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Good Morning!

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“Good Morning”, he said.

She was just waking up and realizing where she was. She started to remember the night before, now becoming aware of her present circumstances, the hotel room, the man next to her, and the tingling soreness between her legs.

She was in town for a business meeting. People had come from most of the eastern half of the United States. During the Breakfast “Meet and Greet” she was able to put a face to so many people she had dealt with for the past year. Vendors, clients, and competitors alike, were all here, in a relaxed atmosphere.

She naturally stuck with her two co-workers and their small group latched on to two small groups of vendors. Everyone knew each other. A few had met a couple years ago at a similar meeting, the others had talked on the phone many times to each other. In many ways, it was like a family or class reunion. The atmosphere was light, the conversations lively.

They all shared the table at lunch and agreed to meet at a nearby restaurant for dinner, about an hour after the afternoon sessions ended. She was enjoying herself. This was her first business trip. She had been married for 12 years, and her children, 7 and 10, were being watched by her mother and her husband.

She was able to do well at her job after the children started school. Prior to that, she hadn’t done much or gone anywhere. Her children were her life. Vacations were to places for the children. Now, she had flown in a plane to a distant city and was meeting with professionals from all over. Any intimidation she felt quickly disappeared as she realized her knowledge was on par or above many of the others in her field. The vendors she was with showed her great respect. Her self-esteem was growing by leaps and bounds.

The group met for dinner and the talk before the entrée was mostly recapping the day’s meetings and the business in general. After a couple of drinks, the dinners were served and the conversation grew lighter. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. She noticed that Don, one of the vendors she had talked to often, seemed particularly interested in what she was saying. She also noticed he was as good looking as his deep phone voice made him sound. Some others seemed to match their phone voices, others were quite a surprise to her.

Don was sitting across the table and their eyes met often. Through her phone conversations with Don, she knew he was married, with a son he adored, and he had mentioned somewhat sadly, that his wife was doing very well at her job, but spending, he felt, too much time at the office.

So the evening passed too quickly for all. Several wanted or needed to retire early. The others moved to the bar area and staked out a corner booth. She and Don had to slide around the bench to get to the back of the booth. At first, as the group was large, they were pressed against each other. She liked the feeling of his leg pressing against hers.

After the first round of drinks, a few more people left and she and Don decided to leave after the second round. They walked the couple of blocks back to the hotel. Their conversation now, more concentrated on their personal lives, the high points and frustrations. Don loved his wife but their sex life was almost nil, due to her pressures from her career. Sex for her, was not infrequent, but boring. Her husband would roll over, pump her until he came, roll Yalova Escort back and go to sleep.

They got back to the hotel and rode the elevator together. She didn’t want the evening to end, she was enjoying his company.

In the elevator, he looked into her eyes and told her, “I am having so much fun with you tonight, I just wish it wouldn’t end”.

She looked at him and said “Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to talk a little while longer. I would like to see you a while longer too.”

The elevator bell rang for his floor. He quickly said “My room is here, come on.”

She felt a moment’s hesitation, and then grabbed Don’s arm and stepped off the elevator. He slid the key-card in and out of the lock and opened the door. She stepped into the room, it was neat, clothes on the rack, and nothing strewn about. She liked that and turned to Don and he stepped to her and put his arms around her. He leaned down and their lips met.

She felt a tingle of electricity that she hadn’t felt since Johnny Boyle kissed her when she was 14. She let out a small moan, unintentionally.

He pulled back a little and looking into her eyes, said “You felt it too. I thought it was just me.”

He stepped her to the bed and let her sit. She knew her knees were weak; she hoped it didn’t show.

He sat next to her, and wrapping his left arm around her back and putting his right arm around the front of her waist, he pulled the two of them closer and kissed her again. He kept his eyes open, and she opened hers while still kissing.

Their eyes were locked and they looked deeply into each other. He let her go gently onto her back on the bed. His left arm now cradling her head. He brought his right hand to her face and gently rub her forehead down to her chin. She leaned her head into his hand and smiled. He kissed her again, stroking her hair and face. Their mouths opened and their tongues met. His hand moved down and cupped her left breast. She felt her body melting into the bed.

She knew this was wrong, yet she felt the need to be wanted and knew his need for a woman. They had a good time this evening and they had connected on many levels. She also knew they would be catching flights out of town after the meetings tomorrow. If there was ever to be a moment of unrestricted abandon, this would be it.

“I want to stay the night with you” she whispered.

“Nothing would please me more” he replied.

A sense of ease came over them, replacing the urgency and reluctance that they had felt.

They sat up and she reached for his tie saying “I want to undress you.”

She undid his tie and started to unbutton his shirt. She pulled it out of his pants, undid the last button and moved his shirt over his shoulders with her hands rubbing his shoulders as she went. She stood up and brought him up to her. She put her hands on his stomach and moved them up and around his chest. She stepped in, leaned over and kissed his nipple. He rubbed her hair, cupped his hands around her chin and brought her face to his and kissed her deeply. She lingered, enjoying his lips, and then moved back.

“Hey, my work’s not done yet”, she said. “Just hold on.”

She unbuckled his belt, undid his button and then pulled down the zipper on his trousers. As they dropped to the floor, she gave him a gentle push and he sat on the bed. Yalova Escort Bayan She knelt down, removed his left shoe and slid his pant leg over his foot. She did the same with the right leg. Throwing the pants on the other bed, she rubbed his left thigh and kept rubbing, down to the knee and then down the calf, removing his sock. She moved over and gave the same treatment to the right leg. He got up from the bed, helped her off the floor and they kissed again. She felt the warmth of his back on her hands. She could feel his desire growing as his penis began to expand against her abdomen.

