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Girls Night Out

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“Yeah, you’re right, girl. I need to have a fun night out. It’s been a while. I just don’t want to deal with men right now, you know,” I’m explaining to my friend, Jess, over the phone. “Don’t get me wrong, I love cock but it’s not like I want to go home with every one of them. I just want to have some fun and go home alone sometimes. It’s not like I have a connection with every man I meet.”

I hear Jess laugh and say, “Maybe it is time you converted.” Jess and I had known each other for a couple years before she came out. She seems so much happier now that she is openly dating women. She loves hitting the lesbian bars in San Francisco and this time she tells me that I should go with her. I think about it for a minute and tell her that I want to go and would meet her for dinner after work before we hit her favorite spot in the city. We talk about where to have dinner then I hang up the phone and get back to work.

A few hours later and thankful that it is Friday night, I walk through the door of the restaurant, looking around to find Jess. I spot her at a table in the middle of the room with a couple of her friends and walk towards the table. We all say our hellos ordered some drinks as we looked over the menu. As the waitress returns with our drinks and takes our orders, we all get comfortable and started to chat. One of the friends, Lynn, turns to me and asked, “Are you ok that we decided to go to the city to party and hit a favorite spot? Erin is going to be our designated driver since she doesn’t drink,” she looks over to Erin, “so that means we can party all night long!”

“Absolutely, no problem; I am actually looking forward to having a good time so let the fun begin,” I tell her. I raise my glass, smile at the three and say, “Cheers, to a fun girls’ night out!” Everyone agrees and takes a drink of their cocktail.

I look around the table to see what everyone was wearing. Jess, as usual, is wearing black pants, white shirt and black jacket. Her long curly hair gelled the way she liked it and no make up. Lynn, being more feminine, is wearing a green short dress, her make-up done perfectly and her short red hair immaculately done. Erin, on the other hand, has her dark hair brushed haphazardly, in jeans, black t-shirt and a heavy flannel shirt with no make up. I look down, seeing my work clothes as I didn’t have time to change before meeting them for dinner. I was wearing a black tight skirt that went just above my knees and matching jacket, white buttoned lace shirt and black heels; I was comfortable, so thought to myself, what the hell. I did manage to unbutton the top two buttons in the car so it didn’t look too much like it was a work outfit. My long black hair brushed to a shine, laying passed my shoulders with my bangs just at my eyebrows. I didn’t need much make up but had touched it up before leaving work.

We eat our dinner, talk and have more drinks when Jess tells us about this woman she has a huge crush on. Her name is Katherine but goes by Kat. Throughout dinner and on our ride to the city, she continues to talk about Kat, so naturally we give Jess a hard time.

After an hour drive, we get to the bar and as soon as we walk in, Jess starts to look around for Kat. We all give her another ribbing because her head is spinning as if she was Linda Blair in Exorcist. Suddenly she gasps out loud, walks quickly to the dance floor, leaving us wondering where she went. But knowing Jess as we do, she will find us when she wants to, so Lynn and I tell Erin that we need a drink and walk over to the bar. Erin is watching Jess come back and points to us at the bar. I see this tall blond walk over with them, realizing that she is Kat. I find out that she is over 6 feet and with her motorcycle boots, she is a giant in the bar among all the women. She is wearing black leather pants, that hugs her long, lithe legs and a tight black tank top that shows her curves and covered with matching leather jacket. Her hair is short and pulled back with gel and she has little make-up on but is really gorgeous, which makes her stand out even more than her height.

Jess introduces us all, we look around to find a table to sit and enjoy the night. Jess and Kat start to talk quietly on their own while Lynn, Erin and I were watching people come and go on the dance floor. Lynn sees a friend across the way, gets up to talk to her and Jess and Kat decide to hit the dance floor so Erin and I join them, too.

After a couple dances, I need to sit out and have another drink so I go back to the table, Erin following. We sit and chat when Jess comes back alone, looking a little dejected. Wondering what was wrong, I ask her. She sits down looks at me and says, “I asked Kat out and she said that she was not interested in me that way. She told me that she would love to hang out and be friends but she’s more interested in getting to know you.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I ask her, surprised.

