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Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 86

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The band was packing up and Frank Sinatra’s “In the Wee Small Hours” was playing on the sound system as the five women reclaimed their coats and exited the club. Joseph was waiting for them but this time he didn’t leave the car to greet them; it was late and cold, and he’d been working hard while they danced and drank.

They had barely been on the road a minute when Angel slid onto the floor, knelt in front of Jodie, and pulled her legs apart. Jodie’s eyes went wide with surprise as Angel lifted her skirt and leaned down to place a kiss on the crotch of her panties. She was quite wet down there, both with sweat and lubrication, from the dirty dancing she and Angel had been doing; when Angel pulled the thin strip of fabric aside, her pussy lips were a vivid, glistening pink.

As Angel ran the tip of her tongue up the length of Jodie’s slit, Miss White glanced over at Monika, who was watching raptly with intense, flashing eyes. And it was indeed a beautiful sight. Jodie settled back into her seat, lifting her hips a little as Angel pulled her panties down and off. Jodie began to moan quietly as Angel spread her legs again, penetrated her with a finger, then bent forward to lap at her clit.

Miss White had been sitting across from Jodie, which mean that Angel’s magnificent rump was now pointing right at her. Kicking off one shoe, Miss White extended her foot and used it to lift Angel’s skirt. The thong Angel was wearing didn’t cover anything, and Miss White took a minute to admire the full beauty of the perfectly rounded cheeks before she began to tease Angel’s inner thighs with her toes. Angel’s ass began to gyrate and more than anything Miss White wanted to kiss it, slap it, lick it, bite it. But she wasn’t going to get down there on the floor of the limo; it was beneath her dignity.

Without taking her eyes off Angel and Jodie for a second, Monika reached out maltepe escort one hand and began to grope Annie, who was sitting next to her. Annie shifted slightly in her seat as Monika’s hand crept up under her skirt and between her legs.

Now Angel was rubbing her crotch against Miss White’s big toe, which slipped inside a little bit, causing Angel to shiver and moan into Jodie’s crotch. Everyone in the car was pretty hot and bothered by this point, and a full-blown orgy might have broken out if they hadn’t pulled up in front of the house just then.

Everyone stopped what they were doing except Angel, who continued slurping away at Jodie’s pussy until Monika reached over and pulled her away. Skirts were quickly lifted and everyone was more or less covered by the time Joseph opened the door.

Worn out as he was, Joseph couldn’t help grinning and shaking his head at the sight of the five lovely, a little tipsy, slightly dishevelled women. He would have loved to invite himself in but he knew better; this was Monika’s scene and she called the shots, and he respected that. Instead his gave his hat the tiniest little tip, said “Good night, ladies,” and was gone.

As she stepped up onto the curb Angel broke a heel and stumbled, falling into Miss White, who was closest to her. Miss While nimbly caught her with one hand and pulled her close, in a move so smooth it looked almost choreographed.

Monika, who was already halfway up the path to the house, stopped and looked back at them. “You OK?” she called.

“Fine,” said Angel, and Monika turned back and continued on. But Miss White wasn’t sure that she was telling the truth; she was shivering violently and her heart was pounding. Miss White wondered if she might have turned her ankle.

“Are you sure you’re OK?” Miss White asked solicitously.

Angel nodded and smiled weakly. “Yeah, but it’s freezing escort maltepe out here.”

Miss White pulled her closer and began to lead her toward the house. She smelled delicious and was soft and round against Miss White’s side; Miss White found herself slowing her pace a bit to prolong the moment.

By the time they got inside everyone else had gone to the kitchen for water, but Miss White was not thirsty — not that way, anyway. Closing the door behind her, she quickly pulled off Angel’s coat and shoes. She was not in the mood to wait a moment longer for what she wanted.

Tossing her own coat aside, Miss White took Angel gently but firmly by the arm and led her to the living room. Only one wall sconce was burning, giving the room a romantic atmosphere. But Miss White’s approach at this moment was less than romantic. She bent Angel over the couch so that her ass was sticking up into the air, lifted her skirt, and hastily pulled off her thong; then decisively landed a single open-handed slap on each cheek.

Miss White watched Angel’s cheeks jiggle back and forth for a surprisingly long time. Only when they had stopped did she lean down and begin to nibble on the soft flesh as she’d been dying to do.

As she enjoyed Angel’s rear end to her heart’s content, Miss White began inevitably to smell a powerful aroma of female arousal drifting up from underneath. She reached down and opened Angel’s legs to reveal a pair of soft, brown, perfectly puckered pussy lips, and was just about to go in for a taste when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

As Miss White looked back into Monika’s eyes, she wondered if she might have gone too far this time. But the look on Monika’s face was not disapproving, just focused, and maybe a little mischievious. “I have a better idea,” she said.

* * *

Kristin had gotten her opportunity much sooner than she maltepe escort bayan expected. After dinner she’d invited Lina and Nicola back to her house to watch a movie. She’d started a fire and opened a bottle of wine, and the three of them had sat down to take in an old Italian romance. But Nicola, who had already had a few glasses of wine at dinner and was a lightweight when it came to alcohol, didn’t even make it halfway through. Standing up from the couch, not without difficulty, she mumbled a bleary “Good night” and began to stumble up the stairs.

Lina and Kristin shared a look, both affectionate and exasperated, undergirded by the knowledge that they were now going to be alone. They’d kept catching each other’s eyes during dinner, and both sensed that something had shifted between them. But then they heard Nicola stumble and curse at the top of the stairs, and the spell was broken.

“I’d better go make sure she’s OK,” said Lina.

“That’s OK, I’ll go,” responded Kristin, and she was on her way before Lina could respond. At the top of the stairs she turned left and went all the way down the hall to her bedroom, only to find the door standing open and no one there. After a few minutes of confusion she figured out that Nicola, forgetting that she wasn’t at home, had turned right instead and ended up in Kristin’s parents’ bedroom. In the dim light Kristin could see her sleeping safely on her side, and decided to leave her there. If things went as she hoped they might, Kristin was going to need her bedroom.

Stepping out into the hallway, Kristin took a deep breath and asked herself if she really wanted to pursue this. On the one hand, she was feeling dreadfully horny and Lina had never looked more beautiful; when she imagined sticking her head between those gorgeous tits, just for starters, she shivered. On the other, Lina was almost like family, her mother’s lover, and her lover’s mother. Would it be too weird? Her head said one thing, her body another.

She reminded herself that she wasn’t even sure Lina was into the idea. Time would tell. She squared her shoulders and headed down the stairs.

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