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Growing Anticipation – The Secretary

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Note from the author

This is a story based on expansion, growth and unrealistic body part sizes. I hope you enjoy this side story in the “Anticipation” series. This one is meant to be more of a stand-alone entry. If you are reading my stories for the first time thank you very much and I hope you like it. If you enjoy what I wrote please take a look at my other stories.

The first two chapters of the ‘Growing Anticipation’ series were written by HugeErection and PeaceEnder. Their stories are on my favorites list and I highly recommend reading those first, followed by my additions starting at chapter 3. Thank you for reading.

All characters are over 18.


“Whenever you’re ready.” Said a woman’s voice.

The dark-haired Latina woman sat uneasily in front of a tripod mounted camera. Her voice is quiet and unsure at first. She wore white capri pants and a black, loose fitting, zip up sweatshirt. “My name is Maria and I am, or was, an employee of NewMed Tech.” She said.

“And what was your job description?” The voice asked.

Maria took a glance at the woman behind the camera before looking back to the lens. “I was the receptionist for the executive vice president of the research division.” She replied.

“Maria, can you tell us why you are here today?”

“I want to tell what has happened to me while working at NewMed under my former boss.” She answered.

“Can you tell us what happened?” The woman asked.

“I was exposed to an untested and experimental drug that has…changed my body.” Maria said.

“What kind of changes?” The woman asked.

Maria took a deep breath. Glanced at the woman once more and hesitated.

“It’s alright Maria, you are safe here, documenting everything that has transpired will help us with your condition.” The woman said.

Maria nodded and sighed. She began to lower the zipper on her sweatshirt. She opened the garment to an audible gasp from the woman behind the camera. Hidden under her sweatshirt were a pair of enormous breasts. Easily larger than her head and barely contained by a nude colored bra that was several sizes too small. Her breast flesh strained against her bra, causing them to overflow the cups and straps. Her nipples were visibly protruding into the fabric as well.

“As you can see, my breasts have grown this large thanks to that drug.” Maria said spitefully.

“Maria, what size were your breasts before?” The woman asked.

“I was a thirty-four B cup.” Maria answered.

“And what size are you now?”

“I’m not sure what my size is. This bra is a double K cup, but as you can see it is far too small. The best I can do is measure my bust. Yesterday I was fifty-five inches.” Maria said.

Maria paused for a moment. “And two three weeks ago, my bust was fifty inches. My breasts are still growing.” She said.

“When you’re ready, tell us how this happened.” The woman said.

It was four thirty on a Friday, this week had flown by. Maria meticulously organized the few remaining papers on her desk, she could file them first thing Monday morning. She had been working at NewMed Tech for nearly four years as a receptionist for the second-floor manager. Until she was moved up to the tenth floor, to be the personal assistant for the company’s director of the research division. The change in assignment was a complete surprise for the twenty-five-year-old. Why she was chosen for the position was never made clear, she had not expressed any interest and did not even know if the man she was working for knew who she was before.

The rumor was that the previous assistant had left the company out of the blue. The move to the tenth floor meant a sizeable increase in pay so Maria did not complain. The adjustment to her new responsibilities caused much anxiety and minor mistakes. Max, her new boss, insisted she use his first name, and was never upset over any mistakes of Maria’s. He was always kind and understanding, never berating or belittling. This helps ease her into her role quite well and now she was exceptionally good at what she did.

It was only four months into her position when their relationship began. It began almost innocently. Being an observant woman, Maria had noticed that he had removed the pictures from his desk of his wife and twin daughters. Maria knew that his wife worked for the same company but did not know in what capacity. It was on a Friday evening; Maria had stayed late with him to help prepare for Monday’s quarterly meeting with the board of directors. She asked how life at home was and he informed her that he and his wife were separated.

All the next week she could tell that he looked at her differently than before. The way he smiled at her, the “accidental” touch of hands when passing papers back and forth, and the small touch on her back as he walked past her desk when he left his office. Maria felt the biggest rush the first time they had sex. It was so primal, so animalistic. The chance that they could be ankara eve gelen escort caught with her legs splayed out on his desk was incredibly arousing. They were fucking regularly after that, mostly on Friday evenings. Maria’s panties would be wet by the time five o’clock came.