“That’s what she just told me,” Jess looks at me sadly. “I let her know that you’re tecavüz porno straight, was just out to have a good time and hang out with friends tonight. She thinks she can convert you,” Jess says laughing at me.

“Oh, shit, I don’t need this.” I look at her and shook my head. “I came out to party; not have to worry about being picked up and now you are telling me that a woman wants me.”

“I know, I know! I told her but she said she wanted to get to know you better and talk some,” Jess tells me. “I am bummed but you can’t make someone like you, so glad it is you and not someone else.” She giggles and says, “Well, get ready, because here she comes.”

I turn and see Kat walking back towards us. Always being pretty upfront, I know I will have to tell Kat that I am not interested but strangely, I feel some hesitation in doing so. She is fun, vivacious and I think that she and I could become fast friends. Just wasn’t sure about a sexual relationship.

She sits next to me and smiles. I smile back and when I look up, Erin and Jess decide to take a walk through the bar and see if any friends were around, which leaves me alone with Kat. As we look at each other, she pulls her chair closer to me and asks, “Did Jess tell you about my interest in you?”

“Yeah, she did,” I answer. “Kat, you have to understand that I am straight. I love men and as much as I think you are gorgeous, I am not interested in a relationship with a woman.”

“How do you know until you try it?” she asks. “Have you ever had a girlfriend or been with a woman?”

“I have had a threesome, once, but we were concentrating on the guy, not each other so I was ok with her being there,” I tell her. “Ok, so I can’t say that I have had a relationship with another woman but I never felt the need to.”

“I think you should try before you say you don’t want the experience. How do you know it is not for you unless you have tried?” she asks, looking at me seriously. She smiles suddenly and asks, “So you think I’m gorgeous, huh?”

Smiling, I look at her and realize that I am kind of turned on; thinking that a woman is making me feel this way, I suddenly am confused. Then I think, it is because I have had a few drinks and shrug it off until she leans over and kisses me full on the lips, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I was instantly hot, feeling my pussy getting wet and couldn’t fathom that a woman was making me feel this way so I guess I must have looked confused when she pulled away.

She smiles at me and asks, “You ok? You seem surprised or confused.”

“Yeah, I am both,” I tell her honestly. “Never felt like this about a woman, so it is a bit disconcerting.”

“Well, we can take it slow and see where it goes,” Kat says. “I really want to get to know you and would love to be intimate with you. I think I can please you very much,” she tells me, chuckling.

Not sure how to respond, I ponder it for a minute, look at her and say, “Let’s start with friendship and see where it goes, like you said. I don’t think it will be more than that, but I may be wrong. I just never thought of myself with a woman, so it is a new concept for me to think about and grasp.”

“Well, I really enjoyed that kiss and would love to have another. It may not be tonight, though I wish it but will try to get steal one more soon,” she says as she lifts an eyebrow and grins at me. “You have me so wet and turned on right now. You are so beautiful, so I can see why men are turned by you. Jess told me how men love to ask you out. God, I love your breasts; they are so sexy and um… voluptuous. I think I can have some fun with them.”

Chuckling, I tell her that I have always been big busted for being average height and size. Wanting to change the subject as I see it heading in a direction I was not sure about yet and wanting another drink, I see a cocktail waitress, wave her over so we could order another round while we talk about our lives and get to know each other more.

Jess and Erin come back to the table, sit down and look at me, then at Kat. Both start to giggle and joke around with us as Erin asks if the kiss was a good one. I am flushed with embarrassment as I realize that they had seen us but Kat looks unconcerned. She looks over to Erin and tells her that it was one of the best she has ever had and is looking forward to the next one, which causes Erin and Jess to giggle some more. The rest of the night, Kat, Erin, Jess and I dance and drink as we chat, joke and have fun. Towards the end, Lynn comes back, all flushed, clothes a little wrinkled but grinning ear to ear. She tells us that she met a woman and they kind of had a little fun in the back room.

As we all walk to the parking lot to go home. Kat invites us to stay at her place as she lives nearby but since Erin is our designated driver we tell her that we are ok with the drive but would love to hang out another time again. She walks with us to Erin’s car, and before I can get into the car, she reaches üvey anne porno her hand around the back of my neck, pulls my face close to hers and kisses me again, this time deeper and longer. Moaning, she moves back, looks at me and whispers, “I will see you again, I promise.”

