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He Didn’t Intend to Intrude

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Jessica had worked for the Charles’ for nearly six months now. It was a unique situation. Jessica was 23, married young and had no children yet. This is why she loved helping out. Her husband was focused on his career and traveled for work often. With all the spare time, Jessica enjoyed helping the Charles family out. The family was so busy lately, her job had become almost full time. It included picking up and dropping off kids and babysitting at their home mostly. The three kids are at ages where the parents time must be divided attending dance recitals, plays, baseball games etc. so Jessica helped to fill in.

It was literally quite exhausting for everyone involved. The Charles’ were always coming and going, Steve and his wife usually ended up at separate events, nights and weekends. Mr. Charles tried to push his feelings aside, but he just wished for a day with nothing to do, no errands, no sports, no to-do lists. He also wished he and his wife could be intimate but what he really wanted was to just fuck nice and hard. Every time he had that thought it was cut short by a phone call, text or something work related. It was frustrating but he kept his eye on the tasks at hand. That is until Jessica was around. Only 23, Mr. Charles could not help but peak at her perfect ass or admire the perkiness of her breasts, or so he imagined. But like every other pleasant thought, it was quickly stamped out by a call or text or work duty.

Over the last six months, Mr. Charles found himself thinking about Jessica even when she was not around. With the business of their schedules and even lack of privacy, he was ashamed to admit it to himself, but sometimes he would masturbate thinking of her. It was usually while standing over the toilet, with a house full of noise, but it was the only quiet place he could relieve himself thinking about Jessica. It was becoming more and more frequent, which made it hard to make eye contact when she was in the room. He would think, “gees I am glad she can’t read my mind, all these filthy thoughts I am having.” Then he would smile politely and leave the room. But in the back of his mind, he always hoped Jessica would come to work in yoga pants, or, his favorite…those thin tank tops with no bra under.

It was a normal Friday during the summer. Schedules were coordinated and everyone knew where they needed to be that day. During the summer months, Mr. Charles worked a modified schedule so enjoyed the luxury of working only half days on Fridays. But this was coming to an end very soon as school had just started up.

The weekend was packed with some chores but mostly fun family things like a baseball game tonight and another outing on Saturday. Mr. Charles looked forward to getting off early from work and having a couple of hours at home to himself before the chaos of the weekend began when everyone returned home. It was a long week and he wouldn’t admit it to himself, but he also looked forward to going home and enjoying the quiet as he masturbated thinking about Jessica’s perfect body. He refused to acknowledge that plan the entire morning at work, but in the back of his mind, it was all he wanted.

As he walked into the kitchen area, it was quiet, and he was savoring the moment. Not a person in the house but him. As he tossed his car keys down on the kitchen counter, he saw an envelope leaning against the sugar canister on the counter. The outside of the envelope read “Jacob” in the most feminine girly handwriting, with a little heart above and over to the side of the “b”. Mr. Charles had no idea who had written the name on the envelope or further, who was Jacob?

He picked up the envelope and inspected it and set it back down, thinking, who knows maybe that a neighbor or something, dismissing any more investigation. He looked next to the envelope and there was a “to-do list” left for him. He thought he was going to have a quiet afternoon alone thinking of Jessica but not anymore. He glanced through the list and none of it seemed fun or interesting so he set the list down and picked the envelope back up, “who is Jacob?” he thought to himself as he opened the envelope (the flap was tucked inside the envelope not sealed shut with the glue). He pulled out a piece of purple notebook paper that came from a small notebook, maybe 5x 7 inches when he unfolded it. He began to read the note written to Jacob and his weekend changed dramatically. It read:

“Jacob, Thanks for coming over. This is the only place I could think of where we could meet, and no one would suspect anything. I thought about what you said so I will get right to the point. I know your work takes you away often and when you are home you really want to spice things up. (Mr. Charles gulped and thought “but who wrote this and who is Jacob?!”) I thought about what you said, and I know I kind of freaked out, but you need to understand I am married! So, the idea of us starting to have sex without a condom freaked me out. My husband ataşehir escort bayan can never find out about us and condoms help keep that from happening. (Mr. Charles is reeling). What I didn’t tell you is that when you mentioned this before I started taking birth control. So, in short, I am ok with trying it without a condom, we just have to be super careful. The other things you mentioned, I know I seemed kind of freaked about what you were telling me you wanted to try. The truth is, I was really aroused by what you were saying. I think I have just been waiting for you to bring it up. With that said, I asked you over here today while the Charles’ are out for a reason. I think you will be happy, your surprise is waiting over to your right, in their den. -Jessica”

