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Guardian Angel Ch. 01

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Guardian angel? what’s that mean anyway? It means many things for many people. What does it mean for me? It defines who I am, or rather what I am now. I am that which some of you people call a guardian angel. It’s my job to make sure that I do my job. I can’t talk about it, without risking the wrath of my manager. I can however tell you about one of my favorite subjects that I’ve had to work with. His name is John Banner. He is 25, and I do owe him a debt to my continued existence. Let me explain why.

I was on the verge of completing some training for my job, since I had just been recruited by the boss. Well, the final exercise was to try and take human form, and see if I could secure the honest help of one person. I did, and just created a pitiful image resembling some unfortunate souls I observed in the city. I wanted to create an image like my own. When I was recruited by the boss, I lost my right to have an image of self. One of the small prices to pay for my gift. So, I made myself out to look like a bum, and took human form. I sat in the corner of two busy streets, and just sat there, looking miserable. I sat there for about three hours. A handful of people tossed change at me. I sensed from them that they wanted to help me to a certain degree. But there was something missing. Something that the boss noticed. Something that told the boss to tell me that I had to stay in the city until I find it.

It was not my place to question him, so I just stayed. After a while longer, I began to travel down the street, and attempt to satisfy some human cravings for nourishment that were taking over my new form. Just then, of nowhere, a vehicle comes out of the blue, and knocks me down. If I was in my normal state, I would have been aware of that thing earlier. I would have instant access to the entire lives of each occupant at a moment’s notice. I still had that ability in this form, but my range was limited, from infinite to much less than that.

I was stunned, adjusting to the bad sensations that were flowing over my body. Each nerve, that was hurting, and getting on my nerves, that I now had them. I was knocked away from the car about two meters or so. Give or take a inch. Just as I was attempting to get up, and recompose myself, I became aware that my incident had created a small crowd of people around me. All were mumbling inside and outside about me. “Oh, man!” “Is he OK?” “Stupid bum!” “He should have watched where he was going!” and other things along that same nature.

But soon after I became aware of what was being said about me, I noticed a lone sole had come out to help me up. It was the driver of the car. That which is known as whom I mentioned before being John Banner. He came over and helped me up, asking me if I was OK.

“Are you OK man? I didn’t see you! Oh, my God!”

“yeah, well, your car would suggest otherwise. You aim was pretty good.” I told him.

“Listen, I’m on a time crunch, but I can drop you off at the emergency room, if you escort bostancı want me to. “

“uh…yes. Thank you”

“can you stand?”

“yes, but….my head is killing me.”

“come on, easy does it, now.” He helped me over to the other side, and helped me into the car, as the crowd thinned out. He closed the door, and rushed to the driver’s side. John hopped into the car, and soon we were off down the street. After a few blocks of going fast down the street, he hit a light, and stopped. During the stop, he looked over at me, to see if I was OK.

“Are you ok…Mr…..um….?” he asked me.

“My name is Robert.” I told him.

“Robert, are you feeling dizzy or anything?”

“No. Just a little bruised. I’d still like to see a doctor. Thanks for helping me out, Mr….?”


“Thank you, John.”

“Don’t worry about it.” He told me, as he turned on his radio. Just then the announcer spoke:

“You are listen to the hot new 102.3 Wave radio. It’s time for the gossip update of today. Today it’s about the big controversy of the moment, featuring the multi-award winning actress Sarah Cliffton, and her pre-fame sex tape which has leaked out. As you know, the tape was discovered in the collection of an anonymous ex-porn producer who now owns properties across the state. His name has not been released, but supposedly Sarah’s camp have threatened legal action for the tape’s release. Sarah has not commented since the incident, and has had to cancel many public functions she was to attend, like this year’s Mega-Music Awards, and the premiere of her brother’s film “Quilts And Chocolate”. We have obtained evidence here to suggest that the porn producer is none other than Randy Turns, who was originally credited as Randy Williamson. This could not be verified, but he is the name that our partner GossipSecrets.com alleges is the this person who possess and leaked out the tape to the entire internet. We’ll of course follow this story as it develops. And now, for today’s new jam of the day, here’s the one and only Rambondo…!”

Just then, he abruptly changed the station, so it played now the Goo Goo Dolls, I think. It’s nice being able to hear everything. There is a lot of music out there to behold. It can really change your mood. I sensed that his mood changed after hearing that broadcast. I was still not used to human form, and couldn’t find out exactly why from my senses. So, I decided to ask him.

“You seem a little uneasy after hearing that. You a fan of hers?”

“yeah. Ever since I first saw her in “Stardom”, I fell in love with her. Everyone else did also I think, but I also have a respect for her as an artist. I saw her art exhibits each time they came into town. I own all her movies, and even bought her album on import. I think she’s great, and feel bad that she’s being humiliated like this.”

“Why the interest in her? Why not someone else like Charlize Sutherland, or Jennifer Moore, or even that cutie ümraniye escort Demi Theron?”