Naturally, getting into the car, it was very quiet until we get to the freeway and then the girls all start to laugh out loud, ribbing me about how I have a “girlfriend”. I take the ribbing all the way home, silently wondering about how I felt, especially after the kiss.

When I get home, I undress, get into bed and find that I can’t sleep even though it is very late. My body is on fire and I need to dowse the flames. I slowly pull and tug on my right nipple as I glide my left hand over my stomach, down around my hips down to where my aching, hot pussy waits. I start to rub my clit with my left hand, moaning out loud as it feels so good. I reach further down and find that my pussy is dripping wet and I start to finger myself. I alternate rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy as I feel my body respond to my touch. My hips move to meet the thrusts and needing to cum so bad, I stop playing with my nipples and use one hand to pump my fingers into my pussy while I vigorously rub my clit. I feel the tension starting to build as my orgasm nears and the thought of Kat comes into my head as my orgasm rolls me, convulsing my body over and over until it stops. The thought of her made me cum this hard, I wonder what it would be like to have her pleasure me, then shake my head in denial as I fall asleep.

Over the course of the next couple of months, Kat seem to be everywhere I went with Jess, so slowly, I started to get to know her, really like her as a friend and realized that she has also me still confused about why she has the ability to turn me on with a look when other woman would not normally affect me in any way sexual; and how every time we meet, she gives me a full body hug and kisses me deeply. I acknowledge silently that she is affecting me and how I think of my sexuality towards her. I continue to find myself masturbating to the thought of her sexually pleasuring me and my orgasms seem to be more intense. It started to get me thinking what it would be like to actually be with her, which caused more confusion for me.

Almost three months to the day I first met Kat, we all decide to go back to San Francisco for a night out but this time I drive my car to meet up with them so that I can leave earlier if I felt the need. Being around Kat was making me confused, turned on and acted irrationally so mentally it helped to know my get away car was nearby.

I was able to change at work so instead of wearing work clothes, I dressed in a short flowing skirt with a lace tank, my jean jacket and because it was summer, I wore flat sandals to be comfortable. For whatever reason, I decided to wear a thong panty when I changed at work, so I felt very sexy and playful that night.

We meet at a Chinese restaurant, in San Francisco’s Chinatown and get a booth at the back, which we find is pretty private and quite cozy. We have the waiter bring us a few beers to start with and order a bunch of food for dinner to share. While we eat and drink heavily, we talk about stuff we had done that week and joke around with each other. Kat and I were still eating when we realized that everyone left to hit the bar nearby. We order another round of beers and continue to talk. I found I liked talking to her and enjoyed her company.

Without knowing when, she had lifted my skirt, her left hand on my right thigh and was stroking it up and down. I swallowed hard because it felt incredible. I looked over at her and she leaned over and kissed me hard and we started to make out in the booth. I feel her hand over my left tit while she rubbed and pulled on my nipple as our tongues and lips teased and sucked. She pulled back, grinning, and when she moved back, her napkin fell to the floor. She went under the table to retrieve it, when I felt her hands on my thighs, spreading them wider apart. The way she was gliding her fingertips on my inner thighs had me so turned on I couldn’t have stopped her if I tried.

I felt her lips kiss and lick my inner thighs, going from one leg to another, slowly moving closer to my pussy. I felt her hands around my hips, pulling me closer to the edge of the chair as I felt her lips touch my pussy lips. Her lips moved all around, kissing and licking as she used her fingers to move the panty aside so she could wrap her lips around my clit. The moment she did, my hips bucked towards her face and I softly moaned.

She moved her lips down to my pussy and I felt her tongue slide in, licking and fucking me. I heard her moan as her tongue continued to move in and out of my hot wet hole and it made me hotter than I have ever been. My hands started to play with my nipples through my shirt and I spread my legs wider as I felt her tongue me deeper.

She moved her üvey erkek kardeş porno lips back up and started to suck on my clit softly and slowly, nibbling it with her teeth as I felt her fingers slide into my pussy, moving slowly inside, feeling me. She started to pump her finger in and out a little faster as her tongue licked at my hard nub. I felt her suck my clit harder and harder as she continued to thrust her fingers into my pussy faster and faster. I moved my hips to the rhythm of her thrusts on to her face as my orgasm was getting closer and I felt my body tighten, readying itself for the release.