Mr. Charles hands were shaking as he quickly and quietly stuffed the note back into the envelope and looked over towards the threshold into the den. He gulped as he figured it out, “Jessica wrote this note! But who is Jacob? Her husband is David!” He wondered if she was in the next room, was this from another time or meant for later. The house was too quiet for someone to be in den. He thought maybe he should just leave the house and come back in making more noise. This way if someone was there, it would give them time to pick up the note.

His heart racing, he started to leave but curiosity got the best of him. He slowly made his way to towards the den. In the back of his mind, he was hoping to catch Jessica in the den. He wouldn’t admit this, but it is why he was walking so quietly towards the den, to see what he would find. As he rounded the corner, his heart began to beat even faster. When he saw inside the den, it was such an adrenaline rush and state of shock all at the same time.

There was Jessica, almost in the middle of the den on the ottoman from Mr. Charles’s easy chair. She had moved the ottoman to the center of the room. But what made Mr. Charles stop in his tracks? Jessica was on the ottoman, her knees on one end and her body forward so her elbows were on opposite end of the ottoman from her knees. She was completely naked, except for the black sleep mask she had on covering her eyes. Her ass up in the air, gently swaying side to side, her perfect bald pussy about six feet from the threshold where Mr. Charles stood. It was like a peach that was waiting to be plucked. It was exactly what he had imagined it looked like. Her elbows on opposite end of the ottoman, elbows and hips waving her exposed bald puss like a flag for Jacob. But who is Jacob?

When Mr. Charles was finally able to pry his eyes from her inviting puss, he noticed the grin on Jessica’s face as her head was turned as if she were looking back toward the doorway, except her eyes were covered with the sleep mask. It was her mouth that told her expression. Gently biting her lip and smiling, until she spoke.

“Hi Jacob, what do you think of your surprise?” she said with a giggling grin.

Mr. Charles couldn’t help but notice her elbows on the ottoman and how her hands were clasped together, almost to help balance her gentle sway. He loved her always perfectly manicured nails. Especially how Jessica was only 23, but always kept her nails with French tips. While other young women were sporting trendy colors and designs, Jessica was always consistent, and the French tips fit her perfectly for a reason he couldn’t explain. But seeing her there, fingers crossed, manicured nails had never been so appealing.

His heart racing, he couldn’t believe the luck or curse of him coming home at this exact time. His mind was telling him to turn on his heals and leave. But the swollen bulge in his work slacks was telling him different. Would he ever get to see her like this again, no, so soak in every moment his hard cock told him. He was afraid to move a step, fearful she would pull the sleep mask from her face and find out it was not the infamous Jacob she was waiting for.

Silent for a moment, Jessica repeats herself, “So what do you think of your surprise Jacob? Is it just like your fantasy?”

The silence after her question was deafening.

She continues, “oh that’s right, you wanted the eye mask on, and you didn’t want to talk, you just want to take me like this.”

Mr. Charles gulps at what she says. This means he can watch a moment longer, until Jacob arrives. Who is this Jacob he thought?

Without realizing it, Mr. Charles moved a step closer. At this point, in the small den, if he reached his hand forward, the tips of his fingers would be about a foot from Jessica’s inviting wiggling ass. He wanted nothing more than to reach forward and grab her beautiful ass, smooth and flawless. His eyes darting from her ass to her swollen bald puss, peeking from behind. He salivated as he admired how perfectly bald her puss was, it almost looked like a sex toy.

It is what he fantasized about all those nights he got himself off. He just escort kadıköy wanted to admire her for a few more moments and he would leave. He knew Jessica would never go for an older married man so why not savor a few more seconds. “Five more seconds and then I go,” he told himself.

