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Georgia goes to University Pt. 08

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Part 08 – Things start to get a bit routine except for –

When I say that, the Sunday morning was the first time ever that I have been woken up by a man fucking me. I’d thought that it would be an amazing experience and I was right. I invited Matt to do the same anytime that he wanted to.

We fucked again in the shower then I went back to my apartment thinking that I was very lucky to have a good friend with excellent benefits.

My head wasn’t quite as clear as it could have been and I had a little nap before waking in the afternoon when Roxy was knocking on my door. She asked me if she could borrow my Wi-Fi camera and when I reviewed that footage on the Monday morning I was please to see that she too masturbates in her sleep, although only the once. I wondered who I could talk to to find out if it’s normal or if us 3 are freaks or if the building is somehow influencing us to do it. Was Charles putting something in the air conditioning that was making us all horny?

Roxy was quite surprised when I played the video. Then she asked me for a copy.

Around early evening I was feeling energetic enough to go and have a workout, so I did, but not before I put my remote controlled vibrator in my vagina and switched it on to low vibrations.

None of the others were in the workout room so I did my whole routine on my own. That didn’t stop me cumming on the exercise cycle, or cumming again in the pool using the water jet. The sauna was very relaxing.

Monday was university again, 2 sessions, 1 in the morning and the other in the afternoon. As is the norm now, I flashed my pussy at the man teaching us. I also stopped at the coffee shop and had a snack and a cappuccino while doing some of my homework and flashing anyone out on the street who cared to look.

Later that evening Riley came to see me to ask what time we had to leave in the morning to get there on time. I told her that Charles had booked a taxi for 08:50 for us and that she had to wear a dress not a skirt and top.

“Why, it will be a woman who gets rid of my unwanted hair and they are all below my waist.”

“Riley, please do as I ask, you never know what opportunities may arise.”

“Be prepared and all that.”

“That’s it Riley.”

After we’d got rid of all our unwanted hair, we left the shop and I steered Riley to walk down the road.

“Where are we going, shall I get a taxi?” Riley asked.

“No, we’re going to another shop, one that Charles has recommended.”

“Oh yes, what does it sell?”


“What, I don’t understand.”

Thirty seconds later we stopped outside a little shop.

“We’re here.”

“This, this shop does piercing; are we?”

“Yes Riley, we’re getting our nipples pierced.”

“Oh, okay then.”

We went in and were met by a middle-aged man who has lots of tattoos that he obviously liked to show because he was wearing a string vest. When I told him that Charles had sent us he smiled, probably realising that he’d be able to sell us his most expensive nipple rings or whatever.

We spent a good 5 minutes discussing the options for ‘things’ to put in the holes that he was going to make in sensitive areas and in the end we both decided on titanium barbells.

“Is it going to hurt?” Riley asked.

“Only a little and just for less than a second, no more than a pin prick, but if you like I can give your nipple a quick squirt with an anaesthetic spray that will numb it.”

“Yes please.” Riley replied.

Everything sorted we went to the back of the shop, behind a curtained-off area.

“Right, who’s first?” The man asked.

Riley looked at me but said nothing.

“Okay,” I said, “I’ll go first.”

“I’m going to need you up on the table with access to your breasts.”

“No problem.” I replied as I pulled my dress off leaving me naked, and I climbed up onto the padded table.

The man never said anything about me being naked but he certainly looked, and I watched him as he got his equipment ready and put on a mouth mask and latex gloves. Then he turned and studied my breasts.

“Your nipples are perfect for piercing Georgia.” He said.

They were rock hard, I was half expecting to be a bit nervous but I wasn’t. If anything I was aroused, thinking more about a strange man paying so much attention to my tiny breasts.

I watched as he got a little spray can and gave my right nipple a quick squirt that felt cold and made it feel like it was going harder. Seconds later I watched as the man used a sort of tweezers with a hole in the end to squeeze my nipple and then quickly push a needle through the tweezers and my nipple. I expected some pain, as the needle went through my right nipple first, but I didn’t feel a thing. I guess that the anaesthetic was doing its job.

Next, the titanium barbell was pushed through then the tweezers were removed. Finally he screwed the end of the barbell on.

