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Ginger’s Apartment

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Scott had met Ginger, a cute, little brunette, with a knockout figure, at her office about two weeks ago, while on a sales call. The beauty of her soft, long brown hair and abundant, firm tits, which bulged temptingly against her tight sweater, immediately turned him on. Ginger had been getting a drink at the water fountain when, as she was bending over the stream, the back of her slit skirt rose up, revealing her little, round buttocks covered only by a pair of very sheer, white panties.

When she turned around, Ginger could see that Scott had gotten an erection and she spent the rest of the afternoon, “accidentally” rubbing against the hard bulge his rigid cock had formed in his pants.

His cocked throbbed as she would brush past him, rubbing his engorged member with the soft material of her clothing. He could feel her hot skin through the thin material of her dress, which drove him to an intense state of arousal. His erect penis painfully pushed against his confining trousers, driving him crazy with lust.

Scott thought he was going to come when, while he was sitting at a desk Ginger walked over and leaned against his shoulder, pushing her pelvis against him. With her warm body pressing against him, she asked him to come to her apartment for dinner that night. Scott became so excited with her little body pressed against him; he could barely answer her.

Later that night he went to Ginger’s’ apartment. She answered the door wearing a short, pink, silky lounging robe. “Come in Scott, and sit down in the living room.” She said softly. “I haven’t finished dressing yet.” She confessed as he looked at her long brown hair hanging around her shoulders.

She had the robe loosely tied and the light material moved rhythmically with her bobbing breasts, as she showed him to her living room. She sat in a chair across from him, carefully adjusting her loose robe around her legs.

“I am glad you came, Scott, and I’m sorry I’m not dressed yet.” she said softly, laying her hands on her lap.

“That’s ok, Ginger, I don’t mind waiting.” he answered politely, as he explored the fleshy breasts peeking past her robe.

“I won’t be very long. Just make yourself comfortable and I’ll be back in a minute.” she said softly.

Ginger got up to get dressed and as she rose, her short robe opened, exposing her left breast. The round, upturned titty bounced proudly, as the hard, brown nipple rotated in little circles on her soft, fleshy mound.

She then, quickly twirled toward her bedroom, forcing the hem of her robe to fly up and giving the already excited Scott, a peek of her little, round ass. She had not worn panties and it made Scott even hornier, watching her little buns, flashing white above her long, slim legs and high heels.

As she walked into the bedroom, Scott noticed she left the door partially open and he could see her reflection in a mirror, looking over the clothes in her closet.

He watched as Ginger selected a light blue, sheer blouse and a white micro-mini skirt. She then, turned around and loosened the tie on her silk robe. The robe fell to the floor, exposing to Scott in the reflection, her delectable, firm titties and below, her narrow waist, and delightfully flared hips.

She had a completely shaved pussy and Scott could make out the beginning of the dark crack at her vagina through the reflection in her mirror. Her soft, white, well formed legs drove him crazy, as he eyes locked in on the reflected image.

Her long, brown hair fell over her ankara escort shoulders and partially covered the swelled tops of her breasts. As he watched her dress, Scott noticed his cock had became very hard and he brought his hand down to massage the aching member.

Scott was rubbing his cock through his pants as he watched her put on the transparent blouse, slowly buttoning each button, stopping briefly to lewdly rub her breasts. She pinched her nipples through the blouse until they were hard and then, smoothed the peek-a-boo material down across her breasts. His rubbing became more intense as she stepped into the skimpy, little skirt, fastening it around her narrow waist. As she stepped out of the bedroom, Scott quickly took his hand away from his lap.

“Would you like to come out to the kitchen with me, while I finish cooking the roast in the oven?” she asked, standing like a vision, with her hands clasped behind her back.

As she walked toward the kitchen, Scott watched her move gracefully across the floor, her short skirt bouncing slightly, exposing the girlish curves of soft flesh at the top of her legs.

He followed her to the kitchen and took a seat at the table. He watched her as she busied herself at the large range along the wall next to the sink. Her skirt would sway temptingly, across the tops of her smooth thighs as she moved, back and forth from the refrigerator to the range.