Just then Jessica wiggled her ass in the air and said “come on Jacob, its all yours, just like you wanted it. And see no condoms in sight.”

The moment Jessica said this, Mr. Charles found himself unzipping his slacks.

“Well maybe I can just stroke it a little, no harm done.” he thought.

Releasing his stiff cock, it was so hard, his unzipped slacks acting as a restraint against his balls, ensuring he would not spontaneously cum from the situation. Although he tried to be very quiet unzipping, Jessica’s hearing was heightened from the eye mask maybe.

She grinned, “mmmm there you go Jacob, getting in the spirit of things!”

Mr. Charles’s heart raced, he felt like he should go now. But found himself quietly stroking his shaft while he watched. Unaware of the precum his cock was already producing.

A few more strokes of his cock and Mr. Charles finds the will power to stuff his hard cock back into his crammed work slacks. “I need to leave.” he thinks.

Just one more glance at that beautiful pussy. Just then, he sees Jessica’s index and middle fingers emerge from between her legs. She has one elbow on ottoman and frees the other hand to do this. He sees her French tipped nails first, and watches as she slowly spreads her swollen pussy lips inviting Jacob.

“See baby, I’m so wet for you Jacob.”

Mr. Charles looks down at the precum dripping from his cock, it is so hard, and he cannot help but stroke it again. He walks a step closer to Jessica and finds his hand hovering over her right butt cheek. It is like his hand has a mind of its own, as he tells himself this is crazy, his right hand touches the warmth of her ass, as he looks at the arch in her back. A surge of energy transfers from her body to his hand as his work slacks fall around his ankles.

Jessica giggles, “that’s it baby, I have been waiting for you.”

She wiggles her ass at him, her inviting swollen puss just inches from his hard cock. He is mesmerized by the perfectness of it, completely bald and smooth, flawless. The way it is inviting him, beckoning him, teasing him. He keeps his hand on her ass as he watches her touch herself, her hand emerging from under her like a serpent, keeping him in a hypnotic state.

As his precum dangles now from the tip of his hardened cock, he wonders if it will break away and land on Jessica’s bare foot below him, hanging off of the ottoman. Before he can find out the answer his hand massages the precum into his cock as he cannot resist stroking again. Nervously, his eyes pull away from the sight directly in front of him, to check Jessica’s eye mask.

He wants to make sure it is in place, how terrible would it be if she lifted it suddenly and discovered him there, slacks around ankles, cock hard instead of Jacob.

He worries about that but doesn’t care enough to control himself. Just then he sees the grin on Jessica’s face nose and mouth only thing exposed from the black eye mast. Her perfect teeth, so white, glisten when she says, “this is what you wanted isn’t it, let me fulfill your fantasy.”

The hand that is under her teasing her lips and beckoning him, moves from her own body and reaches back. He feels the caress of her perfect manicured nails as she slowly and gently cups his balls, running her nails under the weight of them. He finds his cock head pressing against her moist and swollen bald pussy as he thinks to himself “oh gees, what am I doing…” but at that moment feels the compression, tightness and perfect fit as his cock head is enveloped by her tantalizing pussy, just the head. It is way too tight to give her any more than that, besides he wants to savor this moment. The tightness and perfect fit, as she starts to moan slightly “mmmmmmmm.”

He comes to grips with the situation and slowly removes his head, Jessica makes a frowny face below the eye mask with her mouth, “aww don’t tease me baby.”

Watching her say that, he immediately reinserts his cock head but this time allowing an inch or so more of his cock to penetrate Jessica. His head rolls back, slacks around his ankles, as he is struck by the tightness and warmth, the wetness and perfect fit. Jessica’s smile brightens as she starts to moan. He is fooling himself, saying internally “I better go!” almost pulling his cock out but then reinserting deeper. The idea of getting himself to leave is just an excuse to penetrate her perfect pussy even deeper. But he is convincing himself that it is him trying to leave…until… he finds the length of his shaft completely inside of her.

He holds it there, wanting to cum spontaneously but forcing self-control. He finds both of his maltepe escort hands on her hips as he starts to build a rhythm as she whimpers in delight. So quickly, he finds himself starting to pound her pussy, being overcome when Jessica starts to rub her clit left to right with a flat palm under herself.

