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Halloween Party

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I know I’m late with this one but I figured I wasn’t going to hold it until next year.


I saw the perfect parking space in front of the house where the party was already in full swing. Suddenly a large Chevy 4X4 roared by me and dove into the spot I had picked out. I just shook my head and found a spot further down the street. The four guys who piling out of the truck were dressed as cave men. How fitting, I thought as they made their way to the house, they were acting like typical Neanderthals, pushing people and acting like prehistoric ass holes.

I got out of my car and finished putting on my costume. The police uniform I was wearing was as authentic as could be, since I barrowed most of it from a cop buddy. The only thing not real was the gun. The cuffs, equipment belt, baton, flash light and pepper spray were the real thing. I even had a ticket book but it didn’t have real citations though. As I walked by the truck I noted the license plate and went into the party.

It didn’t take long to find the ‘cave men.’ They were harassing a beautiful woman. She was dressed as a sexy kitty and wow was she sexy! Her costume consisted of a long sleeve leopard print leotard that road high on her hips, black gloves with leopard fur cuffs, amazing leopard print hose and four inch high heels with, you guessed it, a leopard pattern. In short, she looked awesome! My night stick was standing in approval.

I made my way through the throng of party goers and approached the offending ‘sub humans.’ They were groping the lovely lady, pulling her tail and being very obnoxious, grunting, whooping and hollering.

I tapped the ‘driver’ on the shoulder and said, “Excuse me sir, do you own that blue Chevy pick-up out side?”

“Huh?” he grunted and I could smell he had already been drinking heavily.

“Do you own a 2002 blue Chevy Silverado 4X4, license plate 4D263W3?” I said in my most serious cop voice.

“Well…yes officer, what seems to be the problem?”

“A suspected drunk driver just side swiped your vehicle while fleeing the police. You need to go out and check the damage and wait for an officer to return with the suspect to take your statement and information.” I lied like a cheap rug, but he bought it. The four of them ran out of the party like there asses were on fire, swearing every step of the way.

I just had a few minutes before those idiots figured out I was bull shitting them. I turned to the lady.

“Thank God for drunk drivers!” she stated.


“That asshole deserves it after fucking with me.”

“Ma’am, I need to talk to you about your costume.”

“You like it? It took me a while to find all this stuff” she said turning slowly, showing off all her sexy curves.

“Well Ma ‘am, I’m afraid it is in violation of several city codes. Could we step out side so we can speak in private?” I pointed toward the back door, taking her arm and escorting her out.

“Wait…What do you mean it violates codes? Please office, I don’t want any trouble.”

“Let’s step out side Ma’am.” I looked back to see if the cave men had figured out my bluff.

As we stepped into the back yard there were several people smoking pot and other things that they wouldn’t want an ‘officer’ to see them smoking. When they saw me escorting a party-goer out, they bolted in every direction. In moments we were alone. I was having a difficult time keeping a straight face playing the cop role. She was complying with my requests but her gorgeous looks and amazing body was threatening to break my ‘character’.

“Listen officer, I didn’t think this was too revealing” she pleaded, “I just thought it would be sexy.”

I stood back from her, looking her up and down with phony concern on my face, shaking my head.

“Could you put your hands up against the wall there and spread your legs,” I requested pointing at the side of the house, “I need to make sure you don’t have any weapons on you before we go any further.” I strategically kartal escort maneuvered her out of direct sight of the back windows. She backed up and slowly turned, placing her hands on the wall. I got a perfect view of her beautiful ass because her leotard was a thong as well.

“Officer is there anything I can do for you to keep from getting a ticket,” she said in a sultry voice, looking over her shoulder at me? She spread her legs wider than necessary and wiggled her ass. My cock was straining against my pants so hard that I thought for sure it would bust the zipper.

“Please ma’am let me do my job,” I said running my hands down her arms to her shoulders, around her sides and under her breasts. Her leotard had a velvet texture that couldn’t hide the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra, let alone a concealed weapon.

“Mmmmmm…You have nice hands officer.”

I slid them down to her hips and over the nylon encased globes of her firm ass. I placed a hand on each side of her right thigh preparing to run them down her leg in search of ‘weapons’. I could feel the wetness and heat between her legs as my hands moved down to her ankles.

“I like that officer, you are making me horny.”

She was taunting me or was she tempting me?

