueak, you have something bigger than I do.”

“Yep!” I said. “Ooh, ooh, Ms. Harland, you deserve to be my first fuck.”

Christine stroked my girl-cock, sending all these amazing and awesome and wonderful feelings racing down my cock. I shuddered at how amazing it felt. It was awesome. I trembled as I savored the feeling. I wanted to ram into her cunt, but…

I spun around, yanking my cock out of her grasp, to find Ms. Harland stripping naked. The sexy MILF already had her blouse off, her tits bouncing before her. Then her bulky skirt fell off. There was her girl-cock thrusting out of the waistband of her panties. She looked so sexy in those. I groaned, loving the sight.

I wanted to fuck her hard.

“Pull those panties down!” I gasped, bouncing up and down. “I want to be in MILF-pussy!”

“You are such a brat,” my sister said as she knelt down on her hands and knees. “So, Mom, want to fuck me in the ass. I love anal.”

“So do I,” Mom purred, coming down the stairs. “I would love to, Christine.”

“And I get to fuck you in the pussy!” I squealed as Ms. Harland pushed down her panties.

Her girl-cock flopped out and then bobbed before her. I loved how it swayed back and forth. It was so wonderful to witness. I licked my lips at the big, throbbing MILF-cock thrusting from Ms. Harland’s brown bush. Her large breasts swayed, fat nipples throbbing.

“Lie down on the floor,” I said. “I’m going to fuck you so hard and stroke your girl-dick and make you feel so amazing!”

She şişli bayan escort laughed and sank down to the floor. She stretched out on her back beside Christine. Mom had reached my sister, whose cunt bubbled with that yummy cum. Mom would give her such delight by fucking into that naughty asshole.

I couldn’t wait to fuck my sister. Ooh, I would have so much fun with this girl-dick. It would be fantastic. My clit-dick throbbed and ached. I groaned, the delight surging through me. I would have such huge orgasms with my dick.

I would fuck women and have amazing explosions of delight. I would burst for joy over and over again. I couldn’t wait to fuck every MILF I could. It would be incredible. Outstanding. Amazing. I was so eager for it. So ready to cum hard and fast and often with all the sexy older women I could.

“MILF-pussy!” I squealed as I fell to my knees between Ms. Harland’s legs. I grabbed her cock and stroked her shaft.

She shuddered as I did. I smiled at her, my hand pumping fast and hard up and down her girl-dick. She shuddered, her face scrunching up with delight. God, she was just so sexy. My cock throbbing, I aimed it between her thighs. I pressed it through her silky bush and rubbed it right against her cunt.

“Yes!” Christine moaned. “Oh, god, Mom, that huge futa-dick! It’s amazing!”

“I know!” Mom moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, I know!”

I grinned in delight while I slid my futa-dick up and down Ms. Harland’s silky pussy lips. Her hair caressed my tip. I reveled in the heat of her hot flesh. Her juices covered me. I was so ready to ram into her. To fuck her hard.

I pressed into her cunt. I groaned as I slid into her snatch. That wonderful heat engulfed my cock. I gasped as I worked deeper and deeper into her twat. Her hot folds engulfed me. I shuddered and buried into MILF-pussy.

“Oh, god, yes!” I groaned. “Oh, that’s good. That’s amazing. Mmm, it’s like the hottest, softest, silkiest, juiciest delight in the world. And it’s around me. Ooh, it’s like being fucked in reverse.”

“Pipsqueak,” my sister groaned, “it is being fucked in reverse. You are doing the fucking.”

I grinned as that realization sank in. “I am doing the fucking.”

“Yes, you are,” Ms. Harland moaned, her big boobs jiggling as she lay on her back. She stared up at me, her cunt squeezing around my dick. “Mmm, and you got such a big dick to fuck me with. That huge clit-dick that’s going to pound me hard. Oh, yes, yes, you’re going to ream out my cunt and make me explode, aren’t you?”

