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getting “friendly” with a married co-worker

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Michele was a 42yr old married co-worker who at first didn’t interest me and seemed more interested in the boss than her husband. She was blond, about 5ft 4inches, 110pounds, with average sized hips and, by my estimate, C sized tits. She worked in the janitorial/housekeeping department and was frequently in my work area doing walk thru inspections.

As time went on, Michele and I became friends and frequently sought out each other to chat during the day. Things started to turn towards more than a friendship when she asked me to stop by the bar with some other co-workers on the way home. As I sat next to her at the bar, she would lean over and put her hand on my leg, whisper things to me, and rub her foot against my shin. Things took the next step on Friday evening as we went for one bar to another to shoot a few games of pool.

Joe, her husband rode in his car with another guy to get some smokes on the way to the pool game, and Michele rode in my car. As we made our way to the pool hall, Michele took my hand and held it very tightly in her lap. As we came up to a stop sign, she reached over and pulled my head towards her and kissed me long and hard. As we played tango with each other’s tongues, she took my hand and pushed it harder into her crotch as she continued to bury her tongue in my mouth. After what seemed like10minutes, Michele broke our kiss and told me we need to get going to the pool hall.

As we played pool, Michele and I beat Joe and Ron 3 games to none. When Ron or Joe were not looking, or left the room , she would rub her nice tight ass against my hands, rub my hands, and even slipped her tongue into my mouth when possible. After we got done shooting pool we all went our separate ways and I was left with wondering what was going to happen next.

Monday at work, as I sat at my deck reading on the computer before my shift started, Michele came over, leaned over and gave me a good morning kiss and let me rub her leg and ass as our lips were pressed together. This behavior continued every morning when she arrived at work. Most of the people in the plant didn’t show up to just before their shift, so there was no one around to see the morning lip lock and ass rubbing I gave her.

I had other duties besides assembly work, including safety inspections, roof/drain inspections of the factory, and also help with supply ordering and storage. I used these duties as excuses to have Michele near me or working with me. She was always willing to help and enjoyed the attention. I would frequently sneak up to the laundry room when she was in there and get a nice long kiss. I would hug her tightly, rub her ass, make out with her, and do my best to soak in her essence and scent. When we went on the roof to do the inspections, we would kiss and make out in the hallway and on the roof. One time I was feeling a little more bold than usual and when we stopped at the door to the roof, I put my left arm around her back, planted my lips on her tender lips, took my right hand and ran it up and down her crotch area slowly and firmly. The action surprised her to say the least, but she did nothing to stop it either.

I continued to stop at the bar on the way home when ever Michele asked, or I noticed her car there. I would sit next to her [at the end of the bar against the wall] so no one could see what I was doing or where my hands where going. I would rub her thigh, the small of her back, her ass, and would slide my hand between her legs and up the crack of her ass when ever she got up and squeezed out from her barstool. This went on every time we were at the bar and her husband was only 3 stools away too busy with his drinks and horse betting şişli bayan escort to notice or care. Soon after I worked my hand up and down Michele’s crotch on the roof, I took another step towards exploring her willingness to play.

One night at the bar, I decided to lean over next to her and pretend to study her betting sheet between races. As I did this, I took my hand and started rubbing her right tit thru her shirt. She didn’t even flinch, and just leaned forward to hide the activity under the top of the bar. I kept this up as the night went on and knew she was traveling down a road to decadence with me.

The next time I stopped by the bar, I picked up where I left off. As I rubbed her tit and other various places on her, I decided to push my luck a little more. Michelle was wearing a loose shirt that wasn’t tucked in, so I slid my hand up under it and stopped when I had my hand firmly around her nice soft tit. I rubbed it, kneaded it, and had a grand old time doing all of this at the bar within 4 seats of her husband. As I continued to fondle her tit, Michelle would reach back and squeeze my thigh and touch my crotch. This continued over the next few times I stopped after work, then Michelle took it to the next step.

