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Girls’ Vacation Pt. 01

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I started working for a multinational company right after I graduated from college. At that time, the company just established their Asia headquarters and was mass hiring to fill in the job openings to run their Asian markets. Out of the hundreds of employees hired at that time, I developed a close relationship with 3 other ladies, Anne, Kathy, and Belle. We spent lunch and coffee breaks together almost every day, until they accepted jobs in our US headquarters and had to migrate. I also got offered a job together with them, but I declined as I was not ready to leave home and migrate.

Despite being far from each other, we’ve kept in touch constantly and remained as close friends. I travelled to the US to attend their weddings, and they came back home to attend mine. It also became our tradition to connect via video call every 1st of July which was our hiring anniversary. The number of participants grew almost yearly, starting with just the four of us years ago, to now where our husbands and kids join as well. In one of the calls, Anne suggested that we have a girls-only vacation in Cancun. The husbands agreed only if we would allow them to have their own plans while we were out. After months of talking plans, the time has come, and we are all set for Mexico.

Before continuing with my story, I’d like to share a few things about the girls. Let me start with Anne, my 1st seatmate at work. She is what we would call a rich girl who prefers finer things in life from branded clothes, to sophisticated tastes in food and drinks. Anne is married to Allan who is an army guy. He looks tough on the outside, tall, and muscular, but really a gentleman on the inside. The couple have a son and have decided to not have more kids after Anne had a hard time with her pregnancy. Anne had her share of sex with different partners when she was single but has only slept with Allan since they got married.

Next is Kathy, the party animal. She is the ball of energy in the group, always happy, and loud, and out partying every weekend. She is also an eye candy, and the fantasy of a lot of guys in the office with her big boobs, slim waist, and J-Lo butt. She is married to Tony, an IT professional and part-time musician. Despite having three kids, Kathy still looks very sexy, so we call her the ultimate MILF. Kathy has always been the promiscuous one, and she managed to get Tony to allow her to fuck other men as long as she uses protection.

Lastly, Belle, the health buff. She’s the gym rat and the one who reminds all of us to eat healthy and exercise, but still manages to enjoy out Friday night-outs. She is married to Rod, another health buff whom she met at the gym. For me, he is the most handsome in the group, and every time we would have silly conversations about men and sex, I would always tell Belle to keep her husband away from me when I’m drunk, and we would all laugh about it. They don’t have kids by choice, and I could say that they are happy together. Belle has been a very good wife, except for a few slip ups she refers to as “alcohol-induced one-night stands.”

The plan was set! We were all going to meet at Belle’s place where Rod will host the guys, while the girls will fly off to Cancun. Belle and Rod have a nice place in Miami where the guys can do barbecue and beer by the pool, plus Miami is only 2 hours away from Cancun by plane. Anne and Allan will be coming from Jersey, Kathy, and Tony from Texas, and I’m flying 16 hours from Asia. Given my long flight time, the plan was for me to meet the girls at the Miami airport so I would be flying all the way to Mexico, then I will just spend time to visit Belle’s place when we’re back from the vacation, before I fly back home. My husband won’t join the trip, unfortunately, as he has an annual business trip to Europe for work.

A day before leaving for our flights, my husband and I took the kids to his folks where they will be staying for the week while we were out. Having the house to ourselves, my husband and I literally fucked all night and all over the house. In between sex, we packed our stuff and as usual, he didn’t allow me to pack a lot of undies. He only allowed me to pack 2 lace thongs, which meant that I wouldn’t be wearing panties for most parts of the trip. He also picked the bikinis I packed, and it included string and Brazilian bottoms only, not the more conservative ones.

The next day, we went to the airport together even though his flight will leave 2 hours later than mine. As we were waiting on the lounge, the airport PA announced that my flight would be delayed by 4 hours, and I started to panic as it meant that I would miss the connection to Miami and will not make it to the flight to Mexico. My husband helped me with my re-bookings, and the best I could do was to get to Miami in the afternoon then fly to Cancun the next day. I called Belle to share the bad news, and we agreed that they will stick to the original plan, then I will just join them the following day. She asked me to stay at their place to spend the night, and even asked almanbahis adres Rod to pick me up from the airport.