Just then, my senses kicked in at full strength, and I felt everything he did, and knew everything about him. I knew that he was a little upset at my comment. I also knew that he knew her from her pre-fame life. She was a friend and classmate. He liked her then but was never given the chance to tell her.

“Ew! First of all, Demi is underage! Jail-bait is not my cup of tea. The other two are alright, but there’s just something about Sarah that speaks to me. An inner beauty that is refreshing.”

I smiled, and nodded, as I knew he was being honest. I decided to give it time, and then I would find out how would this play out.

We spoke a little more on the way to the hospital. I found out that he hated his position at his job, working at an advertising firm. He was trying for a higher up better place with more creative outlets. He loved to write, and wrote some great stuff, that hasn’t been noticed. I felt for this guy, because there was nothing phony about him. Nothing contrived, and honest. He was pure. His soul was the purest I’ve seen this side of Heaven. And I wasn’t going to let something as great as that go to waste.

So we arrived at the hospital, and he dropped me off. He offered to stay a little while, but I told him to go on. As he left me, the nurse started to ask me lots of probing questions. I answered them, and she left, to fill out paperwork. As I noticed that no one was paying attention to me, I got up, and headed to the nearest rest room. I knew that someone was trying to contact me mentally. Now that I was alone, they could speak to me safely. When they did, I was scared, because it was my boss.

“What are you doing?”

“Finishing the training.”

“I see that. I see everything. You did very good. You will move onto the next step. As a reward, I’m giving you an increase in your powers. The power of miracle and blessing is yours.”

“You mean I can do stuff like…”

“No, you simpleton! You can do small things like give gifts to who deserve them. Like that young man who helped you. I know you feel sympathy for him, and you can tell he is a pure one.”

“yes, sir. Do you know if he got the job?”

“No. I saw to it that he didn’t get the job.”

“but why sir?”

“I want to see if you’ve learned anything, and also if he is really as pure as you sense he is. He is pure, but even purity has many different levels.”

“yes, sir. But I don’t understand.”

“When the young man falls asleep, you will then be able to thank him. You can use your new ability to do that, and give him the life he has always wanted.”

“which life?”

“One where he can be with that girl he wants so badly. One where he is a success at what he enjoys the most. One where he can be the most use to everyone who can benefit from his nature. Now, go and do as I wish. When you are done, you will head a step closer back kartal escort bayan to your beloved.”

“yes, sir.” I said, as the immediate presence of my boss left the area. Just then, a surge of energy and power flowed through my human form. I could feel it now. The power was being given to me. I then made for a easy exit out of the hospital. As soon as I was able to hide, I returned to my true form, and went to oversee John.

He was in a small apartment on the wrong side of town. I took a peek inside, in my true form, so John would not be aware of me. A couple of nice suits hung on nails on the wall in the living room area. Pictures of various types held by inexpensive frames overcast the entire room. The faint imprint of painted over bricks was visible on the wall where an area resembling a kitchen now stands. A very poor condition sofa is placed in front of a small television. Papers, pencils, and various books also were visible standing around the entire place. Rejected ideas for his job. Great stories and poems than he never was able to share. Even drawings of various things.

A lone mattress is the only other major piece of furniture within this place. It lies in another room, with a couple of minor cabinets, which hold the remainder of his clothes. A very rundown and pitiful looking apartment. If the furniture wasn’t there, I would have guessed a junkie might as well have lived here.

He was getting himself into bed, beat from a long day, and wondering what was he going to do next. A short while later, he was asleep. Soon enough a dream came about. I could see what he wanted. He wanted a better life. A better apartment. Money. And the love of Sarah. And so I decided to go ahead and test out my new abilities. I began to give him what he wanted. As he slept. When he awakes, he’ll be in for quite a surprise.


The strangest thing I ever went through in my life. I went to bed after I had a bad day. I ran over a homeless guy, injuring him. I lose out on a great job promotion and better pay, and my normal job is in question now. Also my new novel isn’t going anywhere. I was so stuck. I just went to bed as usual, in my crappy apartment. Then next thing I know, as i woke up to use the bathroom, I found I wasn’t in the same place anymore. I was somewhere else. It looked like the Presidential Suite at a fancy 5 star hotel.

There was fancy furniture and room everywhere. Nothing like my apartment. And I was in a King sized bed right in the middle of it all. As soon as shock and panic cleared me for a moment, I soon realized I was not alone. There was another person in bed with me. I crept in closer, and leaned to get a better peek. Once I saw her face, that was it. There was no doubt about it. It was Sarah. The most famous and beautiful actress ever, who I loved since junior high, was laying there in the same bed as me, and she was asleep.

I wasn’t sure how long that was going to last. I figured I try and get up, and get a better look at her, but she soon enough started tossing and turning, and waking up. I was in complete shock at that time. I had no idea what to do or say.

next chapter of Guardian Angel – coming soon! John is in for one hell of a ride ( pun intended! ) FEEDBACK PLEASE.

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