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Game Day Ch. 02

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…Being tied up is something I usually consider a turn on…but not in public, and not when I can’t see if anyone is approaching me.

My face burned with a touch of humiliation, and I wiggled my wrists, wanting free, but yet concerned of the consequences if I did free myself. Being late sure didn’t get me too far.

I heard a noise and tensed, flushing as I realized this made my ass arch up tighter and higher and I held my breath in anticipation….surely he was back!

The noise got closer…and then continued past and I sagged back down a little, both in relief and disappointment.

“I believe I said ass up….” A hand landed square on both cheeks and lifted me higher up, and his other hand ran teasingly along my lower lip.

I mumbled incoherently behind the gag, both annoyed at being startled so easily, and wet at the feel of him teasing my very vulnerable body.

He unhooked the belt and examined my wrists, rubbing lightly, then abruptly spun me around and pressed my still bare ass against his how hard cock.

“Think you can manage to follow orders for the rest of the game?” He ran his hands under my jersey, lifting it, exposing my chest.

I flushed as I stood there, panties in my mouth, body tight against his cock, and now nipples bare to the cool air. I felt myself get wetter and wetter, and forced myself to not thrust my ass back even tighter.

He let his hands tease my nipples to hard points. “Nice….” He breathed against my neck, then started kissing along my collar bone.

I whimpered, and then reached my hands back and wrapped them around his neck, grinding slowly against him, feeling him stiffen more.

“Wanting something?” He let both hands slide teasingly along my thighs, stopping just short of my where I wanted him too.

I reached to take out the panties, and he grabbed my wrists and easily pulled them above my head.

“Did I say you should do that?” He questioned sternly, as he forced me slowly, face first, to the nearest wall, forcing my cheek gently against the cool brick, pinning me with his body.

I tried to speak, and couldn’t, then tried to shake my head and couldn’t and finally decided to rub my ass back and forth against him to answer the question.

I could feel his grin as he spoke. “Creative, istanbul travesti I like that.” He groaned as I wiggled again, enjoy knowing I was affecting his control.

We were still hidden from view, but I knew halftime would end soon.

He must have had the same thought, as he reached up and slowly removed my panties.

I coughed lightly then rubbed my tongue over my lips, wetting them, thankful to have my mouth back.

He again turned me, this time back to face him.

“You do so well with something in your mouth….”

Some orders I know to obey. I dropped immediately and unzipped his pants, letting his hard dick out and then took him in my mouth, slowly sucking my way down the shaft.

He groaned and tangled his fingers in my hair thrusting his cock deeper in my throat.

“Five minutes until game time, show me how sorry you are for not following my directions sexy.”

This was a challenge I could handle. I reached and gently pulled and tugged on his balls with one hand while leting my tongue slide up and down, my mouth sucking hard, and then slow, reaching a flowing rhythm.

I could feel him tighten, and tasted a drop of pre-cum and knew I would have no trouble meeting this deadline!

I continued my movements, his cock expanding and building to orgasm, I could feel myself start to burn with desire, but stayed focused.

I hummed lightly, speeding up my movements one little bit at a time and then felt the burst of ejaculation hit my throat. He pulled my hair and groaned as he came, forcing my head up and back.

I swallowed hard, taking all of it and then slowly pulled my mouth back and licked the tip of his cock, getting the last drop.

He pulled me up and stared at me for a moment, then yanked me close and kissed me hard, pleasure evident on his face.

He pulled his pants back up and I followed suit, straightening my clothes, covering my exposed body, I looked at my panties and he gave a small nod, and so I put them back on, and took the offered hand he held out.

Back to the game we go…….

We sat down, with just a few moments until game play began. I looked at him boldly, knowing I had pleased him.

He grinned and let a thumb rub across my lips.

“I am pretty sure this şişli travesti is the best hiring decision I have ever made. Damn!”

I grinned back, confident that is some ways, I would have no issue doing this job.

