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Grad Student Carrel

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Working in the library had never been a part of Paul’s master grad school plan. He was a chemist through and through. At the beginning of the fall semester he was gathering materials for the class he taught and he saw her. She was tiny, and cute, and very librarian-y. The day they met she was wearing a black pencil skirt and a pale pink blouse with puffy sleeves and an argyle patterned black and pink and white sweater vest layered over top. He had immediately wanted to set down the stack of journals he’d been gathering and take off her glasses to see what her face looked like without the rhinestone studded cat-eyed rims. He saw her name was “Brynn” because of the name tag attached to the sweater vest. He turned the name over and over again in his mind.

The library was small and not very well used except by chemistry students and professors on weekends and evenings. During the day it was nearly silent. He realized she was looking at him and that he had been staring. He panicked, looking all around for something else to focus on. His eyes landed on a “help wanted” sign behind her and in a moment of impulse and relief went up to her and asked for an application. True, he was a graduate assistant and had a scholarship, but he could always use a little extra income, and working with all the books and journals he so loved was a giant perk. Plus, there was Brynn. Brynn handed him an application from a stack on the desk and asked him if he had any library experience. “No” he admitted awkwardly, but then brightened “but I am a chemist. That has to be useful, right?” She smiled brilliantly at him and told him to bring back the application to her when he was finished. He took it to his carrel along with the stack of Analytical Chemistry and Pure and Applied Chemistry journals. All the time he was filling out the application he kept thinking of her pale skin with just a smattering of freckles…he thought about her classy brass nametag perched just above her small but perfect breast, “Brynn.” He thought about how good that name would be to whisper in bed with her perched at the top of his cock, about to slide herself down him. He couldn’t even look at her when he turned in the application and checked out some books. He was gone.

He got the job and then suddenly Brynn was in charge of training him. He was spending hours talking to her and letting her tell him what to do. That whole week went quickly and was filled with easy camaraderie of two people who saw eye to eye on a number of things. Not the least of which was the fact that they were attracted to each other. The branch library coordinator, Von, had been skeptical about hiring Paul. But, the head science librarian and Brynn had ganged up saying that the library already had enough librarians and needed more chemists working there. Brynn getting her masters of library science and had no real interest in chemistry. The chem. library gig was just something to add to her resume when she graduated and started looking for “a real job.” The head librarian was knowledgeable about chemistry research and resources but was spread thin between all of the small science libraries on campus. Paul was suddenly invaluable in helping her order books and journals and databases and his input was often needed on the most mundane of things.

After a few weeks it became obvious Paul was now the golden boy. Brynn started to get a little pissed. Sure Paul had subject knowledge, but she was the one who had been doing the more true information management tasks. And she should be the one doing the more specialized projects, creating bibliographies, arranging the books, organizing the web site, but suddenly she was finding herself with much more “busy work” and much less real work to do. So she silently fumed and shelved books, shifted collections from one area to another, and shelf read.

Paul didn’t know what had happened exactly but tuzla escort suddenly Brynn didn’t talk to him anymore. Initially when they’d been training she’d been really inviting and warm. She’d even asked him to come out sometime with her friends to a weekly bar gathering, but he’d been too nervous to actually show. But, now she was cold. And in some ways that made her sexier. When he asked her a question she gave him short quiet barks of answers. And so he imagined her telling him to touch her there–no! there! lighter!– rather than telling him that he had to fill out the forms in triplicate and then walking away quickly. He was a little disgusted with himself that he fantasized about her so much. There was something about her that screamed SEX! to him. But, he knew that she was someone he could talk to and everything she said was extremely intelligent. He still felt pangs over focusing so much on his physical attraction to her.

He watched her when she was busy, trying to catch her off guard in the stacks and ask her what was wrong. But Sher, the head science librarian, was constantly pestering him when he was working. Even if she was in another branch library she would call and email him all during his shift. She always wanted to know his opinion on everything. He really only worked at the library an hour or two every day so since training ended his time with Brynn was just too short. Then came the day he was in the library studying until it closed. He was only a week or two away from his qualifying exams and needed to get his shit together. Brynn came by to remind him that the library hours were over.