Relationships between employees were not expressly forbidden, but Maria didn’t want to be known as another homewrecking secretary either. The two kept it a secret, only having intercourse after hours. Sometimes at a motel, other times in his office. She could still remember her heart racing when the door handle wiggled while she was bent over his desk. The cleaning lady was checking trash cans, fortunately his office had a different lock than the others thanks to his high position in the company. He gently covered her mouth to muffle her cries as she came. However, one day after nearly a year of their secret relationship everything would change… forever.

It was Friday once more; they were the only two left on the floor. Maria let herself into his office, locking the door as usual. Their love making began in the usual way, making out that led to hands exploring each other’s bodies. Maria’s passion for this man hadn’t diminished, her panties were already wet before she could jump his body.

He quickly unbuttoned her blouse, throwing it and his own shirt across the room, and leaving her with her skirt and red bra on. Maria unstrapped his belt and pants. She was taken by surprise when she reached her hand down below. Her eyes were wide as she felt around some more and a mischievous smile formed on his face. She slowly lowered his pants and boxers. Maria couldn’t believe what was in front of her. Her lover’s hard cock was massive. Easily twelve inches long, twice as big as normal. His balls have also appeared to have grown twice as large.

“What is this? How is your dick so big?” She asked.

“It’s our newest product, not out to the public yet. It causes a temporary growth for a person’s genitals. There’s one I would like you to try.” He answered. He pointed to a full pill bottle on the right side of his desk. Maria paused, unsure what to think, this was all happening so fast. This had to be a hallucination or a trick of some kind. She had never heard of a pill causing what she is seeing right now. She looked at the bottle and then back to her lover.

She gave his junk a few tugs to double check that it wasn’t a prank. She realized that he was on the level.

“I don’t know. Is it safe?” She asked.

“Perfectly safe, all testing has been conducted, as head of the research division I have privy to our latest products before they hit the shelves.” He said. He placed his hands on her shoulders, looking at her reassuringly. “It’s perfectly safe, the effects will only last about an hour.” He took the bottle and deposited two pills in his palm and held them out to Maria.

Maria hesitated for a couple seconds before taking the pills. She nervously swallowed them, the lust in his eyes only grew. It didn’t take long before she began to feel hot, her breasts felt flush. A sort of tingling sensation grew in her chest, building in intensity. She felt her nipples grow hard under her bra cups as the sensations continued to grow.

Audible moans escaped her lips as she looked down to her amazement. Her breasts were visibly growing right before her eyes. Her growing flesh quickly overwhelmed the tight confines of her bra. Each breast overflowed the cups while the straps were stretched to their limits. Over the course of a few minutes her average sized chest had grown to the size of ripe melons. Her brain was flooded with mixed signals. An incredible sense of pleasure radiated from her enlarged breasts while at the same time the straps of her now comically undersized bra painfully dug into her skin.

“Help me get this off.” She said, turning away from him. More pain as he dug his fingers further into her back to get ahold of the overstrained bra clasps. After a brief struggle he succeeded, and Maria felt relief from her boob prison. Her new breasts fell heavily to her chest, their enhanced sensitivity sending waves through her. He helped her remove the bra and tossed it across the room. Turning back around she cupped her huge melons in her hands while slightly rubbing her nipples.

Any thoughts of disbelief were thrown out of her mind as pure lust took over. She jumped on him, sending them both flying back and onto the low bookshelf behind his desk. His decorative models, plants and a few pictures when flying out of the way as she hurriedly unclothed him. Their faces were locked together, tongues darted back and forth. His hands quickly found her huge tits and her hands found his enlarged cock.

Maria began to stroke his huge cock with both hands, a large amount of precum oozed forth and filled her palm. She held up her hand, amazed at the amount. There was more pre cum in her hand than his normal ejaculations had. Maria sat on gaziantep escort the desk, pushing his papers and pen holders to the side. Her left shoulder bumped against his computer monitor, causing it to wobble and almost fall over the edge.

