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He was like a god to her. A fact that he told her on a daily basis. Matter-of-fact, she confirmed this fact, calling out to him as she climaxed for the fourth time in the space of five minutes. Hard, fast orgasms richocheting through her body like shotgun blasts, spraying tiny pellets of passion within her very being.

“OHHH GOOOODDDDDDDDDD!” she cried out, wrapping her trembling legs around him as she climaxed yet again. He moved within her like a fine tuned machine, pistoning inside her core as if he were drilling for oil. She often felt like one of those oil rigs when he drilled inside her womanly folds, deeper, deeper, and even deeper still until her honeyed oil erupted forth, soaking the junction where their sex met. She loved the way he could go for hours without coming or a moment’s respite. Constantly erect, never losing strength. It was as if he was indeed made of steel and covered with flesh that swelled and throbbed at the mere thought of her touch. She marveled at his control, his enormous stamina and his undying desire to satisfy her until she lay limply, tangled in the midst of sweat drenched sheets. matadorbet

“OH…oh…oooooh…” she breathlessly moaned as his tongue danced a dance around her clitoris that would make the so-called forbidden dance blush. His thick finger slipped inside her slick folds, tickling spots that made her back arch and her legs tremor.

“Ohhhh…mmmmm…yessss…” she moaned, writhing, raising her pelvis against his mouth. He was teasing her. Light, feathery strokes against her swollen clitoris that made tiny beads of sweat trickle down her spine and dot the determined crease in her forehead as she rotated her hips, searching for the necessary pressure that would surely grant her release. But to no avail, release was denied to her, no matter how much she yearned for it or how much she worked to gain it.

“Please…please…don’t deny me…” she begged, her fingers tangled in his soft hair trying to pull his mouth closer.

“What am I?” he whispered against her clitoris, blowing a cool breeze against heated flesh.

“God.” she gasped, feeling his tongue flick her clitoris, wiggling matadorbet giriş it against his lips as he suckled the little nodule.

“Whose God am I?” he demanded, the skill of his tongue had her teetering on the edge of bliss.

“MINE” she screamed as he plunged two of his thick fingers inside, firmly pressing spots inside of her that made tears stream and mingle with the sweat covering her face and desperately grab for unseen things to hold on to for fear that her vibrating body would fall.

“That’s right babygirl. Come to God..” he said as he suckled the honey flowing from her cotton candy pink folds like a starving child suckles its mother’s milk.

Rising from between the smooth confines of her thighs, his face shiny from her juices. His erection proudly swaying as he strides over to the balcony overlooking the world. Gesturing for her to join him, she moves on shaky limbs. Soon she finds herself bent over, her stomach pressed against the rail, her nipples rubbing across the cold metal become hard as tiny pebbles. He enters her smoothly, his strokes have the precision of a skilled surgeon wielding a razor sharp scalpel. Methodically moving manhood sets her body quivering. Her tightly closed eyes open to mere slits as she becomes aware that matters previously conducted in the privacy of her bedroom were now open for all to see. In fact, idle strangers passed beneath them, only becoming aware of their activities when moans can no longer be held back. Her body tremors, tears well in her eyes, her back arches, sweat pouring off her body as fingers scramble for something to hold onto.

“WHO AM I?” He growls as he tightens his grip on her slippery waist. He feels muscles within her core clutch tightly around his manhood, drawing him deeper, coaxing the much deserved orgasm from him. She, too, senses the impending explosion.

“GOD! GOD! GOD!” she chants bucking her hips back, impaling herself on him.

“WHOSE GOD AM I?” He’s poised to make the final stab that will take them both to oblivion.

“MINE! MINE! MY GOD!” she cries as he drives inside of her. Her eyes squeeze so tight that she only sees the white light that everyone speaks of when returning from near death experiences. The next thing she remembers is waking up in his arms as he rests. Smiling to herself as she thinks,

‘Even God took a day off to rest’


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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