“First one done. Is that okay?”

“Perfect.” I replied as I looked at it and saw just a little blood leaking kilis escort out.

He repeated the procedure with my left breast and within 5 minutes he was finished.

“You may climb down now Georgia, I’ll let you put the lint pad and the surgical tape on each one, just to catch any blood and save getting it on your dress.”

“Before I climb down, I’m considering a clit piercing as well but I’ve heard that some girls aren’t suitable, please can you have a quick look and tell me if mine is suitable? No point in thinking about it if mine isn’t suitable.”


He looked down towards my pussy and I spread my legs as wide as I could.

“Hmm, you have a youthful vulva and whole genitals area Georgia, I know that you already told me that your are over 18 but I need to ask again, are you sure that you are 18?”

“No, I’m not 18; I’m 19, I’m a university student.”

“Fair enough, but I am legally obliged to ask.”

“Okay.” I replied, not really being surprised.

His gloved fingers started probing my very wet clitoral area and I could feel his fingers sliding about, and it felt nice, very nice. I felt him pull my hood back revealing even more of my clit that was already sticking out.

I was just thinking,

“If he does anything else to me I’m, going to cum.”

When his fingers moved away.

I felt disappointed as he told me that I was suitable. Then he explained that he usually pierced the clitoris hood and not the clitoris itself,

“Once fully healed the ring or whatever is inserted, can then be pulled back to reveal more of the clitoris itself.”

“Well I don’t really have a problem because, as you can see, mine comes out quite a lot. Maybe a ring pulled back would make me more sensitive.”

“Maybe, all girls are different but a few have told me that it had increased their pleasure, so do you want it doing?”

“Err no, not at the moment, I still haven’t made my mind up but it’s nice to know that it is possible, thank you.”

I wanted to move my right hand to my pussy and finish what his finger had started, but instead I closed my legs then swung them round and slid off the edge of the table.

“They look good Georgia, well apart from the blood.” Riley said.

“Right Riley, your turn, if you could get ready please?” The man asked.

I looked at his face as Riley pulled her dress off revealing her naked body. I saw a slight smile and just knew that he liked what he saw.

The man completed the same procedure on Riley as I put one of the cone shaped lint pads on each nipple and taped them in place with the surgical tape. By the time I was finished, that man was finished and I heard Riley ask him to check her clit then tell him if she was suitable for a piercing.

I watched as Riley spread her legs and the man had a quick probe around her clit which from where I was stood, looked very shiny and wet.

Unsurprisingly, Riley was given the all clear to get her hood pierced and she too declined the offer to pierce her right there and then.

I slowly lowered my dress over my head and down to its intended place then helped Riley put the lint pads and tape on her breasts as the man tidied up. When we were all ready he led us to the front of the shop then gave us the leaflets about how to keep your piercings clean and infection clear.

He then told us that it was very important to follow what it says on the leaflet telling us that the healing process varies from girl to girl but we should feel a lot more comfortable by the end of the week but to keep rough contact to a minimum until all pain had gone.

“Common sense.” I thought, “but there again, a lot of girls are a bit short of that these days.”

The man took plastic and we paid him and left. While we were waiting for the taxi Riley told me that she was glad that I’d surprised her with that because if I hadn’t she might not have got them done.

“So what are you going to hang on those barbells when you’re all healed?” I asked.

“No idea, haven’t really thought about it; you?”

“I’ve seen some little ‘D’ rings that you can hang all sorts from, I might get some of those and maybe a little gold chain that goes from 1 nipple to the other. A sort of ‘grab rope’ for anyone who wants to pull me by my nipples.”

“That sounds painful.”

“I’m certainly sure that it would be if I put then on now, but we’ll see when they’re fully healed. A month that man said, but I’m hoping that it will be sooner, whenever I cut myself when I was little it always healed quite quickly. Daddy said that I had magic skin.”

“How are we going to keep the guys from pulling on our nipples or barbells Georgia?”

“Just tell them straight, tell them to leave them alone and play with your pussy instead.”

“I’ll do that.”

Just then our taxi arrived and took us to the university. As I walked in I realised that the anaesthetic spray had work off and that my nipples were throbbing a little. Also, the lint pads were stopping kırıkkale escort my nipples from making little bulges in my dress.