I repeated the same thing on her left leg but pressed up into her crotch a bit more this time before sliding my hands down. She let out a gasp and a long moan when I did this. I could tell she had been drinking but she wasn’t wasted. I stood up and turned her around and took a step back. I began writing in my ‘ticket book’ and when I looked up at her she was giving me those sexy eyes and I almost broke down. I finished writing and handed her the ticket. At first she looked at it with disappointment then as she read it she began to smile. The ticket read: You are in violation of city ordinance 69, theft of an officer’s heart.

“You smooth son of a bitch,” she said moving closer to me. “Did you get a nice feel? Did you like feelin’ my wet pussy? Did you like making me beg you?”

“As a matter of fact, I did enjoy it!” I smiled and tried to keep some room between us in case you started swinging.

She lunged forward and kissed me passionately, grabbing my ass and neck as she pressed her thigh into my crotch. My hands sank to her butt and I squeezed and she moaned.

“Where the fuck did that asshole go?” We heard the caveman shout from inside the house. I looked around for a place to hide.

“This way,” she said pulling me toward the garage.

We opened the side door and slid inside, locking it behind us. We could hear the Neanderthals searching the backyard. One checked the garage door but was satisfied when he found the door locked that no one was inside. However another one was trying to open the main door. I looked around and saw a pull down ladder leading to a loft. I pulled the cord and lowered the steps. She took off her heels and I pushed her up the stares then followed as soon as she was up. There was about four feet of head room in the ‘loft’ but it had enough room for us and I pulled up the ladder just in time to hear the roller door open. I froze. She lay quietly in front of me on a mattress. I had to hold the ladder up since the latch was on the other side. As I listened to the voices discussing where I might have gone, I felt her lower the zipper on my pants. My cock sprang free of its confinement just inches from her face.

“What are you doing?” I whispered as quietly as I could.

She didn’t say anything. She wrapped her velvety gloved hand around my ridged member and started stroking it up and down slowly.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned as she did this.

“Shhhhhh…They’ll hear you,” she said smiling ear to ear.

If I let go of the ladder to stop her, it would go crashing down and we would be in a world of hurt. If I let her continue, I would probably drop the ladder anyway. I tried to shift my hips away from her but she held on tightly and wouldn’t let me move. I reached for the kartal otele gelen escort end of the rope that is used to pull down the stairs and slowly drew it up. Once I had it all up I could use it to hold the full weight of the ladder. She took the opportunity to suck the head of my cock into her mouth. I nearly collapsed. I looked at her and she was looking back at me smiling with my cock in her mouth. Although I was mad she was trying to get me killed, she was doing an incredible job sucking me off.

I tied the rope to one of the rafters and released my grip on the ladder. It held. I waited until the voices moved back to the main door of the garage before moving myself. She continued to suck my cock with a vengeance. The main door went down and I heard our adversaries leaving. I let out a sigh of relief then collapsed on the mattress next to her. My legs burned from straining to hold me up as I held the ladder up.

“Do you realize how close you came to making me drop that ladder?” I said still trying to be quiet. “You almost got both our asses kicked.”

“Sorry but all this excitement and what you did to me earlier made me so fuckin’ horny.” With that said she went back to sucking my cock.

“Damn that feels good,” was all I could say.

I reached down and undid my equipment belt and quietly set it aside. She stopped what she was doing long enough to pull my pants down to my ankles, then went back to work on my hard cock. I pulled her left leg over me and tried to position her pussy over my mouth. She straddled my face and pressed her dripping wet crotch onto my mouth. I sucked her clit through the thin material of her hose, nibbling it with my teeth and circling it with my tongue.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned around my cock and ground her pussy hard against me.

Her hips rocked back and fourth with increasing force. I worked my tongue along her soaked crotch panel trying to force it inside her then returned to assaulting her sensitive clit.

She began to shudder and sat up suddenly, grinding her pussy down on me as hard as she could. Her orgasm crashed into her like a wave and she bit her lip to keep from screaming. I did my best to keep the stimulation going as long as possible. She was drowning me with her honey. She fell forward as her orgasm subsided and I rolled her off me. I sat up and she got to her knees, kissing me and licking her juices from my face. I turned her around and held her against me, kissing her neck and cheek and ear. My right hand roamed over the front of her body, squeezing her breasts and caressing her nipples through her velvety soft leotard. My left hand found my handcuffs and pulled them from their pouch. I hung them over a pipe in the rafters, and brought her hands up and locked them in the restraints.

“What are you doing?” she asked with a hint of fear in her voice.

“You’ve been a bad girl. You need to be punished.”

