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Handsome Ch. 08

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Chapter 8

Summer Vacation

I had planned on playing baseball in the summer league with most of my high school teammates, but a letter arrived with bad news. My paper work had gotten there after registrations had closed. I was out of luck. I was devastated, and reacted by sulking for the next few days.

This decision caused my mother to scramble like crazy to find something for me to do during the summer vacation. Her boyfriend, yeah, the married guy, who shall remain nameless since he is still married to the same woman, arranged for us to visit Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina where he had a few very good friends.

At the airport in Wilmington, Mom and I were welcomed by the Skillington’s, Howard and Nora.

“We’re so happy to meet you,” Mr. Skillington said, giving me a bone crushing handshake.

“Yes, any friend of _______’s is certainly a friend of ours,” Mrs. Skillington said giddily.

I thought she was old enough to be my mother, although I later learned that she was only several months older.

Moments later, I realized that she had had a few drinks in her and it was only one in the afternoon. Mom said a few things about _______ to cement our new friendship, and we were off to their home at the beach.

Now Wrightsville Beach has some humongous palaces whose owners laughingly call cottages, or villas. But to me, anyplace with more than eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms is anything but a cottage, or villa.

My mother and I each had our own bedroom and private bath. They were the size of a typical master bedroom in a $400,000 home. I tell you this to give you a perspective of this house’s size. I never asked what the square footage was, but would guess it had to be at least 6000 square feet. But hey, I was only eighteen at the time. What did I know?

That night there was a big bash at which mom and I were quasi-guests of honor. The real guest of honor was the mayor of Wilmington, who appeared to be a decent enough guy. I was surprised to find myself holding a scotch and soda, put in my hand by Mr. Skillington himself.

“We can’t have you bouncing around drinking RC Cola, or whatever the current flavor of the month is,” he said genially, and left me standing there looking at my hand.

I took a sip and grimaced. The bartender came to my rescue, taking the drink from me and handing me a Pepsi in a glass similar to the one he’d taken from me. I thanked him and he laughed.

“Maybe Mr. Skillington can drink that stuff all night, but I don’t think you can … or even want to. How old are you?”

When I told him I was eighteen, he blanched. “Christ, I could have sworn you were at only fifteen or so, a couple beers I could see, but eighteen … wow! Well, you don’t look it.”

“I had a growth spurt a month or so ago,” I said.

“Yeah, I can see that,” he replied.

Then a threesome moved in on us and the bartender got busy making them a variety of drinks. I wandered off, trying to remain as inconspicuous as possible.

At dinner, Mrs. Skillington sat between my mother and me. I was bringing the fork to my mouth when I felt her hand on my thigh.

To my credit I didn’t jump, nor did I make a sound. I slowly swallowed the morsel on my tongue and then turned to Mrs. Skillington and said, “You have such a lovely home, Mrs. Skillington. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.”

I could sense my mother preening at my sudden loquaciousness for normally I was all about shrugs and nods.

“How kind of you to say it,” she replied. “Please call me, Nora,” she said, as her hand kept moving up and finally settled on my dick, which was rapidly rising under her skillful tutoring.

Turning to my mother, Nora said, “I can’t believe your son is eighteen years old,” while at the same time she was squeezing my dick. “He’s so tall … a mite thin, but I expect he’ll fill out quickly.” As she spoke, her fingernail was gliding along the length of my shaft, followed by another, longer squeeze.

I was filling out all right.

My mother, quite pleased with the compliments I was receiving from our hostess, said, “Well Aubrey is working out almost daily with weights and such. He’s an excellent dancer, and plays baseball for his high school team.”

“A dancer!” Mrs. Skillington gushed. “You must favor me with a tango. Do you know the tango, Aubrey?”

It was difficult for me to speak as she had a firm grasp on my dick, and was in fact, jerking me off in a rudimentary fashion, me being seated and with my dick still under wraps.

Finally, I managed to blurt, “Yes … I can do a tango.”

“Wonderful, she said happily, “I shall speak to the orchestra leader, he’ll play one or two for us later.”

I hadn’t known an orchestra was to play. I began to realize just how wealthy the Skillington’s were at that point.

Mrs. Skillington relinquished her grip on me and, except for the occasional reminder-like squeeze, allowed me to finish my dinner in peace. She also allowed some thirty minutes to elapse kartal escort bayan after the meal during which she made sure to chat with each of the guests. I resumed my wall-flower status by the balcony overlooking the garden.