She starts to whimper “mmmm yes baby, that’s it baby.”

Her head down and dangling off the opposite end of the ottoman, he finds himself pounding her pussy harder than he has fucked in a long time. It was the sight of her teasing her clit while whimpering naughty things like “fuck me baby, your cock feels so much bigger today.”

She continues, “that’s it baby, omg you are stretching my little bald pussy baby.”

He no longer knew where he was, had any sense of time, he was just fucking like a college boy again. His big heavy balls had replaced Jessica’s palm, as they now slapped her clit from time to time, bringing her even more pleasure. He knew he could not last much longer, but what if I pull out too soon, what if she pulls up the eye mask? What if this Jacob walks in and catches me?

The more he thought, the harder he pounded, the answer to his problem drifting further and further away. He had moved past a point of caring, on a mission to make Jessica cum hard on his cock, he pounded her pussy so good. He was happy that the lack of sex from his wife, meant his balls were heavy and full, causing them to bring her pleasure as they occasionally slapped her clit and sent a charge through her.

Her moans, more like whimpers now, her voice shaky as he pounded away, “oh, yes fuck me.” with a huge grin on her face.

He knew he needed to pull out and run literally out of the room soon.

Just then Jessica whimpered “mmmmmmmm oh yes baby, yes , you were right, my firsttttttt time from behind is soooo good!”

And with those words, Mr. Charles dumped his entire load deep into Jessica. Knowing she had never had it from behind was too much for him to handle as he felt ropes and ropes of his seed being planted deep inside of her. It was now out of his control. As he drained his load, he was seizing up, as he could not remember the last time he came this hard, or for another matter, when was the last time he came, maybe a week ago?

As every drop of his manhood was being delivered deep inside of her, she had this grin of pleasure on her face as he felt her pussy spasm on his cock and literally work to milk every drop from him. He couldn’t think ahead, to the consequences or how to get out of this jam, he just pumped, the rhythm getting slower and slower as he grunted, and she drained him. Finally, he watched her face, eyes still covered with eye mask thankfully as her smile would be what he described as “accomplished.”

This puzzled him as his half limp cock, slowly withdrew from her tight pussy. He knew to go slow as this opportunity would not present itself again. When his cock head emerged, he watched as his cum began to overflow from her pink, slightly red swollen bald pussy, while she continued to wag her ass in the air.

He quickly came to his senses and reached down to pull up his slacks. His heart racing, he watched her revel in her accomplishment with Jacob, he had better get out of there before she lifts the eye mask. Bent over, pulling up his slacks from around his ankles, he watches her face, eye mask still in place. Jessica grinned like she had just been given a second serving of dessert. As he pulled his pants up, panting and exhausted from all the pounding he provided, he took one last look at her from toes to head before he made his exit.

Just as he got his slacks up and was zipping, he looked at her eye mask and smile. To his surprise, Jessica, still wiggling her ass in the air, her used pussy dripping his cum onto the ottoman, she smiled and said “mmmmmm Thank you Mr. Charles.!”

His heart dropped as he watched her lift the eye mask and look back at him. He watched her mouth as she said, “there was never any Jacob Mr. Charles, this was all for you, I just knew you needed a little convincing.”

He panted, “so Jacob, there is no Jacob?”

Jessica giggled and said, “of course not silly, I just knew you needed a little encouragement.”

She got up from the ottoman, stuffing the black eye mask into her handbag. Walking from the ottoman over to the bookshelves, so casual and comfortable, completely naked.

Mr. Charles stood there stunned as she reached up onto the shelf and picked up her phone. It had been propped up against a book on the shelf. She smiled at him as he watched her hit the big flashing red button on her phone screen to stop recording. She locked eyes with him right after pressing a couple of things on her phone.

She smiled and said “thank goodness for cloud storage, you could take my phone out of my hand right now and step on it but I will still have the video saved Mr. Charles.”

She made her way to the threshold into the kitchen, when she looked back at him, he was still standing there stunned. She smiled and said, “if we are going to do this once a month, I guess I had better really get on the pill.” She giggled as she left him standing there, exhausted, spent and reeling.

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