“Oh well,” I thought, “Can’t have everything, but when those pads come off the bulges will be a different shape and people will stare even more to try to work out what’s causing the shape.”

The rest of the day was okay, so far the work is easy and the pussy flashing is rewarding. I spent the evening in my apartment doing homework and browsing the internet for nipple jewellery. I ordered some, including some breast cones. They come in various sizes for different breast sizes and they even had some for my little titties.

They’re flesh coloured and have the pointy bit cut off so that your nipple sticks through. The web page said that they go great with nipple rings, take your ring off, put the cone in place, pull your nipple through then put the ring back on you nipple.

It said that the pressure of the little hole on the nipple would keep it erect and feeling sexy, but the addition of the jewellery would eliminate the chance of the nipple shrinking and the cone falling off.

That sounded interesting to me so I ordered the smallest pair that they had and hoped that they would be small enough.

During my bathroom routine before going to bed I took the tape and pads off and was please to see that my nipples were at least looking better. I made up the saline solution that the leaflet recommended and held a cup full of it over each tit to allow it to soak all the dried blood off and in around the barbells.

The throbbing had stopped when I went and lay on my bed to go to sleep.

I woke up a couple of times during the night to find my right hand on my pussy and my left hand below my right tit. I guessed that I’d been masturbating and my left hand had gone to my right tit and the pain of it touching my nipple had woken me.

I wondered if I should cuff my wrists together and use some rope to tie my wrists to one ankle before going to bed the next night.

The Wednesday morning saw me bathing my nipples in the solution after my shower where I didn’t soap my tits for the first time since they’d sprouted.

It was a loose fitting, silky top and skirt that I wore to go to the hairdressers. I didn’t want any sort of pressure on my nipples, even though they had just about stopped hurting.

Yes, the hairdressers, I still didn’t know exactly what I style I wanted, just that I wanted it short. After looking at some photos and some discussion with a couple of the younger hairdressers I decided on a sort of side swept pixie look. The photo that they had of that style was on a girl who looked to be about 9 or 10 but everyone agreed that it would look good on me.

Wow, if I looked young before but this new hair style made me look even younger. I was feeling quite pleased with myself in the taxi going to the university for my afternoon session. I even got some complements from a couple of the girls in my class, and my tutor. That was even before he saw up my skirt to my bare pussy.

The Wednesday evening was Harry’s first yoga class. Four naked girls were stood at the end of the swimming pool talking about the 4 newly pierced nipples when Harry finally walking in carrying 4, rolled up, exercise mats. A little gift for us for being his guinea pigs. With Harry was Oliver, who had come to video the event. He just assumed that we wouldn’t object and no one did.

Well, Harry had learnt a little from his first attempt at teaching us, and he’s obviously been doing some research, but he still had a long way to go. His students were teaching him things and suggesting that he included gymnastics and aerobics stretching exercises as well.

It didn’t help him that his eyes were glued to our spread pussies for half the lesson.

At the end he thanked us and asked if we were okay for the following Wednesday. Roxy told him to find a girl and give her a good fucking just before the next lesson. I wasn’t sure that he understood Roxy’s point but none of us pointed it out to him.

I suggested that he offer the lessons to other girls at the university say that another 3 or 4 would be a good number.

The next, outside what has become the norm, event was Orgasm Club. I hadn’t told Riley when the meeting was and at 7 pm on the appropriate Friday evening I went to her apartment and told her to take a quick shower then put on just a dress and shoes.

She wanted to know why but I just told her that it was a surprise that she would definitely like. At 7:30 we walked down the stairs and to the taxi that I had previously asked Charles to arrange. When I asked the driver to take us to the Red Lion pub, and even when we walked up the stairs to the function room Riley still had no idea what she was about to do.

There was a large man stood outside the door to the function room and he asked us where we were going.

“Mark told us to be here at 8 pm.” I replied; and he stepped aside.

There was only 2 naked kırklareli escort girls there, standing talking to half a dozen men. One man came over to us and introduced himself as Mark.

“One of you gorgeous young ladies must be Georgia and the other Riley. Have I got that right?