After a long flight which included a stop in LA, I finally made it to Miami. It was around 4 in the afternoon when I landed, and as soon as I turned on my phone, I already saw a picture of the girls in Cancun on Instagram. After clearing homeland security, I met Rod and we drove over to their place. He asked me if I wanted to pick up food or anything along the way, and I told him I was ok and just wanted to relax after a long flight. He said that he and the guys have chilled wine already so it should be ready when we reach their place.

When we got to Rod’s and Belle’s house, Rod led me to the guest room and the guys helped me with my luggage. They asked me to join them for some drinks, and I told them I would shower first then I’ll join them. After cleaning up, I put on my sun dress then I went out to join the guys on the porch for some wine and cheese. We talked a bit about my flight mishap, and I told them that their wives have been sending me pictures which made me envious. We spent a couple of hours sharing stories, and before my buzz and jetlag got the best of me, I excused myself so I could phone home and check on the kids, and check if I can get my husband on the phone.

After I caught up with my husband and the kids, I went back to the group to tell them that I was tired and will leave them to continue. Rod suggested that we go for a dip on the hot tub so I could feel more relaxed, and I agreed as I thought it was a great idea. I went to my room to change to my bikini while Rod prepared the tub and the guys helped bring the wine over so we can continue drinking while dipping. After they got the tub ready, they jumped right in and waited for me in the tub

I put on my black pair of bikinis with a halter top and tie-side bottoms, the most conservative pair I had packed, then I went out to join the guys. Tony helped me up the steps and then eventually led me to the seat they reserved for me between Allan and Rod. The warm water of the tub combined with the wine felt so good and relaxing that I just wanted to remain quiet and stay still, but Allan suggested that we have some fun and play a game. I tried to convince the guys otherwise, but I was outvoted so I stopped being a party-pooper and joined in on the fun.

Allan explained the mechanics of the game which is basically just truth or dare with a twist. He has prepared a list of questions which everyone has to answer, and the choices for the answers should be limited to the four of us and our spouses. The twist is, instead of saying the answer, you would have to do the dare to the person you chose, or the spouse, depending on who is present. I didn’t get the point of the game to be honest as we’ve all been friends since forever, so I thought there was nothing new to know about each other anymore. I just went with the flow thinking it was harmless and boring, but little did I know that I was walking into a trap!

“Let’s start easy. Give a toast to the person, or his or her spouse, you consider to be your closest in this group.” Allan said in a tone trying to imitate a game show host. They asked me to go first so I gave a toast to Allan as my answer was his wife Anne. Allan went next and gave a toast to Tony, his golf buddy before Tony and Kathy moved to Texas. Tony gave me a toast as he considers me and my husband his closest. as we used to watch his gigs before they migrated to the US. Rod gave Allan a toast since it was Allan who helped him adjust to the US life when they moved here. As we finished the first round, I thought it was nice to know how each of us felt towards each other.

“Next! If you are trapped in an island, who is the person you would pick to be with you? If he’s a guy, give him a fist bump. If she’s a girl, give her a hug.” This was an easy choice for Rod, Tony, and me as we all chose the military guy, Allan, as we thought he had the most survival skills. Allan on the other hand chose me because I was the only one in the tub who “can satisfy his manly needs!” We all had a great laugh at his response, and we all agreed that I was the only logical choice in the group. Allan stood up and helped me up my feet so he could hug me. As we hugged, I felt his cock press against my body, and I could tell that he was packing a good one. Although Allan wasn’t my type, I couldn’t help but feel a bit aroused thinking about his big cock.

“Time to spice it up a bit!” Allan said rather excitedly. We all reacted with our “ooohs” and “aaahs” but personally, I wasn’t sure if I should get excited or nervous.

“If you only had one fuck left before you die, who would it be? If your answer is your spouse, take off a piece of clothing and throw it out the tub. If your answer is someone else’s spouse, take off a piece of clothing and give it to him, her, or his or her spouse!” The guys all cheered as they heard the dare, and I was very vocally protesting as I was the only lady in the tub. Allan almanbahis adresi wouldn’t budge with his dare and I wanted to walk out of the tub, but they guys calmed me down and assured me that it was all for fun. I took a few seconds to calm my nerves before deciding to just be a sport and just have fun.

