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Heat Wave Love Ch. 01

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Big Dick

The following is my first story placed on Literotica and I hope people enjoy it. I would love some feedback or any interest in possible editors for future stories. My wife edited this one for me but I would hate to make her edit all my stories. The goal of this one is to wrap take place over four to six parts. It depended on where my characters take me.


It was record breaking heat in Boston for early June, over one hundred degrees. Humidity was out of control too. News reports were doing their usual telling everyone they should be inside with air conditioning. The problem Rick (my roommate) and I had was that the heat blew several transformers in our neighborhood meaning no AC. We might not get it back until the next day according to the power company. It was bullshit! Plain and clear BULLSHIT!

Both of us were throwing a small gathering in a day or two when the heat broke. We lucked out with apartment a few months earlier. Rick’s cousin was subleasing it to us since she got sent away for work. In anticipation we had filled the fridge with meat for the grill and beer for our guts. Nothing like a heat wave to get our friends together. If some of the ladies wore less clothing that was a plus too. It was Thursday, and Saturday looking to be back in the low 90s. Everything should go according plan as long as the food didn’t go bad.

Rick had decided that one of us needed to get some cheap coolers and bags of ice. Hopefully we could save the meat and beers. Since I drove a pick up he volunteered me. I could hit the convenient store a few blocks over and grab the stuff because I had plenty of room. Truthfully, I just wanted the AC in my truck.

Boston felt dead, people were huddled indoors trying to keep cool. What usually took me twenty minutes to cross town ended up being five. I sat in the truck for fifteen more, then waved my middle finger in the direction of the apartment. Fuck you, Rick, I thought. The bastard had really come up with this plan to just get me out of the house. Our neighbor across the hall was a newly single redhead and he was going to hit on her before me. In the end I got the better deal but he didn’t know that yet.

The real reason Rick had volunteered me for this trip had to do with neighbor across the hall. Sarah had just tossed her cheating boyfriend to the curb. Rick and I thought we might have to call the cops when she came home from work early, catching him in the act. Rick thought sending me out meant he would be free to make his move on the cute little redhead. He honestly didn’t believe me when I told him she wasn’t my type and that it also wouldn’t be a good idea to make moves on the neighbor. Should he fuck shit up, then he would have to deal with her everyday. He wasn’t going to listen. Rick was thick that way

I muttered in a mocking voice as I crossed the parking lot. “Carter, you should go. You have a truck. I will stay here and keep an eye on the food.” I mocked. Rick could be an ass. He should have come with me.

The AC in the store was better than the truck. It was goddamned frigid in there. I grabbed a cart and went looking for coolers. They had too many to choose from with various big plastic ones and the cheapo foam ones. I was trying to make my mind when I heard a voice behind me.

“Excuse me.” the said soft female voice said.

I jumped slightly since I was wrapped up in my own head. She chuckled and waited for me to move out of her way.

“Oh, Sorry.” I apologized stepping out of the way. “Caught up in the choices of coolers.”

“Don’t think too hard.” She quipped stepping into my purview grabbing one of the foam cooler. “It just a cooler, not rocket science.”

“You’re right.” I replied “Don’t overthink it. The heat might just be getting to me.”

She laughed and wondered off. It was in that moment I actually looked at the woman who I had been talking to a second earlier. She was a brunette with her hair pulled up into a makeshift bun with a few chopsticks. She wore a pair of jean cutoffs… short wouldn’t be a good word them. Her top was a light green tank top that squeezed her curves in all the right places. It was see through enough I could make out the darker green bikini top she wore underneath.

I stood slack jawed as she rounded the corner out my view. What were those tattoos? I found myself asking. She had something coming out of her cut off and wrapping itself around her right leg all the way down to the sandals between her toes. Her left arm had what looked like a ivy grown down to her arms. I was not the type that usually dug tattoos like that but this chick could pull it off. It was really hot, not just because of the weather either.

It took me a minute, but I came to my senses and threw three foam coolers in my cart. I needed ice now and maybe some cold water. Actually my mouth was dry from needing to be picked up off the floor.

The ice was in a cooler to the back of the store. When I got there the cute brunette was bending down into it putting bags of ice into her cooler. She was propping the door ataşehir escort open with one heart shaped cheek. Her ass was a sight to see. All I could imagine how to would sway or bounce as she walked away. My first thought was the old line, “I hate to see you go but love to watch you walk away.” I didn’t have the nerve to say it though.

