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Great Sex After Marriage – Still!

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If you want to read about the first time my husband took control for the night, read Great Sex After Marriage first. After the next weekend when it was my turn, I let my husband make the plans again, and he didn’t disappoint! You’ve got to try new things to keep your sex life interesting!!

Before our evening started, we made a trip to our favorite adult fun store for some supplies. We already have one dildo and a couple of vibrators, along with various lubes and oils, but new items are always nice to add. As soon as we were inside, my husband found another dildo he wanted to use on me. It was supposed to have more of a “life-like” feel. I was searching in the vibrators for something we could use together, but also one that would be good for solo time as well. I found an exciting little piece that had a part that inserted and rotated, plus a nub that goes right on the clit, with a nice strong vibration (luckily they had a sample out, and as soon as I turned it on and felt the vibration, I was sold!). We picked up a few other odds and ends, a new movie and a feather wand that gave me goose bumps just from running it up and down my arm, so I could only imagine how it would feel in more private areas.

Well supplied, we headed home. It was still early, so we got a few things done around the house, and then I jumped in the shower. I made sure to shave really well. I have been shaving my entire pubic area for years. I love how a bare pussy feels when I touch it, and my husband loves being able to see everything. If you haven’t tried it, I would highly recommend it! We may do my husband sometime to see how he likes it.

At a certain point in the evening, we decided it was time to jump in and get things going. Sometimes we like to warm up separately before we get back together. My husband headed into the bedroom to watch the new movie we had picked up. He’s more into your regular down and dirty porn, which doesn’t do a lot for me. I sat out in the living room to read some erotic literature instead. I think most women get more turned on from the imagination versus seeing it on the screen. I know it works for me!

At my husband’s request, I was only wearing my lace panties, thigh-high black stockings, and an unbuttoned shirt. I also had my new vibrator the empress izle to help me out along with reading. I knew my husband wanted me good and wet.

After about fifteen minutes of reading and occasionally rubbing the vibrator against my panty-covered pussy, my panties had a pretty good wet spot showing through. Then my husband came out in just a robe. He had me put on a blindfold, while still sitting in the chair. He started to caress my pussy through the fabric, feeling how wet I was. He told me he was happy to feel how turned on I was, but he wanted me wetter.

He had me get on my knees on the floor, and told me to suck on his cock for awhile. I reached out blindly in front of me and took his shaft in my hand. I felt the new cock ring on over his balls and shaft that we had just gotten. His balls and cock were so hard and full already, I could barely get the head into my mouth. I love it when he uses a cock ring. He stays so hard for so long.

As I continued to lick on his rigid head and cock, I could hear him moaning and telling me how good it felt. After a few minutes, he pulled back and helped me stand. Then he asked me to turn around, and I felt my hands being tied. He said he had a special surprise for me.

He told me there were two guys standing outside our building who wanted to watch us. He led me to the patio door, after pulling off my shirt, and asked me to cup my breasts. I did, and my nipples hardened from my touch, and from the breeze coming through the door. I heard his phone ding with an incoming text. He said they wanted to see me sucking him, so he told me he was going to sit in the chair next to the door, and he helped me to my knees in front of him. This time I didn’t have my hands, so I just caught him in my mouth, and bobbed my head up and down, as well as I could over his hugely swollen head. I heard his phone again. He told me to stop, and he helped me to stand, and he pulled my panties down and off. I heard the patio door slide open, and he helped me move outside.

It was an odd sensation, standing outside on the deck, cool night air on my wet pussy and swollen nipples, not knowing who was watching me. My husband stood behind me, and reached around to cup my the endless night izle breasts and tweak my nipples, and then his phone sounded again. He paused, and then led me back inside, shutting the door behind us. He walked me back into the living room, and helped me lay down on the floor, resting my head on the pillows he had put down for me. He immediately spread my legs, and I felt his mouth on my pussy. He licked me, sticking his tongue inside my cunt, and then moved back to suck on my swollen clit. I almost moaned in protest when he pulled his head away, whispering that he would be right back.

I lay there, unable to move or see, just waiting. Then I heard him sit back down on the floor between my legs, and I jerked up when I felt something cold on my pussy lips. He had a piece of ice, and was rubbing it gently over my wet pussy, first over the lips, inside, and then on my sensitive clit. I could feel the water melting off the ice cube down my thighs, mixing with my juices. The freezing cold ice on my warm pussy was almost too much. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore, he moved the ice up to my nipples, and ran the cold surface in circles around my hard pointed nipples. He pulled it away, and licked the water off.

I heard his phone, and he stopped what he was doing, and told me the men had texted that they wanted to come up and watch us. My husband told me he was texting them back that they could come up to watch, but could not touch me. I lay there as I heard him get up, open the door, and walk down the hallway. A few minutes later I heard the door open again, and my husband told the men to stand by the closet. I felt him on the floor again, and his fingers were on my pussy. He told me he was spreading me open, so the men could see how wet and swollen I was.

Then my husband said it was time to move into the bedroom. He carefully helped me up, and guided me down the hall into the bedroom, telling the men to follow. Inside the room, we reached our tall bed, and he had me lean over, legs spread, so my open cunt was ready for him. I heard the new vibrator click on, and he pushed it up inside me, my wet pussy easily accommodating the new tool that was rotating inside me, while the the english izle nub vibrated against my clit. I was already extremely aroused, so this new sensation caused more wetness to drip out of me, and I moaned against the bed.

He pulled that out of me, and immediately replaced it with the new dildo. He pushed it halfway in and stopped, asking me if I liked it. I said that I did, and then he pulled it out, and then thrust it back in. I could tell he had covered the dildo with the warming lube, as my pussy became even more wet and warm. He fucked me hard with the dildo, filling me completely, in and out. My thighs were trembling with excitement, I wasn’t sure how much more I could take and still stand. With the dildo still inside me, I heard the big vibrator turn on. As the 8″ dildo was buried deeply inside my pussy, he started rubbing the vibrator against my swollen, sensitive clit.

The double sensation brought me to the edge, the pressure of being filled inside, while the ultra strong vibrations were focused on my clit. I felt something deep inside me clench tightly, and then a gush of fluids rolled down my thighs. My husband pulled the vibrator away, and the dildo out and more liquid dribbled out. I lay there, spent. I could be a squirter when I was turned on enough, but I don’t think ever that much. My husband whispered in my ear how turned on he was from seeing all that juice spurt out of me, and he pulled off my mask and untied my hands.

Of course there was no one in the room (my husband knows I would have a meltdown if he ever actually had someone secretly come in to watch us), but it made for a fun fantasy, and I appreciated all the effort he went to, to create the role play. I needed to climax and so did he, so we got on the bed, and I climbed right on top, his hard cock easily sliding in to my soaking wet pussy.

I rode him hard, pressing my pelvis against him, spreading my legs wide to take him in as deeply as possible. It didn’t take long before my clit started to tingle, and I felt the build-up deep inside, and I yelled out as my climax rolled over my whole body. As my orgasm started to ease up, body still shaking, I leaned over my husband, breasts hanging almost over his face, and started moving more slowly, all the way up and back down, while squeezing him inside with my pelvic muscles. After several thrusts, he grabbed my hips, pulling me tight down, while he pushed up, and he came inside me.

That was an amazing night. My husband’s creative idea was incredible. I am lucky to have such a sexy husband keeping things so fresh and exciting in the bedroom!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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