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Guilty Pleasures Ch. 10

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It seemed like I had barely closed my eyes when I heard Rob get up and begin dressing. I knew he and Bill had a full day of golf planned, playing at least 36 holes and more if they could fit it in. That meant they’d be gone all day and very possibly into the early evening. Plenty of time for whatever was going to happen to happen.

I attempted to go back to sleep as tired as I was, but my thoughts kept me awake as I lay there in bed. I was struggling with Jared’s sudden change in personality and demeanor. I understood he was angry and upset with everything that had happened. Along with what he had only recently learned about himself. That Susan and I had in fact deceived him in our own actions only added fuel to the fire. Still, treating her as he had was inexcusable, though I held myself partially to blame because of it.

I finally rolled out of bed throwing on a fresh pair of undies and a tee shirt and headed into the joined kitchen sitting area. I wasn’t surprised to find Susan already up and sitting there at the kitchen counter. I was surprised to find her sitting there in the nude however.

I hadn’t bothered to look at myself in the mirror after getting up, looking at Susan I didn’t need to. I figured I looked almost as bad as she did. She had bags under her eyes from lack of sleep, her hair not yet brushed, unkempt and still wearing her now partially smeared makeup from the night before. She looked like hell, and no doubt felt like it too, but that still didn’t explain why she was sitting there drinking coffee with nothing on.

“Susan?” I asked without further elaboration. Just saying her name asked all the questions I had running around inside my head. She looked up at me dejectedly, even blushing a little at her obvious appearance.

“I know,” she said simply in response to that, then adding, “he told me to stay like this,” she now said taking a tired sip of her coffee. Normally Susan would have offered to pour me one, and would have in fact done so upon seeing me. I walked by her still curious as to what she meant, pouring my own coffee, and then asking.

“Who? Bill?”

“No. Jared. He was up when the boys left,” she told me. “I was in fact, pretty much wearing what you are now when they left, shortly after which, Jared got up and came out. I tried to talk to him, but he told me if he was even going to listen to anything I had to say, that I had to undress. He then told me he hadn’t as yet made any decisions, but until he had, he wanted me to stay like this so he could look at me whenever he wanted to, however he wanted to, and in whatever way he wanted to, until he finally had.”

I looked over my shoulder back towards Jared’s room. “He go back to bed?”

“No…in the shower, just left before you got up and came in here,” she told me.

I listened more carefully then, and could hear the shower running. Once again I looked at my friend. I was both appalled and angry that Jared would be acting out like this. Again…it wasn’t his nature to be doing this for one. But that Susan was complying with his request wasn’t in her nature either, and I told her so.

“This is bordering on cruel,” I told her. “Jared has no right to be treating you like this Susan, I don’t care what he’s gone through, or believes we’ve done for either one of us to be treated like this, but for you to actually comply with his wishes, and sit here naked until he does decide, is ridicules! What does he hope to accomplish in having you do that anyway?”

“I know why,” she said simply. “Jared’s trying to humiliate me the same way he now believes we…or rather I, humiliated him.” With that, she now stood revealing something else to me I wasn’t aware of until that moment. Even then it took me a moment more to grasp what that was, until she spread her legs as she stood there. I glanced over towards her, still confused as to what it was she was doing, until I saw a hint of something blue sticking out of my friend’s pussy. It was then that I realized she had the same blue pair of panties stuffed almost entirely up inside her cunt that we had used as enticement towards Jared. The same panties that he had stood there using to pleasure himself with. The same panties Jared had seen me twirling about my finger just before I kissed his mother, with Jared’s fresh cream still held within my mouth.

Susan now had them buried almost completely up inside herself.

“What the fuck? Susan?”

She sat down again, her face now crimson. “He told me to put them there, and keep them there, until he said otherwise,” she now informed me.

I was shocked, not so much that my best friend was sitting there with her panties stuffed up her cunt, but that Jared was indeed angry enough, and cruel enough to have demanded that she do so. But I was also surprised on the other hand, that she actually had.

“Why? Why would you allow him to do this to you Susan? And why on earth are you doing it?”