He looked at her with a slight grin as she began to rub her cum filled hands all over her big tits, giving extra attention to her cleavage. She grabbed him by the hips and pulled him close. His cock now lined up to her chest. Maria held her breasts together tightly around his cock and for the most amazing titfuck he ever had. Maria was enjoying it as well, her panties were growing wetter by the second, her sensitive new tits sent her closer to orgasm with each passing minute. Unable to wait any longer, Maria let go of her breasts and reached down to hike up her skirt and slid her drenched panties down her legs and onto the floor.

Leaning back, elbows holding her up, she motioned for him to come closer with her pointer finger. He stepped closer, took hold of his cock and slowly inserted it into her pussy. Maria gasped, his new size caused some initial pain and pressure. “Slow.” She whispered up to him. He began to thrust gingerly, fighting his own urges from his enlarged penis to ravage the woman on his desk. After a few thrusts, the initial bit of pain subsided, in its place was pure ecstasy for Maria. She began to moan louder and louder, his pace increased in unison as he pumped more and more inches of cock inside her.

Soon enough he was thrusting most of his enlarged cock inside her. He gripped her hip tightly with his left hand while the right grabbed her huge tit. Maria arched her back, the knuckles on her left hand were white as she held onto the edge of the desk behind her head. Her right hand squeezed her other breast tightly while her thumb and index finger played with her nipple. Max fucked Maria’s brains out for what seemed like forever, the chemicals from the pills had the secondary effect of enhancing his stamina. He let out a guttural moan, no longer caring about who could be outside the office in earshot, as he came. Maria felt his member swell up inside her as she came as well. Her pussy tightened even more around his cock as it erupted with more cum than several men combined. He kept fucking her as his cock continued to pump more cum inside her. Maria’s cunt filled quickly, and the excess oozed out onto his crotch. He shot a few more spurts before it was over.

He stood back, catching his breath after having the biggest orgasm of his life. Before him on the desk Maria laid with her legs still spread, cum oozing from her pussy. To her delight his cock was still rock hard.

“I hope you have another one in you with that big cock.” She cooed while squeezing her huge tits together. He got the hint and climbed onto the desk, knocking the few remaining things onto the floor and slid his twelve-inch cock into her cleavage. Maria was in orgasmic heaven once more. She felt another orgasm building just from him titfucking her. The feeling was a new one also, she never had breasts large enough to properly do this before. His pace increased and she could feel that he was close, he reached down and grabbed ahold of her chest and held each breast tightly against his cock.

“Oh fuck!” He yelled as he came a second time. Large ropes of semen burst from his cock and onto maria’s chin and chest. He pulled back as a few more shot onto her breasts. The two lovers stayed there for a few minutes, Maria’s chest was coated with cum, as was the desk around her.

The next day was a challenge for Maria. As much as she tried, she couldn’t commit to her regular weekend routine. Even though her breasts had reduced back to their normal size they still felt more sensitive than before. Not as sensitive as when they grew, but enough to distract her during the day. The increased sensitivity also increased her arousal. Twice on Saturday alone she found herself digging out her vibrator from the nightstand.

She held the six-inch-long latex and plastic toy in her hand and felt as if it were inadequate to the massive cock, she took in just yesterday. The fact that she even brought it out into the light of day was a surprise for her. Ever since her secret rendezvous with her boss began, she hasnt used her vibrator, or even masturbated. Each week she would wait for her weekend hookup. Her growing anticipation for a good fucking would build all week, helping her orgasms achieve a new level. There were sometimes where events prevented them from hooking up, she was obviously disappointed, but she still held out for the next time.

Now she held her freshly cleaned toy, she came twice this day, and both times she felt different. Dissatisfied. Was it the fact that she was alone? The incredible feeling when her breasts grew? Or maybe both? One thing she knew for certain was that she could not wait to try the pills again.

The next week dragged on. The schedule for an executive at such a large company was busy to ankara gerçek resimli escort say the least. Maria was only able to see her lover in the flesh on Monday. The other days he was gone for a trip to one of the regional offices. Friday morning, Maria sat at her desk, her mood was deflated. She stared at her coffee mug, watching the wisps of steam dance into the air. Max was still gone; his schedule was delayed due to a sudden snowstorm at the airport and he was stranded there overnight. It was beginning to look like another lonely weekend.