“Yeppers!” I squealed and drew back my hips.

Her hot flesh squeezed around my cock. I gasped. My right hand grabbed her futa-dick. I held her tight, feeling her throb, as her pussy gave me such delight. My cunt clenched. I felt the heat flowing down my cock to my snatch.

Then I slammed back into her. She gasped, her big boobs jiggling. I held her cock as her pussy gripped my futa-dick. The tip was so sensitive. It drank in the silky friction of pumping away at her. I felt the pleasure building and building in me.

There was this pressure that had to escape.

“Ooh, ooh, I think I can feel the cum building in me,” I moaned, pumping my hand up and down Ms. Harland’s girl-cock.

“Yes, yes, in your ovaries,” the MILF said, her pussy squeezing about my dick. “That’s what it feels like to me.”

“Yes,” Mom groaned, her big boobs heaving as she plowed her cock into Christine’s asshole.

I grinned at Mom, matching her thrusts. I pumped away, loving that I had a futa-cock. It was so amazing to be a futa. This wonderful heat swelled through me. It was amazing. I groaned, my cunt clenching from the heat building and building in me.

I buried hard. Fast. I thrust into her cunt with all my might. Her cunt squeezed around me. That built the delight at the tip of my cock. I groaned, savoring this amazing passion. It was incredible. A heady rush that would make me explode.

“Ms. Harland!” I groaned.

“Yes, yes, Anabella!” she moaned. “Ooh, your cock feels amazing in me. I love being fucked by your young cock.”

“Mmm, eighteen-year-old girl-dick!” I moaned and pumped away faster.

I thrust to the hilt in her cunt over and over again. Christine moaned beside us, Mom gasping as she fucked that tight ass. My twat clenched. The heat grew and grew and grew in my snatch. In my ovaries. That pressure that had to erupt from my girl-dick. I would spurt so much cum. Just shower everyone in my cream.

My cunt clenched as I buried to the hilt in hot cunt. I fucked harder. Faster. I couldn’t take much more of this. I pumped my hand up and down the MILF’s big dick. She groaned, her face twisting with delight. Her boobs bounced.

“Anabella!” she gasped. “Yes!”

Her pussy went wild around my girl-dick. I gasped and buried deep into her writhing cunt. Her futa-cock erupted. I felt the jets of cum pulsing up her shaft before they burst from her tip. They splattered her big boobs in ropy lines.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned as I thrust into her writhing cunt. “That’s amazing!”

I drew back. Her pussy sucked at me. I couldn’t take it. I groaned and rammed back into her. Every inch of my futa-dick vanished into her spasming cunt. Her flesh massaged my cock, coaxing out my first load of girl-cum.

I climaxed.

“Ms. Harland!” I screeched as the pleasure burst through me.

Intense jolts of ecstasy slammed into my mind. They burst across my thoughts. I gasped, my futa-cock spurting load after load of cum into her pussy. I basted her twat. I pumped all that spunk into her snatch. It was incredible to experience.

At the same time, my pussy writhed. The familiar delight of my feminine orgasm mixed with the jolts of my futa-climax. I gasped, loving them both swirling through my mind. I bucked and moaned, stroking her erupting cock.

“You’re flooding me with all your cum!” groaned the MILF.

“I am!” I gasped. “Oh, Ms. Harland, yes!”

“Mom!” squealed my sister. “Oh, fuck, that dick!”

“Ooh, Christine! Your spasming bowels are going to make Mommy cum!”

“Cum!” I squealed as I kept pumping my jizz into Ms. Harland.

Mom thrust forward, her tits heaving. She groaned, and I knew she was experiencing the same bliss I was. That wonderful, mind-melting delight. Ms. Harland’s cunt worked at my cock, milking out all my cum.

I ran dry. I panted, a big smile on my face. It was the best thing in the world. I was so glad that I was a futa. I would have so much fun with my girl-cock. I would fuck all the MILFs I could with my clit-dick.