“Because…I don’t want to lose my son, though after everything that’s happened, maybe I already have,” she told me. “But Sakarya Escort if this is what it takes for me to get him to at least talk to me, have anything to do with me at all, then it’s a small price to pay. That’s why.”

It was then that I heard the shower turn off in Jared’s bedroom, which meant he would no doubt be coming out into the kitchen area soon. I stood, immediately pulling off my tee shirt throwing it over onto the back of a nearby chair. I then stepped out of my panties as Susan looked at me, her eyes suddenly going wide.

“What are you doing?”

“I don’t agree with any of this,” I told her. “But you are my best friend, and if you’re going to sit here like that, then so am I. If nothing else, I’ll do it to support you, not because of anything Jared expects from me, but only so that he knows I am likewise willing to be humiliated out of support for my friend.”

I stood, now stuffing my own panties up inside myself, which at the moment wasn’t a very easy thing to do as I was certainly not aroused. But I was bound and determined that if Susan was going to sit here like this waiting for Jared to return, then so was I.

“You don’t have to do this. He didn’t ask you to even do it,” she told me, though I could see the tears already forming in her eyes that I was willing to humiliate myself for her in front of her son.

“Yeah…I know, but we’re in this together, and Jared needs to know that I’m doing this to support you…I’m certainly not doing it for him!”


As expected, Jared came wandering back out into the room several minutes later. Hearing him, I had stood next to Susan. He was wearing the resort robe he had had on the night before, and nothing else as it was clearly obvious he was sporting an erection beneath it, and didn’t care that it was quite evident that he was. I held back a smile, seeing the surprised look on his face at seeing me. Not that I was there, he must have anticipated that, but that I was also naked just as surprised at seeing me that way as I had been upon seeing Susan. It was then that he looked down as I stood there, legs slightly spread, a hint of my own panties sticking down between my legs.

He opened his mouth about to say something, and then thought better of it taking a seat in front of the two of us, his erection tenting the front of his bathrobe as he sat down.

“You don’t have to do that,” he told me, for a brief moment the old Jared, the one I had actually become friends with and had come to like reappeared. But then his face hardened almost immediately. “Why don’t you go back to bed Jennefer? Or go out to the pool or something? This is between mother and I. But…if you stay, then know I won’t treat you any differently than I am her.” He added with just a tinge of a threat being given.

I stood my ground, my hand caressing Susan’s shoulder in support. “I don’t know why you feel it’s necessary to humiliate your mother more than you already have Jared,” I began as Susan tried briefly to keep me from continuing. “But if you’re insistent on doing that, then you do it to us both, if that’s what’s going to make you feel better about yourself,” I concluded staring back into his eyes.

“So be it,” he said with a steely-eyed expression. “If that’s what you want…then sit down.”

I started to do so, pulling my chair out.

“No, next to her,” he told me, and then stood untying the sash on his robe, allowing it to part. He now stood there in front of us, fully erect, his hard stiff penis thrust out in front of him as though brandishing a sword. He stood looking down at us, stroking his cock as he did so, fisting it slowly up and down. What he was doing, I would have normally found erotic and enjoyable, just as I had done before when I’d watched him previously. Now however, I received no pleasure out of his doing this. And I am sure the stoic look in my own face as I sat there looking at him told him that. He almost appeared to be getting frustrated a little as I now noticed his cock growing a bit softer, even though he continued to play with it. Once again I almost smiled, but it would have only served to make him even angrier and more frustrated than he already was.

“Play with yourselves,” he demanded. I at first hesitated, but Susan almost immediately spread her own legs, her hand slipping down spreading herself, revealing even more of the now infamous blue panties still peeking out of her pussy lips as she began fingering and toying with her clit.

Still determined to support my friend, I now made motion to touch myself seeing that she was, still giving in to what I now felt where very unreasonable, and continued humiliating demands. I hated that my own body could betray me as well, just as Susan’s obviously was, as she moaned pleasurably, now purposely fingering herself, rubbing her clit as we sat there watching Jared jerk off. He’d managed to get himself fully erect once again, no doubt the stimulus of seeing us likewise masturbating had worked through whatever guilt he might have been feeling Sakarya Escort Bayan after starting this. But I still hated the fact that my own body was betraying me as I felt the liquid moisture of beginning arousal begin to seep through the panties I still had stuffed up inside me. As much as I fought against the urge, the sensations, I found myself losing, the images of the nice erotic encounters we had shared, right or wrong, once again worming their way back into my memories, my thoughts.