The next time I stopped, I took my seat next to her and started with our customary fondling and groping. This time when I slide my hand up under her shirt, Michelle reached for my hand, slid her bra up out of the way, and placed my hand on her bare tit. The feeling of her soft bare tit in my hand was exquisite. Her tit was the perfect size and fit into my hand like a good sized orange would. As I was enjoying the feeling of her tit in my hand, she would reach back and rub my thigh and smile at me when ever her husband wasn’t looking our way. That night, as we were leaving the bar, her husband got chatting with someone and I walked her out. As we waited in the dark, she pressed her tight ass against my crotch and moved her hips side to side. I then took my right hand, slid it into her jeans and didn’t stop until my fingers were between her lips. On my trip to her pussy, I found her public mound to be clean shaven and her pussy was already moist. I started moving my fingers from side to side and soon Michelle was breathing harder and starting to squirm from the friction against her love bud. She soon was begging me to stop because she was headed for an orgasm and had to leave. As I removed my hand from her bald pussy, I licked my fingers and had my 1st taste from her honey pot.

Having progressed to fingering Michelle and having my own personal hand pillow, I couldn’t wait until the following week’s visit to the bar. As I arrived at the bar for our weekly fondle and grope, I noticed Michelle was wearing sweatpants instead of her tight jeans. That would make it very easy to get my hands down to her pussy and ass. The bar was more crowded than usual, so Michelle stood in front of me and got between my and her husband’s prying eyes. It didn’t take long for her to pull my hand to her waistband and push it down the crack of her ass. I didn’t stop until I had her shaved pussy cradled in my hand and could feel the wetness of her womanhood.

As I cradled her pussy in my hand, she started to move her hips ever so slightly and grind her labia into my fingers. Taking her cue, I bent my middle finger upward and felt it slide inside her dripping pussy. As I moved my finger back and forth inside her slick love tunnel, I managed to get my thumb against her brown eye and started pushing against it. After a minute of working my thumb back and forth against her bung hole, I gave a firm push and it slipped inside her with a satisfying moan from her. şişli escort I continued to wiggle my finger in her pussy as I moved my thumb back and forth in her ass and minutes later I noticed her grip on the bar and barstool getting tighter. All this was going on with people all around us and her husband only 10 feet away. Thank God for dark bars and drunk customers. It didn’t take much longer for me to see her bite her lip, tense up her body, and drench my hand with her sexual juices.

Once Michelle had her orgasm and soaked my hand, I slowly withdrew my hand from her pussy and out of her pants with no one noticing. I discreetly brought my finger to my mouth and once again had a taste of her sexual nectar. I was looking to have the favor returned and hoped she would respond in kind. I opened the fly of my pants, gingerly took her hand, and pulled it towards my stiff cock. As her hand parted my fly she slid her hand under my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. As she kneaded my balls my cock grew harder and harder with the excitement of the situation. She slowly moved her hand up to my iron hard cock and slowly moved her hand back and forth over my 7″. She did a good job of hiding her movements and my cock from others prying eyes and soon she had me about to blow. I whispered in her ear that I was getting close to shooting my load and she did something I could never have guessed. She backed up against my cock, slid her sweatpants down, and guided my cock to the crack of her ass. The action and the feeling of her ass around my cock had the desired effect. I blew my load down the crack of her ass and all over the inside of her sweatpants until there was no more to give her. She calmly reached back, took my softening cock, and tucked it inside my pants with no one ever noticing. Once she had finished tucking my cock in, she stuck her hands down the back of her pants and got a sample of my seed for her to taste. The sight of Michelle tasting my seed in a crowded bar within feet of her husband and friends made my cock twitch.

A few week later was the company Christmas party and she needed a ride because her husband Joe had to work late. I of course offered my services as a driver and taxi service and was glad to hear she would love to go with me. I arrived at her house and knew things would get alittle busy in no time at all. As she opened the door and let me in, she gave me a long hot kiss and said she would be ready in a few minutes. A watched as she walked to the bathroom to finish her hair and decided to make my move. I quickly walked into the bathroom, grabbed her waist, turned her around, and planted a long hard kiss on her lips. As I held her tightly with one arm, I reached behind her with the other and unzipped her dress and watched as it started to slide off her shoulder. As I removed my hand from her waist and took hold of her dress I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. As I guided it over her shoulders and down to her hips, I got to see the tits that I had been fondling for the last 6 weeks at the bar. Her breasts were the size of a good sized orange with a slight sag to them. They had pale pink areolas the size of a silver dollars with small red nipples.