I pushed my cart up and pulled the door away from her butt.

“Need a hand with that?” I asked watching her put the bags in her empty foam cooler. I wished I had something more charming to say. I was usually more quick witted when trying flirt. She might be too hot for me I thought, I am never this tongue tied.

She picked the cooler up and turned to face me. “Do I look like I need help?” she snipped. It sounded slightly mocking.

I notice from the chill of the cooler her nipples hard. She had to be at least a c-cup. God Damn, was all I could think. All I wanted was the chance for her number.

“Pardon me for trying to be a gentleman.” I stated in my most polite fake southern drawl tone. “I do so like to help a lady in need.”

I stepped aside again letting her pass me. I couldn’t tell if when she passed me the look was amusement or mocking. She was hard to read. Or maybe in that moment most of blood was not in my head. Well, not the head that does critical thinking.

She was heading for the register and I still needed water. I glanced down at her right leg in hopes of seeing what the tattoo on her leg as she walked away. It was a tentacle that was wrapped around her leg. I couldn’t help but find creepy and sexy. Was it there for weird anime reasons or did she have a fetish for H.P. Lovecraft? I really was intrigued.

If I hurried to find a case of water, I might be able to catch up and chat with her if I didn’t dilly dally. This time I wouldn’t be a dumb ass. I was confident in my looks and usually dialog with the opposite sex. Next time I wouldn’t fuck it up.

No such luck for me. I rang out with the cashier looking around for her. She was long gone. Outside she was gone too. “Well Shit Balls!” I spoke loudly then brought my stuff to the truck. It was still freaking hot. The AC in the truck was a welcome guest.

Just as I was about to put the truck in gear, a tapping came from my passenger window. I looked over to see the lovely brunette staring back at me. She gave me small smirk with her cupid bows lips. She was wearing sunglasses now. They were big, white and round framed, it made her even harder to read. I gave her my widest smile and lowered the window.

“I am sorry if I was a little bitchy in there,” she said apologetically. “This heat is awful and I wasn’t really thinking clearly. I know you were trying to help me in there”

“It happens. I wasn’t really thinking clearly when I was picking a cooler either.”

“I noticed. Sometimes when I need to struggle without help. I can be a little stubborn. Like I said heat wasn’t making me think clearly. I was just viewing your offer to help as failure.”

“Do you need a lift or something?” I asked. I so hoped she did.

“Actually yes, if it isn’t too much of a problem,” she chimed beaming.

“Not at all! Is it far?”

“Two blocks, I wasn’t thinking when I walked over here to get a cooler. Way too heavy to carry all the way back.”

“Throw your stuff in the back and hop in.”

She complied, but not before pulling a bottle of water out of her back pack. I didn’t have cup holders in my truck so she had the bottle between her legs as she buckled. It was moist with condensation. I guessed she bought it on her way out. Cold water was sounding so good.

I pulled my truck up to the stop light at the entrance to the parking lot and looked over at her. “Left or right?” I asked.

“Right!” she squeaked. Her lips had been around the opening of the water bottle when I asked. A little bit of the water ran past her red lipstick then down her chin towards her cleavage. Fuck she was hot.

I tried not to be distracted as I turned right. I drove up to the next light trying not to keep peeking over at her. I didn’t want to seem like perv.

“Oh I am Tess by the way,” she told me as we sat at the next light.

“Carter, nice to meet you Tess,” I replied. “So where am I heading?”

“Next light take a left.”


“So Carter, why so many coolers?”

“Oh my roommate and I are from the area that has been losing power. We might not get it back until tomorrow. Ice and coolers are to keep stuff from our fridge going bad.”

“Ahhhhh, So no AC today?”

“Not since about ten am.”

“Oh that sucks,” She looked at the truck clock. It was one in the afternoon. “The heat is getting worse too.”

“I know but they say it will break starting tomorrow. We should be getting a crazy storm tonight.”

“I love the rain. Especially with lightning!” she exclaimed.

I pulled the car left down the street Tess had directed. “Your street?” I asked.

“Yup. It is that yellow apartment building seven houses up.”

“Do kadıköy escort bayan you want me to just pull up in the front?”

“No, you should pull around back to the parking area. Far right is parking for guests,” she said point at the drive way, “It might take me a minute to get my stuff out.”