I pulled the baton from my belt and slid it over her breasts, lightly teasing her nipples with it.

“Mmmmmm…yes!” she purred as I ran it up and down between her boobs.

She would try to take the end of it into her mouth like it was a cock on each up stroke. I made long sweeping “S” curves down her body. I pressed it against the soaked material covering her swollen pussy lips. Her hips thrust forward on the hard black painted wood. She tried to grind her hard clit against it as well. I lifted up on the baton forcing the material of her costume into her pussy.

“Oh ya baby…do it to me…I’ve been very bad…mmmmmm”

I pulled it away from her crotch and inspected it closely. The whole length was coated with her juices. I reached into my pants and retrieved my pocket knife. I snapped it open next to her ear. Reaching under her from behind, I placed my fingers against her pussy. I slid my fingers back, moving her thong to on side. I pulled down on the crotch panel of her hose and made a slit within the boarders of the stitched seems. kartal eve gelen escort This would allow access to her pussy without a run in her hose. I set the knife down and inserted my finger in her steamy hole.

“Ahhh yes…that’s it baby,” she breathed.

I pushed a second finger in and pistoned them in and out. She thrust back into my hand, trying to force more of my fingers inside her. I pulled them out before she could build up too much steam.

“Oh don’t tease me…” she sighed.

I tasted the juices dripping from my fingers. I pinched her clit between my fingers, rolling it from side to side. She started to quiver as I did. I removed my hand again before she tripped over the edge.

“Oh please baby…please let me cum again,” she begged.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” I asked.

“Yes…yes…I promise…I’ll do whatever you want.”

I reached up and unlocked the cuffs. She fell forward on her hands and knees. I grabbed her hips and positioned them in front of me. I pushed my cock between her legs, pressing it against her pussy lips and throbbing clit. She jumped a bit then tried to get my cock inside her smoldering hole. She reached under herself and grabbed my cock to guide it into her pussy, and I pulled it away from her.

“Did I say you could do that?” I asked sternly.

“No,” she said sheepishly, “but I need it. Please don’t make me wait anymore. I will fuck you so good…just put it in me baby…please put it in.”

I held my cock and positioned it at her opening. I teased her with the tip, circling it around the opening but not putting it in. She would push back trying to engulf it but I would keep it from her grasping pussy. When she stopped moving her hips I impaled her on my cock. I thrust in hard holding her ass tight to my hips. I could feel her pussy clamp down on my cock.

“OH GOD…Yes…yes…fuck me…YES!”

I held her firmly against me, rotating my hips in a figure eight motion. I knew this was driving her crazy as her hips bucked wildly. I pulled back and slammed into her again.

“Ugh” she grunted and dropped to her elbows.

I started to jack hammer into her pussy fast and hard, eliciting moans and gasps from her with each impact. Her hosed covered ass slapped into my hips as I pounded her relentlessly.

“Ahhhh…Yesss…Yessss…Fuck Me…Yessss!” she cried.

She began to shutter and I could feel her pussy rhythmically convulsing as her orgasm hit. She slammed back into me with increasing ferocity as she went wild. I could feel myself go over the edge and I tried to pump her even harder. We fucked each other like there was no tomorrow. We both collapsed on the mattress spent and sweaty. We lay there for several minutes then I got up.

“We need to get out of here,” I said panting trying to get my pants back on.

“No…let’s just lay here…,” she sighed.

“We made lots of noise and those goons will be back.”

I gathered my gear and handed her heels to her and lowered the ladder. I climbed down quick and motioned her to follow. I looked out one of the windows in the main garage door and saw one of the ‘cavemen’ coming back outside.

“We got to go…Now!” I said unlocking the side door and heading around the back of the garage.

I pulled my cell phone out and made a quick call to the local police. I told them there were four guys terrorizing a party and they wouldn’t leave. I mentioned they were dressed as cavemen. Within minutes I saw flashing lights out front and I took her hand and moved along the side of the house toward the front gate. We got to one of the front windows in time to see our friend the ‘driver’ take a swing at one of the cops who had just entered the house. He must have thought it was me. All hell broke loose and in the confusion I led her to my car. I opened the passenger door and ran around to the driver side and dived in. We sped away without anyone paying much notice.

“It’s a shame the party’s over,” she sighed, looking back over her shoulder at the house.

“Don’t feel bad. Our party has just begun!” I said placing my hand in her lap and fingering her soaked pussy again.

“Mmmmmm…I like the sound of that,” she said as he hips thrust against my hand as we raced into the night.

The End

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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