Pinching my nipples a little harder, I knew I was going to cum and felt my legs start to shake. My body jumped when my orgasm hit and she was wildly pumping her fingers into me while she kept sucking my clit hard, making me cum harder than I ever had before. Once my orgasm subsided, I felt her tongue inside my pussy, licking me, hearing her moan.

I looked around and realized where we were at and thought how lucky no one had come around the whole time she was getting me off. It must have been a sight with me slouched down on the chair, my hands on my tits, moaning.

She came back up from under the table, with her napkin, smiled and looked at me. She leaned over and kissed me and asked if I wanted to get out of there. We paid the bill and walked out into the warm night. She grabbed my hand, lifted it up and kissed it. Dazed, I wondered about what had happened but also was still turned on and for the first time in my life, I wanted to pleasure a woman. I wanted to pleasure her. “My place or the bar?” she asks.

Already thinking of pleasuring her, I tell her that we are going to her place. We get my car so I can have it when I need to leave and drive over to her place. The trip takes less than 5 minutes which does not give me much time to think if this is really what I want to do, which I think is a good thing.

Once we get in to her place, we start to kiss and undress each other. She takes my jacket off of me and throws it on the couch. I remove her shirt and throw it on top of my jacket. She slowly pulls my lace tank off and kisses my cleavage and then removes my bra. She sucks on my right nipple as I pull her t-shirt off. She doesn’t have a bra on so I smooth my hand down her back and pull her body closer to mine feeling her soft skin on me. We kiss again, falling onto her couch, our hands and mouths all over each other’s tits and nipples.

I feel her hand go up my skirt and pull my thong panties down. Then she pulls my skirt down so that I am naked. She slides to the floor and gets between my legs but I stop her as I want to remove her jeans and pleasure her, which I tell her. She smiles and stands up, removes her jeans and panties and stands in front of me, legs slightly spread.

I touch her mound with my right hand, slowly sliding it down and over her clit as I hear her moan. Then I slide my fingers around between her legs, feeling the hair and soft skin. I put my face to her mound and gently kiss it. I look up at her and see that she has her eyes close and her mouth slightly open as she feels my hand touch and tease her. Her breathing is slowing down and her face is flushed. I pull her down to the couch, to sit next to me as I lean in to kiss her lips, sliding my tongue to taste and touch hers. Our hands touch every where, as we continue to kiss and our breathing becoming more labored as we aroused each other. Since is it s new experience for me, we take our time to let all of our senses be aroused. The touches, the sounds, the tastes were all intoxicating to me.

I slide down to my knees and get between her legs, very slowly letting my fingers run up and down her inner thighs, as my lips kissed the top of them, as I push them apart. My lips kiss the mound above her clit as my fingers explore the swollen lips and hard nub of her clit. I kiss my way to her clit, listening to her moan. I roll my tongue around her clit as I hear her gasp and grab my head. She looks down at me in surprise. I smile and say, “Hey, I have one, too, honey, and know what feels good so just doing what I know what I would like.” She nods and I go back to her clit, softly sucking and licking it as my hands caress her pussy. I slowly slide a finger into her wet soft pussy and feel her juices cover it. Again she moans, a little louder as I start to slide my finger in and out, excruciatingly slow. I lick down to her pussy and around her pink lips, taking my finger out. I let my tongue slide into her wet hole and taste her for the first time; a salty but sweet taste, I think and start to lick deeper, feeling her hips push against my mouth. I moan into her pussy and the vibration of it makes her pussy twitch and causes her to groan.

Knowing what feels good to me, I start to lick and tongue her pussy while my thumb rubs her clit. I hear her continue to moan louder and louder as she huskily whispers how good she feels and how good I am pleasuring her. When I look up at her, I see that she is playing with her nipples, enjoying what I am doing to her body. As I plunge my tongue all the way in and out of her, I let my hands roam over her inner thighs and up her ass, caressing and massaging. I start to finger her asshole and she moans how good that feels so I keep playing with it as I tongue her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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