They all deserved to cum on my cock.


Laurita Morales

The doorbell echoed through the house.

Ingrid, my youngest daughter, squirmed atop me, rubbing her silky bush into my face. The sweet taste of her pussy lingered on my lips. She rolled off of me and rushed to the door. I sat up, hoping it was Jolene back with the treatment that would let me become a futa-MILF.

Ingrid ripped open the door. “Well, hello again, cutie!”

“Mmm, you have pussy cream on your lips,” Jolene said and leaned in, kissing my daughter on the mouth.

I stood up as they kissed, unconcerned that the door was open. Jolene’s lavender perfume lingered in the air. Such a welcoming and relaxing scent. I could just inhale it all day long. I breathed it in and shuddered.

Jolene broke the kiss and held a syringe with a hot-pink solution in it. She bit the plastic cap covering the needle and pulled it off. Then she sauntered to me. I shuddered as she motioned for me to turn around.

I did, bending over. I bet she wanted to inject me in the butt. I had a few vaccines put into there before. She rubbed my rump and then thrust the needle in. My toes curled as the cool solution was injected into my flesh.

My daughter fell to her knees before me as I shivered. The naughty girl just latched her mouth onto my clit and started sucking. My clit pulsed and throbbed. It flared with this excited heat from her sucking. I groaned, feeling the pressure on my bud.

“How long does it take?” I asked, trembling. My cunt clenched from my daughter’s nursing.

“Not long,” Jolene said. “At least not for me. My mom just whipped this batch up. Maybe the concentration’s a bit off. I hope it’ll work.”

“I don’t feel anything,” I said, my daughter’s tongue sweeping around my clit. She caressed the entire thing, sending pleasure shooting down into me. Her lips sealed about the sides of it and…

The sides of my clit?

I stared down past my large tits to my daughter’s head moving back. I gasped, realizing she was sucking on a shaft now. I hadn’t even realized I was sprouting with her nursing on my girl-dick. She had just felt so naughty.

“Lord almighty,” I breathed. “Lord almighty in his temple above, she’s nursing on my cock.”

“Yes, she is,” said Jolene padding up beside me. She was dressed in a baggy skirt and a tight blouse. She pushed up her glasses. Her hazel eyes sparkled. “Isn’t that delicious?”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, my cock getting thicker. Longer. “I’m a futa.”

Ingrid moaned her agreement, her pigtails swaying about her cute face. She nursed on me. She sucked on my mommy-cock with hunger. It was so wrong for me to have this, and yet it felt so right. So proper for me to have this big, throbbing clit-dick. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I whimpered. “Oh, my, that’s incredible.”

“Mmm, it is,” Jolene said. Her hands grabbed my breasts. She stood beside me. She ducked her head down, nuzzling into them. “Just cum in her mouth like that naughty futa-mommy you are.” Her fingers squeezed about my boobs. “God, you’re such a hot MILF.”

I shuddered as my daughter nursed on me. My futa-cock appeared to be grown as big as Jolene’s. My clit-dick throbbed in Ingrid’s hungry mouth. My daughter sucked on me with such hunger. She nursed with passion. I groaned at the intensity with which she worshiped me.

It was fantastic. I groaned, savoring this delight. I would have such a huge orgasm. I would pump my cum down my daughter’s throat. She would drink it all down. And it would be amazing. My pussy clenched as this pressure swelled in me.

“Oh, I can feel the futa-cum building in me,” I groaned as my daughter sucked hard on my cock.

“I bet you can,” cooed Jolene from between my breasts. She rubbed her face back and forth. “Flood the little slut’s mouth. Then you’re going to fuck her. You’re going to plunge your big girl-cock right into her şişli escort tight, young cunt and fuck her hard. Just pound her.”

“Yes!” I moaned, my pussy clenching even harder.

Ingrid nursed with such passion. She sucked on my cock, making such naughty sounds as she bobbed her head. She slid her mouth up and down my dick. The pleasure was incredible. I moaned beneath the wild passion. The pleasure would burst out of me. It would be incredible. An absolute delight to enjoy.

