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Gramps Enlightenment Pt. 04

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This is Pt. 4 of Gramps Enlightenment. It can be read as a standalone but to get the context I would recommend reading Pts. 1, 2 & 3

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As they lay together cooling down and realising they really need to open the windows to allow the smell of raw sex to escape……. James scoops up a finger full of his cum that is seeping out of Sian’s ass and joyfully sucks his own spunk into his mouth…….. Enjoying the taste immensely.

Music dips again.

‘Dad do you want to wake those two up please we will be there in about 25 minutes.’ Patsy calls…….. Turning to Nicky ‘So what was it you wanted to ask?’

Taken by surprise, Nicky turns the music back up a bit then leans across the space ‘you know you let me fuck dad…….. well, have you ever fucked Grampa?’

Patsy without thinking. Smiles and sighs ‘Just the once.’

‘Mum!!!!’ Nicky groans looking open-mouthed at her mother.

‘You asked…… But I am saying no more about it.’ Patsy growls, holding her hand up flat towards Nicky as though to say stop!! Realising she has just made a grave mistake.

‘But you can’t just leave it there.’

‘I can and I will……….. Now, what are we looking for?’

Getting the letter out Nicky scans it………… ‘Umm….. University Residential and Sports Complex……. Looks like they will be living actually on the campus……. They will at least have no excuse to let their gymnastics slip if it is the Sports Centre as well.’

‘OK, well hopefully there will be signs on the signposts in a bit when we get closer.’

Lazily flicking her Grampas nipple as they start preparing to get dressed again Sian looks up with tears in her eyes ‘I don’t know if I want to go to Uni now……… Can’t I just come back home with you?’

James, taking her chin in his hand, tilts her face up towards him ‘Oh Sian, you will enjoy it once you start….. It won’t be long before you are coming home for half term.’ Leaning down to kiss her. ‘Now come on clean yourself and get dressed we haven’t got long…….. where exactly have we got to go?’

Michelle already cleaned up and searching out her clothes ‘I think it is the Sports Complex to pick our keys up but I don’t know where we will actually be living……….. I think I might grab some panties and a pair of shorts…. It might be better for moving this stuff in.’ Pulling the little case down she opens it and rummages around for panties and shorts.

James chuckling ‘Yeah that might be an idea…… Don’t want everyone to see your delightful charms.’

‘Grab me some as well.’ Sian mutters as she wipes her eyes ‘I think I might need them to soak up all this cum leaking from my ass…….. Grampa you must have spilled at least a litre of gunk up my shitter!!’

‘Sian!!!’ James admonishes her ‘no need to be quite so crude.’

Pushing her bare breasts out at him and trying to put her hands on her hips ‘What!!!…… It is true….. I think you must have emptied yourself completely…….. By the way, you smell and taste of pussy!!!’

‘Hmmm yeah……… Michelle is there a small towel and washing stuff in there?……. I think I might slip off to the loo and freshen up.’ James muses ‘l can get rid of these wet wipes at the same time if you roll them in the towel.’

‘Won’t mum wonder where you are going?’ Sian asks as she slips the panties and shorts on that Michelle had given her.

‘Nah, she will be faffing about trying to get you sorted.’

With everything tidy and a towel roll prepared James can’t resist pulling the girls to him for one last passionate kiss and ass squeeze………. ‘You might not want to stay up here at uni, but I don’t want to leave you here……. You have made an old man very happy today.’

Pulling into the Car park and looking for a place to stop that will be easy to get into and out of, Patsy isn’t paying much attention to anyone else, but Nicky suddenly points ‘Oh my god……. There is that snotty miserable bastard from the services and his bratty grandkid.’

‘Where?’ Patsy asks.

‘There, by that Silver posh car.’ Nicky points.

‘I think he looks smart……. Not many men wear collars and ties anymore…… especially not on hot days and when they aren’t working……… He is gorgeous!!!!’ Patsy mutters to herself but just loud enough that Nicky hears her.

‘Mum……. He is a miserable old sod……. You heard him and saw him at the services…… I would much rather have Grampa in his Hawaiian shirts and his happy go with the flow attitude……….. I bet bratty gets a room or even a house all to herself!!!’ Nicky mumbles.

‘Oh well, it ain’t our problem…… All I worry about is those two back there……. I am not sure this is right to be so far away.’ Patsy wipes a tear from her eye.

‘I wish I was going to Uni.’ Nicky grumbles.

‘You still could….. You are still young enough.’ Patsy assures her patting Nicky on the hand before grabbing her makeup bag to top up her lippy etc.