With the sounds of Jared’s labored breathing becoming more and more noticeable, I realized he was in fact well on the way towards orgasm. He fought, holding it in check however not allowing himself to come yet, knowing full well his own pleasure would be far less than it should be.

“Make yourselves cum, before I do,” he demanded once again. I actually thought about simply faking it, but then I knew he would know if I did, unless I laid it on thick, and really acted as though I had. But I saw no point in doing so, realizing then what I felt would be an even better response, denying him whatever pleasure he was receiving from this when I actually did climax, and knew that I had.

I had given myself quick stress relief orgasms before, hardly as pleasurable as when I was aroused and excited, but I could in most instances come quickly if that was my simple intent. Which this now was. I now fingered, and rubbed my clit in such a way as to bring that about as quickly as I could, watching Jared’s face as he now locked more onto mine than upon his own mothers as Susan labored with the difficulty of actually getting herself off.

As I actually began to climax, feeling the flush starting to spread across my face, my breasts, I allowed no pleasure to fill my eyes, locking onto Jared’s as he watched me. He saw that I was indeed in the midst of having an orgasm, though denying him the normally sweet surrender of it that I’d have once freely given him. It was with a bit of my own personal satisfaction and joy that Jared now surrendered to his own. Frustratingly so as his prick now betrayed him, a forceful jettison of his spunk leaping from the tip, hitting me squarely between the breasts, quickly followed by another. He turned, the third already following the second as he now purposely aimed it towards Susan, likewise spurting against her. The majority of his spending now being directed upon her as opposed to me, his intent once again pure humiliation as opposed to eroticism. I could hear the frustration of that in his groan, even as he covered his mother’s breasts in his cream. It was evident he received no real pleasure in doing so, any more than I had given him in climaxing as he watched me. My face expressionless, even if on the inside I felt the pleasured surge of momentary release.

After he was finished, he stood there, his prick wilting far more rapidly than I had ever seen it do in the past. I could feel the trickle of his semen running down between my breasts, but I paid no attention to it, only then glancing over towards Sue who was covered in her son’s cream far more copiously than I was. She hadn’t however climaxed, though she sat there in vain, still fingering herself as though trying to find the way to do so…for Jared, just as he’d asked and required her to do.

I saw then what for the first time actually looked like remorse. He reached for his sash once again closing his robe around him.

“I’m going out to the pool,” he stated suddenly. The softness in his eyes once again hardening as he spoke. “Go…shower, make yourself presentable,” he said speaking to his mother, ignoring me completely as he did so. “Put on your bikini, make it a sexy revealing one,” he added not yet content with the way things had so far transpired. “And then come outside and join me,” he told her, still ignoring me completely. He then turned and quickly headed back into his bedroom to dress.

I wanted to follow him, grab him and shake him, shake some sense into him if I could, and nearly did so. Susan however grabbed my arm, tears running down her face. “No Jen, don’t!” She said, looking at me pleadingly to let it go…let him go. “I know him, I know he’s not being himself, he just needs more time to work through this,” she stated. She tried smiling then, looking at me. “But thank you…thank you for being there for me,” she added, and then stood preparing to head off and shower herself.

“I’m coming with you,” I told her, not taking no for an answer, and moments later followed her into her room.


Minutes later we were both standing in her shower. The nearly scalding hot water bathing each of us as she stood there beneath it, her hands reaching out in front of herself, braced against the wall. I stood behind her, hugging her to me, my head pressed against her shoulder, the water pounding away down upon each of us, making it almost hard to breathe. I didn’t care, nor did she.

I noticed however as we stood there, a subtle movement of her body, just managing to look down as she stood there, Escort Sakarya legs slightly spread, fingering herself. Under normal circumstances, most would have thought her actions bizarre, and perhaps in a way they were. But I knew my friend, I knew this was no more than a desire and a need for emotional release more than pleasurable.

