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Happy Birthday, Honey!

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I’ve Been so busy all day today! I almost forgot it was your special day!

So once I got off, I stopped by the store and got a few things for us. I called and left you a message and told you to meet me at the Palms Hotel, suite 112 and be ready for some FUN! I got dressed and waited for you..I bought some strawberries and champagne..Poured us a glass and waited…

You rang the door bell and I fixed myself one last time before opening the door. I take a deep breath.. open the door and stare as I see your sexy ass standing there..Umm, I’m ready to jump on that dick right NOW! WOW! And I couldn’t help but notice your mouth wide open..WOW!

I had on a red robe with something underneath, but you couldn’t tell..Just a silk red robe was all you knew and of course some sexy ass stilettos! When you walked in, you grabbed my face and kissed me like you ain’t seen me in weeks! I stopped you, because we were kissing for about 5 mins…

I grabbed your hand and led you to the bedroom.. I had the whole room set up with plenty of candles, scented and unscented. The scent of strawberries n cream filled the air.. You were shocked that I had went all out for you..But it’s your BIRTHDAY!! What you expect from your top chick?

There was a chair in the middle of the room in front of the bed.. It had a bow on it.. “Take a seat”, I tell you. Then I pushed play on my ipod.. I put it on “Trading Places” kartal escort by Usher. I tied your arms to the chair..You hesitated until you saw that they weren’t all that tight or hard to get out of..I had the black light on in the background… I walked up to you and asked if you are ready for a show.. I rubbed your shoulders and kissed all over your neck.. I don’t ask you if it feels good, because I can tell.. “Now we gone do this thing a lil different tonight”.. I step out in front of you and begin putting on a show.. I dance around real slow.. Make sure you see my every curve..

I go over to the table and grab some champagne..I take it and pour some down my neck..I walk up and let you lick it off.. I proceed to take off my robe and the song changes to “Sex Planet” by R. Kelly.. I let my robe hit the floor and your mouth drops wide open..Again! I had on your B-day suit with a BOW! I continue to dance for you and then I get some chocolate syrup and pour it all over my breast and stomach..I then grab the scarves and they release you from the chair.. I sat on your lap and begin to grind on your hard dick.. I took off your shirt so we wouldn’t mess it up..But you didn’t care..

You grabbed my ass and pulled me up closer to you and started lickin’ on my neck down to my titties covered in chocolate..Ooh shit..You be working your mouth something VICIOUS! And I am loving every minute of it! You get cumhuriyet mahallesi escort up with me in your arms and take me to the bed.. You see that I had some things to play with and snack on, so you grab a strawberry and some whip cream.

You then take the strawberry and run it down my breast that’s covered in chocolate, then you lick it and proceed to put it in my Kitty..Ooh! That shit is cold! You put the whip cream around my Kitty to make a “PUSSY SPLIT!” And I am ok with that!

It feels so crazy as you lick all around my Kitty..But I just remembered, its YOUR day! I wait until after you took the strawberry out with your tongue to get up…I hopped up on you, grabbed the whipped cream and caramel. Then, I put it all over your stomach, chest and your dick..You remember this, right? I put whip cream on the tip of you dick and called it my “WHIPPED DICK!” I grabbed it and licked all around the tip of your dick until all the cream was gone.. I stuffed it in my mouth like it was a Klondike bar..What would you do? I sucked on it, licked it and slurped on it… I covered your nuts with chocolate and begin to suck on them, while stroking your big manhood..I can hear how much you are enjoying this.. So I go faster and stroke it with my soft, small hands.. I grip your nuts and squeeze tight on them..I then proceed to lick down the shaft to your balls only yunus escort this time, I put caramel on them. Umm, sluurrp! Slurrp! Umm..You like that shit, don’t you Daddy?

After about 15 mins of tasting your big ass dick with sweets, you grabbed me by the hair and tell me to get up and hop on your dick..I do just that..Its yo day Big Daddy! “Wet” by Omarion came on, and that was the extreme mood setter. I begin to ride on that big ass dick real slow, back and forth…Moving nothing but my hips. I bust all over your manhood with the third stroke in.. ITS AMAZING! SO AMAZING! I just couldn’t help myself..

You grabbed my booty and try to make me ride faster..No, Baby..We not gone speed up yet.. “Yellow Light” by Twista feat. R.Kelly comes on…And I just go with the flow of the song.. I see you smile off that..But I begin to zone out the music and go faster…Up and down I go.. In and Out your dick went as it made me bust again, DAMN DADDY! DAMN! I can feel your hard dick go faster and get harder..I scream with every pound! “Smack,smack,smack!” That sound was so sexy coming for us..

“Aaah, damn, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!! I’m you’re BITCH tonight!”

You made me get up and bend over so you can go from the back. Only this time, you grab my legs and wrap them around your waist. NOWHERE FOR ME TO RUN! Got my juices flowing, And you are going so hard..That I couldn’t help myself.. Never had I bust a nut 3 times in 5 mins. But there’s something about the way you work that big ass dick in my Kitty that makes me scream! “Oooh, DAMN! Damn Daddy! Right there! Aah, aah!” You tell me you about to cum. I wanna taste it. Can I taste it? You can put it where ever you want..On my face?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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