‘Right we are here.’ Patsy calls out.

‘OK, İstanbul Escort Michelle has her letter, you got mine…….. So where we gotta go?’ Sian calls out as she slides across to open the car door.

‘While you sort them out I am gonna have a pee and freshen up……….. 8 hours of having one or other of these sat on me I am all sweaty.’ James calls out as he veers off following the signs for Sports Hall Toilets.

Sian and Michelle just stand and smirk knowingly at each other.

‘Grandfather……. Where do I have to go?’ Lauren asks politely.

‘Oh for god’s sake, cut the bullshit hoity-toity accent and just follow the other muppets.’ Laurence, her grandfather growls, as he waits for his daughter Christine, Lauren’s mother to get out of the car.

‘OOOO fuck me looks like Miss Titties is going here as well.’ Sian quietly mumbles to Michelle…..’I hope she ain’t on our course.’

‘Father, do come here and help me please.’ Pleads Christine as she struggles to get out of the passenger seat.

‘You can cut the posh bitch stuff as well…… Just remember you come from a family that didn’t have two brass farthings to jangle on a gravestone.’

‘Oh but father we aren’t poor anymore and one has to keep up standards.’

‘Ha! If this shitty virus doesn’t soon fuck off and let the world get back to normal you are in for a major shock missy.’ Laurence mutters.

Grabbing her hand Laurence hauls Christine from the car. ‘It might help if you wear sensible shoes and a dress that lets your legs actually move……… Like that lass over there.’ Pointing towards Patsy. ‘Now she knows how to dress for days like today…….. Not like some high-class tart hoping to trap a rich old fart!!!!’

Looking across at where Laurence is pointing Christine guffaws ‘I wouldn’t be seen like that collecting the post!!!’

‘Go and sort that bloody brat of yours out. She has dropped me right in the shit deciding she needs to start uni now…… I was all ready to sign most of the company over to her…….. I didn’t need any fucking super-duper fancy qualifications to succeed.’

‘Father it is different now.’

‘So it was OK for me to fast track her through the company and give her preferential treatment, pissing off some of the staff that has been loyal to me for years. But now when I need her to step up, she decides she needs books to teach her!!!! Fucking joke it is.’

‘Oh, father don’t be like that…… Her qualifications will add some gravitas to the organisation.’

‘My god you talk bollocks……. Get in there and sort her out….. I’m going for a piss.’ Laurence growls as he heads off in the direction he saw James going.

James, having found a changing room and a large towel just hanging on a hook decides to make use of the showers thinking ‘If I smell of pussy I better wash everything!!’

‘So you go out the front of this building drive down the side of this block, park just around the corner in one of the first 3 spaces, and your room is on the 1st floor, number SP 115.’ The helpful matronly teacher tells Sian and Michelle as she gives them their welcome packs ‘The main door will be open tonight but tomorrow you have to come back here and get your access cards, so you’ll need to have a photo taken and imprinted on your card. The card is then your property and will allow you access to all the places you need to go and if you lose it there will be a £25 admin charge to create another one……. It also tells us where you have been and when, so don’t lend it to anyone else.’

‘So we are on the floor as soon as we go through the door?’ Sian asks.

‘No, there are no rooms on the ground floor, that is for the maintenance teams and your post boxes and stuff are there……. You go up 1 floor and turn left and your room is on the right-hand side……. This is your key…… They are £10 to be re-issued.’ The woman calmly says as Patsy wanders up and nods to show she understands.

‘Come on then girls. Let’s find Grampa and get you moved in.’ Patsy says, ushering them out of the way as Lauren steps up to get her information.

James, standing by the side of the car as Patsy and the girls come out of the reception doors winks at Sian ‘If your showers in the women’s changing rooms are as good as in the gents you won’t wanna come home.’

‘Grampa you are terrible. Where did you find a towel?’ Nicky giggles.

‘There was one hanging on the hook as I walked in.’

‘Ewww that is disgusting….. You don’t know where it has been.’ Patsy complains as she physically shuddered.

‘Nah, it all adds to the fun.’ James chuckles. ‘So where are we going?’

Sian, walking to the corner of the building and looking down the road, points. ‘Down there to the end. Around the corner, park in the first 3 spaces. Go in the door up the stairs turn left and then SP 115 is on the right. See ya there. ‘ She hooks her arm through Michelle’s arm and they set off walking down the side of the building.

‘OK, well I’ll walk Kadıköy Escort down with Grampa and you can drive the car down mum.’ Nicky hooks her arm around James’s arm and pulls him onwards.

Stood there with her lips flopping like a fish Patsy looks on before heading back to the car.

