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Giving Back

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This was written by my ex-husbands girlfriend… I think it’s hot!


Sunday morning upon waking, feeling bad that I had passed out on Mike after a wonderful Saturday and evening with him, I felt that I needed to do something for him as my way of giving back to his incredible oral skills that had completely turned me upside down and inside out.

So, as he laid on his back still sleeping, I ran my hands down his body feeling the warmth under the blanket that he cocooned us in the night before. I moved my right hand lightly over him and across his chest. Going slow as my hand moved lower from his chest to his abdomen.

He stirred a little and turned over to his right side like facing me. I moved my hand over his hip then to his groin, I moved in closer to him and kissed his cheek. I felt his cock and wrapped my fingers around him and squeezed lightly a few times as I began to move down the bed.

I held him in the palm of my hand as I scooted silently down his body until I was at the perfect level to kiss his cock then slipping him into my mouth. I felt his body begin to move but I placed my right hand over his hip to hold him in the position he was in.

Moving my left hand up from under me, I held his cock at the perfect level as my mouth and sucked it lightly, moving my tongue across the head, then along the underside as I took the entire length of his flaccid cock in. I sucked him just a little harder and he began to stir again.

I then began to suck him while pumping him in my hand, it didn’t take him long to wake up and realize what was happening, but I was determined to finish what I started. I pulled my mouth off his hardening cock and told him to relax. I took him back into my mouth and as his cock began to grow harder and longer, I wrapped my fingers around his shaft.

Sucking the head and pumping him in my hand, I wasn’t really sure how long I would need to keep the pace let alone if I was doing it right as this was my first time of having a hard cock in my mouth. So I wasn’t sure if the pace was right or if I was squeezing his shaft too hard.

I just worked him and decided to use my mouth more so than my hand and moved up on him and flipped him onto his back, straddling his thighs, I was able to move to my mouth on the head and work tongue along the shaft, the head and then tongue his tight balls.

He moved his hand down onto my head and ran his fingers through my hair as I could hear him moaning. Figuring I was doing it right, I kept it up and worked his thick cock in and out of my tight lips. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft at the base and pumped in my hand as I asked him if he was enjoying this. He said, ‘oh yes, but be careful as you may get a mouthful of something you haven’t had before’, I told him to do it if it happens.

I went back to his cock and began matadorbet sucking him again, taking him as deep as I could into my mouth gagging myself twice but I kept on going. I felt his cock grow thick and harder as I pressed the head against the roof of my mouth and my tongue, he said he was close and wouldn’t I rather feel him inside me, but I wanted him, I wanted him to fill my mouth.

Pumping his shaft as my head bobbed on him, his hands reaching for my boobs, shoulder, face anything just as his body tensed and a loud deep moan came from him, I readied myself as I held the head just inside my lips as the first ribbon of cum exploded from his cock head hitting the back of my throat causing me to gag once but I quickly swallowed before the next jet shot into my mouth.

Pumping the base of his cock, I sucked and swallowed repeatedly while pumping his cock in my hand. Sucking the head then tonguing the underside before wrapping my tongue around the head as my hand squeezed his shaft, pushing more cum from his shaft into my mouth. I loved the taste of him, I kept sucking him wanting to have it all being greedy in my breakfast.

His body relaxed, his moans came and went as I continued to lick his shaft, over the head and along the underside. I took him back into my mouth and sucked him some more. I felt his cock go a little softer as the blood drained, but didn’t want to stop so I kept sucking him. Moving my mouth over his head, and moving him in and out of my mouth as my hand fed me.

Mike whispered for me to join him but I had other plans like he had Saturday night, I kept sucking him and tonguing his loosely hanging ball sack now, wanting to see if I could get him as hard as before. I just couldn’t get enough of his cock in my mouth, it felt awesome, it was an incredible feeling for me and I wanted him.

His cock began to grow erect again and it just made me suck him harder over again. Bobbing on the cock head and down the slick shaft, gently teasing his balls as my mouth worked up and down. Wanting to feel him grow thicker again in my mouth, it was a great sensation to feel the texture of his cock in my mouth, against my tongue and just knowing I was giving him so much pleasure.

Moans began to fill the room once more, but this time I wanted him inside me, to feel his head split my lips that his tongue did to me the night before repeatedly. I wanted my tight walls to squeeze his thick cock while I move on him. As I pulled his slick cock from my mouth, I licked my fingers and rubbed myself but surprisingly, I was already quite wet as my fingers slid right inside myself.

I lifted myself up and straddling his legs, I positioned myself over him as he brought his hands up and placed them on my hips. I looked him straight in the eyes and slowly sank myself down onto his stiff cock. I felt the head against matadorbet giriş my slit, then as I lowered more I felt the thick head split my lips and slip inside me.