“Correct,” I replied, “I’m Georgia and this is my friend Riley.”

“Good, it’s always good to welcome new members to the club.”

“Members to what, what sort of club is this?”

“Didn’t Georgia explain Riley, this is the Orgasm Club.”

“Yes I did explain to her,” I said, “it’s just that I didn’t tell her that that was where we were going when we set off.”

“Ah, a surprise. Well Riley, I can guarantee that you will have a very satisfying evening. Georgia, I know that you passed my security questions okay, and that you say that you are attending the university but you look so young, do you have any photo ID on y…”

As soon as he started on about the security questions I knew what was about to come and I quickly opened my clutch bag, got my passport out and passed it to him.

“Sorry about this Georgia, but all members are supposed to be over 18 and you have to admit that you do look nowhere near that age.”

“That’s okay Mark, I get challenged quite a bit, hence the passport in my bag. It’s a bit of a long story but as you can see I’m definitely over 18.”

“I certainly can, I guess that looking the way you do has it’s good points as well it’s bad points. Now, it’s a little early so there aren’t many members here yet, but if you take all your clothes off and come over to us I will introduce you to the others and Leo will get you a drink.”

Mark turned and walked back to the small group of people and Riley said,

“We have to strip naked right now?”

“Yes Riley, there’s some men to appreciate the sight of your body.”

“I know, I saw them, that’s why I got all wet as soon as he said to take our clothes off.”

We walked over to the group and Mark started introducing us with Leo interrupting to ask what we’d like to drink. It was nice, arousing and exhilarating talking to those clothed men knowing that before long they would be watching us masturbate for them, and more men. We both got compliments about out piercings and I couldn’t help noticing 1 of the other girls had a little chain hanging down from her clit hood piercing.

As we were talking more people arrived. By the time they stopped arriving and Mark called for silence I had counted 11 naked girls (all looked to be in their late teens or early twenties and I wondered how many of them went to our university), 6 clothed girls and 15 men. I was sure that Riley’s pussy was tingling as much as mine was, and that she was as wet as I was.

A couple of the naked girl’s faces looked vaguely familiar but that was it.

After greetings and welcoming the new members, 4 of us, he came to each naked girl and used a marker pen to write a number on our stomach’s. Both guys randomly going all over the room. Mark then explained the rules then asked for numbers 1 through 4 to step forward and lay on their backs on 1 on the 4 tables that were there.

Riley was number 3 and I could see that she was both nervous and excited as she climbed onto the table and spread her legs wide.

Mark and Leo then put a heart rate monitor on each girls wrist then Mark went to different table that had a laptop and a kitchen timer on it.

When Mark shouted “GO”, 2 things happened, firstly 4 girls started masturbating, and secondly, nearly all the men and about half of the clothed girls moved in and surrounded the tables. They’d had strict instructions not to touch any of the girls but I could imagine what it would be like for Riley when she opened her eyes and saw all the strange men looking down on her naked body.

I smiled and realised that my right hand had moved down to my pussy and was idly rubbing my clit. When I realised this I smiled and realised that I was getting a head start on the other girls. I looked around but couldn’t see any other naked girls fingering themselves.

That 15 minutes went surprisingly quick. I couldn’t see much of the girls on the tables, nor any moans of pleasure over the encouragement that the audience were giving them, but after about 5 minutes Mark shouted,

“Number 3 first orgasm.”

Mark had to shout because the people surrounding the girls were cheering on the girls like the girls at school at an inter-schools netball game.

“Well done Riley.” I thought.

Each of the other girls, apparently, reached their climax as I heard Mark shout out their numbers, then I heard,

“Number 3 second orgasm.”

And so it went on until Mark announced that the 15 minutes was up and that Riley was the winner with 4 orgasm. The audience moved back to the sides of the room leaving 4 happy looking girls on the tables, I noted that all 4 still had their legs wide open and number 2 was finishing off an orgasm that had arrived just a little too late to be counted.

Everyone waited until all the 4 girls had finished what they were doing and sat up then Mark went over to Riley, congratulated her and held her arm up in the air.

The heart rate monitors were removed and the 4 girls went to the side of the room to join anyone who had come with them and Leo got them a drink.

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