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Girl Talk

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My neighbor and I were sitting in my breakfast room chatting over coffee when she decided to bring up a recent popular bondage movie that’s been out for a couple of years. I told her that I watched part of it and she told me that the book was much better and informed me that there was even a sequel.

When I told her that I wasn’t sure how any woman could enjoy the bondage and spankings, she simply said “you’d be surprised.”

A bit dumbfounded, I asked her if she and her husband had ever experimented with this type of thing and she said “not before the book,” and grinned at me.

Being nosey, I pressed her further and asked her what she meant by that.

She said, “Pam, it changed our lives, Henry is much more loving and our sex life is off the charts.”

Being totally surprised by that reaction, I told her that I didn’t want to sound old fashioned, but maybe she shouldn’t tell too many other people about this.

She just looked at me, laughed and said that her and her girlfriends at work discuss this topic all the time. She said that even some of the woman at her Bible study class have both tried it and found it arousing.

She said, “hell girl it was even discussed on a daytime talk show and a show of hands from the female audience proved that most woman actually do enjoy it.”

Over the years, though we’ve been close, we never spoke much about our sex lives and she didn’t come across to me as the person who would be so …I don’t know … sexually adventuresome.

As my intrigue grew, I asked many more questions because somehow, I had to know more.

When I heard the garage door open and I glanced at the clock, I thought where did the time go?

By now we had been talking about this for hours and my husband Ken was home.

He said something like “don’t let me interrupt you,” and Stacey said that she had to leave anyway, she gave me a look, slapped him on his hip pocket and walked out.

When Ken asked me “what was all that about?” I told him about the book and the movie and ask if he had ever considered something like that in our marriage.

Ken got kind of a stern look on his face and said, “after all our years together, why do you ask now?”

I told him about my talk with Stacey, how she had introduced it to her husband with positive results and how most of her girlfriends shared with her how it had improved their marital sex lives.

When he didn’t answer, I said “I want to maybe at least try it.”

He said that things like this are a big move and shouldn’t be rushed into and he reminded me that Stacey and her husband are much younger than us.

He said that if we did consider this it would have to come after considerable thought because there would be no going back.

When I asked him what he meant by that, he said that this would be life changing and something we couldn’t just undo. Surprisingly I told him that I was willing to try and he said he would think about it.

We had our dinner and the evening proceeded as usual, as if we hadn’t even touched on that subject at all.

When we went to bed, the sex was better than normal and I knew that our discussion had to be the reason behind it.

The next day at breakfast I asked him if he had given further thought to the subject and from the look on his face I knew exactly what he was about to throw in my face.

You see I’ve known this man for thirty some years and I can read him like a book. Four years ago for his fifty-fourth birthday I made the mistake of asking him what he wanted. He told me a threesome, saying that he didn’t care if it was a man or a woman, but that was what he really wanted.

When he received a set of TaylorMade golf clubs instead, he never got quite over it and he will still, to this day, bring it up when he feels the subject warrants it.

He said that he was willing but there had to be parameters. Before I could ask him what kind, he said that he didn’t want it in his home and that we would have to take a room.

He said that he wouldn’t go for spanking or flogging me but he would agree with a light form of bondage with a blindfold and a gag.

He also said that we would have to agree on a safe gaziemir escort word.

Before I could react, he asked me if I would like to add anything and I told him that I wanted him to leave my butt alone and not to put his fingers in my mouth after they were in me like he always tries to do.

That was the opener for ‘the poor Ken dig’ that he was looking for.

He said that if this works out for me and I really enjoy it, somewhere down the line he would like his threesome and all I could bring myself to say was “we’ll see.”

I guess he thought that was better than the last flat out “no way” he got over that foolish birthday request, because he simply said “agreed.”

That evening we went on line and looked up adult toys and light bondage stuff. I was relieved when he breezed by the ball and ring gags because I found them intimidating and I wanted to maintain the control of making any verbal objection that I might have.

In a few days, a FedEx driver rang the bell and handed me the package and I was glad to see that it arrived in a plain brown box and I couldn’t wait to open it.

It contained soft silk stocking like rope, velvet lined cuffs and anklets and a white satiny sleep mask.

I knew Ken was serious now and after seeing these items in real life, I started to have second thoughts.

When he phoned to tell me to look for that package and that we had a room reserved at the Hyatt for this coming Friday evening, I almost used my phone muscles to back out.