The sensation was overwhelming at first as I stopped mid way for a moment to just feel him inside me, then slowly I sank myself further until I was sitting on his hips with him totally buried inside me. He watched my expressions as he felt the tightness of my walls. It’s been over 5 years since I last had a man inside me and Mike felt incredible.

Feeling the thickness and the hardness inside me knowing I was going to give him pleasure as well as myself, I slowly lifted myself up then began moving on him slow at first to feel the grind, he held onto my hips tight as if guiding me. I then picked up the movement and was soon pumping his hot cock inside my wet pussy.

He never looked away from his stare into my eyes, and it was that moment that my first orgasm released as I pumped his cock in and out of my spasming pussy. It felt so incredible to be making love to him like this. Faster I moved on him, wanting him so deep inside me as I rode him. Another orgasm shot through me then another.

He began moaning with me as I could feel my legs start to tremble and shake, I kept with it as I wanted to feel him explode inside me. Mike was talking to me, telling me how good I felt on him, how hard he was inside my pussy. I rode him hard, as I could feel my thighs lifting me then lowering. I reached down between my thighs and raked my nails over his cock as it moved inside me.

I felt another orgasm coming just as Mike moaned out and I felt the hot gush of his cum release inside me. I pumped deeper, harder until I could ride no more. He held tight to my hips as my ass ground down on him. His moans began to ease as I slowed my pumping.

Collapsing on top of him with his cock still inside my walls. I could only move my legs a little bit as I moved alongside of him, my leg draped over his as we both were breathing hard. He began kissing my face, my cheek while rubbing my thigh and hip. I was in total bliss still feeling his warm cum inside my pussy.

To me it felt like it was my first time making love, I was so excited when I started this, but seemed like I could sleep forever again. He had mentioned to me prior that sexual stamina is much different than physical stamina, as I didn’t know how to interpret between the two not having had sex for over 5 years prior to when we met.

I figured with my workout regimen on a daily basis plus my daily walks of 6-12 miles day, I would be fine when anything needing stamina was put into use. But he was so right again, it felt like I ran a marathon that morning. My legs were trembling, my thighs were tight, my breathing was heavy and he was fine.

He rolled me over onto my back and leaned into me, he kissed my arms, shoulders then my lips as I turned my face to him. I felt his hand travel down from my face, to my neck then gently moving his fingertips over my erect nipples. He bent down and took my right nipple into his warm mouth as his finger traveled down between my thighs.

I felt him dip a finger inside me, then up my slit and circled my clit. His fingers would circle then dip down inside me, spreading our wetness that began to seep from inside my body. His lips pursed together then began sucking my nipple while moving around and licking the swell of my breast from the top, sides an bottom.

All the while his fingers played with my clit and pussy like an artist using finger paints. It wasn’t long before he had my legs spread wide, as I lifted them as I pulled them up so my knees rested on my breasts and his fingers alternating between pumping me and teasing my clit.

He was going to bring me to another orgasm soon as the sensations began to swell my brain, I could my moans once again filling the bedroom as he circled my clit with his fingers while slipping another inside me, he tightened his lips around my nipple and applied light pressure as I felt his tongue swipe back and forth across it.

He had me so close to the edge when as I reached down to place my hand on top of his but instead, he guided my fingers to my clit and using his as a proxy, had me rubbing my clit from side to side then over the top. I was just about to cum when he whispered to me to keep rubbing as I felt him push a finger into my tight ass.

He pushed in then began pumping just as the sensations exploded inside my head and tummy and I could only scream out his name as another orgasm ripped through me like a roar. He slid a finger inside my pussy and pumped me as my fingers rubbed vigorously at my clit. I moaned louder with each thrust of his hand until I saw stars in the dim room.

My hand dropped off to the side, my legs crashed onto the bed and the glow I felt upon my body was electric, it felt as if small electric shocks covered my body from my face to my toes. I laid there panting once again, his finger lightly massaging the sides of my pussy before moving along my outer thigh then over my tummy and between my breasts.

He placed his arm over me and pulled me to him. I tried turn to my side but had no strength to do so, he reached down and pulled the sheet that was off on his side over us and whispered to me to relax, and to doze if I wanted too. He grabbed my right hand that was laying between our bodies and we intertwined our fingers as he laid his head against my shoulder. We fell asleep for another couple of hours before waking and showering together.

My legs felt wobbly, my mind was in a blur and my body felt like it was ravished thoroughly as we walked down to the local cafe. All the way down he held my hand, and as Alexa had mentioned in a comment, he took the street side of the walkway as I walked in the inside. Always a gentleman through and through. It was a great Sunday spent with my awesome lover.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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