On a whim, hoping he could get back into her good graces he asked her if he could help out with the closing duties. She smiled her first real smile at him in weeks and nodded. He’d shooed out the students who didn’t want to leave. They were the ones like him who were also facing major life changing exams and needed all the library time they could get. Then he locked the door and flicked all the light switches to off and said, “Brynn, can we talk?” It took all his courage to say just those words, but now that he was going he didn’t even wait for her response. He rushed forward with, “I want you.” Then he saw her shocked face, and said “I mean, I want us to be okay. I don’t know what is going on but I don’t want a part of it. I liked it much better when you would talk to me.” Only the way he said all this involved a lot of stammering and blushing and looking at his feet.

Brynn had been standing behind the circulation desk when he made his “I want you” declaration. As he talked she came out from behind it and stood in front of him for a second looking up, way up, considering his serious gray eyes. “I’m sorry. You’re right. What happens with Sher and me isn’t your fault,” she said. And then, because it felt right and because she wanted to she leaned up into him. He leaned down and he put his arms around her and he kissed her. Then he backed away, ran his hand through his shaggy dark hair and started to stammer…again… She had figured out by then that he’d be the nervous sort, the kind that never makes a first move. Her attraction to him had made him taking over so much of her job even harder on her. She knew now, just by looking at him, he had no idea that she didn’t normally spend two or more hours a day on stuff that the undergraduate workers could do in their sleep. He didn’t know he was stealing her job and possibly hurting her career. It would be up to her to deal with Sher’s shrinking her responsibilities…later.

The first kiss had been good, soft and insistent at the same time. She wasn’t letting that end with his nerves. She grabbed him and jumped up. His arms wrapped around her instinctively and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He was so thin. She could feel his ribs press against her, but he was wiry too and could hold her up. pendik escort She put her hands into his soft hair and pulled her face to hers. She nibbled his lips, and his tongue darted out searching for hers. They kissed for what was probably only a minute or so…but felt like hours. Long slow torturous hours in which her need ignited as did his erection. This was the stuff of his fantasies but so much better when it was real. His fantasies didn’t tell him that her skin was softer than velvet or that her shiny wavy hair smelled like vanilla. But now his senses let him know. He could feel every curve of her pressed into him like this and he didn’t want this end.

Soon she realized she do what she wanted to do to him in this position. She pushed away from him gently and said, “Let me down.”

“I don’t want to.” He said this with uncharacteristic certainty and confidence.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” she promised with a smile that made his blood quicken and every pang of lust well up inside him.

He set her down with care. She took his hands and guided him back into the darkest area of the library, the grad student carrels. She sat him down in a chair and straddled him. He couldn’t breath and couldn’t think and definitely was well beyond the realm of speech. She didn’t need his words though. She ran her hands through his hair jerking his head back some and a moan escaped him. That was what she needed. She kissed him more, harder, urgently. She could feel herself getting aroused by all the little things he was doing and simply by how much she could tell he wanted her.

She could feel his masculinity below her. His heat radiated up and the rough fabric of his pants scratched her thighs. His hands come up under her skirt. His thumbs traced circles up her thighs as his fingers pushed the material further up. Soon his hands had reached their destination and she gasped as he lightly grazed her clit over her satin underpants. She ran her hands down his chest and when they touched the bottom of his untucked shirt she grasped it and gave it a tug. He obliged her and raised his arms so she could pull the shirt all the way off. Then as she rubbed circles around his chest and bite down on his shoulder, gently, he unbuttoned the first of the buttons on her shirt. When he finished with the shirt he saw her bra was the satin pretty kind with lace that opened in the front. He fumbled a bit with the clasp, and gasped when it finally opened and her breasts were freed into his hands.

He brought his mouth to her nipple and bit down gently. Her surprised gasp ramped up his erection even more. He teased each nipple with alternating roughness and gentleness, sometimes biting, sometimes licking. Whichever nipple had his mouth’s attention the other was attended to by warm hands that had wanted this for too long. Her soft moans were getting louder and through the haze of lust she finally thought the word “pants.”