Allan got things started as he stood up first, pulled off his shorts and tossed it out the tub. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath, so I was able to confirm that he was indeed packing a big one. We all applauded him for being loyal to Anne before moving on with the game. Tony and Rod did the same thing and we all cheered as they chose their wives, but secretly I was looking at their cocks. Of the three, Allan had the biggest cock, while Tony and Rod were just about the same size. For my turn, I had to choose whether to lose my top or bottoms, and I decided to take off my top.

I slouched a bit so my tits were submerged, but the guys wouldn’t let me “cheat my way out” and asked me to stand up like they did. I felt like I had no choice, so I knelt on the tub instead, then slowly slipped my top off with one hand while trying very hard to cover my tits with my other arm. I tossed my top out of the tub and quickly went under to hide my tits on the water, but I was sure that my nipples slipped one way or another for the guys to see. After I set down, they all gave me a fist bump again for being a good sport, and I responded positively this time, not like earlier where I was agitated.

“Alright, since we are all having fun again, let’s move from spicy to very hot!” Allan remarked, once again impersonating a host or a radio jock with a mysterious tone. While the guys were all eager to hear the next dare, I felt some butterflies in my stomach, but I wasn’t sure if I was nervous or actually horny and aroused. I kept my composure and stay calmed between Rod and Allan while waiting for the next dare.

“If you were to cheat on your spouse with anyone on this group, who would it be? For you (pointing at me), you need to make out for 30 seconds with the guy of your choice. Guys, if it’s with her, make out with her for 30 seconds, if she’s not here, tweak the nipple of her husband for 10 seconds!” That last details made us all laugh very hard, but when the laughter settled, you would feel the tension in the room. We decided to have a toast of wine to calm the nerves, and afterwards the guys said, “ladies first!”.

I stayed still for a few seconds, then I took a deep breath and leaned towards Rod to give him a kiss. Rod responded by pulling me in front of him then stared darting his tongue inside my mouth as he kissed me back. He then grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock, before placing his hand on my tits. He groped my tits and gently played with my nipple while we made out, and I reciprocated by slowly stroking his cock under water. Just when I was getting horny, the guys yelled “Time’s Up!” in unison before separating me and Rod from each other. Tony proposed another toast to cool the heat down a bit before we went to the next person up.

Allan suggested for Rod to go next and Rod happily obliged. Without saying anything, Rod pulled me back in front of him and resumed kissing me passionately. His hand once again found its way to my tits, while mine grabbed his cock which I started jacking off more vigorously this time. He pulled me closer to him such that my breasts were pressing against his chest, then he inserted his hand inside my bikini bottom and started groping my ass. I could feel my pussy getting wet while I made out with Rod, and I wanted to ask him to fuck me, but our time lapsed again, and the other guys had to stop us once more.

Just as I was moving to go back to my place, Tony lunged towards me and pulled me in front of him. He then held me by my hips and positioned me on top of him such that his hard cock was pressing against my bikini-covered crotch. My tits were fully exposed to the guys as Tony positioned me on top of him, but I was too horny to care at this point. We started kissing passionately with him fondling my tits and groping my ass as if to tell me he owned my body, while I consciously started rubbing my crotch against his cock. We went on like this for 30 seconds, and when Allan called time, we wanted to continue kissing but Allan stopped us.

As I unmounted Tony and turned to go back to my place, Allan gave me the “come here” gesture with his finger paired with his mischievous grin. As I moved towards Allan, he reached is arms forward to cup my small tits, and gently tugged on my nipples as he pulled me closer to him. He sat me sideways on his lap, wrapped his arm around me to grab my tits, then started making out with me. As we kissed, he moved his other hand between my legs and started rubbing my pussy. I couldn’t help but start moaning as he worked on my cunt, so Allan stopped kissing me so he could hear me moan. I was again on the brink of asking to be fucked but like earlier, we were interrupted by the other guys as our 30 seconds almanbahis adresi were up and we had to stop.