“No problem.”

“Actually, I am up on the third floor. Do you think you could help me get this up there?” Tess asked.

“It would be my honor madame,” I said in a cheesy British voice.

She laughed. “I have AC actually and cold beer if you need to cool off,” she offered. Then she changed her tone to British as well. “Unlike you savaged on the other side of town we have this thing called electricity. Pip! Pip!”

Her accent was perfect. Way better than mine. Sexy and funny, she was beauty and brains. I might be in over my head I thought. It had been several months since I had this much fun with a woman. My last few dates had been worse than a trash fire.

I pick up her cooler with ice in it and followed her to the front stoop. “So I have to ask. Where I did you get the tattoos?” I asked hoping I could keep the conversation flowing.

She was pulling her keys out of her bag as she smiled and responded. “Actually I did most of them myself except the areas I couldn’t reach. You like?” Tess did a little twirl to show off the on her leg and the other on the arm.

“Yeah, I am not a tattoo guy but yours are really neat. Is that a tentacle on your leg?” I asked as we walked up to the third floor.

“Yup! It is like a Cthulhu arm. Lovecraft got me reading and watching horror stuff.”

“And the roses and ivy?”

“For my Nana. She grew them in her garden when I was kid.”

“They are very cool. But you did some of them yourself?”

She opened the door to her apartment. It opened into a open style kitchen living room. An island with a sink separated the two worlds. The kitchen had the usual amenities, sink, stove, and fridge. In the living room it was simple too, a couch, a bookcase and TV. It felt minimalist. There was also two doors on the other side of the living area. I assume bedroom and bathroom.

“I did. It is what I do for work actually,” she said while throwing her key on the island. “Put the cooler up here next to the sink.” It was then that she pulled the chopsticks from her bun. The shoulder length hair framed her face highlighting its oval shape. She was angelic. I couldn’t help but think of those pinups on world war II planes I saw in movies.

I did as I was asked. Tess proceeded to dump the bags of ice inside the cooler. She had said she had AC but I had not felt it yet.

“Your a tattoo artist?” I asked looking around the room for AC.

“Yeah. I was an art student. Doing tattoos is easy money for a part-time job,” she said pulling beers from the fridge and putting them in the cooler. She waved at me to get my attention. “What you looking for?”

“Oh! I was looking for your AC.” I answered trying to not sound stupid. “The heat is killing me.”

“Is it hot?” she asked mockingly and pulled a piece of ice out of the chest. Tess ran the cube across her head and down to her chest. I watched and tried not to ogle too badly as the water from the ice ran down into the cleavage. She tossed me the rest of the cube. It was about half gone.

It felt so good as I did similar. I ran the ice across my head then placed it at the back of my neck. I could feel it cooling my blood as it was pumped through out my body.

“Muscles!” Tess said as she snapped her finger at me. Then pointed at the cooler then at one of the doors across the room. It was a bit annoying to have someone snapping at me but I shrugged it off. “AC is in there.”

“Cool,” I said picking up the cooler, “I am right behind you.”

I took the cooler and opened the door to what was apparently Tess’s bedroom. The cold AC air had made the room feel arctic. Inside I placed the cooler in front of her bed as a wolf whistle came from behind me. I turned surprised by the sound.

She was standing in the door with one arm stretch out towards the top of the door frame. Her tank top had come off somewhere between the bedroom and the kitchen. In just her bikini top and cutoffs, she looked me up and down. I saw of her tattoos now. The tentacle came up her leg to her belly, then up to her chest wrapping around one of her breasts. It was unlike anything I had ever seen in my life.

“Looks like you are enjoying the view,” she said walking into the room closing the door. A well practiced pull, she yanked a string and the bikini top fell to the floor. As Tess stepped towards me she extended her leg and kicked me back onto the bed.

“Well Damn!” I said gazing at the gorgeous curves sundering towards me. “I think I might officially be happy to have drawn the short straw today.”

“Not yet but you will be!” Tess said and sprang on me in straddling position. She looked down into my eyes. We kissed and all I could smell was the faint hint of strawberries. It must have escort maltepe been her shampoo. “The plan today was to get cooler so I didn’t have to leave my room today for beer. I could lay in bed watch some porn, use my vibrator and ride out this heat in air conditioning. Instead, I met a cute guy who seems far more polite that your average piece of meat. It would be a real shame not to use him.”