Her hands went to his waist and started to tug at his black well worn Dickies’ zipper and button. Eventually she succeeded in freeing him. It wasn’t easy because now his mouth was on her nipple and one hand was slipping into her underwear, playing with her enlarged clit. Practiced hands alternated the pressure and the strokes against soft femaleness and she could feel pressure building in her. Now that he was freed from his prison of pants she grasped his cock with one hand and began to rub circles around the head of his penis. Then the circles became strokes. She let her thumb linger on the soft underside of the top of the penis on every stroke. She savored the feeling of him shuddering below her. His hands were still working on her and though it felt good she wanted to concentrate on him. She climbed off of him. Paul’s look of dejection quickly turned to joy as she pushed the flimsy carrel desk further away and knelt down in front of him.

She aydınlı escort licked him like the best tiramisu flavored ice cream cone she’d never had. She licked circles around the head of his cock. She licked strokes up and down the shaft. She looked up at him occasionally, into his eyes that were staring down with a mix of pleasure and disbelief and concentration at her. Had he come out to the bar with her friends he would have already known this would happen. But, his shyness defeated him and meant that her pouncing attack had to wait. It was probably better completely sober anyway. She’d wanted him from the first day, from when she’d caught him looking at her with such pure intense longing that she’d masturbated for hours that night just thinking about it. She poured a month or more worth of lust into every stroke of her tongue. She engulfed his penis with her mouth. Unfortunately her mouth was a little too small to get to the bottom of the situation. But, with him in her mouth she began to move up and down bobbing to a rhythm in her head. Her tongue still flicked and swirled its way around him and her hand gently surrounded the bottom of the shaft so his entire cock was touched by some bit of her when her mouth hit her hand.

He leaned back in the chair now his breath quickening and he gripped the edges of the seat tightly. His brain was a fuzzy mass of images and senses working overtime and intense pleasure. He flung his head back when one particularly delicious flick of her tongue almost sent him over an edge that he hadn’t seen looming in the dark. Paul looked back down at Brynn and saw her looking at him fiercely; daring him to come now. He wasn’t quite ready to meet that challenge but he wasn’t far off. She slowed down her tempo and continued to hold his gaze.

Her hand started to stroke up and down him now and her other hand began to tease his testicles. She ran her fingers in figure 8s around his balls, the grasped them firmly while still stroking him with her hand. Her mouth was back on him, meeting her stroking hand about halfway up his cock. She swirled her tongue around the head of his penis each time she reached the end of his cock with her mouth. Occasionally she would take her hand away entirely and stifle her gag reflex to take as much of him into her mouth as she could. Wave after wave of pleasure was making him grin like an idiot as he looked into her deep blue eyes. His fingers were curled so hard around the edge of his chair that he thought he might break it.

Suddenly the intensity got turned up as she took her mouth away for a second and came up to kiss him quickly. Then ducking back between his legs, she grasped him firmly with both hands and moved her hands up and down him at the same time. Then her mouth was back and somehow even better than before, more active. Faster. It felt like her tongue was everywhere at once, how could that be? The pressure that had been building slowly in his testicles started to climb faster now. He was panting and squirming in the chair. Before he had time to think all of her work took effect and the pleasure erupted and spilled out of him. An ocean of ecstasy welled up and crashed over him again and again. She didn’t stop even though he was now so sensitive to her ministrations that he almost hyperventilated at every touch. She stroked him softly until his shudders and moans grew quiet and the world came back into focus.

She spent a few moments gathering herself together and taking care of the evidence while his mind rebuilt itself piece by piece. He whispered, “Thank you” then sat embarrassed for a second, wanting to give her the same gratification back, but unsure how to begin again.

“Don’t thank me yet,” she grinned, “we’re going to leave the library before the custodial staff gets here, then get dinner and build up strength, and then you are coming home with me to fuck until we both collapse.”

“But, I have qualifying exams…” he started to stammer out an excuse he really didn’t want to make, blushing and grinning like an idiot.

She kissed to stop him from thinking or talking. It worked.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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