“Let me,” I said softly, reaching around replacing her hand with my own as I tenderly began stroking her, petting her. Once again Susan supported herself against the wall, leaning forward, allowing me easier access to her as I molded my body against hers, my fingers now probing her, gently caressing her as I did so.

She came quietly, shivering, shuddering there in front of me, her tears falling, mingling with the shower now cleansing us both.


Once again as Jared had asked her, Susan had slipped into one of her briefest, tiniest and most sexy bikinis. A black one that so complimented her body and skin tone. French cut, her marvelously sculpted twin ass cheeks were completely bare, only the briefest of coverings over her pubic mound. I was glad that she had still chosen to wear the top as opposed to going out topless to the pool even though that was allowed. At least in that, she allowed herself some dignity, even though her breasts still threatened to pour from the top all by themselves, thus revealing herself. I too had put on a bikini, but a far less revealing one, likewise covering myself as much as was possible, wondering even as we did, as we soon finished making ourselves “presentable” as Jared had asked us, what we’d find when we joined him out by the pool.

He was indeed sitting there waiting for us as we emerged from the room. He had taken a seat at one of the pool patio tables beneath an umbrella. I noticed as we drew closer he had already ordered a couple of tropical, though alcoholic drinks for us. A bit early perhaps, even now…but I was surprisingly grateful that he had. I noticed he too had a drink in front of him, but the stir stick announced it was a “virgin” non-alcoholic. I found that very fitting, and very ironic under the circumstances. But I noticed something else too as we both took our seats on either side of him, quickly sipping our drinks. His eyes once again had changed, the anger in them replaced by what I knew to be pure guilt as I looked at him.

“As soon as I finish this, I’ll be leaving,” he told his mother. “I’m sorry for the way I’ve been acting, for what I’ve forced you to do. And just so you know, as soon as I can, I plan on moving out, getting a place of my own, and going back to school,” he added. I was glad and highly pleased to see him sitting there looking a little shame-faced, more so when he also turned addressing me.

“And I’m sorry for what I’ve said and done to you too. You didn’t deserve any of that either. I appreciate what you did for me, the things you taught me, the friendship that you gave me even, though I later thought you were just having fun with me at my own expense. I know now, thinking about it, that never really was your intent. I enjoyed everything we did, every bit as much as you did, or at least I hope you did. So…again, I am sorry for the way I’ve treated you too.”

“That’s ok, we all make mistakes Jared,” I said softening in my own anger towards him.

“Mom?” Jared said finally calling Susan by the name he’d once used far more affectionately. She looked up expectantly without answering. “Maybe I am adopted. And I think it was the shock of hearing about it the way that I did that threw me, caused me to react, and then act the way that I did. There’s still no excuse for doing that however. You are my mom, you’re the only mom I’ve ever known, will ever have. And I’m sorry for treating you the way that I did, the way that I have, for forcing you to do the things that you did. And so I truly am sorry for that, which is why I do think it’s best if I move out, find a place of my own as soon as I can.”

“Jared, you’re not the only one to blame here. I allowed certain things to happen, which never should have. That’s my own damn fault, but it had nothing to do with you being my adopted son, as I’ve never looked at you in that way. So to have gotten curiously aroused, is even more devastating to all this, that I should ever have allowed it to go in the first place. And that one’s on me…not on you. For me to think that I was helping you, by coercing my dearest and very best friend into taking your virginity, was not my place.”

“Susan!” I said trying to interrupt her, but she waved me off.

“No, please…let me finish here. It’s not my place to do that. You and you alone will know when it’s right, when its time…and with whom. I was wrong to suggest and think otherwise, even if I did so with the best of intentions.”

“But see mother…that’s where you’re not getting it either. No disrespect Jennefer,” he said looking at me. “Like I told you before, I really was tempted, and nearly gave in to it a couple of times, but…the thing here, ever since Jill and I broke up, it’s you who I’ve been thinking and fantasizing about, so when I discovered that you were in fact involved in some of the things that happened, even to the degree that you were, I thought then I was finally going to have that opportunity, to finally do it, not with anyone else…but with you.”

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