Then Jolene licked up my left breast. Her tongue slid up it. She left a streak of warm saliva behind. I groaned, loving that naughty feeling. Then she flicked my nipple. I groaned as my nub bobbed and jiggled. Her tongue danced around it.

She sucked it into her mouth. She nursed on my nipple with hunger. I groaned, my cunt clenching. The heat rushed through my body. The wonderful delight that would have me cumming so hard swelling and swelling in my snatch.

“Oh, god, that’s good,” I moaned, loving every bit of it. “Mmm, just keep doing that. Suck on my nipple. That’s so hot. And Ingrid, nurse on my cock.”

My daughter sucked hard on my clit-dick. She nursed on me with passion. The pleasure was incredible. Intense. Mixed with it was Jolene’s naughty mouth nursing on my nipple. I groaned at the pleasure that would burst from me.

I would have such a huge orgasm. I would explode with fiery delight.

My pussy clenched. Juices soaked my bush. I could smell my sweet musk. The same scent as my daughter’s cunt. We were so much alike. Did my other two daughters have pussies that were just as sweet?

What would it be like to fuck all my daughters?

“Oh, yes, yes, my little kitten!” I moaned, Ingrid’s nursing swelling my passion. “I’m getting there.”

Jolene popped her mouth off my nipple. “Cum in your little girl’s mouth then fuck her cunt. You might even knock her up if I hadn’t done it first.”

That jolted something hot and primal right to those twin, aching points deep in my cunt. I gasped and threw back my head. My futa-dick erupted. Hot cum jetted out of my clit-dick right into my daughter’s mouth.

“Ingrid!” I cried out. “Oh, honey, yes, yes! That’s it. That’s amazing!”

My daughter sucked down the cum. She gulped it down with such rapturous hunger. She nursed it all down. It was amazing to experience. I loved every second of it. This was just the best. Just amazing to enjoy.

I loved every second of it. I savored every last moment of cumming in her. It was intense. Amazing. Just a pure delight to experience. I groaned, pleasure bursting through my body. My cunt clenched and spasmed, adding waves of delight to the incestuous ecstasy erupting from my girl-dick.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, hitting this amazing peak of bliss.

“Just perfect,” cooed Jolene. She peeled off her blouse, bearing her little titties. Firm, youthful breasts.

“Oh, this is such a heady delight,” I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. “Yes, yes, I love it!”

Ingrid pulled her mouth off my cock with a wet plop. My jizz ran down her lips. She leaned back onto her elbows, thighs spread wide, her pussy lips parting, surrounded by her brown bush. She grinned up at me.

“I’m ready to please your cock, Mommy,” she cooed.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Jolene moaned, shoving down her skirt. Her girl-cock popped out. The White futa grabbed her shaft, stroking it.

“Yes, it is,” I moaned, falling to my knees between my daughter’s thighs. I stared at her pussy with such hunger. I had to be in her.

She grabbed my dick and brought me to her cunt. She pressed me against her incestuous depths. She came from my body, and now I was about to slide into her. Violate her. Use her to satisfy my kinky desires.

Her cunt engulfed my clit-dick. Her hot flesh slid over me. I groaned, savoring the heat of this moment. The wonder of entering her. It was fantastic. I groaned, sinking deeper and deeper into her cunt. I groaned on her, my twat clenching.

“Oh, that’s fantastic,” I moaned.

“Mommy!” Ingrid squealed.

She threw her arms around my neck and pulled me down. My large breasts piled into my eighteen-year-old daughter’s small titties. Her lips kissed mine, salty with my girl-cum. I groaned, my cock bottoming out in her. I was all the way in my daughter.

I was such a wicked mommy.

I loved it. I savored being in her twat. Her cunt clenched around me. Our tongues danced together as I reveled in filling up my daughter to the hilt with my dick. I would enjoy this delight until the day I died.