But knowing it was my idea I didn’t want to give him something else to pout, bitch and complain about.

I took my shower early that Friday morning and anxiously planned out what I would wear.

I had a few nice things that though I was full bodied, helped me look a bit more slender and that always gave me a little self confidence.

I had sexy new, never worn, white silk underwear that I knew would help set the mood.

When he got home from work, I was ready go and he said that I looked wonderful and asked if I was sure about going through with this.

Without mentioning my earlier second thoughts, I took his hand, picked up our overnight bag with our goodies in it and we drove to dinner.

All during the meal I couldn’t help think and wonder about was to come and when Ken saw that I was getting anxious, he calmly told me to relax and enjoy another glass of wine.

When we got to our room, there was little talk and he started to slowly undressed me all the way down to my panties.

Slow and methodically he placed the blindfold over my eyes and laid me on the bed.

I was a little surprised to notice how swift and proficient he was with the bindings. I felt the cuffs on my wrists first and the soft rope being threaded through the little metal rings, then the cool air on my armpits as each arm was placed above my head and tied to the headboard.

I felt him move a little more quickly now as he rolled up and placed a pillow under the back side each of my knees. As I was wondering where he learned such a technique, the anklets went on and as I felt the rope being threaded through them, I said his name and he asked me not to speak.

I felt each leg being stretched forward and slowly apart as the rope was tied off to what I could only assume to be the legs on both sides of the bed frame.

I felt my husband at the side of the bed now and he lightly rubbed my breasts and worked the crotch of my panties pressing them against my anus and up into my vaginal lips and in the cool air conditioning, I could feel them start to get warm and wet.

When I whispered that we had forgotten to order a gag, he softly said “you’re wearing it” and after hearing a snip-snip sound, my panties were cut off at the waistband.

He pulled them from under my butt, then he shoved the wet part of the crotch in my mouth.

As I started to speak my muffled objections into my own panties, I realized for the first time the effectiveness of those restraints. They were soft and smooth and didn’t cut in to my ankles or writs but they held me firm on my back.

Next I heard the rustle of cloths and the distinct sound of a belt I knew that karabağlar escort Ken was getting undressed and as he approached, I could smell his light cologne.

When he sat on the bed next to my face I got the full male apricot and faint urine musk scent of his penis and scrotum and I instantly remember that we’d left right after he came home from work and I didn’t allow him the time to shower.

The fact that I was bound, blindfolded, gagged and helpless, made this unclean aroma some how excite me beyond belief and I could hear in my mind, my friend Stacey’s voice telling me “Pam this will change your life.”

He started to roughly squeeze and fondle my breasts and pinch and pull on my nipples using them to lift and separate the heavy weight of each one.

Every time he would let a nipple go, it would fill with blood and this sensation made them become much harder and more sensitive.

Then he stopped for a moment and I heard him say “a little constant pressure” and I felt something cold bite hard into both of my nipples.

Though I had never experienced that feeling before, I instinctively knew it could only come from some sort of nipple clamps.

The pain at first was almost unbearable and as I screamed into the makeshift panty gag, I realized we didn’t have a safe word and I didn’t think to question him on how I could even use one if I was gagged.

He started to rub the bulkier portion of each breast now and down between them to my belly and the sharpness of the pain started to subside.

He said for me to relax and he told me that he would pull them after ten minutes and I remember hoping that that meant he would take them off.

I felt him stand and as he slowly rubbed my lower belly with his left hand, I felt his right come up from the inside of my thighs and kind of pull and gently pinch my plump outer lips and I knew at that moment that I was becoming extremely wet.

When both of his hands still in full contact of my tummy went back to my breasts to remove those painful clamps, I felt two more hands touch me from the other side of the bed.

I protested as load as I could in my pussy juice and drool soaked gag and the clamps came off with a sensation that was so overwhelming that it caused me to cum.

I tried to thrash around but I was held fast by those damn restraints that I had talked him into.

Totally panicked I stared to gurgle and swallow the gag and my husband pulled the wet panties from my throat.

Before I could get one word out he replaced them with his hard, smelly, throbbing cock.

The other hands were all over my pussy now, pinching and pulling the lips apart and I could feel a thumb press straight down and hard on my clitoris as two fingers were thrust inside my pussy.

As hard as I tried to resist it, I felt the beginning of another orgasm and right as it hit, I felt a large finger press deep in my ass.

That single action at that exact time caused me to cum like I never had before and right as it peaked, that long fat digit was ever so slowly removed.