But she had not forgotten me; and after what she apparently decided was an appropriate time, she ‘discovered’ me on the balcony, coming up behind me as I stared out at the magnificent flowers below. The sweet, hot tang of her alcoholic breath on the back of my neck alerted me to her presence.

Imperceptibly, she nudged her breasts into my shoulder blades. I turned, my arm glancing over each breast in turn.

I knew perfectly well that Mrs. Skillington was sober enough, and that she was only pretending when she’d walked across the room earlier on somewhat unsteady feet.

“Forgive me?” she asked in a teasing little voice.

“Oh, sure, Mrs. Skillington,” I said quickly.

“Mrs. Skillington!” she said, as one would scold a child. “We’re both adults, and my name is Nora! Got it?”

“Um, yes ma’am. I … I’m terribly sorry … Nora.”

“That’s better,” she replied stuffily.

“I was admiring your garden,” I said, backing away, in the unlikely event that I had in fact been rubbing against her generous breasts without her tacit permission.

“Oh, Aubrey,” she cried softly, “Sweetheart, no need to be so shy around me. I don’t bite. Well, not most of the time,” she said, and giggled. “Remember, I invited you to join me on a tour of the house; and we will do the tango, if not tonight, then at the earliest opportunity. I love your company. Why, you’re my absolutely favorite young man in the world. You’re just the young man I need.”

I didn’t require a kick in the shins to remind me that this woman had spent most of our dinner together with her hand squeezing my dick. I began to relax.

“I’ve been teasing you, haven’t I?”

I nodded.

“I have been teasing you. I know I have. I’m sorry, Aubrey. That wasn’t very nice of me. Old habits die hard. I was just having such a splendid time with you. I guess I may have gotten a little carried away. Please accept my most sincere apologies, Aubrey. I think I’ve learned a little lesson this evening.”

“I’m, I’m sorry too, Nora. Please accept my apologies as well.”

“Oh but Aubrey!” she replied warmly, “you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong. Don’t you see? You have nothing to be sorry for. When you’re hungry your stomach grumbles, is that wrong?”

“Besides, you are very polite, and you’re the best of company. At any rate, as I said, I think I’ve learned my lesson. No more teasing.” Nora bowed her head, sounding chastised, but by no means looking that way.

I realized both of us were staring at her breasts. Nora giggled, and said, “They are nice, don’t you think?”

“Beautiful.” I replied, unable to come up with addition verbiage.

“Quick, come with me,” she said, and half pulled me into the shadows of the balcony. Then, with a swift move, she exposed both her magnificent breasts, and tendered the right one to my mouth.

“Suck it for me!”

My mouth opened and closed down on her elongated nipple. It had to be the longest nipple I had seen to that time, and remains one of the longest I’ve ever had the pleasure of sucking upon.

I cupped that breast to support it, and gently squeezed the other, much the same as she had done with my dick earlier.

She moaned softly, and then in a lust filled voice ordered me to, “Bite them, both of them!”

As I complied with her demand, I felt her shudder.

“Take it out!” she growled, her need all too obvious.

“Someone will see us,” I said, fearing discovery. “The hell with them! Take it out!”

I took my dick out and she grabbed it, jerked it until it reached its full size, and then moaned.

“Delightful! It’s a wonderful prick you have, Aubrey. Yes, a wonderful tool. Do you know how to use it on a woman?”

“Yes,” I replied, and went back to chomping on a turgid but spongy nipple.

“You’re not a virgin?” she asked, doubting my answer.

I decided not to mention Aunt Nicole, Krista Marie, or Jenny, and told her only of the three girls in my class. I figured Karen was ancient history and didn’t count.

“Three from your class?”



“Yes … and no,” I said, instinctively knowing that would excite her even more.

“Tell me!” she husked, and began masturbating me at a faster pace.

“Do you want me to come?”

“No … I … oh, sorry,” she said and released me from her tight grip.

As I told her most, but not all of my adventures with Chelsea, Joy and Mora, Mrs. Skillington, or Nora as she insisted I call her, was impressed, for she hiked up her dress and rubbed my dick against her all too moist pussy.

We entered a series of torrid kisses, with tongues doing things I had not even thought of before we were finished. During the making out, my hand dropped to caress her inner thighs. Nora parted her legs, inviting me into further yakacık escort exploration of this part of her anatomy.