“That’s so hot,” Jolene said. She fell to her knees behind us. Her cock smacked my rump. “Mmm, I hope you don’t mind if I just slip into your ass, Mrs. Morales. You got such a great booty.”

I broke the kiss. “I don’t mind. I don’t mind at all.”

Jolene slipped the tip of her cock in between my asscheeks. I shuddered at the thick tip sliding down my butt-crack and nuzzling into my sphincter. I shuddered at the feel of her thick dick pressing on me. It was incredible to feel. Just an absolute delight to enjoy.

I whimpered and groaned as she pushed on me. My dick throbbed in my daughter’s pussy while my anal ring parted to engulf Jolene’s girl-cock. The White futa slid her cock into my asshole. She went deeper and deeper into me. I shuddered and groaned, trembling atop my daughter at the heat.

“Mother of God, that’s big!” I moaned.

“Mmm, she’s filling up your butt, Mom,” grinned Ingrid, her eyes mischievous. “Ooh, and you filled up my pussy.”

“I did,” I moaned, shuddering as Jolene bottomed out in my bowels. I trembled atop my daughter while the White futa’s dick throbbed in my bowels. “This is amazing.”

It was nearly indescribable to feel that big dick in my asshole. Then Jolene drew back. I hadn’t done anal since I had been a Catholic schoolgirl preserving my virginity. This felt way, way better than I remembered. My bowels burst to life from the friction.

I chased her, pulling my girl-cock out of my daughter’s cunt. My flesh slid out of her. It was outstanding to feel. To experience. This was an amazing delight. I groaned, loving every bit of it. I shuddered, my twat on fire as it drank in the two delights.

The sensations swirled around those heavy points that held my futa-cum. I could feel the pressure building already. I would have such a huge orgasm. Just a mighty burst of jizz that would flood my daughter’s cunt.

All while Jolene flooded my asshole.

“Oh, MILF ass is amazing,” Jolene groaned as she thrust back into me, driving me into my daughter’s cunt.

The White futa’s crotch smacked into my rump. Her cock filled me up. I shuddered on my daughter, my big breasts rubbing into her tits. She groaned beneath me, smiling at the delight of this moment. It was incredible to enjoy. I loved every moment of it. My bowels squeezed about that big dick pumping away at me.

Reaming me out.

I matched Jolene’s thrust. She set the pace, driving her cock into my asshole while my dick plunged in and out of my daughter’s cunt. I loved every moment of it. This was fantastic. Amazing. It was the greatest treat in the world. I was so lucky to have this futa-dick.

So thrilled Jolene had chosen me. She could have picked another MILF, like Autumn Holt across the street.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I gasped. “Mother of God, that dick’s incredible. Ooh, ram that into me.”

“Fuck my mommy’s asshole!” gasped Ingrid, her face twisting with delight beneath me.

“I am!” groaned Jolene. She buried her futa-dick hard and fast into my asshole. She drilled into me over and over again. She fucked me with passion.

I groaned, loving every second of that amazing dick burying into my bowels. My asshole clenched around her, the heat melting to my cunt. It joined the silky delight flowing up my cock from Ingrid’s cunt.

I pumped away at my daughter’s twat. I might knock up my own baby girl. I groaned, that thought setting fires through me. I thrust away hard and fast at my daughter’s cunt. I groaned, loving every second of this bliss.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Pound me, Jolene. Fuck that cock into me!”

“God, I am, Mrs. Morales!” Jolene moaned. She slammed hard into me. “You’re going to cum on my dick.”

“And in my pussy!” squealed my daughter, her twat squeezing around my cock.

“Yes!” I moaned, nothing capable of stopping my eruption now. It was too close to that moment of eruption.

Jolene rammed her girl-cock into my asshole. She buried to the hilt in my bowels. The fiery friction blazed through my anal sheath while my cock slammed to the hilt in my daughter’s incestuous twat. Her silky sheath caressed my aching tip.

