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Her given name at birth was Jean. Some kid in a high school science class started making fun of her name and related it to the biological building block. She was not happy with that connection until her friend shortened it to G.

G and I both met because she was a square dancer in the same club I belonged too. I enjoyed talking to her and we would tease back and forth a bit. One day G, my wife and I were talking and somehow G brought up that she had recently bought several lacy thongs in various colors. A few days later G and I were working together in the kitchen of the clubhouse when I casually asked, “What color?”. She started to laugh and said, “If you only knew.”

I responded, “I really want to know.”



She looked down at her crotch and then up at me and smiled. I knew that she meant that she was wearing one of the thongs and that it was purple.

I asked why she was blushing and she told me that she was shy all the time, with a big grin on her face. After that I started calling her shy girl whenever we were teasing each other and it became a kind of signal to indicate that it was OK to start imitate teasing on a slightly sexy level.

Occasionally I would ask, “So shy girl what color are you wearing tonight?” She might take her time, but she always answered the question.

The game went on from there. One day we were working on a club project together and G asked if I had any comments for her that day. I thought for a moment then pushed the level way up by saying. “I want to get you alone for 45 minutes on your birthday so I can give you a proper birthday lick-in, and I do not mean spanking.”

That same day I went out of town. Driving back home that night I went from a cell phone dead zone back into an area with service. My phone flashed and I saw that I had received a voice message while I was in the dead zone.

A very familiar voice said, “Hey, you have those thoughts… Bye”. It was G’s voice and it had started with the cute “Hey” that she always uses.

That short phrase is very clear in my mind, to this day, and has fueled several fantasies.

She got a kind of grinning shocked look on her face, but was silent. The next day she asked me if I was serious and I answered, “Yes I was.”

The time after that, I saw G I brought it up and she denied it till I played the recorded message for her.

Then she got defensive and talked about how she was married and that she would not do that sort of thing.

For a few weeks she was a bit distant, so I gave her space and stopped teasing her. My wife is involved in several different organizations and she works from 10 till 2 almost every Saturday. This occasionally interferes with our afternoon. Since my wife is the treasurer for our square dance club, we have let all the members know so we can work around having escort bursa her there for those dances.

One Saturday G showed up at our house about 11 am. I was home watching my dad. He has hearing loss and dementia. Once he is settled into browsing on his computer, he notices nothing. I was surprised to see G there, but since she was alone, I decided to see if teasing was OK.

“Hey, shy girl, what’s up?”

She smiled and paused a moment, “I just wanted to drop off an invoice so your wife could write me a reimbursement from the club for supplies.”

“Sure, no problem. You busy, or do you want to have some coffee or maybe a soda and chat a bit?”

G smiled and said, “I’m in no hurry, coffee or maybe something stronger would be nice.” In hind sight I think she wanted a little liquid courage.

I, on the other hand, am a bit blunt on some things. “Shy girl, you know you’re a light weight when it comes to drinking and since you’re driving let’s just do coffee.”

“Sounds good.”

We went through the front room and past my dad. He never looked up or even noticed us. We chatted briefly while I gathered up the coffee and suggested we take it to another room. G said, “Sure.”

My house is not all that large so I took her to my bedroom. We had just gotten a new bed, a California King, and it filled most of our room. I had moved in a small love seat and placed it so that it was facing the foot of the bed. The room being small, the love seat was so close that when one person walked between it and the bed your legs brushed on both sides. I patted the end of the bed to indicate where G should sit and I sat on the couch so we could talk face to face. The height difference made it more my face to her belly button but I did not mind the view.

I kept the conversation in safe territory by asking her to tell me about some of the trips she and her girlfriends had taken together. She happily started to talk about her most recent trip. While she was talking, I reached down and pulled her right foot up onto my lap and started taking her shoe off.

G paused and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Rubbing your feet.” I knew she liked having her feet rubbed, and had given her a foot rub several times in the past. Nothing sexual just relaxing.

“Oh, my husband Richard does not like to do that very often.” As she continued her story, I kept rubbing her foot.

After a while I pulled the other foot up to my lap and placed her bare foot down so it was resting against my hardening dick. G paused again as I started rubbing her other foot then continued talking about her trips. At first, she held her right foot still. Then slowly she started shifting it in a way that felt like she was softly rubbing my dick.