I nodded back at her. “Any man that walks away from you is a fool.”

“Good answer meat!”

She kissed me again and then pulled my shirt off when she pulled her lips away. When they came back they went to my neck and chest. My hands groped her breasts with a mind of their own. A long soft sigh came from her as I squeezed her areola

“Damn I need a good fuck!” she exclaimed. There was hunger in her eyes as she gazed into mine.

“I think I can oblige a woman in need,” I quipped.

Tess leaped back off me onto the floor. She grabbed my shorts yanking them down around my ankles. My cock swayed in front her cute slightly upturned nose.

“Not bad,” she said staring at my engorged member. Her left hand reached out giving it a squeeze. It was like she was testing its firmness. She hocked and spit into her right hand. It then grabbed my shaft beginning to stroke it slowly. “Well trimmed. Most men don’t understand the importance of that. Women don’t like to suck cocks that are not trimmed.”

“Fuck,” I murmured as her hand made my shaft and head grow.

“That comes later,” she chided, giving me a mischievous grin.

Her stroking got faster. It made my cock harder, throbbing for more.

“Would you like me to use my little mouth?” she teased winking at me. “Do you want to feel it milk that monster of yours?”

“God, Yes!” I said excitedly

She took her tongue made loops around my mushroom head as the stroking continued at a slower pace. I groaned in rhythmic pleasures.

“You like that…” she whispered.

I just nodded my head lost in stimulation.

“I can’t hear yoooouuu!” she exclaimed.

“Holy Fucking Shit Yes!” I exclaimed back.

Just as the words escaped my mouth, she wrapped her lips around my cock. In one go she throated it all and held it there. It was amazing feeling. I grabbed her hair and pulled her from my shaft. I stared deeply into her bluish gray eyes. Tess was gasping for air with saliva running down her cheeks.

“Who’s good little cock sucker?” I asked her.

“Mmmeeee,” she mumbled out of over gasps, “Let me show you.”

Her head wrestled out of my hands. She began to bob up and down on my erection. Every fifth or sixth she would pull completely off. When she did she would either give me one good tug or spit on it. Her bobbing would continue after that. It was so hard not to cum. Tess was giving me the best blowjob I had ever received. There was an enthusiasm from her I had not seen in a woman sucking me off.

“My turn…” I commanded.

Tess pulled back and raised an eyebrow at me playfully. I sprang to my feet, which made her fall back on her butt. Before she could recover I scooped her up and gently tossed her onto the bed. She cooed and giggled at she bounced on the mattress. Her tits jiggled accentuating how the cool air from the air conditioner made her nipples stiff.

I straddled her kissing her deeply and gave just a tiny bit of tongue. Slowly, I moved my kisses down her down her neck towards her breasts. Her hands wandered around back and hair. We were both wrapped up in the passion as I popped one nipple in my mouth. I sucked gently and squeezed the other bosom in my hand. They were soft but firm. Each breast was just slightly too large for me hold entirely with one hand. I have always been a boob man and this put me in heaven.

“Top drawer of the night stand,” Tess said. “Condoms! Quick!”

“Plenty of time for that but not yet…” I teased, resuming my kissing down to her belly, “I need to return a favor. I want to taste your nectar.”

She just giggled as I kissed around her belly button. “I am ticklish!” she cried with more laughter.

“Good to know,” I said and pulled her cut offs over her butt. She helped me slide them down over her legs. As we did this I planted kisses on her thighs and calves. No panties I thought, as I spun the shorts around my head. I flung them somewhere in the room.

Using my arms I spread her legs wide, giving me full view of her dripping honey patch. I took one hand and spread her lips showing me her little moist clit. I buried my face in it, licking along her lips up to her clit. She had both her hands running through my hair out of control. I flicked her clit with tongue, the gave it a gentle suck. It swelled slightly and she writhed in pleasure.

“Oh Jesus!” she shouted.

“No, Carter,” I corrected.

She bopped me on the head and then forced my mouth back towards her slit. I continued where I had left off massaging her clit with my tongue. Her juices were running down my chin.

That was my cue. I inserted one index finger, then my middle finger and finally my ring finger. Each one made her eyes go wide and groan as I added them. I kept licking as wiggled them around inside of her. I was looking for that spot that would make her scream. It took a few seconds but I found it. I focused all three fingers there.

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