My fingers moved up and down on the swollen pussy lips, then slipped into her and I reveled in the heat and wetness that almost every cunt brings on first encountering.

And when I found her clit and rubbed it, she moaned and wrapped her legs about my hips.

“Put it in!” she barked commandingly.

Not wanting to shirk my duty as a gentleman, I did just that. I was in to the hilt on just the second thrust. Our mouths met again, and we kissed as we fucked. I didn’t last long, coming hard after all the teasing and buildup, and let’s not forget the impact those torrid kisses had on me.

After pumping my load into her, I apologized for not lasting longer.

“Make it up to me,” she growled. “Go down on me. Lick your cum from my cunt!”

Relieved that she wasn’t disappointed by my performance, I hastened to oblige and sucked the inside of her inner thigh long enough to leave a fairly large hickey. She would need to be a little careful wearing her bikini in front of her husband and friends for the next few days, I thought.

Then I attacked her pussy with a vengeance; licking, kissing and nibbling on her clit. Nora had her legs spread as wide as she could. Her hands were on my head directing my efforts. She was mumbling something incoherent and her head was lolling back and forth.

I sent my middle finger into her ass and she increased the pressure on my head, forcing me to withdraw the finger.

Nora had been climaxing at the time I sent the finger up her ass; she told me later that that I had started a whole new series of climaxes. But now I had another erection, and wasted no time in shoving it into her slimy cunt. I fucked her as hard and as fast as I could until stopping to regain my breath.

“No more! Jesus Christ, no more!” she gasped and huffing for breath myself, I asked, “You really want me to stop?”

“No. But you must. I have to return to the party. People will be suspicious, and I must look a wreck after that marvelous fuck. Where … how could someone so young be so devastating?”

Nora was repairing her dress and found a mirror in her small purse, touched up her makeup and prepared to leave me standing on the balcony.

“Tomorrow, my sweet prince, I promise you I will take you to the moon and back.” She gave me an air kiss and whirled away, returning to the party.

‘An air kiss, ‘ I thought, ‘a fucking air kiss … after I gave her a dozen orgasms. Women, I’ll never figure them out.”

I met Nora after breakfast the following morning. We went for a walk in the garden, and on finding a secluded spot, she bared her breasts for me and I pounced on them.

After several minutes of frenzied sucking and biting on my part, my somewhat satisfied partner asked, “Have you ever had a tit fuck?”

“A tit fuck? Why no, I don’t think so.”

“Well then you’re in for a treat,” she said, and put her lovelies back into her dress; and after checking her appearance in that mirror she always seemed to have at her beck and call, took me by the hand and squeezed it.

“Let’s get back to the house. Follow me up the stairs. But count to sixty before you start. I’ll be waiting for you.”

That said, Nora turned and left me standing in the large foyer. I began to count… “One … two…”

I turned to face the main room and to my surprise, saw my mother having an animated conversation with two men, one of whom had his hand on her behind, casually fondling it. I was shocked that she would allow it, and thought I should put a stop to it. All thoughts of Nora vanished, and I started toward them, mayhem on my mind, when I heard the other man say, “That’s very funny, ______, I would never have thought of it myself.”

The man was Mom’s lover! He had sent us here knowing that he might have an opportunity be with her. ‘Had he arrived last night? Had he slept with my mother?’

My senses returned to me and I shrugged and told myself, so what? Doesn’t she deserve some love and affection? And wasn’t he responsible for me getting into Mrs. Skillington’s pants last night and a promised tit fuck this morning?

I quickly turned away and headed out of the room, only to remember that Nora was waiting for me upstairs. ‘Well,’ I told myself, ‘both Mom and I are going to get some today, ‘ and started up the stairs.

Nora was waiting for me at the entrance to a bedroom, and hustled me inside, closing and locking the door after me.

“Let’s get naked,” she chirped, and we did just that. I finished first, because Nora took her time, folding each garment carefully and placing them on a device I had never seen before, or since; a kind of butler thing.

She gave a long, low, wolfish whistle, and said, “My God, you have a magnificent appendage.” I had never heard the term before, and committed it to memory.

“It was dark last night. I knew it was big, but not that big. Why, Aubrey, you’ll be beating the hürriyet mahallesi escort women off with a stick in another year, my sweet.”

“I will?”

“I give you my word, Aubrey. As your body fills out…” she paused, and then said, “of course this fine cock may grow a little more as well … in that case, why you may become as famous as Casanova, or Don Juan.”