“Oh, Lord, yes!” I howled and came.

My pussy convulsed around nothing, juices gushing out of my cunt. My futa-dick erupted. Spurt after spurt of my cum pumped into my daughter’s pussy. I flooded her twat with my fecund seed. At the same time, my asshole writhed.

“Yes!” Jolene groaned, pulling back her cock through my bowels. “Mrs. Morales! That’s amazing!”

“Oh, Mommy! Mommy!” gasped Ingrid. Her pussy squeezed about my erupting cock. “You are pumping your mommy-cum into my twat. That’s amazing.”

“I know!” I groaned.

Her pussy went wild around my girl-cock. She convulsed and writhed. Her twat sucked at me. She rippled about my dick, milking me. As I experienced that wonderful joy, Jolene slammed her girl-dick to the hilt in my bowels.

“Oh, god, yes!” Jolene whimpered. Her cock erupted.

Her cum pumped into my bowels while my mommy-jizz flooded my daughter’s cunt. I filled her up to the hilt. With my spunk as Jolene’s spurted over and over into my bowels. It was incredible. My mind melted beneath all the delights.

I quivered there in a sandwich of barely legal girls, reveling in this delight. My orgasm hit that wonderful peak, my daughter’s cunt wringing my futa-dick dry. Jolene spurted a final time into my bowels. We all panted. Moaned.

Music drifted from upstairs.

I had two other daughters who needed me. Had Angélica ever done anal?

Well, a mother needed to find out.

Jolene rolled off of me with a groan and a wet plop. “Oh, that’s amazing.”

“Mmm, it is,” I said. Dinner was a complete write off at this point, but I was having too much fun. I rose off my daughter and looked to the stairs.

“Going to go play with my sisters?” asked Ingrid.

“Mmm, do you mind entertaining our guest while I talk with Angélica and Rafaela?” I purred.

“Of course, mecidiyeköy escort Mommy.” Ingrid smacked her lips. “I’m going to suck that dirty dick clean, Jolene.”

“I think me and you are going to be great friends,” Jolene said with such delight.

I headed up the stairs, my big futa-dick bobbing before me. It swayed back and forth, my tits jiggling. I reached the top of the stairs and looked from one door to the other, and back again. I could hear the music thudding. Angélica was the good girl today.

She deserved her Mommy’s cock next.

I sauntered to my middle daughter’s bedroom door. Angélica was heading down that same road that turned my eldest into a slut. So I bet she could take a cock up her ass like one. I shuddered and then I threw open her door, the soulful crooning and strumming guitar of the narcocorrido music sweeping over me.

“Mom?” squeaked Angélica. She was bolting upright on her bed and thrusting her phone onto her nightstand. She was wearing the halter top that had started this entire mess. She stared at me and then her eyes bulged. “Y-you’re naked Mom and…”

She stared at my cock.

She closed her eyes and opened them again.

They blinked twice.

“Is that…” She swallowed, her face round. She took off her glasses and then wiped them on the hem of her halter top. She put them back on. “Mother of God, you have a dick, Mom? How do you have a dick?”

“Well, I became a futa,” I said, closing her door. I turned off the speakers that were streaming music off her phone. I didn’t quite understand how it all worked, but it had something to do with blue teeth. Now only the gangster rap from Rafaela’s room thudded through the wall.

“You became a… a what?”

“Well, my clit grew into a dick. I’m a futa-MILF. That’s what Jolene calls me. Mmm, and you are such a sexy thing. Why don’t you take off your clothes? Let me get a look at you. Especially that ass. I just want to fuck your ass.”

“My… my ass.” My daughter swallowed. She breathed in deeply and then her brow furrowed. She breathed in again. This relaxing smile spread on her lips. “I guess. I guess I can get naked. I mean, that’s kind of fun. You’re naked. Why not me?”

“Exactly,” I said. “So, let’s get you out of that halter top.”