“I was wondering if you have been a salesman for very long, Scott,” she said, as she busied herself at the stove.

“Yeah, for about four years.” he answered quietly, distracted by her legs under the tiny skirt.

“You must meet all kinds of interesting people in your work.” she added, busy at the stove.

“You’d be surprised at the people I meet doing this type of work, Ginger.” he stated as he looked at her tiny waist through the transparent blouse.

“Do you like sales?” she continued the light conversation.

Scott was observing that her loose mini-skirt stopped just below her pussy and as she turned toward, him the garment flipped out just enough to catch a glint of the shaved crack of her soft, white, female sex.

He was struck again with the urge to come as she bent over the oven to retrieve the now, cooked roast. She was presenting him with a wonderful view of her soft, round buttocks and the pink flesh of her little bare pussy, glistening from the wetness that was welling up inside her.

She brought the roast to the table and set it in the center. As she took a seat across from him, he was able to see her soft titties under the gauzy, peek-a-boo, blue blouse. Her nipples were taunt and he could see the quarter sized, dark circles surround her large, firm nipples.

He imagined sucking on those gorgeous tits and wondered about how they would feel in his hands as he took a piece of meat from the serving platter.

He loved the way her long hair would sway across her face when she spoke. Her breasts would jiggle under her sheer blouse, her nipples pointing up at him, as she ate her meal. His abundant cock was getting even harder as they ate their fill of the roast. “Would you like to have a some wine, now? ” she asked, her upturned breasts bouncing as she spoke.

“That would be great.” He managed to say.

With that she stood, her little, mini skirt flipping up, showing him briefly, the soft, wet crack of her pussy. She walked to the refrigerator and opened the door. As she bent to retrieve the wine, her rounded, little ass peeked escort ankara out from under the loose, short skirt.

She came over with the bottle of wine and leaned over him, touching his face lightly with her gauze covered breasts. As she filled his glass, he moaned lightly as her taunt nipple brushed against the side of his face, leaving him burning with desire.

“He must have a huge organ.” Ginger thought, noticing the ample bulge in Scott’s loose fitting pants.

She slowly returned to her chair, secretly pleased about the effect she was having on him, and wondering how his cock would feel, deep inside her horny, little pussy. After some light conversation, Ginger suggested they go into the living room.

“Would you like to watch a video with me, Scott?” she asked, as she took his hand and walked with him to the living room.

Scott walked with her and took a seat on the leather couch, as Ginger then went over to a cabinet to take out a video tape. She could feel his eyes on her soft, white thighs as she stood in front of the cabinet. She shifted her weight and spread her feet apart as she turned, looking back at Scott, smiling.

“Have you seen the new Travolta video?” she asked, her pink slit peeking out from the back, under her little mini-skirt.

Scott’s already aching cock was about to burst when he saw her beautiful legs spread apart like that, presenting him with a back view of her little, pink pussy.

“No I haven’t.” he strained. “I would like to see it though.” She took the tape over to the TV and inserted it into the player on top of the TV.

“Boy, he’s really hot.” she thought, putting the tape into the player.

“It is fun teasing him like this.” Ginger said to herself as she pressed the “ON” button on the tape player.

“Maybe I’ll show him my ass again,” she said to herself.

Then she slowly bent over and turned on the television, exposing the bare, ripe cheeks of her round, soft ass.

Standing up again, Ginger moved back to the couch and sat beside Scott, flipping up the sparse, little skirt in back so she could sit on the couch with her naked behind. She liked the feel of the soft leather against her skin. As the video started, she looked over to him sitting next to her.

“Do you like my legs?” she asked as she rubbed her hand lightly along the tops of her thighs. Her loose skirt lay on her delectably naked legs, near her young pussy.

“You have beautiful legs.” Scott answered, looking at the tanned skin of her thighs, as she slowly, brought her hand along the smooth skin to the hem of her skirt.

She then, reached up and drew his face close to hers, running her soft, cool fingers down his cheeks.