“For the second half…..I think we should mix it up a little.” He smiled arrogantly and pushed a small item into my hand.

“Slide it in your panties….right on your clit.” His tone let no room for argument so I sighed lightly, and did as told, being as discreet as possible.

I pulled my hands back out and looked at him warily, not quite sure what was going to happen.

“So….anytime a first down happens, I am going to turn this on for two minutes, a touchdown equals five.”

He flipped a little switch in his hand and I jumped as the vibrations hit my clit!

He left it on as he talked and I squirmed a little, wanting to orgasm so bad it hurt!

He grabbed my chin and turned my head to him, smiling wickedly as the effects he was causing.

“Rule one, no moving it, it stays on your clit. Rule two, no cumming.” I gasped in irritation.


He silenced me with a look.

“If you follow my rules, no complaining, no breaking them, you will get what you want after the game”

I didn’t bother to ask what happened if I didn’t follow the rules, lesson learned for the day.

The quarter began I focused on the game play, trying to forget the vibrator in my panties and the sexy man sitting next to me.

And of course, a first down happened. And I fought to get through two minutes. Then another. And another. Then a touchdown happened.

I gritted my teeth, I whimpered, but I sat and met his gaze, forcing myself to not lose control.

This happened over and over, and by game end, I was hot, my face flushed, my pussy soaked, my nerves on edge.

He flashed me a confident smile as he turned off the toy, five minutes after our team scored the final touchdown.

“We won……want to celebrate?”

He stood and I followed suit, thankful the damn thing was off. We left the stadium and wound our way out thru the crowd, I kept hold of his hand and felt butterflies as his thumb ran over my wrist, making my pulse jump.

“This way beautiful” He ushered bakırköy travesti me into a small limo of all things, and I smiled, appreciating the effort.

The car began to drive, the darkened privacy glass showing just the outline of the driver.

“This is….unexpected….but nice.” I spoke softly, my voice trembling a little with my body so on fire.

He grabbed me and yanked me roughly onto his lap, holding me with a look.

“You get a great review for your performance today…What if I give you the next 10 minutes to do whatever you want?”

I didn’t hesitate. Driver or no driver! I grabbed at his zipper pulling it down, then frantically pulled at my own clothes, my breath coming ragged.

He responded, ripping my jersey, his mouth finding and biting at my nipple making my heart pound. His other hand yanked of my shorts, his hand sliding across my clit.

I responded with equal passion, his shirt tearing and I pulled with one hand, my other stroking his cock.

Finally naked, I slid onto him, my hands wrapping around his neck, my hips thrusting, as I rode him.

His breath was hot, his hands tight, and I moaned as I felt the first orgasm rocking thru me, I bit my lip trying to hold back, and he kissed me deeply, his tongue thrusting into my mouth, as I came hard, my body shaking, my moans deep and hoarse.

He lifted me off and leaned me against the opposite seat, mounting me from behind and I whimpered thrusting back against him.

The driver to his credit kept driving, apparently ignoring the passengers, which suited me just fine.

I groaned as the next orgasm came, my hips jerking, my breath hot as a flame. I felt him tense and knew he was not far off, he flipped me again and pinned me down, pressing deeply into me, meeting my eyes.

His words came is haggard gasps, as he didn’t slow his pace. “Cum again…….now.”

He buried himself deep lifting my pelvis and I screamed in pleasure, my body pulsing, my heart beating a like a drum.

He came a second later, his cock filling me, the feeling a deep warmth, he fell on top of me, both of us breathing hard.

I let feeling coming back to my legs, and my breath return to an almost normal pace.

“Where….exactly are we going?”

He looked down at me, his gaze flicking over my naked body for a brief moment.

“I have no fucking clue….I didnt give him a destination, just said drive.”

I laughed lightly, my body exhausted but relaxed.

He grabbed my wrists and then his lips fell against my ear, teasingly.

“How do you feel about overtime?”

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