I reached behind her neck as I leaned over her bed. My tits swayed back and forth. I heard my daughter let out a throaty moan. Did she like her mother’s tits? I bet she did. I bet she just yearned to suck on them.

I pulled the knot and let her top fall away, exposing her round breasts. They were plump and perky, just gorgeous things. I licked my lips as she squirmed there. I wanted to play with her tits, but her ass… It had felt incredible when Jolene’s cum had flooded my asshole. My bowels brimmed with the jizz. I wanted Angélica to have that same delight.

“Turn around and drop those shorts,” I moaned. “Show your mother that cute booty.”

“Booty?” gasped my daughter. She sounded so shocked to hear that word come out of my mouth. “Damn, Mom, what has gotten into you.”

“I just feel so alive.” I breathed in that wonderful, lavender perfume of Jolene’s. The aroma lingered on my skin. It was just the most relaxing scent in the world. “Makes me so eager to do things. I need to stop living like your father had just run off. He’s gone. I’m a woman. I don’t need him. Not when I have my daughters.”

“Mmm, I like the attitude,” she said and turned around. She unsnapped her shorts and then shoved them off her hips. She had a dark-red thong buried into her butt-crack. A black, lacy waistband encircled her. It was such a delight to see.

I thrust my finger beneath it and snapped it. She groaned in delight. She shifted on her knees to work off her shorts, her black hair swaying about her shoulders. My finger then hooked the part of her thong buried between her butt-cheeks. I yanked it to the side.

There, nestled in her plump butt-cheeks, was her asshole. The absolute height of depravity surged through me. I groaned, kneading to do something just wickedly wrong to that cute sphincter. I ducked my head down and nuzzled into my daughter’s crack.

I kissed at her asshole.

“Ooh, Mom,” she moaned as I smooched over her hole, tasting her sour flavor. “That’s nasty. No one’s ever done that to me.”

“Mmm, their loss,” I cooed then swirled my tongue around my daughter’s asshole. I felt like this absolutely naughty mother as I did it. This was so wild. So wicked and kinky. I shivered, my cunt clenching. The heat rushed through my body. Juices ran down my thighs and my clit-dick.

I swirled my tongue around her asshole, savoring the naughty, earthy flavor. My tongue bathed her. I soaked her in my saliva, licking, lapping, rimming her with everything I had. My hands gripped her butt-cheeks, kneading them.

Then I pressed my tongue right on her asshole. I wiggled against her, wanting to penetrate into her and make her squirm and groan. Her anal ring parted. My tongue popped into her bowels just like my cock would. Her sour flavor swelled.

“Oh, yes, yes, Mom,” she moaned, her cheeks squeezing about my face and her asshole around my tongue. “That’s so nasty. You got your tongue in me!”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, my tongue reaching deeper into her.

My mommy-cock ached to bury into her. I wanted to just ream her asshole out. It would be intense. Just a hot thing to do. I danced my tongue around inside her asshole. She groaned as I caressed her naughty flesh.

My dick throbbed. Ached. I had to be in her. licking her asshole was fun, but it would be even hotter if I rammed to the hilt in her bowels. I ripped my face from her butt-cheeks, the earthy flavor of her bowels lingering on my lips.

“Mom!” she groaned. “That was just starting to feel amazing!”

“But it’ll get better with this,” I purred, pushing my girl-cock in between her butt-cheeks. I slid it down to her asshole. “Mmm, you feel that?”

“Yes!” she moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, that’s amazing. Ram that big girl-dick into my asshole, Mom!”

“Such a little puta,” I purred and pushed on her sphincter.

Last time, it had been my tongue that her anal ring had swallowed. This time, it felt way, way better. I groaned as her asshole slid over the thick crown of my dick. I popped into her bowels. My eyes widened at the velvety friction squeezing around me.

It was incredible.



I slid deeper and deeper and deeper into my daughter’s asshole. Her bowels squeezed about me while she moaned out her delight. She groaned as I penetrated into her. I sodomized her, and it felt amazing. Just the most delicious thing in the world.