Her stare was broken when she heard the squeaky wheels of the mail cart stop in front of her desk. The freckled faced intern, not much younger than herself, sifted through the bundled envelopes and handed her two bundles and proceeded on his way. Maria gazed after him as he walked down the hall. “I bet he would love to make my tits grow.” she thought.

She shook the thought from her head. “What is going on with me?” she asked herself. As she sorted through each envelope individually was surprised when she saw her name. Receiving mail wasn’t a big surprise, what was surprising was who it was from. The top left only said “Max”, obviously he sent it, but when? Opening the envelope there was a letter and a plastic card. Maria quickly hid the card; it was a hotel keycard.

In the note he apologized for being away. He would always apologize for being gone, even though it went with his job territory. The note also gave her the hotel address and room number. The hotel was near the airport, not the one he was stuck at but the one he flew out from on Tuesday. Maria concluded that he had this get together planned all week and had their room booked since Tuesday. Her heart fluttered a bit, she loved it when he planned things for them.

His note instructed her to meet him at the hotel Saturday afternoon. Maria considered checking in early, maybe even that night, so she did. He already had it reserved and had checked in before he left. She was happy that she didn’t have to pay the bill for an empty hotel room all week. The airport was nearly an hour drive from the office. After work she first went home to pack a few things, a change of clothes and toiletries. Making sure to water her lonely house plant and leaving a light on, she left. Along the way she passed several restaurants. For a second a feeling of resentment filled her. Why didn’t Max take her out? If he and his wife were separated why didn’t he take her out on a nice date?

Maria’s mood was conflicted. She didn’t want to be another bimbo secretary. Did he want her that way? Is that why he introduced her to the enhancement pills? Maria squirmed in her chair as traffic came to a standstill. Just barely thinking about the pills sent her loins crazy. She could feel the damp spot form in her panties under her skirt. Another feeling came to her, hunger. She had been so distracted today that she had barely ate. As traffic continued to creep at a snail’s pace, she placed an online order for one of her favorite places a few miles up the road.

It was an hour and a half later when she finally arrived at her room. Taking the elevator to the third floor, with her bag of food in one hand and her small luggage bag rolling behind her, she fumbled to retrieve the keycard from her purse. Maria was hesitant that the card would work. Sliding it in the card slot she imagined Max’s huge cock sliding into her. The light turned green and she opened the door. She spent most of the day lounging about the room. She went out to eat lunch and took extra time to apply her makeup and do her hair. Maria pulled her red dress from her garment bag. It was her favorite and she loved the way her body looked while wearing it. Max had yet to see her in it, but she was certain that he would love it.

At last the door unlocked and he walked in, rolling his luggage behind him. He looked tired from his day of flying, once he saw her his eyes lit up, his fatigue faded away. He dropped his things as she embraced him. They went out for an early dinner, they ordered two meals each to take one back to the room. Max looked through his luggage for a few moments before turning to Maria holding two pill bottles. Maria licked her lips and breathed deeply when she saw the bottles.

Their night of lovemaking was a blur. They fucked on both beds and the table. In the shower and with her on the bathroom counter. Maria particularly enjoyed smothering him with her overgrown tits while she was on top of him. By now she had grown accustomed to his enlarged cock as well. She loved the way it filled her up. Both Max and Maria went to sleep that morning very satisfied.

Maria awoke early Sunday morning. Max lay next to her, fast asleep. She fumbled through the dark room to the bathroom. The smell of sex still filled her nostrils from the previous night. Shutting the door and turning on the light she was surprised by her reflection in the mirror. Her breasts were still larger than normal. Not as big as from last night, but still a couple cup sizes bigger. She guessed around double D range. Thinking more about it. During their marathon of love making she noticed that his cock had returned to normal size not long after it was supposed to. Her breasts, however, stayed huge all night. In the heat of the moment she wasn’t concerned.

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