As I slowly slid myself off Allan’s lap to take my seat between him and Rod, he stood up, held me by my elbow and pulled me up as well. He grabbed both my arms and held them firmly behind me such that my tits and erect nipples were propped up in front of Rod. I then felt his other hand go down by my hips then I saw the strings of my tie-side bottoms getting pulled loose, and in no time, I was standing completely naked in front of Rod and Tony. Allan held me like this for a few seconds, as if parading my body to our friends, before he asked Rod to pleasure me.

Rod moved and knelt in front of me, then slowly played with me erect nipples, one after the other. As he gently licked and sucked on my tits, I felt his hand go between my legs and started slowly rubbing my pussy lips and clit. He must have felt how wet I was down there, so he slowly inserted a finger inside my cunt, making me moan in pleasure. As he fingered my cunt, I also felt him sucking harder on my tits which stung a bit, but I couldn’t stop him as I was enjoying more the pleasure it brought.

Just like earlier when we were playing the game, Rod’s time with me had to end and Allan now “offered” my body to Tony. I was expecting Tony to do the same, but to my surprise, he went a different route. While Allan continued to hold my arms behind me, Tony lifted my legs and rested them on his shoulders then started muff-diving between my thighs. He ate my pussy like a pro, shifting between licking my lips and my clit, to gently sucking on my aroused clit. There were times where he would lick me from my clit all the way down to my asshole, and it made me pant and squirm like a bitch in heat. I could feel an orgasm brewing and my body started tensing up, but Tony had to stop and let Allan have his turn.

I was waiting for Allan to turn me around so he could have his turn with me, but he had a different idea. He released my arms and bent me over from my waist, then he sat down behind me and began eating me from behind. He started darting my ass with his tongue, before slowly sliding it down to dart my wet pussy. He started working his fingers on my clit while his tongue worked on my holes, making me moan and pant even louder than earlier. I started feeling weak on my knees and was once again bracing for an orgasm, but the guys just won’t let me finish as Allan stopped just moments before I exploded.

I felt a bit of frustration not being able to climax for the 2nd time and I wanted to sit down and play with myself just to get off, but the guys had me play with them instead. I was still bent over when Tony approached and placed his hard cock in front of my face. I knelt in front of him without touching his cock, then I looked up to see me looking down at me as well.

“Suck it!” Tony ordered.

That was all I needed! I grabbed his cock by the base then slowly put it in my mouth until it was all the way in. I slowly bobbed my head up and down his cock, sucking hard on its head every time I got to that part. I would sometimes let his cock out of my mouth, then I would hold it up so I could lick it from the head down to his balls. As I worked on his cock, Tony kept his fingers busy flicking and tweaking my hard nipples. While I sucked Tony’s cock, Allan and Rod took their place beside me, and I acknowledged their presences by grabbing both their cocks and gently stroking them while my mouth worked on Tony’s dick.

After a while, I decided to turn my attention toward Rod and gave him a blow job. I continued to stroke Allan’s cock as I sucked Rod, while Tony took a seat still stroking his cock as he watched me work. I decided to use the corkscrew technique on Rod’s cock which I knew he loved as he started moaning and encouraging me to do it again on his cock. I obliged and repeated it a few times, each time I made sure that my tongue brushed his balls when he was deep in my mouth.

Allan was the next to get his cock sucked. I released Rod’s cock and turned to start working on Allan’s huge dick. I wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock, then I slowly worked myself down his shaft. He was really big that I felt my mouth getting stretched to the limit, and I started thinking I couldn’t take it all in. Allan, however, wouldn’t let me bail out as he grabbed me by my head, and slowly pushed me down his cock until he was deep in my throat. He held me there for a couple of seconds before releasing me to catch some air. I gagged badly as he caught me by surprise, but I regained my composure and once again deep throated him, this time it was more pleasurable for me.

Tony stopped me after a minute or so of blowing Allan, then asked me if I would like to get fucked by the three of them. I gave him a smile which gave away my obvious answer. Rod wasted no time handing me a towel, then asked us to dry up and move inside the house so we could “fuck properly.” I wiped myself dry then wrapped myself with the towel, but Tony came over and took away the towel that was covering my body. Rod took my hand and led me to the guest room with a king-sized bed that would fit all four of us. The guys laid on the bed and began stroking their cocks, as if inviting me to do something naughty with them.

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