She groaned, her bowels clenching down around my girl-dick. I bottomed out in her. My bush rubbed against her rump. She wiggled her hips from side to side, stirring that delicious hole around my futa-cock.

“Oh, fuck, Mom!” she moaned. “That’s incredible. Fuck me with that big dick. Ram that into me. I want it.”

“Mmm, you have it,” I purred and drew back my hips.

Her hot flesh gripped me. She held me tight. I groaned at the feel of her squeezing about me. The friction increased. It felt amazing. I threw back my head. My cunt clenched. This was just the most amazing delight in the world.

Then I thrust back into her bowels. I buried to the hilt in my daughter again. And then again. I gripped her hips and fucked Angélica hard. My mommy-dick sodomized her velvety bowels. The incestuous delight melted to my cunt and heated up my futa-cum.

I would pump so much into her. I would explode.

I rammed into her. My crotch smacked into her ass. My tits heaved before me. They smacked together while I enjoyed every second of reaming her tight asshole. My lips flicked across my tongue, still tasting sour with her naughty musk.

“Oh, Mom, yes!” she groaned, rocking back into me. “Oh, that’s good. That’s amazing. I’m going to cum from being ass-fucked by you! Shit!”

“You are!” I moaned, the pressure building at the tip of my cock.

My pussy grew hotter. My pleasure swelled as I sodomized my daughter. My boobs bounced before me. I gasped. Groaned. My toes curled. I gripped her hips as I ass-fucked her. I buried into her, loving her gasps. Her moans. Her cries of ecstasy.

I was so close. I just needed a few more thrusts. I buried hard into my daughter’s bowels. She undulated her hips, stirring her velvety sheath around me. I groaned, my face contorting with the delight of this moment.

“Yes!” I groaned.

“Mom!” she whimpered.

I slammed hard into my daughter’s rump. My bush rubbed into her butt-cheeks. She gasped. Her head tossed. As I drew back, her velvety flesh spasmed around my cock. Her asshole convulsed and writhed. This amazing bliss surged over my cock. I gasped at how stupendous it felt.

“Fuck, Mom!” she gasped. “Oh fuck, that’s good! I’m cumming from getting ass-fucked by my mom!”

“You are!” I groaned, savoring that flesh writhing around my clit-dick. “Mother of God, I love fucking my daughters!”

I thrust to the hilt in her writhing asshole and erupted. My cum fired hot into her spasming bowels. The pleasure burst out of my cunt and fired from my dick. Two different delights that swept through me. My pussy gushed cream down my thighs. It was amazing.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped, my big boobs heaving before me.

Her bowels writhed around my cunt. She sucked at me with all that hunger. My face twisted with ecstasy. The pleasure slammed into my mind, delight washed over my thoughts. I swayed from side to side, enjoying every last moment of this.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Angélina moaned as her bowels milked me. “Oh, Mom, fire that girl-cum in me! This is so hot. This dick is amazing! I love it!”

“I do, too!” I groaned, my pussy convulsing. Juices flooded hot down my thighs.

I hit that wild peak of my orgasm. I hovered there, savoring the bliss that swept through me. It was incredible. My breasts rose and fell as my daughter’s asshole spasmed a few more times around my cock. Buzzing with ecstasy, I panted with her.

The gangster rap pumping through the walls called to me. Rafaela needed to meet my mommy-cock. She was a complete whore. A twenty-one-year-old slut who needed her mother’s big clit-dick rammed into her cunt.

I had to fuck her with my dirty dick and make her explode.

“Angélica,” I purred, pulling out of my daughter’s bowels, “come with me. We have to speak to your sister.”

“Ooh, yes,” she moaned, shuddering.

I hummed as my cock plopped out and bounced before me. I breathed in that lavender scent. I was so thrilled that Jolene had come knocking on my door.

To be continued…

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