Such words of praise, especially for ears as young as mine, had my dick standing straight out; filled with blood and aching to be put to use.

Finally nude, Nora stepped back toward the large bed and allowed me to devour her devastating body with my eyes. The thatch of blonde hair covering her pussy matched the hair on her head. Her legs were easily the equivalent in beauty to that of her breasts, and she had what I would later call, an ass to die for.

It had been dark on the balcony the night before, and this was really my first clear look at her. I drank her beauty in, and told her what I was thinking.

It was just the right thing to say, for she reached out and captured my appendage and tugged me to the bed.

‘Did she think I would resist?’ I wondered, as we settled onto the mattress. Nora lay flat on her back, and maneuvered me until she had my dick nestled between her breasts; then took her breasts and compressed them, squeezing me between them.

“Is this the tit fuck?” I asked, not certain of anything at that moment.

“How does it feel?” Nora inquired.

“Incredible!” I groaned.

“Just incredible?” she teased.

“Totally so,” I said, and closed my eyes.

“I bet you know what to do now,” she said, and giggled.

“Um, I’m not sure. I’d hate to mess up at this point,” I told her, being totally honest with her.

She giggled again; took my hands in hers, and placed them on her breasts, firmly sealing my dick in and placed her hands on top of mine.

“The idea is for us to squeeze my titties while you work that splendid cock of yours back and forth through the space between them. Understand?”

“Um, yes,” I answered.

“You really didn’t spend enough time on my nipples,” she said, scolding me slightly.

“Nipples are very sensitive … they bring soooo much pleasure to a woman … and a man as well. And so does that spot you’re rubbing over … YES, THAT”S GOOD!”

“C’mon, hump me there, Aubrey!”

I was using short, brisk strokes.

“Mmmm, that’s simply licious!”

I continued using a slow, methodical movement, fearing that to go any faster might force my cock from its wonderful nest.

Yessss,” she crooned with half-closed eyes, “Mmmmm, just like that.”

I held myself in check, but began to feel a sense of urgency.

“Mmmmm, tit fucking. Doesn’t it have a deliciously dirty sound to it?”

“Yes, it does. Um, Nora, I think I’m close to coming.”

She ignored me, and went on to say, “I feel like Queen for A Day.”

“Nora…” I said, starting to repeat my predicament to her, but she cut me off, saying, “Don’t you dare cum, lover … not yet, anyway!”

“Did you think of me last night?” she probed. “I mean when you were lying in your bed. Did you get all hot and horny thinking about me?”

“I sure did.”

This pleased her, and she replied, “Did you jerk off? Did you beat your meat under the covers thinking about my tits?”

Before I could answer her, Nora chided herself, saying, “I should quit babbling and get on with making you come, shouldn’t I?”

“That would be…”

But she was slithering away, only to perform a mind-boggling contortion that placed her face directly in front of my throbbing prick.

Nora giggled, “Gobble, gobble, gobble, said the turkey,” and after giving my cock a lingering loving look, began slathering her tongue all around my cockhead, slurping, lapping, licking and flicking. And just when I thought I’d felt everything there was to feel, she opened wide and sank her mouth all the way down over my cock.

The circle of her lips tightened as she slid her mouth up and down, I saw her cheeks go concave as she sucked and sucked; her tongue going through so many contortions it felt as if she had a mouthful of them.

“Oh, oh, oh! I whimpered, trying to warn her of what was hurtling out of my balls and into her mouth. It only served to make her more frantic to make me cum. She had been holding my balls in a gently clutching cradle, and now she sent a finger out on patrol, seeking my anus as I had hers the night before.

As it sank into my ass, I exploded in her mouth; and like her imaginary turkey, she gobbled it all, and I mean all, every single drop.

When I was finally finished, she slid her lips from me and smiled. I noticed drops of sperm at the corners of her mouth. She noticed me noticing and darted her tongue out to catch them, giving a shiver of pleasure that sent her breasts swaying. She bent back down and gave my shrinking cock a thorough tongue bath, then crawled up to nestle in my arms.

“That was soooo licious,” she exclaimed, “I really, really enjoyed that.”

“What does ‘licious’ mean?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s just a variation of ‘delicious.”

“I have to remember that. Licious, huh?”

“Yes, you’ve got it. Did you enjoy my treat?”

“More than you’ll ever know.”

“Ready to repay me?”

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