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He and She

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I stood, waiting out in the rain for her to open the door. Minutes passed like hours. The world stayed in slow motion for a long time. I was soaked to the bone, and dripping wet. Everything about me screamed tiredness and sadness.

When the door finally opened I walked gratefully into the house. She stood by me, holding a towel. She hands me it, and goes toward the kitchen. I know she is preparing something for me to eat, but it is unnecessary. I ate on the way home. I walk over to her, and take her hand in mine. She looks up from the counter. I speak to her, telling her that it’s not important. She understands. She gets up from the counter and goes into the bedroom to get some clothes for me. I stand, waiting again for her. She brings me a clean T-shirt and a pair of long cotton pants. She gives them to me and points towards the bathroom. I go over and change into the new clothes.

Coming out of the bathroom, I immediately go over to the bedroom.

She is standing there, in all of her glory. She is wearing a camisole top, and a pair of cotton pants, like mine. She is bent over, looking for a book from the bottom drawer in our cabinet. I sit and take in her sexy behind for a moment, before walking over to her and grabbing her hips.

She jumps, not expecting the sudden feeling. She knows it is me since no one else can get into the house. She relaxes almost immediately and stands up straight. I put my hands around her waist, and pull her close to me. She leans back into me, using me to hold her up. She puts her hands on the back of mine, and interlocks her fingers with mine. We stand in this position for a while, relishing in each others company. Eventually, I turn her around, and lean down to kiss her luscious lips.

Whenever we kiss, there is always a feeling like fireworks going off all over my body. She says she feel the same thing. She leans into the kiss, and starts to reciprocate. We continue kissing for what seems like an hour, before breaking off to breathe. I pick her up and carry her over to the bed. I lay her down gently, before leaning myself over her. I start kissing her again, this time faster paced, more urgent. I start kissing down her neck, ataşehir escort and her chest. She moans softly, before pulling my face back up into another kiss.

I take my hands and place them on the small bit of stomach that is not covered by the camisole or the cotton pants, and slowly start running my hands up her stomach. I slide my hands under the camisole, and continue moving in my upward direction, pulling the camisole along with my hands. I reach the valley between her breasts, which pull the camisole tight, and move my hands faster. I pull the camisole up, and over her breasts, and she raises her arms above her blonde head. I take my chance and pull the camisole completely off of her body, and throw it in a corner of the room. I pull back, to admire her again.

She has a toned and flat stomach, and small to medium sized breasts. Her arms were smooth and toned as well. Her face was cute, with freckles on her nose, and short blonde hair that went a little past her ears, before flaring outward. Her nose was small, and she had full lips. Her eyes were a beautiful shade of blue, and they matched with the lacey bra she had on. She was wearing a light blue pair of cotton pants as well, with pink writing on the butt, saying ‘princess.’ Her body had a light tan, but was not overly tan. Her whole being screamed out “SEXY!”

She reached up and pulled on the end of my shirt, stating that she wanted it off. I smirked at her and grabbed it, before pulling it off and throwing it in the corner to join the camisole.

I put my hands back on her smooth stomach, and started to run my hands up and down, barely tickling the skin. She moaned again, and wished it would go faster. I comply with that wish and pull my hands down, and grab the blue cotton pants, and start trying the pull them down. She laughs at my antics, before lifting her hips off of the bed, and allowing me to remove the pants. I throw those in the corner as well, making a pile out of the three things there. I look back down, and sure enough she’s wearing a blue lacey pair of panties, which match the bra. These panties are more like a string bikini bottom, though because they have a string tie on kadıköy escort bayan each side of her hips. She quickly takes advantage of me watching her and pulls down my cotton pants, as well. I am wearing only a pair of boxers now, my erection clearly showing. She smiles, and throws my pants in the corner, joining the growing pile.

I start kissing her hungrily again, and she responds. She puts her hands on my chest, and it feels like fire, spreading from wherever she touches. I wrap my arms around her waist, and draw her close to me. I pull my hands up, and reach for the bra clasp on her back. I open the clasp, and pull her bra away from her breasts. I watch in fascination. I could never get enough of watching her breasts. They were perfect in every way. They weren’t too big, yet not too small either. They were exactly in proportion with her body. The nipples were not overly large.

I put my hand over the right breast, and start kneading slowly. She moans slightly, and arches her back, shoving the breast into my hand. I start kneading harder, and add in a pull here and there. On the left breast, my hand has taken to pulling on the nipple or tweaking it. She moans even louder, and starts to breathe heavier. I pull on both of her nipples, before letting them go. Then I lean down, and slowly run my tongue over the right nipple. I continue doing this until her breathing is heavy again, and then I switch to the other side, my hand taking over where I left off. I continue switching sides until she sounds like she’s about to scream from the torture. I run my tongue down and around her breasts, before going down her stomach, into her belly button. I run my tongue around in there a few times before continuing lower. I take my tongue, and run it over the edge of the lacey blue panties, and continue going lower. Once I get to the covered slit, she is heaving in anticipation. She gasps when the feeling of the satin, mixed with my tongue, hits her spot.

I reach over to her hips, and grab both of the ties, and pull them apart. I pull the panties off of her body, and smell them. I smell the juice that her body gives off, and it restarts the hunger. I pull her legs escort maltepe apart, fully revealing her to me. She moans again, louder. I put my head down in the opening and start licking away. Her clit is the first thing I hit, and it starts to harden. I continue licking away at her clit, until her whole pussy is completely wet. By now she is moaning away, louder and louder each time. I lick at her clit until the first orgasm hits. I watch as her whole body tightens up and releases. Then I go back to licking her clit. Within five minutes she’s having another orgasm.

I pull myself away from her clit, and take my first two fingers and slide them into her pussy. Her whole pussy is lubricated from the two orgasms I just gave her so there was no problem getting them in. I move my fingers in just the right way, and start touching her G-spot. Her whole body jerks when I touch it. I keep running my fingers over it until she starts to orgasm again. Her pussy clamps down on my fingers, keeping them on the g-spot, and causing her to squirt out, all over me. I keep my fingers rubbing over the spot, over and over again. She has another orgasm, followed by one more, and another, and another. Her whole body is being wracked by orgasms causing her body to spasm out of control. I keep my fingers in her body and keep rubbing her G-spot and she keeps having orgasms. She has one… two… three… four… five… six. My whole body is covered by the colorless liquid that she is squirting every orgasm she has. She is moaning and screaming all the time. Her body is twitching with leftover orgasms, and she finally quiets down. I pull down my boxers, and reveal myself to her extremely tired self. I position myself at her entrance, and slide myself in, no problem. She shudders at the feeling, and her whole body starts to react again. She starts seizing up again, and her whole body becomes tight. She starts moaning again, and lifts her hips up off of the bed. I slowly slide myself all the way in, stretching her vagina. She moans again.

That sets me off. I start banging myself into her at a rapid pace. I pull myself almost all of the way out, before sliding myself all the way back in. I continue doing this until I come inside of her, and after too. I keep ramming away until she comes again. Her moaning reaches new heights right before the top, and then she screams. Her screams echo around the room, and she collapses. I collapse on top of her, and we fall asleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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