“Now it is my turn” he said.

He reached up to her shoulders and turned her around so her back was to him. He began to unzip her dress. He stopped when the zipper was in the middle of her back and placing his hands on her shoulder, he kissed her neck as he held her shoulder, gently squeezing them. He placed three more kisses down her spine until he reached her zipper. She rolled her head as he kissed her neck and when he moved down her back, she could feel her nipples getting hard and pressing against her bra and dress.

He returned to the zipper, moved it to the bottom, and brought his hands to her shoulders again, pushing the dress off. It fell into a pile at her feet. He pushed her bra straps down her arms and she pulled out of them. He was able to complete the unfastening of her clasps on the second try. She stifled a giggle at his lack of skill, but knew a married man would not be adept at such a move.

She held the bra over her breasts. He rubbed her arms from her elbows up to her shoulders, then rubbed his hands down her back. When he got to her waist, he hooked his fingers under her panty hose and her panties, slid them to her sides and began sliding them down her legs. She closed her eyes in pleasure as she felt a man’s hands moving down her legs for the first time in many years. As he reached the floor he held on the hose and she stepped out of them, one foot at a time. He enjoyed following his hands down her body and his eyes soaked in the details of her back, buttocks and legs. As she stepped out of them, he could smell the fragrance of her arousal.

She stepped out of the pile of her clothes and dropped bra as she grabbed the bedcovers, throwing them back and slipping into the bed. He stood and moved to join her.

“Not yet, Big Guy. One of us is overdressed” she said, waving a hand at his boxers.

He reached down and sliding the boxers to the floor, joined her in bed.

They reached out for each other and engaged in a body to body, skin to skin hug. He felt her breasts against him, she could feel his manhood against her. The embrace was long and warm. They eased back, gazed into each others eyes and moved their lips together. Their tongues met and explored each other. He moved and she could feel her breasts, pressed against his chest, moving under him. He moved his hands to her head as the kiss broke, and easing her head back, began kissing down her chin and down her neck. She held on to his head as he moved lower, and then moved to her right breast. She let out a sigh when his kisses arrived at her right nipple. He kissed and then sucked on her nipple. As he felt it harden in his mouth, he licked the tip. She pressed his head into her breast, closing her eyes and savoring the feeling of being a woman.

He Escort Yalova eased back and kissed his way to her left breast. She was stroking his head. He rubbed her side with his right hand. His left hand found its way to her right breast. His right hand then moved down her side to her hip. He rubbed the outside of her leg to just past the knee. He moved to the inside of her leg and started back up her leg. She opened her legs to accommodate him. He stopped just short of her throbbing mound. Lifting his head from her breast, he moved his mouth to hers and as his lips came down on hers, his hand felt the warm moisture already on the lips of her slit. He moved his hand up and down her velvet mound, two fingers on each side of her slit. Her hips moved slightly and he pressed his palm onto her. She pressed back, enjoying the feeling he was creating within her.

She reached between them and grabbed hold of his cock. He thought it couldn’t get harder until now. She moved up and down its length. She liked the feel of it and wanted to feel it inside her.

He kissed her again, and their tongues played their games again. He easily slipped two fingers into her. She was wet and ready. He left them there a moment, slipped them out and inserted them again, adding a third finger this time. She let out a moan as they kissed. She let go of his dick as his hand increased the tempo of its stroking, in and out. She raised both her arms above her head and grasping the headboard, began to buck her hips as he fingered her sopping pussy. He added the fourth finger and went he went in, he felt he tense as her orgasm swept over her. Slowly, he let his hand slip out of her and kissed her on the neck.

She grabbed his head in her hands and pulling him onto her said, “I need to fell you in me, now!”

He slid his legs over hers, and she bent her legs and spreading them allowed him to enter her. He was surprised at her tightness around his dick as he entered her. He let himself go in about half way, and stopped. She picked up her feet and used them on his buttocks to encourage him to drive in her, up to the hilt. He moved out until only the head was inside of her and thrust again.

“Yes, Yes. I want it all. Fuck me good. Make me cum.” Her voice was raspy and deep.

He began to move in and out of her with increasing strength. He eased his head back and then propped himself up by his stiff arms. He wanted to see the pleasure on her face. He was thrusting harder, rubbing her clit as he rammed each stroke home. Her eyes closed and she was moving her head from side to side. He was pounding her and grinding her with each stroke. He found great pleasure watching her breasts move and jiggle with each thrust. Her breathing was coming hard and fast. His thrusting was becoming faster as he felt the pressure in his balls mounting.

“Ooohhh, Ooohhh, Ooohhh” flowed from her mouth uncontrollably.

He felt her walls constricting around him and he saw her stomach twitching. He reached down and grabbed her breast and pinching the nipple, he starting washing the inside of her with his jism. He continued to pump into her as she in turn, seemed to be milking every drop out of him.

As he began to shrink down, their movements stopped. He removed his hand from her to support himself with both hands. He looked down at her face in time to see a smile sweep across her.

He backed out of her and moved back to her side. His right arm draped across her and he cupped her left breast. She brought her arms under his and held him in place.

He massaged her breast and she whispered “That was nice”.

Send me some feeback and I’ll let you know what happens next.

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