With my hands holding her hips, I leaned down and sucked each nipple into my mouth and savored the taste of her flesh. Knowing our time was limited, I slid my thumbs under her panties and pushed them and her dress to the floor. As I knelt on the floor, I had her shaved pussy at eye level and moved to sample her womanly honey. I buried my nose into her public mound and slid my tongue between her damp folds. I pushed my tongue as far as I can into Michelle’s love tunnel and drank her love nectar causing her to squirm and run mecidiyeköy escort her fingers through my hair. After getting a sample of her juices, I stood up and lift her onto the vanity for my next sampling. I unbuckled my pants, dropped them to my knees and grabbed hold of my cock as I rubbed it along her labia. Once I had it slicked up with her tasty juices, I started my penetration of her velvet tunnel. Despite her age, Michelle still had a hot tight pussy that quivered with sexual energy as my cock slide inch by inch into her womanhood.

As my cock was enveloped by Michelle’s bald pussy, she lifted her legs around my waist and pulled my face to her chest and begged me to hurry. Because we were expected at the company Christmas party the added danger of getting caught or being late had both of us heading for a climax in a hurry. I sucked her nipples as hard as I could and did my best to get them hard while plunging my cock harder and faster into her increasingly wet pussy. Harder and harder I slammed my cock into her pussy and soon had her cervix feeling the tip of my throbbing cock. After just 10 minutes I could feel her juices dripping down my balls and then I felt her velvet tunnel start to quiver and clench at my cock. As her excitement peeked she screamed out in total relief as she sent wave after wave of honey streaming out of her pulsing pussy. Her back arched away from me and she grew tense as her orgasm came to it’s crescendo. I couldn’t take it anymore and pulled her pussy as tight to me as possible until the tip of my cock was as deep into her as I could get it before releasing ropes of cum into her innermost reaches.

I kept my cock in place until it started to soften and then presented it to Michelle to sample. She eagerly grabbed it and dropped to her knees while enveloping my semi-hard cock in her mouth. She moved my cock in and out of her mouth cleaning all our juices off it while commenting on the taste of our sex. It didn’t take long for her to have my cock hard again and I had ideas on fucking her ass. I pulled her off my cock, turned her around, and squirted some liquid hand soap on my cock. I grabbed her well shaped hips and placed my cock against her browneye pushing hard to get it in and start the next ball draining experience. Michelle grabbed the edge of the vanity and grimaced as my cock slide deeper and deeper into her bowels. As soon as my balls came to rest against her labia, I started pumping her ass for all I was worth. With each penetration into her ass Michelle would whimper and pant with increasing volume. Her tits were swinging back and forth hitting the edge of the sink with every thrust and soon she was quivering and cooing with another orgasm. My balls got wetter and wetter every time they hit her pussy and I was heading for my 2nd ball draining of the evening. Time was short and I need to bust my nuts again and she seemed to understand the situation. She reached back and cupped my balls every time they came in contact with her pussy. The added sensations of her fingers on my balls was enough to send my over the edge. I once again pulled her tight to me and coated her bowels with my seed as I had the most intense orgasm I’ve had in years.

The thought of fooling around and fucking a married co-worker in her own house before a company party was something I had waited months to do and it was worth the effort and wait. Michelle was a sexy MILF in every way and she sure knew how to please a man. I pulled my soft cock out of her ass, cleaned myself up, and gave her pussy a kiss before pulling my pants up. Michelle pulled up her panties, slipped her dress back over her shoulders, wiped the sweat off her face, and thanked me for the fucking. It was the first sex she had in more than 6 months and she couldn’t think of a better Christmas present than to get laid and share herself with me. I couldn’t agree more.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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