When my husband pulled out my mouth, I was too out of breath to speak and when the bed softly jostled I caught a feminine scent and I realized that it was a woman who started to straddle and sit on my face.

I could feel the top of two small feet at each of my armpits and the inside of smooth shaven thighs on the sides of my face and then that familiar vaginal smell though much like my own, it was still very different some how.

I had never been with a woman or even considered it. Though I enjoy it when my husband goes down on me, the thought of me doing it with another female was always repulsive to me.

When my husband would try to make me taste myself off of his lips, penis or fingers, I would turn my head and tell him to keep that for himself.

I dislike crude phrases like “eat her out,” but that’s exactly what I started to do, just as if I have done it for my entire adult life, I began to eat her out.

I licked and sucked and tongued all the thick creamy dew that I could get from this secret donor and I was loving it.

I’m sure it was my husband who mounted and kemalpaşa escort actually entered me first.

I could imagine him looking and sniffing at the ass of the woman sitting on my face as he fucked me and though I was immensely enjoying her, the fact that he was looking at the bare ass of a woman who was obviously more fit than I, caused me to feel a little jealous.

When Ken had finely pleasured himself he helped the mystery woman off my face and I felt them untie my arms and legs and I also felt relief as the mild strain was taken from my underarms and pelvic area.

Just when I thought that it was over and they were going to let me up, the pillows were removed from under my knees and they rolled me over and placed my belly on what had to be a stack of both pillows.

My hands and legs were brought together at the cuffs and anklets and clipped so I couldn’t pull them apart and I was tied face down, stretched between the foot and head of the bed.

I felt a much larger and heavier man straddling my closed thighs now and as he lightly sat on the back of them against my butt, the weight of his massive cock came to rest parallel with and on the crack of my ass.

Before I could comprehend what was about to happen a different pair of panties was forced in my mouth and from their flavor and scent I knew that they were from the woman who had just left my face.

The big man’s hands were now on my shoulders and I could feel who I thought was my husband spread my ass cheeks with both of his hands then a cold spray in my ass and a tiny finger worked some lube around my rim and in my anus.

With one long slow forward thrust, for the first time in my life, I experienced the painful and over stuffed fullness of a man going deep in my ass.

As I struggled and fought against the assault, I heard Stacey’s voice say, “just relax Pam” and then I knew who our visitors were.

My bowls were now on fire, my lower belly started to cramp and when I finally quit trying to push him out, his strokes became longer, slower and surprisingly much deeper.

Though I have heard it rumored over the years that woman would have a more gratifying orgasm analy, I never believed one was even possible at all from the act until a massive one came crashing through the top of my chest down to and through the very tips of my toes.

When wave after glorious wave shuttered through me, I realized for the first time in fifty two years that I had gone multiple and I could feel the juices of forbidden gratification spill from my pussy and Henry pulled out of my ass.

I heard Stacy say “kill the lights because her eyes will be very sensitive,” and after a couple of clicks, my blindfold was removed.

As she untied me, I looked around the dim room and saw my husband standing naked stroking himself across from Henry who was also naked and sitting in the corner chair. I pulled the crotch of Stacey’s panties out of my mouth and sat up.

My husband gently positioned me at the end corner of the bed and had me sit with my arms around my knees and he pushed my feet up and on either side of my hips.

He lead Stacey’s over in front of me, had her bend over and he pushed her head down into my pussy.

When he made sure that Henry was watching him, he went to his knees and put his face in her ass.

I could tell from the position of his nose and the level of his eyes that he had his tongue deep in her asshole.

Then he stood behind her and while looking me right in the eye, I could tell that he was positioning himself to take her anally.

Ken grabbed her slender hips and as he pushed forward it was confirmed that he was fucking her ass by the way she moaned into me while enjoying the mixed flavored offering of our sex.

Henry came over fondling and stroking his large uncut cock and turned my head to face him. He stood on his toes to reach my mouth and when I opened it he unloaded his giant balls on my tongue.

Almost at that exact moment Ken grunted and popped for his second round in Stacey’s cute little ass. I can remember thinking that this was the first time in many years that he was able to climax twice in one session.

After a brief rest and a group shower we were all hungry and decided to go down to the bar and eat together.

During appetizers, Stacy asked “well, was I right about it improving your life?”

I smiled and looked at her, Henry and Ken and simply said, “maybe we should give it a few more tries before I decide.”

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