Leaning against his car as Patsy walks towards him Laurence stands back up ‘Be glad to get this over with and get back home.’ He calls out as Patsy unlocks the car door and climbs in, looking across at him.

‘It has been a long day….. fortunately we only have to drive about 20 minutes down the road to Kings Inn and Suites tonight.’ She stammers.

Laurence is quite pleased to hear this and also enjoys the flash of thigh, stocking tops, and suspenders as Patsy speaks.

‘Funnily enough, we are staying there as well……. see you later.’ Laurence calls across thinking to himself how cute Patsy was.

As she leans out to pull the door closed she realises her skirt has fallen completely open……… ‘He can’t have seen anything….. he was the other side of his car.’ She mutters to herself as she waves and drives off.

‘Gramps, I can’t wait to cuddle up to you later when mum is asleep.’ Nicky crows as she leans up to kiss his cheek not realising her mum is just driving by at that precise moment.

‘Nicky, we need to be careful.’ James admonishes her.

‘You don’t want to fuck me or play with me, do you?……. What has Sian got that I haven’t?’ She cries.

Oh, Nicky, you mixed up girl…… I have been thinking about how wonderful you will feel in my arms, ever since you mentioned it……. We just have to be careful…….. Do you want it to be a one-off or something we can enjoy for as long as we want to?’ James utters as he gently kneads her side boob with his fingertips.

‘Oh, I want it to last forever……. I love you, Papi.’ Nicky gushes.

‘Papi’ where did that come from?

‘I heard it on the CD earlier and I thought it would be perfect to look at you just as you enter me and tell you to fuck me, Papi.’

‘Oh my god…… That makes me so hard just imagining that.’ He quickly checks that he isn’t tenting his trousers.

Walking around the corner and seeing the car parked up and Sian and Michelle grabbing bags and boxes James and Nicky join in….. ‘I will stay here with the car to save locking it up every time.’ Patsy says as she gets her phone out in order to phone her husband.

After a few trips up and down the stairs, most of the stuff is in.

‘I need a wee.’ Nicky calls over her shoulder as she disappears into the bathroom.

Holding his hand out at just below shoulder height to grab the latch on the Yale lock to open the door and go for the last bits, James looks over his shoulder ‘You two stay up here and start sorting.’

Sian lifting her T-shirt ‘Sort these gramps.’ She whispers.

James suddenly finds not the latch in his fingers but a cloth-covered person……. Looking around he is horrified to see he has just grabbed the breast of the well-dressed girl he had seen earlier in the services and again in the car park here.

‘I am so sorry….. I wasn’t looking.’ James splutters.

Looking along the corridor Lauren blushes but quite enjoying the feel of the hand on her breast… ‘No problem sir…… but you can let go now.’ As James continues to fiddle with her.

‘Oh my god, I am so sorry.’ He lowers his hand…….. ‘Are you in this room as well?’

‘If this is SP 115 then yes I am sir.’ Lauren replies.

By this time Nicky, Sian, and Michelle are gazing in differing levels of amazement at the scene in front of them.

‘Umm yes, this is SP 115…….. This is my granddaughters and their friend……. The two little ones are staying the other one is coming home with me.’ James blusters, slightly lost for words.

‘Lauren, darling, have you found your room?’ Christine calls as she struggles to walk up the stairs where her skirt is so tight.

‘Yes, mummy……. This man is just introducing me to his granddaughters…….. it looks like we will be sharing.’ Lauren replies as she notices the slight swelling in the front of James’s trousers….. slipping by and letting her trailing hand just brush the front of his trousers, she smiles pleasantly at James, as first Nicky and then Sian link arms with him and lean up to kiss him on the cheek.

‘Oh……. I thought you would have a room or even a house to yourself.’ Christine groans looking around with distaste at the corridors.

‘No mummy, I am a first-year so have to share.’

‘But you are 25 doesn’t that mean you get better treatment?’

‘No mummy, we are all the same…….. I am looking forward to spending time and playing with girls closer to my own age.’ Lauren mumbles, rolling her eyes at her mother which immediately endears her to Sian and Michelle.

‘We better get the last bits up for you and then let you sort it all out.’ James mutters looking at Sian and Michelle ‘Maybe we can swing back in Kartal Escort the morning to make sure you have everything or take some stuff back…… you seem to have got so much stuff and only a little bit of room.’

‘Where are you, Mike?’ Patsy growls as she throws her phone back onto the seat beside her.

‘Oh hi, we meet again.’ Laurence croons as he walks up alongside her car hoping to catch another view of the legs. ‘Problems?’