Chatting casually to her about her trips I eventually placed her left foot next to her right, her feet bursa merkez eskort now rested on either side of my hard tool, and started to rub my hands up and down her calves. Down the outside and up the inside spreading her knees as I rounded the top and started down again. I intended it to be a suggestive lead to what I hoped would happen next. After several passes, I moved her feet off my dick and put one on each side of me and shifted forward. This let me lean so I could rub the outside of her thighs. When G got quiet, I reminded her that we were just talking and that I wanted to hear her stories.

Once she started talking again, I ran my hands up the outside of her thighs like I had done on her lower legs. I rounded her hips and then up over to the inside of her thighs. She squeezed her legs together at first but with a gentile push they moved slightly apart. I looked her in the eyes and asked a question about the story she had been telling me. Then I moved my hands back down to her knees and started up the outside again.

I continued to rub her hips and thighs, softly stroking her covered pussy with the tips of my fingers, for a while till at last, I went around her hips and straight up to the waistband of her pants. She giggled a bit when I slipped my fingers just inside the stretchy waist. I was still looking her in the eyes when I started to pull the pants down. At first, I thought she might stop me but then she kept talking while she put her hands to her sides and lifted her hips to let me pull them under her. I slide them down making sure to run my hands along her soft warm skin.

She shifted so I could pull them off and then put her feet back on either side of my body. I took time to fold her pants and place them next to me on the love seat. At this point I acknowledged the fact that she was wearing a lacey yellow thong.

As I ran my hands up her hips, as I had before, I said, “You certainly dressed nice for your visit to me.”

“I hope you like them. I am not sure why I wore them but thank you for noticing.”

“I always notice what you’re wearing, or not wearing.”

She blushed a little.

“Are you sure you did not wear them for me?”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

I reached up and started to unbutton her blouse. After I pulled it off, I crooked my finger at her and with her leaning forward I could just reach and undo her bra. As she sat up again, I pulled it off and then gently rubbed her nipples with my thumbs. My goal was down below so I slid my hands down her naked sides and I slipped my fingers into the waistband of that yellow thong and started to push it down her hips. At first, she did not raise her hips but when I looked her in the eye and told her to continue with her story she started talking and lifted her hips again.

I could smell her bursa sınırsız escort arousal when her panties came off but when I started to pull them away her scent filled the room. I kept eye contact till I pulled the panties off her feet then looked at them. They were very wet so I folded them at the crotch and put the wet portion in my mouth. She tasted so good and the look of surprise on her face was wonderful.

I put the panties down and used both hands to spread her knees apart.

“Are you sure we should …?” she asked.

“We are just chatting about your vacation. Now go on.” I said then leaned in and kissed the inside of her right knee.

“That is right, just chatting” and she continued her story, though her speech was a bit more broken, l think she was distracted by something.

I spread her legs wide as I alternated between one leg and the other, Kissing my way to her flower. Her story became a little more halting as I got closer and she sucked in her breath when I blew on her engorged lips. I paused till she started talking again then licked her pussy with just the tip of my tongue. I heard her take in another sharp breath and then pause before continuing her tale.

I licked up and down her slit to open it and then searched for her clit. When I found it, I teased it with my tongue and then sucked it into my mouth. G’s story was getting harder to understand and when I slipped a finger into her and pressed her G spot she fell back and climaxed.

I had wanted her for a while now and so, while she was recovering, I stood between her knees dropped my pants and brought the tip of my dick to her very wet pussy. I then leaned over her and looked her in the eyes. She was silent for a short while then she grinned and continued with the story of her trip.

This was the permission I wanted so I pushed the head of dick into her then started making a series of short in and out movements, going a little deeper each time. G’s words were coming out one at a time with a little moan between each. When I finally hit bottom, she arched her upper body and let out a gasp.

I had to stop there a moment, it just felt so good to feel my dick buried inside of G, especially after wanting her for so long. I looked at her again and said, “I am really enjoying your story shy girl.”

“I am too.” She said then started her story again.

I lifted her legs up and I fucked her with long slow strokes at first then faster and faster till I was shaking the whole bed. As I drove in one time she started to cum and I held my dick in place till she finished. I rolled her over and pushed her up on her knees then entered her again. This time I pounded her pussy through two more climaxes and at last I unloaded my semen into her.

G fell forward and my dick slipped out of her. She rolled over, giggled, and said, “And then I came home. The End.”

When my wife got home, I gave her the invoice. She asked if G had stopped by and I said “Yes, she left this so you could write her a check and then we chatted about some of her trips with her girlfriends before she left saying she had to do some cleaning up to do at home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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