“I love the way men look at me when I wear short dresses and high heels.” She whispered, as she stroked his cheek.

“It makes me horny,” she said, whispering, as she breathed into his ear.

The incredibly horny, Scott looked into her soft, brown eyes, his cock, jerking wildly against the restraining border of his slacks. Her face was soft and pretty he thought, as he gazed at her small features, framed by her silky, brown hair hanging loosely over her shoulders.

She lingered close to him for a moment, noticing the tent like bulge twitching in his pants. With her mouth slightly open, she softly kissed his mouth.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” she whispered, as she lowered her hand on his throbbing member.

“Oh, Ginger.” he moaned as he wrapped his hands around her tiny waist ankara escort bayan and pulled her tight against him, crushing her firm breasts to his chest. Then he kissed her passionately. His tongue probed into her mouth, brushing her soft, wet tongue.

She continued to gently rub the hidden, engorged cock, as it jerked against her hand.

Ginger moaned as she was being kissed by Scott and then pushed him back, looking at the twitching tent in his pants.

“Can I see it, Scott? It’s so hard.” she cooed, as she returned her hand to stroke the flicking bulge.

Scott immediately unzipped his pants and reaching in, he drew out his greatly engorged cock. The hard, veined shaft pointed straight up, supporting the large, purple colored head. He stroked the shaft up and down a couple of times in his fist before he reached in his pants again and withdrew his massive balls, laying them on his pants outside the zipper.

Then Scott reached for Ginger and rubbed her nipples through her sheer, nylon blouse, rolling the firm nipples in his fingers. He watched her, as she moaned at the sight of his immense, richly veined cock, atop the enormous testicles that lay on top of his pants.

Scott left the hardened nipples and brought his hands down to Ginger’s little waist and across her hips, pausing at he tops of her bare leg. Rubbing the soft skin there for a moment he continued up her little skirt and felt the sexy smooth skin just above the entrance to her pink wet pussy.

Ginger moaned as Scott stroked the warm, bare skin above her pussy and involuntarily spread her legs apart, allowing Scott to delve into the warm wetness in between her thighs.

It had been too long since Scott had a woman as beautiful as Ginger. She was so soft and warm, as her body responded to his touch. Scott looked down at her exposed pussy lips, glistening pink from her excitement.

Then Ginger reached to pick up the large, hard cock and held it in her cool hand. Pulling on the engorged shaft, she could see at the tip, a drop of lubricating wetness was forming on the little, deep hole at the end. She ran her thumb across the open tip and dragged the slippery lubricant around the hot, swollen head. Then she bent down to his throbbing penis and pulled the head deep into her warm, wet mouth. Pulling it out again she began stroking the wet shaft, letting it slide wetly through her fingers.

The incredible sensation of Ginger’s’ hot mouth sucking on the head of Scott’s’ cock and now, the gently stroking of her soft hand was just too much and suddenly, Scott’s body stiffened as his cock began to spurt hot, thick sperm across him, landing on Ginger’s sheer blouse.

“Ohh!” moaned Scott, as his cock jerked in her hand and spurted his come in globs toward Ginger, His hands squeezed the fleshy globes of her tits through the thin blouse, her nipples, hard against the palms of his hands.

Then he took his hands away from her heaving breasts and bent over to kiss her at the tops of her soft thighs. Burying his face in her warm thighs he kissed the soft, damp skin at her pussy.

Ginger lay back against the couch, enjoying the gentle licking at her open pussy and relaxed. She stroked his hair as he gently kissed and licked her pussy until Ginger moaned and arched her hips. “Oh, my God! I’m coming, I’m coming.” She moaned. Scott’s cock was hard again and he quickly entered her with thrust after thrust until he felt the surge of his cum squirt into her wet pussy again and again. Ginger moaned loudly as Scott came inside her. “Oh, Scott you are so wonderful!” She screamed as she came on his cock again.

Ginger and Scott would have wonderful and exciting times after that first date and Ginger looked forward to seeing Scott again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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