‘Oh hiya……. No, just my old man not answering his bloody phone again.’ Patsy shyly utters.

‘Now that just isn’t right…… A pretty lady like you should be answered every time you call.’ Laurence schmoozes.

‘I wish he thought like that.’ Patsy sighs……… ‘Is your daughter going to be living here as well?’

‘Granddaughter……. The painted mannequin that you saw being something she ain’t earlier on.’ Laurence growls.

‘Oh I am sorry, you don’t look old enough to have grandkids.’ Patsy simpers as she feels her pussy start to dribble and remembering him saying he was staying in the same place as her tonight.

‘You know how to make an old man very happy.’ Laurence laughs. ‘Lauren is my only granddaughter, her mother Christine, my daughter, realised kids curtailed her life too much.’

‘I have 2 daughters Nicky and Sian and then there is Michelle who is the other girl you saw…… Sian and Michelle are stopping here.’ Patsy says as she smiles up at this man looking down at her with a wry grin on his face.

‘Who is the fella then?’

‘Oh, that is my dad………. My mum died about a year or so ago and I didn’t want to leave him at home……. Plus he loves being with the girls.’ Patsy replies wistfully, as she compares how her dad talks about his granddaughters as opposed to how Laurence appears to dislike his daughter and granddaughter.

‘He is lucky to have a thoughtful daughter and grandkids that treat him nicely.’

‘So this is the last lot, Gramps…… Sian and Michelle are gonna have trouble with her……. You seemed to like her though.’ Nicky teases as they skip back down the stairs.

‘She seemed a nice girl……. and 25….. so only a couple of years older than you,’

‘Bet she doesn’t do with her gramps what I wanna do with you…….. he is that miserable old fucker we saw at the services…….. Look he is talking to mum……. He better not be moaning at her!!!!’

‘Mum can look after herself…… anyway we will be gone in a minute if he is gobbing off, mum can help you take the last few bits up and I’ll tell him to fuck off.’ James growls as he hears something he hasn’t heard for a long time……. Patsy laughing!

Having taken the last bits up and found Sian, Michelle and Lauren, appearing to be getting on well and the Mother at the end of the corridor getting quite annoyed with whoever she is talking to on the phone.

James and Nicky cuddle Sian and Michelle ‘We are stopping just down the road at Kings Inn and Suites so if you need anything give me a call and we will pop back tomorrow.’ James assures them, as he gently squeezes their bums for one last time. He heads out to go back to the car so they can get underway. ‘Come on missy.’

‘Aye Papi.’ Nicky giggles as she waves her fingers at Sian and mouths (It is my turn to get fucked now)

Lauren waits and then tells the girls ‘King’s, that is my grandfather’s place….’

Sian looks at her ‘Well it is cheap as chips and has hot tubs apparently…… Gramps is happy it is only £75 for all three of them and with breakfast.’

‘No, it is £75 each.’ Lauren assures her.

‘Oh bugger, gramps won’t like that…… Nicky really fucked up then…… he told her to check it properly.’ Sian utters as she thinks that Nicky might have blown her chance of getting anything from Grampa James.

‘Come on then let’s get this show on the road I am cream crackered.’ James mumbles through a yawn as he stretches.

Patsy quietly grins as she thinks she might get a chance of either chatting more to Laurence or better still get a chance to have some time in a hot tub.

Nicky looks over the back of the seat and winks at James.

Laurence calls out ‘See you later then.’ As Patsy pulls out of her parking space, smiling sweetly at him.

‘My god, Mr. Grumpy actually seemed half-human then……….. What did he mean see you later?’ Nicky asks.

‘Oh, Laurence is quite pleasant when you talk to him without that horrible daughter and granddaughter around……. He is stopping at the same place as us tonight it appears.’ Patsy wistfully replies.

‘OOOO get you…….. Laurence eh!!!!’ James chuckles from the back seat……. ‘Well let’s get there and have a shower and then an early night I am totally fucked.’ He lays his head back just as Nicky looks at him and winks.

Patsy perking up, as she can now see there is a possibility of pleasuring herself in the hot tub at the hotel if she can get rid of Nicky, pushes the CD back into the player and starts singing along to All the Women I am by Reba.

Meanwhile back in the room……. The girls are starting to sort their stuff.

‘Umm, Sian can you help me to get my stuff in?….. Grandfather won’t help and Mother can hardly walk in that dress she has on…….. The quicker I get my stuff in the quicker we can relax and chat and things.’ Lauren quietly asks as she hears Michelle mention how much fun today had been.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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